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Anima: Beyond Malaz

The Tournament of Fragments

Where worlds clash, and dreams step closer to reality.

• Day 156, early in the morning aboard The Black Pearl, with Jack having discovered Bo’sun’s letter.
• Jack laments upon the loss of Bo’sun, as he had hoped that his presence would allow his face to take less pain.
• Fynn then wrote within the Book of Cain, reporting on the Forkrul Assail, which Deckard is unhappy to hear due to his being busy with the Dragon God, and a giant manta ray that shoots missles, then firing a massive fireball. Then Fynn said that the Assail were blown up by completely destroying the fortress. Deckard wanted to know who did this, and Elspeth and Fynn said that it was Emack. Then Emack’s Book of Cain opened, and it was reported, rather loudly, that Emack would be promoted to Demi-Prelate of the Order of Knowledge, Jack Sparrow Division. Elspeth was surprised regarding Jack actually getting his own Division. Then Jack asked regarding the whole how many titles does Emack have now, and he is Sir Captain Hol Emack Errol M.D. Demi-Prelate of the Order of Knowledge. Jack approves of his new expanded title.
• They then split up the Fragments that Bo’sun left behind. Emack gets The Fragment of an Arena, Ryn gets Machinations and Hanged Man, Fynn gets Fragment of a Hammer. Using all of them in order to enhance their strengths and capabilities.
• Then Jack asks about what they need to do, or if they should just head to the Tournament. No one says they really seem to need anything, they just have to do some training on the way, and hope the crew members will be willing to pay for food and things. Then they begin trying to plan how to get there until they realize that they have over 600 Leagues to the mountains, more then they think they should travel to it, probably needing Warren Travel (although others suggest riding Fynn, or attaching a carriage to Fynn to carry all of them. They then figure they need to ask Millenium for some information on the cartography of the area (since Jack is now above these pitiful stealing of maps now based on their power). Then Millenium appeared, dancing backwards through the deck. They ask her what she knows of Geography. Millenium says that she better understands Gaia over Malaz, but it can all work as necessary. They ask Millenium if there is a lake very nearby for them to Warren travel their boat into. Millenium says there might be, depending on where they are going. They dance around the actual topic for a while and how it would actually initiate all of the necessary traveling and all other objectives, and then Fynn says that he actually has purchased a map in the past. They want to try and look over the interesting details regarding the locations of it. There don’t seem to be any lakes nearby, so Jack asks Millenium if she could find any of the lakes that might be nearby for them. Then Millenium closes her eyes and begins gesturing randomly around at the map. Elspeth assumed that Millenium was just guessing, so Millenium asked for a dart, was given it, and then told Fynn to hold the map in front of Elspeth’s face, which makes her unhappy so she hides behind Jack, but Fynn still puts the map in front of her. Then Millenium turned around and aimed the dart the wrong way. Then Millenium through it, which whipped all the way around to hit the map, an inch from Elsepth’s nose. Millenium says that that is indeed the lake that they should be able to find the water they need there. Then they decide to make their way forward into the warren of Ruse to make their way there.
• Day 156-169, Traveling through Ruse to get to the Tournament Many do some training, organizing, and trying to figure out how to do things.
• Day 169: They arrive in the lake surrounding the Tournament of Fragments Arena. Inside the lake there appear to be about 28 other ships that must have arrived there by Warren as well. As they look out over the mountains before them, they see the colossal Arena constructed by Lucanor Giovanni, 800 feet tall, just as wide in diameter. Around it had grown a bustling tent city of thousands upon thousands of people. Looking out over the city, they see numerous different military groups wearing various uniforms, some members of the Malazan Military, many of other groups, and numerous wearing Purple Uniforms and symbols not of Malaz. Ryn could also spot the registration desk that is just outside the arena. They will need to pass through the entire tent city in order to reach the Arena, so those that will be the 10 competing members choose to make their way through. The group members are Jack, Emack, Fynn, Ryn, Elspeth, Dina, Isabella, Applejack, Stevetrap, and Jafar. Prior to leaving they decided to send Millenium into the tent city to do some scouting. She wasn’t sure what she could learn, but said that she would also do some shopping while she was there, possibly to get some fabric for a new dress. They were all a little surprised but let her, as long as she would try to gather information for them while she was shopping. Then the group headed into the tent city.
• Through the tent city they go, passing individuals selling T-shirts, collectables, food, all the decorations and extra items that they might want, but certainly don’t need. There are fortune-tellers, psychics, and craftsmen of all skills. They ignore the pointless and slightly desperate merchants, although they all seem to have made an exceptional amount of gold and silver off those they have met. Then the group of pirates made their way towards the desk, until Emack heard someone shouting that he was selling reality fragments. The pirates felt the need to investigate, for obvious reasons.
