Anima: Beyond Malaz

Struggle for Ankara

And Rise of The Alabaster Wanderer

• Day 209, in Ankara chasing down the demons that are assaulting it.
• Fynn and Applejack transform into their Dragon forms and go fly up towards Deckard. Bo’sun hurls his Lawgiver of Rah at Dragon God, begins climbing up after it using his shield to give him the protecting water shield, climbing up its legs in order to keep carving into it in order to go and carve, then grabs his sword, and flies up to try and slash its throat.
• Elspeth began letting Heinrich fire the Lost Logias Rifle aiming for the Dragon God’s eyes, Ryn firing arrows to pepper its face between the eyes, Emack begins wandering towards the Storm King, while Jack watches being incredibly awesome and powerful with the fire lighting everything behind him.
• Fynn reached Deckard, offering to allow him to ride him into battle against Dragon God, which makes Deckard very happy in order to get to, with spurs on his feet then begins to charge towards the face of Dragon God. Emack gets close to where Storm King is flying up above, points the Mordecai Doll Fragment up at him, and then the Storm king falls from the heavens onto the city, being impaled by the towers, beginning to drip blood and stealing the powers of souls of the people they kill which was 80000 people, then being freed when the Storm King actually dies. Then the extensive assaults of arrows, demon and Rah blades, bullets, dragon breath and divine glorious assaults and attacks the Dragon God and brings him falling to the ground. Luckily, Bo’sun and Fynn were able to push aside the body from falling onto the tower of Cain, so that it only collapsed on its side to only crush another 10000 people. Then Bo’sun goes down to begin grabbing dragon scale pieces in order to make a new codpiece out of them. Fynn begins sweeping down to try and land, but tries to show off a bit and so crash lands onto the ground, taking major damage, and knocking Deckard unconscious. Fynn turns back into a human in order to roll over. Then Kazrith comes over in order to heal their dear “father” after his foolish necessities.
• Then they are complimented with the assistance Deckard did for them, sighting that he had murdered the Dragon God with their hands, as listed inside the Book of Cain which is now showing a massive hologram of Deckard using the Idiot Full Blade to kill the god, with Fynn in dragon form helping. The others then all begin commenting on the fact that shouldn’t the god of knowledge record the truth, to which Deckard replies that simply that since he recorded it because it is certainly the way that things will be remembered. Then they start go looking for treasure to try and find that they can start pulling teeth from Dragon God, Fynn has Applejack pull a scale that Deckard was sitting on from his back, and then Emack had his birds beginning to pick away at the flesh of the Storm King so that they can pull spines from it for his personal collection. Then they begin searching the Dragon God to try and find other important items, and find that one of the towers it fell onto tore open its stomach, revealing a massive treasure horde larger then any other they have seen. They are ecstatic, until Francisco comes by with Deckard, commenting on how they can use all of this money in order to pay for all of the individuals that unfortunately died in the city, and to help cover all of the repairs. Deckard is very happy to see all these items himself, and offers to help them store it. Then, Francisco goes into his kingdom to celebrate. Seeing that there is loot, Fynn casts Infinite Bag in his Backpack in order to hold numerous more loot and treasure pieces of gold. They stuff the backpack full of coins. Then Emack has all of the magpies that are nearby grab as many of the coins as they could and fly off, since magpies steal money anyways. Fynn and Elspeth were both incredibly unhappy about Francisco calling dibs on all the treasure. Deckard then walks over, saying that he will help take away the gold for Francisco. He snaps his fingers, and opens up a portal that sucks up some of the gold through it in order to take it where he wants it. Then, Deckard asks Emack regarding where the Fragment of Diablo is that he wants, and that he will be taking it from them, but first he needs to have a nap after all the work he did. Deckard summoned a chair behind him, sat in it, and fell asleep immediately, snoring incredibly loudly. None of the pirates could really believe it, watching the portal created by Deckard stealing all of the colossal dragon’s horde of loot from within its torn open gullet. Then Jack had an idea. He brought out The Fragment of Absurdity Bell, held it inside the vacuum portal, and muttered that he wanted it all taken to Kruppe in Darujhistan. Then Jack rang the bell. The portal just seemed to continue working from the other side, and then a few moments later they heard shouts of shock and uncertainty, followed shortly behind by Kruppe’s voice shouting that some of this gold would be used to pay for his tab. Having successfully delivered the goods, the pirates shouted in at Kruppe to let him know that they were sending this coin to him for holding for now in order to deliver it back to them in not too long. He can of course take a small amount in order to serve as the holding fees, which will easily cover his tab (standing tab Fynn was very important to focus on, and Kruppe always repeated standing rather quietly). They also threw a dragon tooth through the portal, and after Kruppe shouted in surprise and wood splintered they warned him regarding the fact that they were sending more dragon teeth as well. With all of their important treasure being siphoned through to a man that they figure they can probably trust with their coin, so they figure they should move forward on what they want to.
