Rah Sith, Lord of Judas

Legend, Betrayer, Hope, Damnation, Everything, Nothing...


Rah Sith, Lord of Judas
Level: 16 Class: Dark Paladin LP: 680 Category: Natura 20
Size: 18 Regeneration: 2 Movement Value: 9 Fatigue: 12

Str: 9 Dex: 13 Agi: 10 Con: 9 Pow: 13 Int: 9 Wp: 10 Per: 9
PhR: 115(165) MR: 130(180) PsR: 120(170) VR: 115(165) DR: 115(165)

Initiative: 210 Natural, 180 The Lawgiver of Rah
Attack Ability: 335 Natural, 355 The Lawgiver of Rah
Defense Ability: 285 Block, 305 The Lawgiver of Rah
Damage: 140(150 Two-Handed) The Lawgiver of Rah
AT: Cut 9, Impact 9, Thrust 9, Heat 8, Elec 4, Cold 8, Ene 7

MK: 400 (400 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str: 9(1+2), Dex: 36(3+2), Agi: 35(3+2), Con: 9(1+2), Pow: 36(3+2), Wp 35(3+2)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Ki Control, Use of Necessary Energy, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Inhumanity, Zen, Increased Speed, Increased Damage, Energy Armor
Dominion Techniques:
Anima, The Song of the Fallen Angels (Page 130-131 Dominus Exxet)
• Dedisco Deus Crux, The Cross of the Forgotten God (50 MK)
• Sheraphim Ianua, The Door of the Seraphim (40 MK)
• Questus Resedi Mundus, the Lamentation of the World That Was Left Behind (100 MK)

Advantages/Disadvantages: Charm (1 CP), Disquieting (1 CP), Martial Mastery (2 CP), Aptitude in a Field (Intellectual, 2 CP), Ki Recovery (3 CP), Untiring (1 CP), See Supernatural (1 CP), Quick Reflexes (2 CP), Use of Armor (1 CP), Hard to Kill (2 CP), Touched By Destiny (2 CP)

Primary Abilities: Bastard Sword Module, Use of Armor 160
Secondary Abilities: Intimidate 200, Composure 280, Withstand Pain 240, Style 140, Persuasion 200, Tactics 280, Occult 280, Magic Appraisal 280, History 200, Notice 200, Alchemy 200

Possessions: The Lawgiver of Rah, Armor of Rah

Race: Human Sex: Male Age: Dead Appearance: Height: 6’4” Weight: 280 lbs. Hair: White Eyes: Black Skin: Dark Languages: All

The Lawgiver of Rah
Fable: 180/280/440

Quality: The blade wielded by Rah is a Lawgiver forged by Rah for the specific use in order to assist in his destruction of the old world order. Not created by Abel, but forged by Rah himself as a mockery and superior version of these holy weapons, the Lawgiver of Rah is easily as powerful as the strongest Lawgiver forged by Abel himself. The Lawgiver of Rah functions as a 20 Bastard Sword (Quality Facet: Combat Quality +20, 50 Level 4 PP)
Cleaver of Mystics: The Lawgiver of Rah is capable of cleaving supernatural forces and powers easily. The Lawgiver of Rah is treated as an Enchanted Weapon. (Offensive Facet: Enchanted Weapon, 50
10 Level 2 PP)
Nightmare Crusher: The Lawgiver of Rah can cause exceptionally excruciating wounds upon any that it strikes. Any wound inflicted by the Lawgiver of Rah is treated as an Automatic Critical. (Offensive Facet: Improved Critical Automatic Critical, 100+10 Level 4 PP)
Weapon of Focused Soul: The Lawgiver of Rah has an incredible focus within the powers of the soul of its wielder. This increases all of the wielder’s Ki Accumulations by 2. (Domine Facet: Ki Accumulation +2 Physical, Nimbleness, and Mental Characteristics)
Blade Bred To Cleave Fates: The power of the Lawgiver of Rah was created specifically for Rah to destroy the manipulation and control over the Fate of the wielder and those around them. The wielder of the Lawgiver of Rah only Fumbles upon a roll of 1, and their chances to Open Roll are increased by 5. (Esoteric Facet: Alteration of Destiny, Reduced Blunder, Enhanced Critical, 150
10 Level 3 PP, 75+10 Level 4 PP)
Dowry of Blood Calibrated: The Lawgiver of Rah can be thrown easily with just as lethal an effect as used in melee. (20 Level 2 PP)
Dowry of Blood Magic Sundering: The Lawgiver of Rah refuses to be stopped by any form of supernatural defenses. All damage it inflicts on supernatural shields or defenses is quadrupled. (40 Level 2 PP)

Power Level: 4+
Total PP: Level 4: 245 Level 3: 360 Level 2: 120

Armor of Rah
Fable: 240/280/440

Quality: The Armor of Rah is an incredibly ornate and powerful suit of Full Plate that protected the Lord of Judas from numerous threats. Enhanced with the greatest Technomagic powers that Rah had access to, it can provide protection from numerous powers. The Armor of Rah is treated as a suit of 20 Full Plate. (Defensive Facet: Armor Quality +20, 50 Level 4 PP)
Barrier to Stand Before Gods: The powers and resistance introduced by the variety of incredible technomagic infused within the Armor of Rah can grant its wearer exceptional resistance from suffering damage. The wearer of the Armor of Rah suffers Half Damage from all sources, except from individuals with Gnosis 35 or higher. (Facet of Protection: Half Mystical Damage, 100
10 Level 4 PP)
Shield the Body and Soul: The protections built into the Armor of Rah grant him an exceptional deal of protection from physical ailments, damage, and also supernatural assaults. The wearer of the Armor of Rah receive 50 To All Resistances. (Facet of Protection: Improved Resistances +50 All Types, 12010 Level 4 PP)

Power Level: 4+
Total PP: Level 4: 290


Rah Sith, inheritor of the legacy of Iscariot Sith the Betrayer, Lord of Judas, murderer of countless millions. From the world of Gaia did this being, this monster originate, this person that plunged the entire world into a war from which nearly none could have hoped to survive. This war began without warning, without a given reason, and seemingly without purpose.

Yet there was purpose, and a noble purpose at that. Rah wished to break the world free from the shackles of those that had oppressed them and forced their schemes and will upon the beings of the world since time immemorial. He wished to create a world of freedom. But he was struck down before his goal, his dream, could be realized.

Exerts From Gaia Beyond The Dreams Volume 1

“Thus you think that you have won again…that in the end, as always, everthing happens just as you have planned it. I suppose that this will not have seemed to you more than a mere game. A stupid boy trying to do something too great for him.
You will probably never worry about anything I did.
Or perhaps…Or perhaps you will?
Not for what I am, nor why I have been. But because of what I represent.
Tell me. Did you fear me? Me? A simple man? Do not worry, I will still give you many reasons to do so by far.”

“Sometimes I wonder…When did we lose our history? How did we lose control of our own destiny? Perhaps…it was never ours? Maybe the world I was going to create was much worse.
But it would have been ours.”

Rah Sith, Lord of Judas

Anima: Beyond Malaz Vrenash