• Emack went in first, looking over the wares that the grubby little man was trying to hock. Old, tattered, and battered items of all kinds littered the tables of his small stall. They were a broad and varied lot of items, nearly something of everything could be seen, all of which were complete and utter garbage. Emack called the man on it, and the merchant got extremely upset, tried to argue that its items were of course really Fragments, and ordered Emack to leave. When he refused the merchant began shouting for someone to remove this liar, freak from his shop. A pair of the purple clad guards came in, their hands resting on a pair of multi-chambered firearms holstered at their waists. The merchant accused Emack of accusing that his merchandise was a fake. Emack then pointed out all of the Reality Fragments that he had within his own possession, and that the group he was with was planning on entering the tournament, so they know fake fragments when they see them. The guards accept this fact and trust Emack, so they tell the Fragment Merchant as a fake and tell him to get lost and close down his shop. The merchant tried to argue, claiming that he had a right to do that. Then one of the guards brought out one of their guns, and told him to leave. The man was about to tell them that they would have to make him, so the guard shot the man in the knee. There were no further complaints as to his leaving, as he grabbed his table of garbage and limped out. The guards that had talked to Emack asked if he would need an escort. Given the massive collection of Fragments they already possess, they politely declined, and the guards understood that they wouldn’t need it. Then they headed towards the registration desk.
• Behind the desk there rested a man wearing the purple uniform of this strange new military group, and a bored expression. He was flanked by several more guards that wore that strange garb, and also had strange multi-chambered firearms holstered at their waists. The man behind the desk, looking over this incredibly strangely garbed and Fragment of Reality equipped group, assumed that they would like to register for the tournament. They say that they would indeed like to, so the man gives them a pile of the waivers containing the rules for the Tournament itself. Many of the important notes are as below:
• Each team may composed of 1-10 Members, and they must have at least 1 Reality Fragment in Order to enter.
• All Reality Fragments they have equipped at the time during their competing in the tournament will be added to the victory pool should they leave.
• The fights of the other groups will be to the unconsciousness, or being Ringed Out of the 150 ft. square tile tournament either by hitting the grass below or traveling over 100 feet in the air. Once ringed out they are not allowed to continue competing within that round.
• Once they enter each team is given a room to stay in, where food and drink will be provided for them. They will not be allowed to leave the room between rounds, and no one will be allowed to visit them while they are within it.
• All fragments of the losers are taken and stored in the “Victory Challice” until the completion of the tournament, when all the Fragments will be bequeathed to the victors. None shall be given before that.
• While the fights are not supposed to be to the death, should competitors die the victors will not be penalized for that fate.
• Also, while extensive bets will be allowed those that are competing are not allowed to place bets of any kind (the pirates are sad when they hear this).
• Also, each team must have a catchy, and more then slightly passionate or ridiculous nickname which they have to use and go by, in order to inspire the enthusiasm of the audience, and make for a wonderfully entertaining show.
• They ask if they can register now, and still do some shopping and take care of getting all their equipment sorted out before they actually make their way to stay in the room prior to the start of the Tournament. The man behind the desk says of course, so the pirates mull over the name that they should go by, but in the end they decide on only one being properly fitting for what they intend to do:
• Crusaders for a Brave New World. Jack, Emack, Fynn, Ryn, Elspeth, Dina, Isabella, Applejack, Stevetrap, and Jafar
• They then begin taking care of the last few things that they need to prior to beginning the tournament. Elspeth, Jack, Emack, and Fynn all go shopping in order to go looking for any merchants that might actually have real magic items. Ryn goes to get Sparkly, and then escorts her so that they could see if there are any items that Sparkly might like from the many merchants that are selling things.
• Jakc, Emack, Elspeth, and Fynn all find one special looking stall tent with the logo of a black sun scorched onto the wooden palate serving as a sign. They head inside, and find a beautiful woman in finely crafted clothes and beautifully crafted silver armor and sword. She looked exceedingly bored, and was in the middle of demanding that a man that didn’t have enough money to meet her requirements to buy items left her establishment. The man, rather angered by this turn of events, listened and left. The woman then turned her attention to the pirates that entered her tent. The pirates assured her that they should have more then enough money to meet her requirements to buy goods. Smiling at their confidence, the woman brought out a series of lists containing all of her goods for sale. Each of the pirates looked at the list, cringed at the prices, and began asking about what some of the different items did. Fynn bought a quality Healing Potion as he hoped that it would come of use during the battle.
