Bonecaster Thlukk

Tyrant and Keeper of Imass Treasure (Not Encountered)


Bonecaster Thlukk
Level: 9 Class: Warlock LP: 1,725 Category: Being Between Worlds, Undead, 25
Size: 18 Regeneration: 0 Movement Value: 8 Fatigue: Tireless

Str: 8 Dex: 10 Agi: 8 Con: 10 Pow: 11 Int: 10 Wp: 8 Per: 10
PhR: 95 MR: 95 PsR: 80 VR: 85 DR: 85

Initiative: 120 Natural, 125 Skull of Oppression
Attack Ability: 210 Natural, 225 Skull of Oppression
Defense Ability: Damage Resistance
Damage: 90 Skull of Oppression
AT: Cut 5, Impact 4, Thrust 5, Heat 4, Elec 5, Cold 5, Ene 4

MK: 180 (180 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str 8(1), Dex 10(2), Agi 8(1), Con 10(2), Pow 8(2), Wp 8(1)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Inhumanity, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Energy Armor, Increased Speed, Increased Damage, Zen, Physical Dominion

Zeon: 1,580
MA: 40 (4 Multiple)
Magic Projection: 140 (155 Skull of Oppression)
Path Level: 50 Tellan, Elder Warren of Fire

Essential Abilities: Inhumanity, Lack of a Sense (Touch), Gift
Powers: Turn to Dust (Automatic Transport, 1 Mile, requires 10 turns to prepare, Not immediate, Only along ground and cannot pass water or ice, 3 times per Day.), See the Supernatural

Primary Abilities: Quarterstaff Module, Wear Armor 10
Secondary Abilities: Magic Appraisal 170, Composure 105, Animals 110, Notice 110, Leadership 155, Forging 110

Possessions: Skull of Oppression (This +15 Quarterstaff is an incredibly potent magic item. Made from heavy folded scales and topped with the skull of an Imass, this weapon receives all the bonuses for being an Imass Flint Weapon. Furthermore, all damage inflicted by it is treated as Sacrifice, and it may be used as a catalyst to increase the Magic Projection of the wielder casting spells through it. Its final ability takes effect when its owner controls a group of T’lan Imass. By spending an entire turn concentrating, the wielder of the Skull of Oppression can revive any destroyed T’lan Imass within 80 feet at full health.), Crown of Thlukk (This crown served as the symbol of the Imass Tyrant Thlukk’s rule. This potent magic item serves as a +10 Quality Crown made from antler, obsidian, and a few links of metal. Anyone that attempts to oppose the wearer of this crown must pass a MR or PsR 120, or else become the wearer’s servant. The check may be repeated once per day, or whenever the subject is given an order completely against their nature.), +10 Fur Armor, ancient bone and metal jewelry worth 1000 GC

Race: T’lan Imass Sex: Male Appearance: Monstrous Height: 6’3” Weight: 297 lbs. Hair: Stringy Eyes: Hollow Pits Skin: Tattered Languages: Imass


With Captain Jack Sparrow at the helm it is only a time before his crew begins hunting for cursed gold that will give them immortality, even if the immortality comes at a heavy price.

There are legends of a treasure beyond the grasp of death. Countless gold coins, valuable gems, and totems of old religions. This treasure belonged to one of the Tyrants that arose amoungst the Imass before they undertook their ritual. Following the ritual’s completion, this now immortal Tyrant locked his treasure away deep within the far reaches of the Warren Tellan, where he could retrieve it at any time, yet it would be safe from cloying hands. Now there seem to be hands that search for the legendary treasure.

At the end of the journey they will come across a massive domed building made of gleaming white stone inlaid with brass. Inside they will find the fires do not reach, and there is a single large room with a vaulted ceiling and treasure scattered all across the floor. The wealth is nearly unimaginable.
Inside the large chamber is also the remains of the Tyrant, and he still clings to his undeath and treasure. Bonecaster Thlukk was a large man in life, and the drying of his frame still leaves him imposing, and now all the more frightening. He will not tolerate trespassers within his treasure room, and will summon up the remnants of the T’lan Imass that he inslaved while still upon the mortal world. He and his servants will then attempt to slaughter all the intruders.

Should the pirates be able to vanquish Bonecaster Thlukk, all of his enslaved Imass will vanish into the dust, finally able to rest. Then the looting of treasure, and removing it from this scorching plane of existence can begin.

However, amidst all of the standard wealth and valuable items that can be acquired within the hall, there is one collection of treasure that should best be ignored. It is a massive stone chest filled with 100 ancient, and incredibly valuable, red-gold coins. They will be accepted by most that accept normal gold coins, but if they can find anyone that collects such rarities they should be able to make upwards of 100 GC per coin.
Being in possession of these coins exposes people to the blind power of Tellan. This is treated as exposing them to the Ritual of T’lan, which converts all of them into undead versions of themselves. This functions by converting them into an Undead creature with Damage Resistance, and also gives them a Regeneration 0 which cannot be increased by any means. Their LP can only be restored via supernatural means.

Once cursed by the gold, it is nearly impossible to ever revert back to their original form, but it has been proposed to be possible.

Bonecaster Thlukk

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