• Gathering up a few scales to make a new codpiece out of, Bo’sun also gathered a scale and carved a massive scale feather for Jack’s hat. Unfortuantely the first draft weighed about 10 pounds, so Bo’sun had to make it a smaller version before it was actually wearable.
• Bo’sun carves into Dragon God’s corpse, digging through the chest in search of its heart in order to try and eat some and gain the creature’s courage. Unfortunately for Bo’sun this left him digging through a dark, wet place. Unfortunately for Jack, this left him only able to see and hear the goopy innards of the deceased draconic god demon. Therefore Jack began shouting for Rynn, who came over and asked what was going on. Jack just kept yelling, unable to hear her, until she poked him, so then Jack combined his senses with her as well. This allowed Jack to switch between, and almost always guarantee him to be able to see sometime, he hopes, and with Ryn’s senses he will be able to see essentially anything he needs to.
• Vincent began to inform them regarding his plan to take his monkey army (somehow all those that helped fight the demons survived, impressive I know) back to his fleet of ships. At the mention of Vincent’s fleet, Emack coughed a little bit given that he had destroyed the entire fleet of them essentially single handedly. Then, Jack simply informed Vincent that in the assault from all the demons they went and attacked the bay, destroying his fleet of ships. Furious at the loss, Vincent decides he will go speak with Francisco in order to demand he get a new fleet in order to allow his army to accompany the pirates. Balthazar goes with, as if this band of pirates often hunts demons (Elspeth said that it did happen more often then most would expect), he will be willing to accompany them. Emack, Elspeth, Jack, Ryn, and Fynn all decide to head into the palace of Francisco in order to watch the fun, and Emack wants to get away from Deckard before he wakes up so that he can keep the Fragment of Diablo.
• When inside the palace, Emack is approached by Kaard, having returned from the fight with Storm King. He informs Emack that his order of paladins has been able to locate several more Reality Fragments for them in the time since they have been gone, and would like to turn them over to him. He has been keeping them in his office to protect them for when they needed to be turned over to the pirates. Emack happily agrees, and so they head towards Kaard’s office.
• After digging through a great distance of demonic dragon flesh, and far longer in cursed darkness then he would have like, Bo’sun finally was able to find the heart of Dragon God. He ran his Axe arm into the heart, cutting out a large chunk, which he sunk his teeth into. Surprisingly he was able to take in the demonic flesh without growing terribly ill. He ate a handful of it, and then began trying to find his way out of the gargantuan corpse.
• Standing just outside Francisco The Magnificent’s throne room, Jack began spitting profusely, as a terrible taste washed over his tongue. He quickly turned off his connection to Bo’sun’s sense of taste. Then, the group of pirates that were looking for Francisco boldly strode into his throne room, interrupting him from his collection of beautiful women. Vincent, without bothering with any introductions, or explorations, he simply demanded that Francisco give him all the ships that he has access to for his army in order to proceed out. Jack and the others shook their head, muttering that his tact could leave something to be desired. Francisco explains to them that he only has one ship left in the port, all others were sent out when the demons attacked in order to protect them from the monstrous assault. Vincent then demanded that he get the one ship that was left to them. Jack hoped that it was the ship that he was thinking it would be. He was not disappointed, as Francisco announced that they would receive The Price of Knowledge. Vincent simply nodded, and then began escorting his monkey army to their new ship. Balthazar, amused despite himself, followed Vincent toward the ship that he intended to serve as Co-Captain of. The other pirates gave a quick nod to Francisco, and followed the eager vampire and paladin outside.