• While the pirates were looking through the wears in the store they didn’t notice the group that entered behind them. Until the leader of this group, a man wearing the robes and hat of a High Mage of the Trygalle Trade Guild, demanded Jack be brought in for justice of all the old crimes and warrants that are outstanding for Jack. When the pirates turned to look, they saw the High Mage and the ~30 Shareholder Guards that were with him filling the back of the tent. They all looked over themselves to wonder how it was that they hadn’t noticed over 30 people sneaking in behind them. Then the woman that was operating the stand, introducing herself as Lynn Steiner, saying that as Jack was a customer and since one of his companions had already purchased something they were under his protection, and the Trade Guild would need to make a much larger bribe then normal in order to sway her, instead of the simple 2000 GC bounty (the pirates were disappointed that Jack’s bounty was so low). The High Mage then offered Lynn 10,000 GC to sell him to them. Jack and Emack were both more pleased by this value. Lynn still turned them down, by asking Emack the value of the ships that Jack had in his Armada, which if she didn’t kick out Jack she might have a chance to try and acquire some of the wealth from the ship. Emack looked around a bit, and said that most of the magic items in the shop might be a start to try and purchase their three fine vessels. Lynn Steiner grinned, the Trade Guild High Mage grumbled, and Lynn then gave the Trade Guild the offer of selling Jack to them for the value of the most expensive magic item her family has ever sold, 20 Million GC, or they can wait outside for Jack to leave and capture him then. The pirates nodded at the new value applied to Jack’s head. The Trade Guild Mage was not so understanding, and so offended he held his hands in front of himself and began charging up a potent fireball. Lynn warned the man not to do that, but the mage didn’t listen. When the Trygalle Trade Guild Mage threw the fireball, Lynn threw a fist sized red gem in the way, which absorbed all of the fire magic, and began to grow a bright, sharp orange. The mage was unimpressed, and Lynn told the mage to get the hell out now, then giving him that glowing gem as a parting gift, since they made her use it. The mage takes it, and then he and the Shareholders storm out. With them outside, Lynn turned to the pirates and asked if any of them could make fire. Emack said that he could, and Lynn asked Emack to send more fire into the gemstone, and then close the tent flap. Emack made the fire, closed the tent flap, and then there was a thunderous explosion from outside. Lynn then inquired if they would have need of her services after the tournament. She offered to serve as their Magic items merchant aboard one of their fine vessels afterwards, so long as they pay her the proper cost for each of the items they bought, while also paying her an additional fee for her following them around. The pirates accept, hoping to see her again after the tournament. Jack then also commented on hoping that he might be able to bed this magic item peddling beauty, to which Elspeth muttered they were all going to be killed by their own trader when their captain’s advances tried too much to force himself upon her. The others simply hoped that they would be able to purchase a good number of magic items before having her try to murder the captain.
• While the others went shopping for magic items, Ryn decided to take Sparkly shopping to try and find something that she likes. After a day of hunting, they found a Deck of Dragons made of Ivory that Sparkly quite liked. Ryn bought the deck, gave it to Sparkly, and got a golden satchel containing 30 White Wood Arrows in exchange. Ryn was happy with that.
• Many of the crew members that weren’t going to be competing in the tournament decided that they would watch it, paying the 100 GC for the ticket necessary.
• After having done all of those things, the pirates made their way back to the Arena. They say they are ready, and so are shown to their large, group room of exquisite furnishings. There was a large collection of comfortable bedding, tables, and other wonderful items. Also there was an exceptional amount of food and drink on the table. With a grin, Fynn decided to eat like the dragon he was, and went to town on the table of food. The others, in their rapid rush managed to get some food for themselves as well. Then they relaxed while waiting for things to happen.
• End of Day 169-Dawn of 171 Staying in the room.
• During Day 170, they decided to try and get Millenium in order to try and see if she had learned anything of import. When Millenium appeared before them she was wearing an exquisite red ball gown that made her look very mature and elegant. Elspeth was impressed by how rapidly she made it and the exceptional quality of it all. They asked her for any other information that she might have garnered. She informed them that all the different competitors that would be entering the tournament were already there, including one of her friends, but they won’t be able to kill him. When they ask Millenium why they wouldn’t be able to kill this friend of hers, she explains that it is the same reason they couldn’t kill her. They want to know why they can’t kill her, so she tells them to cut her head off. They refuse, so Millenium simply says they can’t decapitate her friend for it to work either. Emack then suggests all they need to do is think that all the opponents would be this friend, so they don’t have to worry about trying to decapitate any of them. Or, they try to decapitate all of them and be sure to find which one of them is her friend. They all think this sounds like it could work. Then, they all ask Millenium if she could place bets on them for all their money. She says she will, but that she will need to take a certain cut based on the amount of gold that they make so that she can have a share. They ask how much, and she says it will depend on how much they would get. All the competitors give Millenium all their money for bets. She then walks out of the room, and is confronted by the guards that demand to know how and why she got in there and what she was doing. With a smile Millenium simply said she was visiting some friends and then walked out.
• They enjoyed the rest of there time there eating all that they wanted, drinking all that they wanted, and relaxed before the Tournament would start.
