The Azure Knight

I am the White Void, I am the Cold Steel, I am the Just Sword. With blade in hand I will reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the Fires of Destruction! I am Hakumen, the end is come!


Fragments Possessed: Fragment of a Summoner; Fragment of Kagutsuchi

Hakumen (BlazBlue)
Technician, Level 11, Size 16, Appearance 5
LP 150, Regeneration 1, Movement Value 8, Fatigue 7

Str: 9 Dex: 12 Agi: 8 Con: 7 Pow: 12 Int: 7 Wp: 10 Per: 6
PhR: 90 MR: 95 PsR: 90 VR: 80 DR: 80

Initiative: 135 Shotokan, 95 Azure Blade
Attack Ability: 265 Natural, 270 Shotokan, 280 Azure Blade
Defense Ability: 215 Shotokan, 230 Azure Blade
Damage: 60 Shotokan, 150 Azure Blade
AT: Cut 4(7), Impact 4(7), Thrust 4(7), Heat 4(6), Elec 4(2), Cold 4(6), Ene 2(6)

MK: 600 (600 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Ki Control, Weight Elimination, Presence Extrusion, Energy Armor, Aura Extension, Use of Necessary Energy, Elimination of Necessities, Penalty Reduction, Inhumanity, Zen, Increased Damage, Increased Speed, Physical Dominion, Age Control, Combat Aura, Increased Reach
Ki (Accum): Str: 20 (3) Dex: 35 (4) Agi: 15 (1) Con: 7 (1) Pow: 35 (4) Wp: 20 (2)
Ki Techniques:
Azure Justice:
Number of Techniques: 5 Total MK: 250

Hand of Justice
Level: 1 MK: 30
Str: 4 Dex: 5 Wp: 3
Effects: Attack Ability +50 (Single), Damage Augmentation +50 (Single)
Type: Attack

Spacial and Temporal Distortion
Level: 1 MK: 30
Agi: 6 Pow: 5
Effects: Automatic Transport 800 feet, Intangibility
Type: Action

Own Sins Reflected
Level: 2 MK: 50
Dex: 9 (3) Pow: 8 (3) Wp: 7 (2)
Effects: Attack Mirroring, Maintained
Type: Turn

Azure Judgement
Level: 2 MK: 55
Str: 6 Dex: 6 Pow: 7 Wp: 6
Effects: Long-Distance Attack 60 feet (Single, Trail of Destruction), Impact 16
Type: Attack

Infinite Justice
Level: 3 MK: 85
Str: 8 (2) Dex: 15 (5) Agi: 5 (1) Pow: 15 (5)
Effects: Attack Ability +100 (Single), Damage Augmentation +50 (Single), Initiative Augmentation +50, Maintained
Type: Turn

Advantages/Disadvantages: Disquieting (1 CP), Martial Mastery (1 CP), Ki Recovery (1 CP), See Supernatural (1 CP), Total Accumulation (2 CP), Insufferable (-1 CP), Damned (-2 CP, Unable to succeed in any goal that truly matters to him. If he were to, instead the opposition is kept alive and they are forced to repeat their encounters over and over again. This means that he cannot kill anyone that is important in standing in his way.)

Primary Abilities: Nodachi Module, Defense Against Projectiles Module, Shotokan Advanced Degree, Wear Armor 10, Agon: Limit of War
Secondary Abilities: Intimidate 120, Leadership 140, Style 140, Notice 30 (0), Composure 100, Withstand Pain 125

Possessions: Ookami (+15 Nodachi as tall as Hakumen, legendarily sharp and golden handle with a large crystal in the hilt as well. Ookami can damage intangible enemies, and increases all of its wielder’s Ki Accumulation stats by 1. The wielder of Ookami is also capable, if they have enough skill, to slice through time itself, giving them vision into the past, present, and even alternate dimensions.), +10 Porcelain Hardened Leather Armour, +10 Great Helm, Fragment of a Summoner (Hakumen uses this Fragment to enhance his blade’s already incredible power to destroy supernatural creatures. It doubles all damage that he inflicts to Supernatural creatures.), Fragment of Kagutsuchi (Hakumen uses this fragment by turning it into its original form of a gleaming ruby pendant of a phoenix in flight. Once per week it will revive Hakumen from death in a grand pillar of flame at full health and stats.)

Sex: Male Age: Unknown Height: 6’2” Weight: 230 lbs. Hair: Silvery Blue Eyes: Blue Skin: Pale


Number of Previous Campaigns Present In: 1
First Campaign Appearance: The Golden Web of Intrigue
Inspiration: Hakumen from BlazBlue

Hakumen, the Azure Knight, an individual lost in space and time no matter where he ends up. The fates have been cruel to it throughout all of its existence, leaving him to battle monster after monster, face corruption after corruption. Trapped within this endless cycle, cynicism and violence are what follow him. Now he finds himself within the world of Malaz, with perhaps the opportunity for him to finally end the cycle within which he is trapped. All he feels he must do is gather the fragments of worlds that have fallen, and perhaps he can put his own suffering, and the suffering of those he cares about.

The Azure Knight

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