• Reaching Kaard’s office, Emack was pleasantly surprised to be handed 4 Reality Fragments that the other Paladins of Knowledge had been able to retrieve. They were a Fragment of a Contract (owned by a cruel and merciless lawyer of a wealthy city that had a great deal of heavy jobs, dubious dealings, and all matter of tasks performed to ensure he always won his cases. After a particularly harrowing, and rewarding, case, this Baron Vollmacht Verboden faked his own death and then moved to a peaceful farming city where he became a well respected member of the community), a Fragment of a Psionic Crystal (possessed originally by a Psychic Warrior that fought alongside Vincent Valentine and assisted in the destruction of the Lich God Vecna, Keeper of Secrets, in helping Esorchan’s plan to avenge the crimes committed against him. He used the crystal as a blade that would suck the life from those that battled against him.), and a Fragment of a Tower Shield (Owned by Rokam Blackoath, dwarven defender that worked with the psychic warrior and Vincent Valentine in their struggle to destroy Vecna. No dwarf was ever more well protected, more physically refined, more completely immobile. Although he did move a few times that resulted in Vincent dieing temporarily. And there was a rusty pair of manacles that trapped the powerful dwarf for far longer then it should have.). The fourth was wrapped in heavy cloth, and Kaard did not seem to enjoy carrying it. He informed Emack that inside is a cursed book that he should never open. When Emack asked why, Kaard told him that it is a cursed book of dark arts that corrupted two of the paladins that retrieved it into demonic, necromantic forms that had to be killed by their companions. Emack said that he promised he wouldn’t open it here. Understanding fully well where Emack would open the book, Kaard let the topic drop, but still held onto the canvas satchel. Before releasing it he asked Emack if he and the others would be sure to prevent Francisco and Deckard from having any impact on the new world. Emack commented that that was one of the reasons he came here to talk with him, so that he could be sure that Deckard wouldn’t get the Reality Fragment that he wanted. Kaard approved, and said that he would be willing to have no impact on the new world so long as neither Francisco nor Deckard get to try and create it. Emack says he can agree to doing that if he has his way. With a nod Kaard gave Emack the last Fragment, to do with as he wishes. Then Emak takes his leave, and begins heading out from the palace.
• Jack, Fynn, Elspeth, and Ryn all made their way out of the palace following Vincent and Balthazar. As they stepped back outside there was a gathering of power in the air above them, before a pair of new Reality Fragments appeared above them. These fragments were enormous, one a giant scaled feather of gleaming white light, the second a massive sphere of amber and black stone with a slit pupil like that of a giant dragon eye. Two voices spoke to the pirates from within the fragments, both large and powerful, one female and light, the other male and dark. These two voices complimented the pirates on being able to forge light and darkness together within the power of their collective, uniting an unholy abomination and a sacred warrior of light together. Therefore, these entities known as C’iel and Gaira are willing to now grant their power upon these pirates so that they may create the new word they hope, where hopefully there shall be a balance of light and darkness within this new reality. Elspeth reached up to touch the giant feather, and Fynn reached up to touch the draconic orb. The moment the two touched the Fragments, they stopped floating in the air, falling upon the two pirates and squishing them down to the ground and gasping for breath. Jack asked Elspeth if the Fragments were heavy. Elspeth gasped out what was assumed to be a yes. Fynn transformed into his draconic form in order to lift the orb off of himself, and also reached over to lift the feather from Elsepth. Both Vincent and Balthazar had turned around to ask what was taking them so long to get moving, as they had a ship to collect. Growling, draconic Fynn suggested that if these fools thought they could carry these exceptionally heavy items then maybe they could move faster. Not missing a beat, Vincent reached over to touch the Fragment of Gaira (Darkness), and Balthazar reached out to touch the Fragment of C’iel (Light). Then the pair of them accepted the powers of the Fragments within themselves, tapping into quasi divine power from the entities of light and darkness from the different world known as Gaia. Then Vincent and Balthazar began heading back towards The Price of Knowledge. The other pirates simply looked at Fynn, since he had essentially offered to let them have it if they could, and they really should have seen this coming based on how Fragments normally work. They figured as long as those two hand over their Fragments when the new world has to be created, it can all be good.