• Day 171, The Tournament
• Upon dawn rising outside their glorious room, the guards outside knocked on the door and informed The Crusaders for a Brave New World they would have to go out into the Arena to stand before the crowd and make their opening appearance before the tournament starts. They agree, dress themselves up and get ready to try and make one hell of an entrance. They travel down one of the many halls of the massive arena, and then reach the door to the outside. As the door opened they found a black opaque hallway composed of pure mystical energy until they reached a spherical dome, and as they walked down the hall the hall closed behind them until they were trapped within the sphere. The sphere then promoted itself from deepest black into pseudo opaque so that they could look out and see all of the audience members within the crowd. There were also 7 other black spheres that they couldn’t look into. In the crowd of the Arena there were nearly 100,000 different people within it. They could see many of their The Wicked Wench crew members up in the nosebleeds, seeming to quite enjoy the food and souvenirs they have purchased already. In the front row of the seats they could also see Francisco the Magnificent, Kaard Lightblade, and Deckard Cain, with Kaard unfortunately stuck in the middle between the two chatter-box and infuriating men. Also very close to the front they could also see Millenium in her new dress, that waved towards their sphere when they noticed her, despite it being unlikely that she could actually see inside it. There was also a specific balcony hovering high above where the most significant individuals remained there. Mr. Suitengu and Esorchan had seats of honor in the right seats. In a single seat on the left sat a pompous young man of tanned perfect features, golden hair, earings, and a massive suit of golden armor. In the center of these other incredibly powerful men, sat the man that must only be known as Prince Lucanor Giovanni. Looking to merely be towards the ends of his twenties, neat black hair, neat black beard, and exquisitely tailored clothes. Head resting against Prince Lucanor’s arm was his pet and guardian Daaku, a massive black panther with red glowing eyes (oh, how Ryn did tremble). Assuming that everyone was in position, one final man came forward on the top of that balcony. This final man was also incredibly well tanned, perfect features, well muscled, a black pompadour hairdo, and gleaming green eyes. In his extremely gaudy and showy clothing it was time for him to get his show on the road.
• The showy man called out passionately in order to get the crowd into a massive frenzy. He introduced himself as Xavier Durmott, the MC for the tournament. He then began introducing the collection of the teams that will compete in it first. As each group is being introduced, the sphere containing them is dropped so that the audience can see them, cheer for them, and know if they want to vote on them or not.
• First comes a group known as Those That Hunt The Grail. A collection of warriors and mages that have survived countless difficulties, faced numerous challenges, and all in the hope of pursuing a wish from The Holy Grail. They are powerful warriors, and don’t let their youth and fair faces fool you, they can all strike them down. The bubble drops, and there are four people standing within. Two men and two women stand there, all appearing to be in their late teens. One young man wore a simple uniform, green eyes and red hair, with a pair of unique sabers similar to Yin and Yang simbles, with the words Kansho and Bakuya enscribed on them in a strange language. The other man was taller, more muscled, with tanned skin, green eyes, and short spiked white hair. He wore a black breastplate topped with a strange red clothing of a hip cape and angled chest and sleeves linked by gold and steel clasps, with a golden bow in the shape of a gleaming angel with golden wings. One of the young women had long brown hair, green eyes, wore a red cardigan with a golden cross on it and miniature skirt below it. The last woman had golden hair done up behind her face, with pale skin and green eyes. She wore a simple blue dress and white top upon which was worn a suit of gleaming and incredibly well forged partial plate. At her waist was a gleaming golden sword, like those out of legends.
• Second Xavier introduced a man that has survived by paranoia, being careful, and fleeing from all death threats that attempt to reach him. With magic items, nimble limbs, and quick thinking, he has been able to survive all that have stood in his way. Now, being forced to fight against others, how will Timid Tuldoth fair? The man revealed from inside the sphere wore a beautiful grey suit, a helmet that conceals most of his face, a fancy magical hand crossbow, and twitchy eyes.
• Next they revealed something known not if it is a man, a creature, some ungodly beast of insanity, slaughter, and hatred and destruction. This monster calls itself Feldus the Mad. When the sphere dropped there was something bound in a white straightjacket, chains binding its limbs heavily so that it can’t move, a thick mask covering its features. Muttered words of hatred, slaughter, promised murder, all endless violence and threats. The crowd inhaled their breaths, but some were very clearly interested in betting on such an entity.
• Next came Crusaders for a Brave New World having their unveiled as well. They were introduced as the fierce, noble, and incredibly attractive band of pirates that have been terrorizing the seas and gathering Fragments in order to try and mae a perfect world for everyone, but most especially themselves. As the group with the most Reality Fragments in the Tournament they are the favorites of the odds makers, but will they be the favorites of the crowd? As the sphere dropped Fynn turned himself into his draconic form, and unleashed a bellowing roar. The other pirates all struck exciting and noble poses as well, except Jack that decided to do something a little bit more special. He put himself atop Fynn’s draconic head, cast his arms out to the side, and with the sheer force of his own personality he was able to force one of the flags from the top of the arena to fall behind him, where it was struck by a stray and unexpected firework, to cascade the beautiful light over them and also forming the shape of a perfect skull and crossbones in order to illuminate their awesome. The crowd goes wild in such a very incredible way. The pirates are pleased.
