This dragon has been missing the presence of friends. Now she has found an entire ship worth.


Applejack (Dragon)
Level: 8 Class: Warrior LP: 1,880 Category: Natural 20
Size: 16 Regeneration: 2 Movement Value: 6/10 Fatigue: 8

Str: 10 Dex: 9 Agi: 6 Con: 8 Pow: 8 Int: 8 Wp: 8 Per: 8
PhR: 75 MR: 75 PsR: 75 VR: 75 DR: 75

Initiative: 95 Natural
Attack Ability: 220 Claws + 200 Bite or 220 Dragon Breath
Defense Ability: Damage Resistance
Damage: 55 Claws, 65 Bite, 100 Fire Breath
AT: 5 All

MK: 125 (0 Spent)

Essential Abilities: Inhumanity, Natural Immunity to An Element (Half Damage Fire), Natural Vulnerability To An Element (Double Damage Ice)
Powers: Claws (+10 Damage), Bite (Additional Attack -20, +20 Damage, -1 AT), Damage Energy, Dragon Breath (Special Attack, Up to a Distance of 300 Feet, Base Damage 100, 5 ft. Radius, Elemental Attack Fire, Without Limits, Requires 3 turns to Prepare), Natural Flight Value 10, See Supernatural, Dragon Hide (Phys and Energy AT 4)

Primary Abilities: Natural Weapon Modules
Secondary Abilities: Feats of Strength 145, Appraisal 130, Occult 130, Notice 105, Search 105, Composure 100

Possessions: Her dragon’s treasure hoard

Race: Dragon Sex: Female Age: 27 Appearance: Dragon Height: Dragon Weight: Dragon Hair: None Eyes: Green Skin: Copper Scales Languages: Malazan, Eleint

Applejack (Human)
Level: 8 Class: Warrior LP: 205
Size: 10 Regeneration: 1 Movement Value: 10 Fatigue: 6

Str: 5 Dex: 12 Agi: 10 Con: 6 Pow: 8 Int: 8 Wp: 8 Per: 6
PhR: 70 MR: 75 PsR: 75 VR: 70 DR: 70

Initiative: 105 Natural
Attack Ability: 195 Natural, 200 Shotokan
Defense Ability: 190 Dodge
Damage: 40 Shotokan
AT: Ene 2

MK: 210 (200 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Energy Armor, Inhumanity, Zen, Weight Elimination, Use of Necessary Energy, Elimination of Necessities, Elemental Immunity: Fire

Primary Abilities: Shotokan Advanced Degree, Can Transform Into her Dragon Form
Secondary Abilities: Feats of Strength 140, Appraisal 120, Occult 120, Notice 80, Search 80, Composure 80, Acrobatics 50, Swim 50, Athleticism 50, Climb 50

Possessions: Her dragon’s treasure hoard, some clothes

Race: Looks Human Sex: Female Age: Looks 16 Appearance: 9 Height: 5’2” Weight: 125 lbs. Hair: Golden Eyes: Green Skin: Burnished Copper Languages: Malazan, Eleint


This young dragon was taking a relaxing period in Ankara, savoring the sights of all the gold and wealth, and trying to avoid the thoughts of her lack of companionship and any people that she could truly call friend. She simply had the sun in the sky, and the gold and gems in her scales to keep her company.

Enter fynn stratt and Elspeth Inzvekt of The Wicked Wench looking for treasure to steal while within the city, and mistaking Applejack’s sleeping form for an incredibly valuable statue. Yet somehow through this misunderstanding this young dragon has now joined the pirate crew and finds herself surrounded by friends. And thanks to Fynn using the Reality Fragment of a dragon fang that Applejack had to become a dragon, she may even have someone more then a friend.


Anima: Beyond Malaz Vrenash