• It was at this point that they saw Lynn Steiner had brought her wagons of magical items down from the ship, and was managing to sell essentially all of them to the massed, far to wealthy people of Ankara. Lynn had never looked happier. While she was selling items Jack walked over to her, inquiring about how he might go about making a powerful magic item. Lynn said that she didn’t have the skill to make them herself, but one of their mages should hopefully be able to. Lynn and Elspeth then said that to power the item it would either take an enormous amount of zeonic energy, components of magical creatures, or the third option that they wouldn’t want to use, killing a large number of people. Jack agreed that murdering people for the item is not an option he wanted to do, but that they do have a massive dead demonic dragon that they might be able to use. Elspeth suggests the Dragon’s Heart should prove an adequately potent source of power. Then Bo’sun finally cut his way out, emerging covered in horrible gore. When the others asked him where he had gotten to, he said that he had gone into the Dragon God in order to eat some of its heart, having cut it open with his axe. Then Jack muttered about the soul eating axe that would devour all of its supernatural power. Bo’sun explained that he wanted to try and eat its heart to gain its courage. Then they headed back towards the ships.
• Ryn restored all of the Crew members of The Black Pearl from their zombified state to people, although she remained undead herself.
• It wasn’t until everyone reached The Falling Dragon and Emack met up with them again that they were able to go through the summary of the plan, discussing how things went for them all. Jack and the others mentioned the new Fragments they got and that Vincent and Balthazar took them. Then Emack mentioned the ones that he got, offering up the Fragment of a Contract (taken by Elspeth to improve her mercantile further), the Fragment of a Psionic Crystal (taken by Jack to buff his psychic powers), and the Fragment of a Tower Shield (taken by Bo’sun to toughen himself up). Emack kept the cursed necromantic tome for himself since he couldn’t trust anyone else with it. Then Ryn turned over the fragments she got from the Bird Traders, Elspeth taking Fragment of Oolacile to gain access to a wide variety of support magic, and then kept the Fragment of Anor Londo for herself, granting her an incredibly new assortment of strange Ki Techniques that were from the world of another place that do not have their roots in anything similar to powers known on Malaz. Then they try to figure what they should do with regards to their time hear before heading out. Then a typhoon sized wave hit all the ships in the bay. The Price of Knowledge had been lowered into the ocean once more from its massive berth in the side of the city.
• After that rocking, a familiar and charming form appeared to speak with them regarding some financial arrangements. It was Kruppe, and he was quite ecstatic to get to deal with them again, especially with the massive amount of treasure that he received from them. His share had been enough for him to pay of his tab, and should give him enough to be able to buy the finest food and drinks for the rest of his days, as well as provide all the repairs and improvements to the Phoenix Inn after the introduction of all the materials they sent to him. Plus, Kruppe had their payment from the shipment they had left with him the first time they had been in Darujhistan. Now Kruppe was prepared to return to them all of the demonic materials they had acquired from it. Fynn added his backpack of loot to the middle, since it was the only appropriate thing to share it properly and not keep it all to himself since they were going to be splitting loot. The pirates wanted to know just how much treasure they had earned once all the fees were taken, said, and done. Kruppe smiled at them, said that there was a modest amount required for him to ensure that he would be able to return all of the items to them. This made the pirates worry a little bit. Then Kruppe gave them the numbers. It may not have quite been an exact estimate, but the value was 30 Million GC. The pirates were shocked speechless, it was more money then they had ever hoped to dream of. Kruppe was happy to see that they were pleased with this figure, informed them that he had already returned their share to their ships, so they may do with it as they wish. Kruppe then proceeded to wish them all the best in everything they do in the future, and hopes to see them again sometime before and after they create their new world. He then wandered of down into the sub-deck of The Falling Dragon. The pirates began planning on how to celebrate what they had all gotten, and then the heard the screams from below deck demanding to know who this red-waistcoated fat little man that was taking their food and drink was. Kruppe’s voice could be heard blowing it off, as he vanished to the shock of the man trying to chase him through one of the rooms. Elspeth and Fynn both commented that didn’t Kruppe say he would have all the money he would need to buy food and drink forever. Jack simply figured they could afford him to take some of their food and drink now. Then they decided it was time to divide up the spoils.