• Next Xavier introduces the pair of noble nights from a far-gone and demon overwhelmed country and so they will fight bravely forward to try and reforge the world and show what true valor and nobility is. So, don’t let their ridiculous appearance fool you, but cheer for their glory and determined nature. They were a pair of night in the largest, most bulbous and rounded suits of armor anyone had ever seen, highly resembling onions in fact. Both wielded massive swords, one which was a Fragment, one that bore a cursed brand, and the other held a skull of a mythical demonic skull which made Deckard Cain attempt to charge from his seat to steal it, only to have him be shot back into place by a massive laser from Xavier’s resting place to tell even a God to not interfere without a Reality Fragment to wager. The pirates them suggested that it appeared that they had found the Fragment that Cain was looking for.
• After that, what could possibly be better then a pair of knights, but a single knight. This knight came from a cursed land and twisted fate, a murderer of monsters that he was forced to battle constantly, always doomed to repeat the same endless struggle time and again, never able to prove victorious, but never really defeated. He hopes to gather the fragments and create a new world where he might be freed from this endless repetitive hell. So, don’t let the fact that he refuses to say much except insults keep you down, and say hello to The Azure Knight. He was incredibly tall, clad in white armor like porcelain, without any openings through which to see, red gems at various places, looking almost like crimson eyes, long ice-blue hair tied in a long ponytail, and broad billowing black cloth pants. The crowd cheers for him, but the figure says nothing, not a thing at all.
• With all of these fun people it is time we brought out a little bit more entertaining of a group. These next competitors know how to put on a show, entertain and move with art. They are the Death’s Dancers, and they will entertain and kill with equal beauty. The sphere dropped, revealing 10 individuals in tight black dancing attire, leather masks in the form of skulls, and with well forged claws in order to fight. They also have two Reality Fragments, a lockpick, and a strange eastern stringed instrument.
• Finally, there is only a single group left. They are entertainers, scientists, and magicians of incredible skill, power, and perhaps a little bit of madness. They call themselves The Flying Fiddlesticks, and it is time to let their light fill the air and show what can be done. When the sphere opens it reveals a collection of 7 individuals wearing red and blue leather clothes, with red and blue hair sticking up in all directions. They fly through the air, and electricity sparks and crackles all around them. Grasped within one of their hands was a gleaming crystal horn that spirals beautifully.
• Now you have seen all the competitors, so it is time to place your bets, and have all of them head back to their rooms, except for those that will be participating in the first fight. Now, it is time to let the tournament begin!
• The pirates were shown back to the room they were in. On a screen there was the image of a tournament bracket. It is as follows:
• Those That Hunt The Grail vs. Timid Tuldoth
• Feldus the Mad vs. Crusaders for a Brave New World
• The Onion Knights vs. The Azure Knight
• Death’s Dancers vs. The Flying Fiddlesticks.
• After about 5 minutes of combat, Those That Hunt The Grail have proven victorious.
• The pirates wait in order to enjoy their time in the room to eat more food and what not, until they are summoned.
• They are called into the Arena, and find themselves standing across from Feldus the Mad. The bound and tormented individual turns its masked face targeting Emack specifically, muttering something about finding Malekith again, and being able to destroy him for his master Dementia. Hearing this Emack wants to begin charging zeon, but a flicker of power from Xavier informs him that he is not able to charge in advance of the fight. Xavier then says he is looking forward to seeing who will prove victorious in this, the monstrous abomination of insanity itself, or these noblest of pirates that are seeking to better the world. Feldus then unleashes the power of one of his Reality Fragments, which wraps him in chaotic energy and causes him to erupt into a massively muscled form with his bindings and chains tearing apart and rotating to serve as a skin around the hollow and empty inside. They are also able to visualize a pair of bloody sickles that seem to have sprouted from Feldus’ man. Now Xavier piped up again, commenting on how interesting this has become now, but that he would count that as “A single round of charging for the pirates to receive” (which made Emack sigh with relief). With the powers charged, the insanity surging around Feldus, and the crowd cheering for them all to start the glory, the battle did begin.
• Ryn fires a regular arrow at one of Feldus’ Sickles, hitting it for damage, then fires a second, this one a White Wood Arrow at Feldus, but its surging leathery cloth absorbs the attack, then Ryn fires a third arrow, regular again, but it is once more absorbed. Jack attempts to disarm one of Feldus’ Sickles, charging in, but its flailing leather cloth blocks the golden sword. Fynn then throws a Melter, but Feldus dodges it, and the melter begins to eat through the reinforced stone of the Arena, as did the second he threw. Dina then charges with a stiletto at Feldus’ face, but the monstrous creature dodges it. Isabella charges Zeon. Feldus then fired off a maximumlly powered Energy Dome that killed Jack and through him into the crowd, battering Stevetrap, and Emack’s shield stopping the damage from everyone else, although they are all battered. Fynn and Applejack begin transforming, while Elsepth and Jafar begin charging zeon. During her second pass Ryn fires another arrow, but Feldus dodges, the second normal arrow is soaked up by the armor, as was the third. Then Ryn fired her Moonlight Arrow on her third pass and final attack, striking him in the Sickle and harming it to make Feldus and the Sickle very twitchy. Ryn, having surprised Feldus, fired a Moonlight Arrow at the Right Sickle of Feldus, striking it solidly in order to dislodge the sickle from his neck, solidly. Dina then attacks Feldus’ left Sickle, but Feldus is able to evade it. Elspeth then fired off 3 lasers at Feldus, but the armor up most of it, but he is still hurt. The second laser is dodged by Feldus. The third strucks him hardly and hurts him heavily. Applejack then aerial dragon charges Feldus, but it dodges the claws and the bite. Emack then charges and uses his 30 feet reach to lunge with the rapier, avenging Malekith’s rage against Dimentia, but can’t hit it. Stevetrap charges at Feldus, but it misses and tries to hit Applejack, but Emack protects her. Fynn then charges along the ground, but Feldus defends and absorbs the fangs and claw attacks. Then Ryn fired another Moonlight Arrow during the next initiative pass to strike him in the chest, and knock him down. They are congratulated for winning, and allowed to go to the next stage and relax until then.
