Sten, Dan, and Wilt

AKA. The Three Idiots


Number of Previous Campaigns Present In: 0
First Campaign Appearance: Anima: Beyond Malaz
Inspiration: Personal Creation

Sten, Dan, and Wilt are a trio of Falari men that all used to be bandits in a small gang in the city of Daln. Their last mission there was to steal a very important shipment of of rum from the infamous pirates of The Wicked Wench. However, during this mission one of the crew from the ship was able to persuade a large number of the gang members to accompany them in the retrieving of the rum. The vast majority of those that joined with them died before the rum made it back to the ship, yet somehow these three unspectacular individuals survived the ordeals, and have managed to survive ever since.

Now, the collection often referred to as “The Three Idiots” by the rest of the crew have taken the roll of supporting Blind Bill Ranston in operating the ballista. Therefore their ammo expenditures have increased, yet crew casualties have somehow decreased. If the presence of these three is connected to it, this reason has not been confirmed.

Sten, Dan, and Wilt

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