Admiral Filthus Xeen

The man that sinks that pirate ship gets a week free of duties. If you miss you pay for the ammunition. (Not Encountered)


Admiral Filthus Xeen
Level: 7 Class: Paladin LP: 225
Size: 18 Regeneration: 3 Movement Value: 6 Fatigue: 9

Str: 9 Dex: 10 Agi: 6 Con: 9 Pow: 11 Int: 9 Wp: 8 Per: 5
PhR: 95 MR: 80 PsR: 70 VR: 95 DR: 95

Initiative: 95 Natural, 70 +10 Saber/Shield, 25 +5 Bastard Sword/Shield, 55 +5 Mace/Shield
Attack Ability: 165 Natural, 175 +10 Saber, 170 +5 Bastard Sword, 170 +5 Mace
Defense Ability: 200 Block, 225 +5 Shield
Damage: 75 +10 Saber, 100 +5 Bastard Sword, 70 +5 Mace
AT: Cut 5(2), Impact 4(1), Thrust 5(3), Heat 2(2), Elec 1(4), Cold 2(2), Ene 0

MK: 140 (130 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str 9(1), Dex 10(2), Agi 6(1), Con 9(1), Pow 12(2), Wp 8(1)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Inhumanity, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Combat Aura

Advantages/Disadvantages: Charm (1 CP), See Supernatural (1 CP), Exceptional Physical Resistance (1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Saber Module, Knight Module, Wear Armor 80
Secondary Abilities: Swim 80, Persuasion 200, Leadership 220, Notice 80, Navigation 120, Tactics 140, Withstand Pain 160, Composure 160, Style 105

Possessions:+10 Trademark Saber, +5 Bastard Sword, +5 Mace, +5 Shield, +5 Breastplate, +5 Leather Hood, Xeen’s Lucky Pendant (Treated as Possessing the “Good Luck” Advantage)

Race: Kartoolian Sex: Male Age: 48 Appearance: 5 Height: 6’5” Weight: 274 lbs. Hair: Long Black Eyes: Ice Blue Skin: Tanned Languages: Malazan, Talian, Meckros


Admiral in charge of a Malazan “Treasure Liberation” collection, Admiral Filthus Xeen is a man that hails from Dal Hon, but is much more at home with the salt spray in his beard then jungle heat surrounding him. A serious and tried sailor, the man is a military tactician, inspiring leader, and can throw the bones with the best of them. He holds the respect and admiration of those that work under him, even when he forces them to work to their breaking point.

He and his crew have several standing offers and predictions with regards to the number of pirates and pirate ships gutted. When every kill is worth gold, the men just seem that much more eager. And when the failures lead to stories that the Admiral never lets them forget, well they had it coming then.

Admiral Filthus Xeen

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