Holy representation of all that is good and pure of humanity. Yet there is more then just a man behind his golden mask.


Level: 10 Class: Dark Paladin LP: 260 Category: Natura 15
Size: 16 Regeneration: 2 Movement Value: 6 Fatigue: 8

Str: 8 Dex: 11 Agi: 6 Con: 8 Pow: 11 Int: 7 Wp: 8 Per: 6
PhR: 85 MR: 95(145) PsR: 85(135) VR: 85 DR: 85

Initiative: 115 Natural, 100 Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity and Layered Armor
Attack Ability: 255 Natural, 280 Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity
Defense Ability: 205 Block, , 230 Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity
Damage: 130(260 Against Evil/Monstrous) Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity
AT: Cut 10(8), Impact 8(8), Thrust 10(8), Heat 8(7), Elec 6(3), Cold 8(7), Ene 0(5)

MK: 250, 50 Purchased (250 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str 20(2), Dex 20(2), Agi 6(1), Con 8(1), Pow 25(2), Wp 20(1)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Ki Control, Use of Necessary Energy, Elimination of Necessities, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Elemental Attack (Fire), Inhumanity, Zen
Dominion Techniques:
Wings of the Phoenix
Number of Techniques: 2 MK: 50

Dancing Flames
Level: 1 MK: 25
Str: 6 Pow: 4 Wp:2
Effects: Long-Distance Attack (Single) 300 feet, Damage Augmentation (Single) +50
Advantages: Blood of Kagutsuchi Elemental Compatibility
Type: Action (Attack)

Blade of Sacred Flame
Level: 1 MK: 25
Str: 4 Dex: 6 Pow: 4 Wp: 4
Effects: Damage Multiplier (Multiple) x2, Attack Ability (Single) +40
Advantages: Blood of Kagutsuchi Elemental Compatibility
Type: Action (Attack)

Advantages/Disadvantages: Blood of Kagutsuchi (1 CP), See Supernatural (1 CP), Use of Armor (1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Long sword Module, 110 Use of Armor
Secondary Abilities: Intimidate 210, Composure 200, Withstand Pain 140, Style 240, Persuasion 205, Tactics 140, Leadership 240, Notice 140(160), Occult 140

Possessions: Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity, Golden Helm of Balthazar, +15 Light Plate, +15 Complete Leather Armor, Fragment of Serpentarius (Balthazar doesn’t utilize the power of this Fragment out of respect for his old friend, he simply keeps it with him.), Fragment of a Phoenix (Tapping into his own supernatural power as a phoenix, Balthazar can charge power for a turn and unleash an Inferno following the same rules as the Agni on page 10 of Those Who Walked Amongst Us. Upon using this technique Balthazar is restored to Full LP.), Fragment of a Holy Symbol (Balthazar doesn’t use this Reality Fragment, as it belonged to someone that aligned herself with Vincent.)

Race: Phoenix-blooded Human Sex: Male Age: Several Millennia Appearance: 10 Height: Weight: Hair: Golden Eyes: Golden Skin: Fair Languages: All By The Phoenix

Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity (Possessed By Balthazar)
Fable: 80/280/320

Purest Quality: In the hands of someone that the Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity deems pure and a representative of justice it functions as a 25 Long Sword. In the hands of someone the sword does not deem as a representative of justice the blade functions as a +5 Long Sword and doesn’t have access to any of the weapon’s other powers. (Quality Facet; Combat Quality +25, 50 Level 5 PP, -50 Level 5 PP for limiting powers based on presence of justice.)
Holy Blade: The Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity functions in the hands of a noble soul becomes a gleaming blade of pure and holy light. It functions as a Supernatural Weapon which inflicts Primary Light Damage Type. (Offensive Facet; Enchanted Weapon Supernatural Weapon, 80
20 Level 3 PP; Elemental Attacks Light Primary, 110+20 Level 2 PP)
Slayer of the Corrupt: When the Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity is used against an evil being it burns them with holy light of furious intensity. It is Major Bane against Evil and Monstrous individuals. (Offensive Facet; Bane Major Bane Specific Condition and Race Power, 150+2 Level 3)
Hand of Justice: The Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity has a distinct love of nobility and hatred of the corrupt. Therefore, even though it cannot communicate directly the Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity has a distinct personality regarding what should be just, and will seek to harm anyone that it deems as corrupt. (Esoteric Facet: Ego Basic Ego, 60+20 Level 3 PP)
Indestructible: There are no known ways to destroy the Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity (Esoteric Facet: Minor Effects Indestructible, 50+20 Level 4
Scouring Light: The brilliant cleansing light of the Sacred Blade of Gleaming Humanity scorches away the flesh and soul of anyone that stands against him. Anyone struck by this blade must pass a MR 200 or suffer Destruction of Characteristics Power. (Esoteric Facet: Mystic Effect MR 200 Destruction of Characteristics, 180+20 Level 4 PP)