• They head back to the room, wondering exactly what kind of a man Lucanor would be if he didn’t even seem mildly perturbed by the thought that if Feldus had gotten to use another attack it could very well have murdered all 100,000 audience members at his tournament. They were more then a little worried about the fact that Millenium suggested Lucanor would want to create his own world after this tournament, so he might very well try to screw them out of all the Fragments once they win.
• As the further hours go by the lot of them enjoy the food and drink that is available to them. On the board they see that The Azure Knight and Death’s Dancers were the groups that one their respective bouts. Then, after another hour until they are called back up to the Arena for their match against Those That Hunt The Grail.
• As they stand in the Arena, Xavier introduces the names of each of the competitors in this bout between talented, and attractive, Fragment Hunting forces. He even goes so far to say that these two are the most attractive of all competitors in the tournament, so it should be an incredibly enjoyable fight to watch, and to make sure that all audience members bet as much as they can. Their opponents are Shiro (the young man in the uniform), Archer (the man with white hair, strange red outfit, and the gleaming golden bow), Rin Tohsaka (the young woman in the red cardigan with the long brown hair), and Saber (the young woman with the golden sword and armor over her blue dress). Archer mutters about feeling a strong dislike for Jack, similar to when he first met Shiro, which made the other member of Those That Hunt The Grail mutter about the good-old days. Jack doesn’t like being called out by the man with the super bow, and so wants to be sure that Emack will shield him this time. With the pleasantries over with, the fight begins.
• First Jack charges Archer, flips to get a flank on him, and goes to disarm the bow, but Archer holds onto it. Ryn fires a trio of arrows, going for a head shot with normal arrows, blocks it, then a second shot for called shot face at Shiro, but he dodges that attack, and then her last arrow goes for a Called Shot face Archer, but he blocks the arrow with his bow. Shiro charges Fynn, Emack throws up a shield to protect Fynn, Applejack, Ryn, Dina, and Elspeth, then Shiro attacks Fynn twice, with Emack stopping both of Shiro’s attacks. Fynn throws the bottle of red goop at Rin Tohsaka, with Rin throwing up her Darkness Shield, but it hurts her, Jack gets cut, and Archer blocks it with his bow. Rin and Jack have both been convered in the goop and made angry as hell. Fynn then cuts Shiro with his short sword. Dina then charges Tohsaka, clipping her cheek but not hurting her. Stevetrap attacks Shiro, but he is able to dodge it. Emack watches in order to defend. Applejack attacks Shiro, hitting him with her Shotokan, then begins her transformation. Isabella charges Zeon. Archer begins speaking his Unlimited Bladeworks Speech in order to begin his power. Saber then begins charging Excaliber, and charges Fynn, but Emack absorbs the hit on the shield. Elspeth then fires a laser at Shiro, breaking his right leg and knocking him unconscious. Ryn then fires three more arrows, a regular arrow at Archer, but his armor takes it, the second shot at Archer’s face hitting him solidly in the face, then the third and final shot going at his face as well, the third also does an excellent job hurting him. Then Ryn fires a White wood Arrow in order to try and drop him, but he is able to stop it with his bow. Ryn fires a called shot, regular arrow at Archer’s Face, but it is blocked by the bow, then fires the second arrow at Archer’s Face, which drops him, until the phylactery glows and then he stands back up at Full HP, so Ryn throws her last arrow at Saber, but she blocks it. Archer then finishes his speech, summoning Unlimited Bladeworks, summoning his blasted field of endless swords, one rust-coloured blade pulled from the ground and placed in his bowstring. Emack then attacked Saber, who blocked and countered, but Emack’s shield stopped the attack, so then Fynn stabbed her with his second sword. Emack charges his zeon. Then Rin Tohsaka attacks Dina with her laser, but Emack is able to stop it all with his shield. Dina tries to attack Rin, but her shield absorbs it. Jack then attacks Rin, cutting her down and in half, until her necklace glows and brings her back up at full LP. Then Jack attacks Archer, but Archer blocks it. Saber charges Ki for Excaliber, and Jafar accumulates Zeon. Ryn then fires a trio of Hate Arrows at Archer, but he isn’t enraged. Then Ryn fires again, hitting him again to hurt him and inflict him with rage goop. Ryn then fires the third arrow, it hits him but doesn’t hurt him. Then Ryn fires a Whitewood Arrow in her final initiative pass in order to try and hit him, detonating Archer’s head and making the Phylactery fall off of him so that he doesn’t come back to life, and they reappear in the real world for the next initiative pass. Rage Jack attacks the Surprised Rin, gutting her horribly with his blade. Then he tries to kill Dina, but Emack’s shield stops it, being nearly in half now. Ryn fires a Whitewood arrow at Saber’s Face, hitting her solidly in the face for more wounds. Emack shouts to have Jafar cure poison from Jack if possible, but Jafar can’t. Fynn then attacks Saber, but she blocks and the armor takes the other hit. Dina charges Saber, tries to stab her in the face, but Saber blocks it again. Elspeth fired a laser at Saber, blowing off her left arm and crippling her horribly, seeing all of her murdered companions, she took a knee, and then Saber threw herself upon her sword to kill herself.