• First, they come to the agreement that all crew members of The Wicked Wench and The Black Pearl will be paid the most money they can figure a pirate could ever imagine, so they give each of the ~200 crew members 30,000 GC each. This left them with enough remaining, to give each of those involved in the actual murder of the demons and saving Ankara nearly 2 Million GC per share, leaving them each with more money than they could ever hope for possessing. Then there is only one way that these pirates figured they should do with the evening: party harder then they’ve ever partied before.
• They lashed all four ships together, The Price of Knowledge in the center as the main port, the other three connected to it as side points and storage chambers. Jack remained aboard hitting on his women and hoping to organize the celebration, starting in on the rum a little early of course. Elspeth, Fynn, Applejack, and a lot of the crew headed into town in order to gather all the food and drink they could ever want for this party so that they can all consume all they want. Thanks to their “Heroes of Ankara by assisting Deckard Cain” titles they are allowed to have all the food and drink they want for free, including spices. They stock up hard, carrying it all back to the ship.
• Ryn decides to take Sparkly and Snuggling shopping in the city once more, looking for treasures that they are interested in. The bird children are excited, rushing forth like dervishes once more. Ryn follows them rather amused, while some of the crew just watch, shaking their heads and laughing. Through the shopping expedition she spent several thousand GC purchasing a crystal chandelier, a shirt made out of opals, as well as an entire bedroom set. Luckily, these shops delivered for her. When they were delivered, Fynn also had Applejack pull out one of his scales to give it to Sparkly in hopes of getting loot of his own. After trading them in to Sparkly and Snuggly Ryn got 100 White Wood Arrows for the Crystal Chandelier, a colossal stone greatsword known as Dragonbreaker for the Shirt Made of Opals, and 42 Spiral Burst Bottles for the Full Bedroom Set, with these bottles containing tiny portals to other dimensions that when something is pulled through it is shredded molecularly. Fynn got a magic dagger named Baby’s Nail which can paralyze those that are cut by it. Ryn gave some Spiral Burst Bottles to Fynn and Elspeth, then had Fynn teach her how to store the other ones safely. He was understandably worried about storing them savely so as to ensure they wouldn’t destroy the ship like munitions.
• Bo’sun makes a new codpiece out of the dragon scales he collected. Then he takes it into town in order to get a craftsman to help make it so that it has the draconic imagery on it. Thanks to saving the city that work was also done for free.
• Elspeth talks with Lynn Steiner about maybe going into business together once they create a new world together. The thought is a pleasing one to her, since she knows there will be a major market for magic items in all worlds, and then they can make a great fortune together. Both agree that this sounds like a plan.
• Emack took the time available to him to stay in his captain’s cabin and read through The Book of the Dead that he got as the one reality fragment. He touched it tentatively at first with his tentacles, but when he wasn’t immediately overrun by its dark necromantic powers he began to read it more enthusiastically. Inside could be found all form of ritual, magical spells, incantations, crafting recipes, and alchemical formulae for the creation of any kind of necromantic creature that the reader could ever hope to create. The experiments and procedures required only grew more and more disturbed as he went further and further into the book. Yet Emack kept reading.
• In order to help progress their skills and power, the pirates asked Millenium if she would be willing to brew up another batch of her tea that allowed them all to learn advanced techniques much faster. Millenium jokingly sighed that all they were keeping her around for was what she could do for them, and not for her sparkling personality. She did prepare another batch of tea for them however, which allowed them to rapidly train themselves naturally as the day progressed. In addition, it got Emack to Zen which evolved his stats incredibly thanks to the power that he selected from the Fragment of a Card The World, transforming him to near divine status.
• Now, with all the supplies purchased, food and drink prepared, clothing upgraded, pirates paid, and new skills developed, there was only one thing left for them to do: party!
