Unholy Lord of Zombies


Fragment Required: Fragment of Undeath

Special Arena Notes: The Fragment of Undeath takes those that use it to a metropolis of another world, massive and filled with great buildings of strange grey stone and steel. Moaning fills the air, and darkness enshrouds everything. Turning a corner will reveal the source of the moaning sound. Thousands upon thousands of living dead wander the streets, blood falling from their mouths, eyes sightless, hands grasping. They wear strange clothes, bear odd decorations and marks, and seek to devour the flesh of all that still live. From within the horde comes a monstrous cry of power, and control, of Nurmal urging the mindless horde forward.
In addition to fighting Nurmal, the party must also face an Endless Mass of Zombies which all possess Nurmal’s Necromantic Venom. There will always be enough to have 100 Zombies fall upon each of the enemies every turn. They only have to kill Nurmal, but they have to determine which one is actually Nurmal. Even then, the Necromantic Venom will remain in their system unless they take the antidote.

Nurmal Unholy Lord of Zombies
Level: 15 Class: Acrobatic Warrior LP: 310 Category: Being Between Worlds, Undead, Gnosis 35
Size: 19 Regeneration: 0 Movement Value: 15 Fatigue: Tireless

Str: 12 Dex: 15 Agi: 15 Con: 12 Pow: 10 Int: 5 Wp: 10 Per: 10
PhR: 140 MR: 135 PsR: 135 VR: 140 DR: 140

Initiative: 250 Zombie Bite + Dashing Claws
Attack Ability: 330 Zombie Bite + 310 Dashing Claws
Defense Ability: 330 Dodge
Damage: 60 Zombie Bite, 60 Dashing Claws
AT: None

MK: 375 (370 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str 14(2), Dex 20(3), Agi 20(3), Con 14(2), Pow 10(2), Wp 10(2)
Nemesis Abilities: Use of Nemesis, Armor of Emptiness, Noht, Emptiness Extrusion, Body of Emptiness, Movement of Emptiness, Form of Emptiness, Aura of Emptiness, Undetectable, Ki Cancellation, Magic Cancellation, Matrices Cancellation, Binding Cancellation

Essential Abilities: Physical Exemption, Attuned (Undead), Unnatural Size, Supernatural Physical Characteristics, Zen, Natural Vulnerability To An Element (Fire, Double Damage)
Powers: Regeneration 0, Zombie Bite (Natural Weapon, -3 to defender’s AT), Dashing Claw (Natural Weapon, Additional Attack, -20 Attack Ability), Damage Energy, Necromantic Venom (Level 100 Poison, VR 200 or upon death they are revived as a zombie capable of using all of their powers, but filled only with the desire to kill and devour flesh. They can no longer serve as a useful PC, but a monster that will try and kill all its old companions.), Damage Barrier 100, See The Supernatural, Hunter Of The Living (Supernatural Detection, Detect Life, One Mile, MR 220), Spiritual Barrier (150 LP)

Primary Abilities: Natural Weapon Module
Secondary Abilities: Acrobatics 340, Jump 280, Athleticism 185, Sleight of Hand 340, Style 180, Climb 340, Intimidate 200, Leadership 200, Notice 180, Search 180

Possessions: Necromantic Venom Antidote x6



Anima: Beyond Malaz Vrenash