Anima: Beyond Malaz

Polaris Administrator of Worlds

More bosses must fall.

• Day 210, night time, upon The Black Pearl.
• All stand after wishing Bo’sun back to life after doing battle with The Holy Grail, planning which other optional boss they wish to battle next.
• Emack used some of his new, free Innate magic Healing the entire crew in order fix everyone up.
• Emack votes for Fragment of a Hollow World or Undeath, Jack asks Ryn and she says she doesn’t care, so Jack has her roll a few dice to see which she wants, and she chooses Hollow World. Jack agrees with the randomly determined one, and into the Fragment of a Hollow World they go.
• Within the Fragment they find themselves upon a giant plain of swirling space of pink stones above an endless swirling sea of stars. A nearly identical arrangement was also above their heads, several hundred feet in the air, another pink stone ground over a seething sea of lights. Before them was a strange cylinder that looked to be made of the same stone as the pirates stood upon, 50 feet tall and 20 feet in diameter, with four dashes nearly in a semblance of a face, two horizontal, two vertical, with a 300 foot diameter series of broken stone forming a circular plateau above this strange creature. Noting the appearance of a group of mortals (and one Vampire) that after having his world destroyed by something, an event that should never have happened at all, he is now being attacked by arrogant and foolish beings that are little more then ants. Jack did agree that they might be arrogant, but it is kind of the thing they are going for right now. Then this monster introduced itself as Polaris, Administrator of Worlds, previously tasked with monitoring every world in existence and ensuring that they didn’t fall from their desired plan. Now, this Alabaster Wanderer has destroyed him, the Administrator himself, and attempts to reduce all to nothing. Polaris then demands to know what these pathetic mortals dare to do. Bo’sun was polite enough to answer that question; “We are here so that I can stick my ax up your ass.” Polaris then belittled this monster of a man because he has evolved beyond the need to have bodily orifices, or expelling waste from himself. Bo’sun then elaborated to say that it was his metaphorical ass that they were referring to. Polaris gave these mortals one last chance to recognize him as being infinitely more powerful then them. The Reality Fragment Equipped Pirates refused to back down, and so it was time for them to battle against Polaris, Administrator of Worlds.
• Prior to the fight starting, 7 pieces of Polaris are summoned to the ground in bolts of purple lightning. Each was covered in a variety of different things, blades, bludgeons, piercing edges, fire, ice, lightning, and pure energy. The pirates were less impressed now that they had more then just Polaris to fight.
• The fight begins. Ryn is able to detect the fact that Polaris is immune to every form of damage imaginable. Then Elspeth uses her intelligence that they should probably try to destroy the shards in hopes that it will weaken the Administrator first. Vincent charges the Fragment made of Ice, charging some passive energy, and then hits it with his Masamune, shattering it instantly. Ryn senses that Polaris’ Ice immunity is gone now. Jack then charges the Lightning piece, slashing it with his sword since he doesn’t feel bad attacking elementals, shattering it and removing the Electricity immunity. Jack celebrates actually beating something in combat. Ryn fires an arrow at the Thrust elemental, and with her energy damage she destroys it. Ryn also passively accumulates some Ki. Balthazar then charges the bladed one and shatters it as well. Fynn moves forward to challenge Polaris, and begins turning into a dragon. Fynn and Emack move in unison, Emack going into a Spiritual Loop in order to charge up extra Zeon, then comes out after being observed by Polaris, uses Shield of Salvation at Arcane in order to protect everyone, Flowing Blood to stress everyone’s organs (15 LP a turn) to make them better, and then makes Jack into a Champion for the battle, making him super powerful. Elspeth then charges Zeon for the turn. Applejack moves behind Fynn and then begins transforming into a dragon. Then Polaris acts. The Impact Piece fires a piece at Bo’sun, as do the Heat and Energy Pieces, but Emack’s shield is easily able to stop them all. Then Polaris, charges some Zeon, then unleashes his Heaven’s Wrath, three bolts of divine energy that fall down to try and strike Bo’sun down, but Emack’s shield is able to stop them all, although his shield does feel it slightly. Jafar charges Zeon. Bo’sun then charges the Energy Piece of Polaris, destroying the energy piece easily. Ryn then uses her other passes to charge up her Ki a lot. Ryn charges even more Ki on her next turn. Jack then tells Balthazar to kill the other Pieces, then tells Fynn its time to go for a ride, jumping onto Fynn’s now draconic back and waits for Fynn to fly nobly towards their target. Then the two Polaris pieces Fire and the Impact one. Then Polaris unleashes Heaven’s Wrath firing two divine bolts down upon Jack, but Emack is able to save him from damage, then Polaris charges some more zeon. Vincent then uses his Vanishing Phantasm Ki technique to teleport onto Polaris’s head, then using Assured Predation Technique in order to strike down with both swords down upon Polaris from above, Masamune coming in first, then his Blade of the Iced Earth, hitting him extremely hard both times. Elspeth charges zeon. Balthazar then charged and killed the impact piece. Bo’sun unfurled his massive wings, flew up to Polaris, unleashed Viscious Strikes Technique on Polaris, putting all the Fatigue he