The Holy Grail

A cursed chalice with infinite destructive potential.


The Holy Grail
Level: 16 Class: Wizard LP: 150 Category: Being Between Worlds, Gnosis 50
Size: 10 Regeneration: 1 Movement Value: 1 Fatigue: 5

Str: 5 Dex: 10 Agi: 1 Con: 5 Pow: 20 Int: 18 Wp: 18 Per: 10
PhR: 105(190) MR: 210(295) PsR: 195(280) VR: 105(190) DR: 105(190)

Initiative: 115 Natural
Attack Ability: 15 Natural
Defense Ability: -30 Dodge
Damage: 10 Natural
AT: None

Zeon: 3,615
MA: 210 (6 Multiple)
Magic Projection: 315
Path Level: 600 Total; 100 Destruction, 100 Creation, 100 Darkness, 100 Light
Sub-Paths: Time, War, Sin, Void
Metamagic Spheres: 200 Levels (200 Spent): Force Speed (Intermediate), Endure Supernatural Damage, Life Magic (Basic), Spiritual Loop (Two Spheres), Double Innate Spells, Natural Maintenance, Hidden Magic, Defined Magic Projection (Four Spheres), Advanced Zeon Regeneration (Arcane), Combined Magic, Avatar, Unlimited Zeon, Persistent Effects, Elevation
Maintained Spells: Natural Zeon Recovery 480, Final Zeon Recovery 480 (363 one day a week); Increase Resistances (180 Zeon, 36 Zeon per Week, +85 Resistances), Perfect Shield (360 Zeon, 36 Zeon per Week, 620 LP Shield Regens to full LP each Turn), Void Aura (Arcane, 35 Zeon per Week, Ene AT 10, Negate Zeonic Value 160 and Psychic Potential 180 Powers)

Essential Abilities: Gift, Divine Spiritual Characteristics, Zen, Physical Exemption, Psychological Immunity, Superior Magic Recovery, Gestureless Casting, Unspoken Casting, Opposite Magic
Powers: Grail Resistances (50 MR and PsR, Damage Reduction Damage -50, Critical Immunity), See the Supernatural, Gnosis Vision, Mystical Perfection of The Grail (5 Added Effects, Natural Magic All Kinds of Spells), Spiritual Barrier (50 LP)

Primary Abilities: Gifts of The Grail (Anyone that is able to defeat the Grail is allowed a single wish to be granted by it. This wish will be fulfilled using the nearly limitless power that The Grail has at its disposal, but will often be generated through massive destructive potential.)
Secondary Abilities: Magic Appraisal 445, Occult 400, Withstand Pain 400, History 400, Style 300, Notice 35, Persuasion 220


Countless legends center on the sacred chalice known as The Holy Grail. It is rumoured to be a holy artifact with nearly limitless potential, touched by gods and the divines themselves. Within it is said to flow the sweet nectar of immortality, to be grasped by any that can wrap their lips over its smooth rim.

The truth about The Holy Grail is much darker then these holy myths. The Holy Grail, pursued by the greatest mages and rulers in the history of all the worlds, is a cursed cup of nearly unlimited power. Anyone capable of controlling this terrible item can have any wish they can comprehend granted to them by its quasi-divine power. However, all wishes granted by The Holy Grail are delivered via destruction…

There are those that seek the Grail simply to destroy it, and prevent its powers from being used to cause suffering to those around it. What would happen should the Grail fall into corrupt hands is nearly beyond imagining.

The Holy Grail

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