• Xavier comments on the fact that Crusaders For A Brave New World are lucky there are no penalties for killing the other competitors, since they are the first group to murder any of their opponents, let alone the entire group of them with extreme prejudice. He worries about if these pirates actually mean to make a better world for everyone, or if they are just trying to fool others into believing they are good people. Then, a new Reality Fragment appears, the Fragment of a Grail, a broken and tarnished chalice. It arrives and offers to allow the pirates to challenge the Holy Grail in order to receive a wish should they become victorious, but Xavier says they don’t get that Fragment until the Tournament is over, and with a snap of his fingers sends the Fragment into storage with the rest of the prize pool. He then allows the pirates to leave.
• After the fight they all head back to their room to rest. Realizing what he has done, Jack curls up into the fetal position in a corner, lamenting over how he could kill such a beautiful young woman, with a bright future ahead of her. The rest of the group try to calm him down, including Dina and Isabella, but Jack just ignores them and continues to lament his failure as a human being, captain, and lover of women. After the next fight, they see that they will be facing The Azure Knight in the final round. As dinner is served, Emack decides that they can’t afford to have Jack a blithering mess during the final, against a single warrior that has killed so many skilled opponents. Therefore, using the powers of his Reality Fragments, Emack counter-Leadership checked Jack with the ultimatum, that in order to ensure that what happened wasn’t wasted they need to win the tournament so that they can create a new world and bring this woman back if they need to. Jack, despite still being rather bitter and unhappy, he decides that he must at least try to do what is best for them all now. He eats a little, and prepares his game-face.
• Then, right around dinner they find themselves facing The Azure Knight.
• All eyes are focused on the warriors standing in the center of the Arena for this stage, the grand final between the Crusaders For A Brave New World and The Azure Knight. Xavier spins it in only the appropriate way to get the audience into a proper bidding frenzy and fervor. He introduced the Crusaders For A Brave New World as the monstrous, murdering collection of sociopaths intending to build a corrupt world where they may commit all the atrocities that they are capable of accomplishing. He continues by saying that there is only one man that can hope to stand against them, that can hope to defeat these monsters and so create a better world. This one man, the hopeful savior of all that is virtuous and right, is The Azure Knight! The crowd goes while for him, and boos and hisses at the pirates. As The Azure Knight is terribly outnumbered, Xavier decides that he will make sure that the man can at least issue forth his most powerful abilities and skills, so that he can try to save the world from these monsters. The pirates don’t like the sound of this, and they like it even less when Hakumen, The Azure Knight, goes into his speech which unleashes his true power; “I am the White Void, I am the Cold Steel, I am the Just Sword. With blade in hand I will reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the Fires of Destruction! I am Hakumen, the end is come!”
• Hakumen activates his Infinite Justice, Emack throws up his shield over all of them, and encages Hakumen in a massive prison of stone. Elspeth buffs her allies Initiative and Damage output. Then Hakumen shatters the stone prison in a single attack. Then Jack charges to disarm, jumps through the air, but when Hakumen buffs his Combat Aura so that Jack’s sword impales him and kills himself. Ryn then fires an arrow that deflects off of Hakumen’s armor. Fynn throws a pair of melters, but the armor and sword deflect both of them. Elspeth then fires a laser, which harms him. Then Dina takes cover behind Fynn. Isabella accumulates more zeon. Emack accumulates more Zeon. Jafar accumulates Zeon. Second Pass, Ryn fires a Whitewood Arrow at Hakumen’s Head, taking him down with the attack and knocking him to the ground.