Power Level: 4+
Total PP: Level 5: 50-50, Level 4: 280, Level 3: 340, Level 2: 130

Golden Helm of Balthazar (Possessed By Balthazar)
Fable: 140/180/240

Quality: The Golden Helm of Balthazar is an exceptionally well made mystic helmet. It serves as a +15 Full Helm. (Defensive Facet, Armor Quality +15, 50 Level 3 PP)
Divine Protection: The Golden Helm of Balthazar provides nearly divine protection to those that wear it from supernatural threats. The wearer receives a +50 Resistances to MR and PsR. (Protection Facet; Improved Resistance +50 All Magical, 180 Level 3 PP)
Divine Vision: The wearer of the Golden Helm of Balthazar is granted the vision to pierce all threats, giving them Full Night Vision and +50 Notice. (Improvement Facet; Secondary Abilities Increase +50 Notice, 40 Level 2 PP; Esoteric Facet: Special Vision Full Night Vision 50 Level 2 PP)

Power Level: 3
Total PP: Level 3: 230, Level 2: 90


Throughout the many realities in which Fragments originate, there is one constant battle that has spanned generations, numerous fields of battle, psychological strife and suffering, and that has resulted in the countless deaths and rebirths of the two individuals involved. The beings involved in this struggle originated from the world of Melonin from very different places.
One is the feared vampire Vincent Valentine, enhanced and evolved beyond the traditional stages of undeath, forging cities and fortresses in his name, raising legions of minions, and engaging in all forms of noble, and nefarious, deeds with his twin blades and long flowing cloak. He joined with heroes to save the world, he fought bitter battles for the sake of vengeance and pride, and he returned from the dead on numerous occasions. During one such death he was cast through a portal to arise in the world of Malaz, trapped within the body of an albino bhok’arala that could not be killed. After sacrificing himself to save a group of adventurers from cursed artifacts that had threatened to consume him, Vincent found himself once more in his original body. Now, worshiped by an army of bhok’arala which treat Vincent like a god, Vincent has trained his minions into an army to be respected, and prepares to sail out upon the Malazan world and recreate the empire that he lost.
The other side to this coin of battle and struggle is the man known as Balthazar. As the High Paladin for all of humanity upon Melonin, the divine representation of justice, equality, fairness, and beauty, it was Balthazar’s duty to protect the people from corruption and darkness. When he met this Vincent Valentine, that seemed to be aligned with noble heroes, neither trusted the other. On more then one occasion their blades crossed, with Balthazar proving victorious on all occasions, except one. In their final battle Vincent was finally able to strike down his hated, divine opponent. Even with the powers of the phoenix fused with his soul, Balthazar was unable to defeat the corrupt vampire on this occasion.
However, when Vincent was blasted through the portal to Malaz, those that remained witnessed a most incredible thing. After having destroyed a fell god the group that had journeyed with Vincent were rewarded by the good kingdoms for their incredible effort and risk that they put upon themselves. And who should it be that bestowed these honours upon them but Balthazar himself, resurrected once more with his nearly divine powers. And now, he wore the face of Vincent back when he was a man, before he was a monster.
Now, with all realities coalescing in Malaz, once more Vincent and Balthazar find themselves within the same reality. Their deathless feud will continue, until one of them finally fails to rise from their own ashes.


Anima: Beyond Malaz Vrenash