can into it, and hitting it so strong that it angers Polaris, that they would dare to try and harm its body as humans. It then resummons all of the Pieces to assemble a massive body, and then summons an Agni, Arias Vayu, Chthon, and Varanu to aid him as his demons. Vincent passively accumulates some Ki, and then attacks Polaris, his Masamune hurting him solidly, then following up again with a large, very important attack as well with his other sword. Ryn then activates her new Anor Londo technique The Black Spot, firing an arrow to leave a massive Black Spot upon his hand, successfully Branding him and also harming him quite solidly and even Critcally hitting him, but it doesn’t finish him off, so she fires again, hitting it so solidly that he begins to drop and fall. Polaris bellows out with rage, shouting at them for daring to try and hurt him. All his resistance is now being held back, and it is time for them all to be destroyed. Then he destroys the entire battlefield, reassembles himself into a colossal form by dropping down a massive torso from the swirling circlt of stone that had hovered above him, with a pair of enormous arms with tendrils, with a 300 foot bridge of light leading up to it, and a pair of 1000 foot tall stairs leading up to its arms. The demons have the Chthon and Arias Vayu guarding the stairs, with the Agni and Varuna moving towards the party, which are 1200 feet away from the body of Polaris. Ryn fires another arrow to damage one of the marked arms (the combat arm on the right) and hits it most solidly. The Arias Vayu then flies over half the distance, ending arcing blades of wind to try and cut Bo’sun, but emack’s shield is able to deal with it. The Agni begins to move forward to try and burn them all. Elspeth unleashes a powerful Seeking Sphere, and a Base Light Beam, targeting the Combat Arm as well, firing over the massive distance to hit it quite solidly with the sphere, with the laser knocks the arm off to fall into the abyss of space behind Polaris. Emack begins the slow march forward, towards the bridge of light. Applejack waits on Fynn. Jafar moves to keep up with Emack to give him another 70 zeon to Emack. Balthazar moves a little towards the Agni to try and catch it. The Varuna charges Emack to try and bring down the shield, trying to Swallow him, but the shield stops it. Bo’sun then moves up to charge the Varuna in order to try and kill it. The axe hits it very solidly, and then he follows up with the Lawgiver of Rah with another excellent hit. Jack waits, sitting on Fynn still. Fynn then takes action and he and Applejack follows, then Jack throws himself off and runs forward, only 150 feet from the 300 foot light bridge. The left arm of Polaris wriggles in anticipation, and Polaris leans back, grabbing a star in its mini-arms, and begins to compress the star into a singularity point. Ryn then fires another three arrows, hitting the Summoning Arm three times, hitting it solidly all three times, after all of them knocking the arm into the ocean of stars. Then she fires her last arrow and hits the core body solidly. Captain Jack charges up and is able to cross the bridge and stab forth with his Rune Sword, hitting it incredibly solidly with it. Arias Vayu fires forth another wave of wind blades, but Emack’s shield is alright and stops it. Vincent then moves up to attack the Varuna as well, with Masamune it hits it incredibly solidly, then with the Iced Earth Blade hits it solidly, and then it turns into a giant crystalline water dragon, with Vincent charging up some Ki. Ryn fires three more arrows at the Marked Polaris, hitting it solidly with all three. Elspeth charges some more zeon. Fynn goes to also attack the Varuna with its claws and bite, hitting it solidly and tearing great chunks of its icy hide. Applejack then goes in to attack the Varuna with her claws and bite as well, making progress. The Agni then moves forward also. Then Polaris unleashes its special attack Supernova, with Emack blocking for the nine people down at the back, his shield taking horrible, massive damage, the Varuna was blown into tiny ice fragments, and Jack drops in front of it, the attack going above and over him, perfectly tanning himself in the process, looking like an gleaming new star, spending all his Fatigue in the process. Balthazar begins opening up combat with the Agni, trading blows gloriously. Jafar gives Emack some more zeon. Then Bo’sun then moves towards the Agni, and then throws his Lawgiver at the Agni, which cuts its left arm off and then kills it due to massive trauma point. The Chthon then begins walking again towards Jack, trying to circle around the void. Emack waits and maintains spells. Ryn fires another three arrows in her second pass, all of which damage it even further. Then in the third pass she fires another three, which also hurt it very solidly once more. Then in the next turn Ryn fires another three arrows at Polaris, all hitting it solidly again. Vincent moves forward. Jack taps into Minor Psychokinesis with Free Psychic Points, getting it off and picking up the Lawgiver of Rah and giving it back to Bo’sun, with Bo’sun very happy that it was brought back, awkwardly thanking Jack. Then Jack also attacks Polaris again, cutting it again. The Arias Vayu’s crystal fires a lightning bolt and wind blades at Bo’sun, but Emack stops both of them. Elspeth charges zeon. Applejack stays with Fynn again. Balthazar moves towards Polaris. The Chthon moves towards Jack, rounding the corner. Emack and Jafar move forward, Jafar giving him 70 more zeon. Polaris grabs another star and begins compressing another star. Then it grows back its weapon arm, and uses Cepheid on Emack, Fynn, and Applejack. The mass attack gets through the