• With all four of the ships lashed together they used the deck of The Price of Knowledge as the center of the celebration. Every crew member of all the ships (except Ryn, Millenium, and the crows that remained in The Falling Dragon crow’s nest) all made their ways onto the central ship, including the recently de-dreglinged crew and Vincent’s several thousand bhok’arala soldiers. Alcohol and all forms of food, including a giant squid that Fynn dragged up while in his draconic form that Cook had prepared, were consumed and savoured. Emack didn’t eat the squid, gesturing with his tentacles and citing that it might be cannibalism for him now. They enjoyed it all to a great deal, however the music that Vincent’s military monkeys were playing was essentially a deep funeral dirge. While the dread lord of vampires greatly enjoys his funeral dirges, most of the other people don’t. Therefore, the pirates from The Wicked Wench brought out their instruments, with Cook on vocals, and began a great and powerful musical battle between the forces of pirates and monkey (some that were dressed as ninjas). Eventually it turned into a Michael Jackson dance off of epic proportions. From above Ryn, Millenium, and her bird children watched all the fun ensuing below them, enjoying a great deal of the food but holding off on the drink. Now with an entire bed set and also a crystal chandelier hanging from the top of the mass, Millenium filled it with spheres of shifting light in order to send out cascading light across all of the ships. On the docks of Ankara the citizens began rocking out with them as well. The party only continued to grow more and more exciting and energetic. After all, the city had just been saved.
• Eventually it began to wind down, and most people in a drunken stupor towards the very end of the evening.
• Ryn spent 8900 souls in order to gain XP before turning in for the night..
• Day 210 after The Fall
• Dawn came far to early for most of the people after the exciting party. Even those that normally sleep in during the day were hammered awake by the bright light of dawn. Many simply covered their eyes, and yet they simply weren’t able to block out the light. Ryn grinned down at the hung over individuals around her, but then she noticed something stranger. The light of the sun continued to get brighter. Then it got brighter still. All the hung over individuals felt as though their skulls were being shattered from the piercing light. Even Ryn had to cover her eyes as the entire sky gleamed with the purest and most intense light they had ever experienced. Then all the light focused in one spot and a piercing column of light fell from the heavens to drive down to earth. A faint tremor could be felt, and based on where the light fell to earth was estimated by the crew to have landed somewhere near Assail, the same region where The Crippled God fell to earth. They all muttered that this was an incredibly poor omen, especially given the location. Then streams of light began to emerge from the far side of the world, spreading out like a web, moving to hover above major cities and locations of people, with each web ending in a humanoid entity.
• This being appeared to be wrapped in a gleaming white robe of light, gloves covering its hands, and from within the hood there was only an impenetrable curtain of light. Then, from on high called down this entity, in a voice emotionless, toned in light and darkness, no hint at age, gender, or emotion present within it.
• “Reality once took a risk, giving existence and sentience to beings within its beautiful and pure matrix. Reality granted this sentience to races in countless worlds in order to try and prove that through all challenges and conflicts, purity can emerge to shine brilliantly through the gloom. Reality sat back, and allowed all beings to progress, waiting for the moment when purity would emerge through all of the suffering and strife that they created. Since the dawn of existence Reality waited, always hoping that its desire would emerge true. However, the time for waiting has come to an end. Reality has realized that corruption, suffering, and violation of spirit is all that sentience is capable of. They are not capable of being pure, of knowing truth, and expressing beauty. Reality has sickened, and is no longer able to correct its own mistake, to resist the darkness that other simple sentient beings have unleashed upon Reality. Reality now sickens and dies due to all of your actions.”
• “No longer can Reality defend itself, and soon enough it will die in its entirety should the path continue along this line. Therefore, we arise to stand beside the will and dreams of Reality. If Reality cannot defend itself then we shall perform all actions that are necessary in order to ensure Reality’s survival. We destroy all sources of corruption, moving from world to world in order to reduce all to ash, and then to destroy the ash in order to convert it back into nothingness. Only nothingness can hold the purity needed for Reality to continue to exist. When all worlds are reduced to nothingness only then shall purity reign once more for all.