• The pirates are congratulate on their victory over Hakumen, and are announced as winner of their tournament, to a highly mixed response from the crowd. Xavier, sensing the displeasure that most of the crowd Xavier takes this chance. He crowns the Crusaders For A Brave New World as the victorys of the tournament, but he wants to know is it is truly their own power or the strength of the Fragments that they wield. Therefore, he wants to see if it is the strength from within their own heart that gives him the power, as he brings out a Fragment of a Mirror, a silvered, broken piece of glass. He throws the Fragment into the Arena, and it generates a reflection of each of the pirates that are entered in the tournament, Reality Fragments and all. The pirates all shouted out in fear and hatred, with Emack shouting that the others will need to kill his reflection, because there is no way in hell that he can. As they prepare for battle, a snide comment calls out from the shadows of the Arena “Oh, now come on. Isn’t this old trope been played out? Try something a little bit more original you lazy bastard.” In a flash of green light each of the pirates’ reflections was shattered immediately. A single man strode into the arena and picked up the Fragment of a Mirror. He woere a black suit and vest, with a stylish fedora on his head. His hair was short and green, his lips pursed in a permanent smirk, and his eyes closed as though sleeping. The man introduced himself as Captain Hazama of the Novus Orbis Librarium Intelligence Division, although this impressive title means nothing to these worthless vermin that dwell in this backwater world. However, he intends to battle the champions of the tournament, defeat them, take all the fragments for his own, and then make himself a perfect world where he won’t be bored by such worthless wretches as those gathered around him. Xavier tries to tell Hazama that because he didn’t fight through the rest of the rounds he isn’t allowed to enter, at which point Hazama flips the butterfly knives in his hands and sends out the Uroboros Chain Monofilament weapon to impale Xavier, dropping him behind the railing. There is a small gap, before Xavier’s hand pops up, looking like a hand puppet mouth, and says that Hazama will serve as the new last challenge for the pirates. Hazama then grins, and says that since there are so many of them he will just activate a little souvenir of the world that he comes from, the BlazBlue, otherwise known as The Azure Grimoire. He grins and holds one hand out in front of him as he says “Restriction 666 released. Dimentional Interference Field Deployed! Code S.O.L., BlazBlue, Activate!” He is surrounded by a 10 foot radius sphere of green runes that swirl and gleam with an infernal power. Then the fight gets underway.
• Hazama fires his Uroboros Chains to arc around them all, through Emack’s Surprised Shield, and dropping Elspeth with a single attack. Then Jack charges towards Hazama, losing a large amount of health due to the BlazBlue field, and then disarming Hazama’s butterfly knives. Hazama says that that shouldn’t happen. Ryn then fires a Whitewood arrow to hit Hazama in the face, hitting him solidly. Fynn then throws a pair of melters, the first being stopped by Hazama’s force armor, and the second being dropped to shatter at his feet, begins transforming into a dragon. Emack then moves up, reaches his tentacles through Hazama’s field but doesn’t lose life, then grabs the Uroboros Knives, resists them pulling his soul out, and sensing that they will continue to try it, throws them out of the arena. Hazama comments that this has made things much more difficult then he otherwise would have liked. Dina watches, not wanting to enter the field. Then Isabella charges zeon. Applejack began transforming, and Jafar used Restore in order to bring Elspeth back up at full life. Then Ryn fires another pair of Whitewood arrows, but they are stopped by his shield. Jack then tries to Disarm these kunai, but he is able to hold onto them. Then Hazama moves forward, draining more life out of Stevetrap, as well as out of Emack, who doesn’t like that this drain still affects him. Fynn charges in dragon form, resists the BlazBlue, but can’t get through the armor. Elspeth fires a laser, but it can’t get through the force field. Emack accumulates zeon. Stevetrap moves away. Applejack begins charging her breath weapon, and moves away from the other party members. Isabella judges the strength of the aura to be very difficult, so she casts Spectral Shield on Jack, Stevetrap, Fynn, Ryn, and Elspeth to protect him from her aura. Ryn fires an arrow and hurts Hazama slightly, then call shots his face in order to hurt him much more solidly. Ryn has surprised Hazama, and so unleashes a trio of Whitewood Arrows at his face, hitting him solidly in the face, the second harming him excruciatingly in the face, even getting him slightly crit, then the third one buries itself into his skull. Hazama commented that he was supposed to be the one that surprised others, not being surprised, then fell face first and the arrow burst out the back of his head.
• The Xavier hand-puppet congratulates the pirates on being able to defeat that surprise competitor, and can now officially crown them the winners of the tournament. Emack tries to cast a heal on the crippled Xavier, but is surprised, and a little put off, when it fails to affect him. Prince Lucanor Giovanni himself then comes down, and presents them with the Tournament victor trophy, and all of the Reality Fragments of those that were defeated. He then whispers, so that only the pirates can hear, that he himself still holds several Fragments, and that they will need to try and claim his before they can forge a new world. He will allow them to meet with him again in the future when they feel that they are ready to challenge him for the Fragments he possesses. Lucanor then leaves, and the pirates are allowed to celebrate their victory as the gathered crowd begins collecting any betting winnings, and buying that last wave of souvenirs that they can get their hands on before having to return to the real world.



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