Elspeth Inzvekt

"You have five seconds to stop talking and start running." - About two seconds before murder most lazer-y


Elspeth Inzvekt of Letheras
Wizard, Level 8, Size 14, Appearance 9
Life Points 160, Regeneration 2, Movement Value 9 (105 feet per round), Fatigue 12

Str: 6 Dex: 10 Agi: 9 Con: 9 Pow: 12 Int: 12 Wp: 9 Per: 7 (8 thanks to lycanthropy)
PhR: 75 MR: 100 PsR: 75 VR: 75 DR: 75

Initiative: 105 Natural, 85 Cinquedea
Attack Ability: 15 Cinquedea
Defence Ability: 10 Dodge
Damage: 40 Cinquedea
AT: Cut:1(2) Impact:1(2) Thrust:3(1) Heat:2(1) Elec:3(1) Cold:3(1) Ene:0(0)

Zeon: 1910
MA: 75 Recovery Rate per day: 225
Magic Projection: 200
Warren Levels: 50, Elder Warren of Light
Meta Magic Spheres: Increased Destruction (2), Remove protection, Mystic Accuracy, Extended Area, Offensive Expertise

Psychic Disciplines: Electromagnetism, Telemetry, Teleportation
Mental powers: Create Electricity, Electricity arc, Magnetic Acceleration attack, Sense residues, Read the Past, Human Erudition, See in History, Defensive Teleportation
Psychic Potential: 195
Free Psychic Points: 4
Psychic Projection: 210

MK: 130 (spent on Use of Ki, Use of Necessary Energy, Inhumanity, Zen)
Ki Abilities: None
Ki (Accum)): Str:6(1) Dex:10(2) Agi:9(1) Con:9(1) Pow:11(2) Wp:9(1)
Ki Techniques: None

Advantages/Disadvantages: Mage of an Elder Warren (-2 cp), Born Wizard (-1 cp), Superior Magic Recovery (-2 cp), Untiring (-1), Magical Exhaustion (0 cp), Magical Consumption (0 cp), Oral Requirement (1 cp), Deep Sleeper (1 cp), Phobia of ghosts (1 cp)

Primary Abilities: Weapon Training- Cinquedea, Wear Armour 5
Secondary Abilities: Acrobatics 15, Swim 40, Notice 105, Appraisal 100, Memorize 45, History 55, Magic Appraisal 240, Navigation 30, Occult 225, Intimidate 30, Persuasion 110, Style 70, Music (specialty singing) 125, Trading 105, Law 70

Elan, Deckard Cain (Erebus): 52 (Supernatural Knowledge, Frightful Presence, The Path of Nightmares, Dream Whispers)

Possessions: Cinquedea (x2), Circlet (x1), Armoured Longcoat (+5)(x1), Broad-brimmed Hat (luxury)(x7), Belt (luxury)(x3), Walking Boots (luxury)(x2), Women’s underwear (luxury)(x14), Pants (luxury)(x3), Shirts (luxury)(x3), Coat-winter (luxury)(x3), Scarf (luxury)(x5), Mittens (luxury)(x5), Gloves (luxury)(x3), Women’s Kimono (luxury)(x4), Ballgown (luxury)(x3), Lingerie (luxury)(x7), Shoes (luxury)(x4), Handkerchief (luxury)(x7), Large chest with good lock (x1), Backpack (x1), Flint & Tinder (x1), Sharpening stone (x1), Small tent (x1), Blanket (x2), Wineskin (x2), Oil lamp (x1), Oil (x2), Perfume (excellent)(x2), Small metal mirror (x1), Comb (x1), Soap (x1), Goblin Skull (x1), Flasks of Dragon Blood (x6), Spiral Bottles (x5), Earrings (x5), Bracelets (x2), Rosary (x1), Buckle (x1), Rings (x3)

Special possessions: Fragment of an Ice Palace, Pendant of Cain, Magic Tankard of mead, Fragment of a Broken Mind, Fragment of a Merchant’s Ledger, Fragment of a Game Cartridge, Fragment of Los Logias, Fragment of a Contract, Fragment of Oolacile, Mask of the Lovers, Mask of the Magician, Mask of the Priestess

Books: A Mystery Most Fowl: The Monte Cobra Story, Volume of Cain: 4376, Volume of Cain: 4377, History of Ankara: 142, History of Ankara: 143

Sex: Female Race: Letherii Age: 16 Height: 5’4" Weight: 110 Hair: Red, long, and wavy
Eyes: Left blue/Right Brown Skin: White Languages: Letherii, Malazan, Talian, Daru


Back story:

Elspeth was born and raised in the city of Letheras. Her father was the Chief Factor of one of the largest import/export offices in the city, so she was treated to a lavish upbringing. Emotionally was a different story. While she was very close to her mother, her father always resented his only daughter. Hers had been a difficult birth, and the doctor had advised Elspeth’s mother against having another child. Her father blamed her for his inability to ever have a son, and kept himself at a distance (at best).

Her poor paternal relationship eventually culminated in her father’s death. Realizing that it would be difficult to hide his Death-By-Laser, and calculating the weight involved in a swim to be in excess of x^13+120 kilograms (x being Elspeth’s weight), decided skipping town would be in her best interest.

During her escape, she bumped into an ex-Malazan sapper by the name of Finn, and the two decided to escape together. Both hopped ship, and never looked back.


Though she’ll deny it, Elspeth is deathly afraid of ghosts. Scary stories send shivers down her spine, graveyards make her nervous, and the thought the dead would come back for blood is a cause of sleepless nights.

She’s also somewhat distrustful of the Ascendent, accepting that they have agendas and plans of their own, despite the aide they can offer. In a strange twist of fate, she fears ghost more then the possibly mercurial temperaments of the divine.

Both culminate in her accumulation, and wearing of many, many charms. Their purposes vary; some repel ghosts, others turn away the Lord’s eye; many are blessed by priests, others were found on a barroom floor after a lucky night of dice. The most important piece is her rosary. Inherited from her maternal Grandfather, it has a symbol of the Errant as its centrepiece. Some time ago, Elspeth added a large silver icon of Mael to it. Of her various charms, this is the one that would cause her the most consternation if it went missing.


Elspeth learned shorthand as part of her tutelage, and keeps the larger portion of her notes in Letherii shorthand as a result.

Her handwriting is absolutely atrocious, despite her belief otherwise. Bosun has already had trouble making out the word “crane”, what with it looking like “6” and all, and that was after she went to the effort of writing as clearly as she was able.

Elspeth is a stickler for paperwork and procedure, known to grow greatly annoyed if she can’t check off the appropriate box on a form. Finn learned that firsthand, when he attempted to rearm with a weapon that had been logged in the loot ledger, rather then one from the armoury.

Elspeth Inzvekt

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