• “We are The Alabaster Wanderer, and we are Reality’s vengeance. The time of cleansing has finally arrived for your world, this world known as Malaz. Once this world has fallen only one remains to stand against us, and we shall destroy it as easily as all the others. Nothing can stand against us, nothing can stop our purity. Everything will fall to us and your world will collapse. Take the time that you have left within this world and come to terms with your impending oblivion. Heroes from all other worlds have tried to stand against us, have tried to destroy us, and none could so much as slow our work. We are above heroes, we are above the gods, and nothing can stop us. The servants of the voice thought to chain us and now serve as my harbingers, the fallen warriors of light recognize my purity as greater then their own Father Light’s, and demons from all worlds have fallen down to our will. We are The Alabaster Wanderer. We are your absolution, your oblivion, your salvation.”
• As The Alabaster Wanderer faded back to its origin point all the pirates had managed to sober up rather rapidly due to the ultimatum that had just been given by this unnatural entity. Without any further ado, Jack asked Elspeth if she still the Fragment of an Ice Palace. Elspeth said she did, and Jack said it was time for them to go after these remaining Fragments. The pirates agreed, all feeling that they need to gather the remaining fragments and wish for a new world before The Alabaster Wanderer makes good on its threat. Elspeth brought out the Fragment of an Ice Palace, and Jack, Elspeth, Fynn, Emack, Applejack, Ryn, Bo’sun, Jafar, Vincent, and Balthazar all vanished back into the fragment.
• They find themselves once more outside Princess Dumpling’s ice palace, with Jack, Fynn, Bo’sun, Ryn, Emack, Elspeth, Applejack, Jafar, Vincent, and Balthazar outside in order to try and get inside after the terrible cold.
• Once more they found the creepily happy staff, that fled from them again. Waiting patiently, it took only a few moments for Princess Dumpling and her daughter Mordentina (Cue Borderlands Boss portrait again) appeared before them. The two were surprised to see these people before them again, sensing that something had changed in them since the last time they had met. Emack smartly pointed out the immense number of Reality Fragments they had gathered. Dumpling nodded, telling her daughter that she would not need to hold back this time, so that she should be able to enjoy unleashing her full power against them. Mordentina smiled a bright smile, and Dumpling said they would be ready when the others are. Vincent stopped Jack in his tracks, as he glared at Dumpling. Vincent demanded to know who dragged him to this space. Elspeth hesitantly said that she was the one. In a rapid surge Vincent charged over to Elspeth, grabbed her by the neck, and then pulled her in to an incredibly long kiss. He then dropped her to the ground, where she didn’t land out of the full shock, and then Vincent drew both his blades. He informed the pirates that a world he was in in the past had him encounter Princess Dumpling, who put him through hell. He has longed for the proper chance of vengeance against her, but his companions had always shut him down. Now his vengeance can exist, and for that Vincent was thankful. Then, in order to start the battle Jack rang the Absurdity Bell, resulting in the most favourable result it possibly could have for the pirates.
• The echoing sound of the Fragment of Absurdity sent fractures and cracks tearing through the entire ice palace, shutting down Princess Dumpling and Mordentina’s ability to use magic. A shield of protection surrounded the pirates, but Vincent charged out, his blade Masamune gleaming and shining with the focused power of his vengeance in order to expand it to nearly incredibly proportions. Bringing the monstrous blade down, the entire castle shattered into minute snowflakes. Vincent then came back into the protective bubble, feeling incredibly pleased with himself. Then he turned around and found that Dumpling and Mordentina were still there, neither very pleased. Vincent just drew his blades again, saying that if he gets to kill them over and over again he would accept being trapped here forever. Then Vincent charged in, and was sent flying backwards in a shower of magical energy. Putting his swords away, Vincent shouted out “Mord, I know that was you! Where the hell are you!?” From behind Princess Dumpling and Mordentina emerged a bald man of tanned skin, shrouded in robes and carrying a beautiful quarterstaff with him, refined facial hair decorating his face. This man was prepared to speak to the others, until Princess Dumpling cut him off. “Mordenkainen, you have been gone for many years.” Then Dumpling slapped Mordenkainen across the face with a blistering pace. This man, one of the most powerful mages to ever exist in any world. He was rather surprised by the strike, telling Dumpling that he had a great deal of duties to attend to as a god of magic and knowledge, so he couldn’t be there. Then Princess Dumpling pointed out that it had been well over a decade, and that since their world had been destroyed, and he would have lost all his duties, he still didn’t try to spend time with his daughter in order to help to train her in the nearly divine amount of powers that she inherited from her father. Despite all of Mordenkainen’s sense of logic, he couldn’t find a proper argument in order to try and defeat the illogical rage of a woman scorned. Eventually Mordenkainen had to simply be quite in the corner when Jack figured they would finish some of their discussion. Princess Dumpling congratulated them on their victory, and Mordentina was very sad that she didn’t get to use any of her magic. The two mystic women pointed out that they would remain in their castle, should they ever have to return or have need of dealing with them. Then, the pirates returned to their ship, having successfully done one of the Fragments they had hoped to deal with.