shield, knocking them all to the ground, but they aren’t actually hurt. They all pull themselves up, with Emack being very happy about it all. Bo’sun throws his sword at the Arias Vayu, hitting her in the right thigh with it in such a way to injure it and stagger her some. Then Ryn fires three arrows in order to tear off its Combat Arm once more. Then she fired another three into the main body. Vincent then moves forward some more. Jafar sticks with Emack and gives him 70 zeon. Jack then goes, Bo’sun wants his sword back but Jack says he is too busy, so he cuts Polaris with his sword for another good hit. Then Ryn fires a trio of arrows at Polaris once more, hitting it very solid all the times. The Arias Vayu generates a wind wall, then sends some wind blades at Bo’sun, but they are stopped by Emack’s Shield. Balthazar moves forward. Polaris fires a second Supernova, Jack gets access to an Energy Shield, but the power doesn’t get off, and so he is knocked greatly into “If it wasn’t for the Archer Phylactery I would be so dead right now unconsciousness”, and Emack’s shield takes another enormous amount of damage to save everyone else. Then he respawns his Summoning Arm, which then respawns the Varuna back at its stairwell. Emack then moves forward. Fynn then flies forward with Applejack. Elspeth then fires off another very powerful Seeking Sphere at the main Polaris, hitting it very solidly again. Bo’sun then begins trudging forward again. Bo’sun then draws his +5 Bastard Sword and throws it at Polaris’ main body, hitting it again a bit. Ryn fires 3 arrows to strike down the Summoning arm before it can call back any more. Then she focused on the body, and was able to fire enough that he is able to strike down Polaris. Its body begins to be destroyed by the swirling sea of stars below, as it laments over the fact that it is now dieing once more, destroyed by mortals twice after being destroyed by The Alabaster Wanderer. Then it is consumed, vanishes, and the pirates all appear back on their ships.
• They all have their things back, but Ryn is sad when she realizes she only got 5 of the 50 White Wood arrows she used back. She is slightly worried, but they are all rather tired.
• Day 211, just after Midnight and a few hours. They decide to go to bed for the night, taking 10 hours off to recover all their Ki, and Zeon by passing around the Fragrant Ring.
• Emack finds out that the Fragment of a Hollow World now appears to be filled, so they can tap into the power of the Administrator of Worlds. Emack finds it very interesting, but Jack thinks they should keep grinding bosses.
• Emack gives all of their main ten (Jack, Emack, Fynn, Ryn, Bo’sun, Elspeth, Applejack, Jafar, Vincent and Balthazar) Vitality at his maximum power to give them all 155 LP extra. Also casts Increase Resistances to give them all +60 Resistances.
• Ryn would like some time to try and get extra arrows back from Sparkly and Snuggly, but Jack thinks they need to keep moving forward in order to take down all of the other Reality Fragments in order to tap into them.
• They then tap into the Fragment of Undeath. They find themselves in a wind-blasted, and knocked down city, concrete streets and skyscrapers bereft of life, dust and tumbleweeds being the only things that move through the streets. No living things move around them, and the only pronounced details they are able to see is a symbol on many of the buildings, an eight sliced umbrella of altering red and white. The wind whispered and tore around them. Then, after a time Ryn heard the sound of something snuffling off in the distance, followed by the sound of things clattering similar to crockery perhaps. The snuffling sounded very unhealthy, like a nearly dieing dog. They wondered if they should investigate, and Jack said that he would do it personally. He began sneaking forward until he came around the corner and could no longer see himself through Ryn’s senses, and so asked if she would be coming as well. Ryn didn’t think she should, but Jack insisted that she could sneak with him to keep up. She did, and the two moved forward, until they could see a very disturbing scene before them.
• Towards the streets there was a very large pile of polished ivory bones of humans and animals. Atop it was a throne made of bones, with a strangely decrepit zombie sitting atop it, head twisted to the side, tattered clothes, fragmented and torn flesh hanging from its sides. Around this strange zombie were several others that were treating the centered one like a king. One fanned the zombie with a rotten massive leaf, while another held a torn open skull containing rather fresh looking brain. Then the central zombie’s burning red eyes fixed upon the two humans now in sight. It lurched to its feet, surprisingly gracefully despite its terrible appearance. It then threw its head back and let out a great roar to the heavens of this dead world; “NURMAL!!!” (the Unholy Lord of Zombies).
• From the buildings and streets around them burst out an endless stream of zombies, all coming up at them all to try and devour them all. The pirates were unhappy seeing this.
• Jack, seeing an infinite number of zombies, was reminded to the vision from the Fragment of the Gauntlet: The Death, when Vincent lead an endless supply of Level 0 Commoners into horribly doomed battle against The Reaper. Before the horde of zombies reached him he pulled out his Fragment of Absurdity bell and the Fragment of a Button. In the sky above them, between skyscrapers, floated the monstrous form of The Reaper, it pair of long-barreled magnums in its hands.
• With a grin Jack called to everyone around him “Now we can take two Optional Bosses down at once.”



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