• Given how smoothly the last doom fragment had gone, they decided to try another. There was a fair bit of argument over which one (except saving Lord Jeremiah for last), so they decided they would try their luck with the holy grail, and the same group activated the Fragment of a Grail.
• Appearing inside a beautiful cathedral filled with beautiful wooden pews, beautiful frescos upon all of the walls, candles gleaming everywhere, with a beautiful chalice upon it a massive black sphere of nothingness, with an ominous and incredibly powerful energy. None of them want to touch the cup, especially not Elspeth, so they aren’t sure what they should do. Then The Holy Grail unleashes an Advanced Implosion spell, completely destroying Bo’sun in reducing him to a single point. The others are distinctly frightened by this fact, none of them are sure how to actually fight a cup, including the mages. Jack just sits back and watches. Ryn fires an arrow, which hits the stem of the Grail for strong damage, with a shield of void popping up around it to protect it afterwards. Ryn’s second arrow is devoured and there are no gaps, so she doesn’t fire another one. Vincent charges Ki, along with Balthazar, and the two of them move up beside The Grail. Fynn picks his nails with a dagger. Applejack waits, watching it. Elspeth charges Zeon and then moves further from the rest of the group. Emack fires up his Shield to protect all of them. Jafar charges some zeon. Then on the next turn Vincent charges into the massive void above the Grail. Vincent then found himself trapped within a space of void, with nothing around him that he could access, his powers maintaining himself despite the endless darkness around him. Balthazar then struck at the Grail, but found that his sword was much less powerful, and a shield of zeonic energy around it was able to block the blow. Then Ryn fires an arrow, which is stopped by The Grail’s shield. Fynn moves up and attacks with both his Magic Blade and New Dagger and damages the shield extensively. Elspeth fires a laser towards The Grail, which drops its shield and absorbs the zeonic energy of the attack in order to increase its own powers. Elspeth screams this out in order to inform the others to make sure that. This makes Emack less then pleased, so he throws up his shield to protect everyone. Jack uses a Shatter psychic power to try and break the Grail, but it makes its save. Jafar charges more zeon, Applejack moves to help protect Jafar. Then the Grail unleashes an incredibly powerful Rain of Destruction, bringing purple energy rain of destruction to fall from the heavens in order to try and destroy them all. Emack’s shield is able to stop the damage, but it takes an incredibly beating, nearly breaking much of it from the onslaught. Then Ryn fires another two arrows in her other passes, chipping away the shield first, then her third arrow strikes the grail another solid blow, making it summon up its shield of void. Readying another arrow, she waited aiming at the Grail, waiting for the void shield to vanish. The moment that it did she fired another arrow towards the Grail, evading its supernatural defenses, shattering it from the base and causing it to detonate. From the void portal above it tumbled out Vincent, but Bo’sun was nowhere to be found, completely destroyed by The Holy Grail’s incredibly powerful magic.
• Returning back to the ship, they were all quite worried to see that Bo’sun did not return with them. Then the Fragment of a Grail, now purified and active, offered to give them one wish since they would be able to make a single wish in honor of proving their superiority over its quasi-divine powers.
• Jack thinks that each of them should put in a portion of the wish from The Holy Grail, saying that Bo’sun would probably wish himself to be alive and with them again, Fynn wishes him to be incorruptable by Fragment of an Axe, Elspeth wishes him restored in his traditional physical form that he was possessing before dieing, Ryn says that it costs no lives in bringing Bo’sun back, Emack wishes him to be fearless (mostly to not be afraid of the dark), and Jack wishes for Bo’sun to have “Freedom”.



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