Anima: Beyond Malaz

An Evening on Malaz Isle

Shore leave is supposed to be relaxing, right?

• Midday of Day 10 since the fall.
• 12 days go by and the crane is transported onto The Wicked Wench so that they can transport loot faster. Jack takes a week of personal rum for his own personal stores within his cabin from the stores. He then checks over the compass in order to see that it is now pointing out towards a seller for the stone. He tells Scrabbs to get there. Then he searches the rum vessels ship in order to try and find the manifest, nice rum, and the captain’s personal effects. Emack tends the ill and gets them back up.
• Bo’sun clears with Jack if he and the others would like another ballista, he says sure, so he and his three wenches set to work on a new one.
• 7 days later Ryn spots three ships off the port side, Jack wants to know what they are, so he has Scrabbs try to get away from them all in order to escape. They get out of sight even when the others chase them. They then re-route back to their destination.
• 2 days further and they reach Malaz Isle (Day 31 after the Fall), moving calmly into port past the guard vessels, no pirate flags raised, and then they prep the ship for leaving, letting the dockmaster wait until they are ready to depart. Then they lower the plank, the dockmaster goes up less then pleased, tells them they owe them 10 GC if they want to keep their “tight ship” in dock. Elspeth gives him the 10 GC, the dockmaster smiles, takes the money and welcomes them to Malaz City. Jack and Bo’sun head to onto the dock, and they begin to say if they should sell the happy stone, because Bo’sun likes it. Then the two begin saying the effect that the stone has on being able to get into Elspeth’s trousers. Elspeth charges and fires a laser into the back of Jack and Bo’sun, blasting Jack hard and hurting Bo’sun. The Elspeth storms below deck. Emack goes to patch up both Bo’sun and Jack, sees how injured Jack is so casts a Heal on him. Then Jack and Bo’sun continue speaking about whether or not they should sell the stone, Bo’sun saying they could try and take it out of his shares. Jack suggests they will wait until they get the actual cost in for determining how that should work. Jack asks the others if they have shore leave, much of the crew say they still need to be paid, so Jack tells them to bother Elspeth with that fact, so much of the crew goes down below. Jack then asks who has business to do on shore; Jack, Bo’sun, Dickory (picked by Jack), Emack, and Ryn all head down to find something to sell it. They travel through town, following Jack’s compass to a large jewelers.
• They enter the jewelers, lots of valuables, grumpy man, pair of thuggish guards. The jeweler recognizes that he recognizes them all as highly respectable men and women, and asks what he can do for them. Jack says that he might have something that they are interested in buying. Emack sees a magic ring amidst the normal, plays with it, plans to put it down, but Jack kicks him in the leg to keep him going, then while still talking Jack slaps at him in order to put it down, and then Jack takes the ring in order to pocket it for profit. They then begin the negotiations. Jack suggests that he might be interested in the ‘happy stone’ which he has Bo’sun bring out from his lantern, and the man looks over it. Then he picks up the stone, looks at it, nods, and says that he could possibly purchase it from them. Jack suggests that there might be a good offer that could be make for them to have. The jeweler agrees, normally says he would offer them 500 GC, but instead, since Jack is such a nice man he offers him 650 GC, or a Black Pearl. Jack suggests that the price would probably be good, but he wants it in the coin. Then the man says that it will take time for them to go to the bank and pick them up, so they should go to kill the evening somehow. They head out, Bo’sun looking for certain things and Jack, Dickory, Ryn, and Emack head to a tavern in order to relax a little bit before hand.
• Bo’sun goes to a shop and buys a barrel filled with 25 liters of oil for his lantern. Then he heads off to the market to buy a codpiece. He picks up a luxury codpiece of supple brown leather with red, orange, and yellow dragon stitched onto the center of it. Then he begins looking for a trainer of the martial arts and soul.
• In the bar they find a man playing cups with a fancy black feather shuriken as the prize and the ball to follow. There are twelve others drinking, one of whom is singing a song with the words being held up on large bits of stone by one of the staff. Jack decides to go and play the cups, once Emack informs him that the shuriken is a bit like the ring, and that he should maybe try putting the ring on for playing the game (all in gestures of course). Jack sits down, pays a gold in order to try his luck, Jack, Ryn, and Emack all keep an eye on it. Emack sees that the shuriken isn’t sent out from the cup, Ryn sees where it goes, and Jack loses track of it. Ryn gestures which cup its under, which the gamester sees, glares at her, asks Jack for his pick, Jack picks the wrong cup on purpose, but the gamester changes which cup it was under to another wrong one anyway. Jack says he’ll try again, since getting it in one try would just be far too easy, which the gamester happily accepts for another gold. This time Jack follows, picks the right cup, the gamester tries to switch it to a different cup at the end, but Jack and the others see this, with Jack catching his arm. Then Jack says it looks like he won, and should get his second gold back. The gamester agrees, gives all it back, and then packs up. Emack picks up the shuriken, and passes out as he has a vision of a strange half-orc and the adventures that it went on with a vampire, warrior with a large sword, an elven sorceress, and a small person that attacked him, having him grow wings to save himself from a massive plummet. Emack wakes up, and informs Jack that it seems similar to the other stone. Jack grimaces, says he doesn’t want to touch it right now, sits down and orders some beer for all his crew that came with him, then wants to get an even SC spent, so offers, with leadership, to buy drinks for anyone that knocks someone else out. The karaoke singer jumps first, and then a full on brawl starts, with Jack enjoying the show. As Jack takes his first drink, Emack touches the shuriken to his arm.
• Back aboard The Wicked Wench Elspeth is trying to deal with the crew demanding money for booze and whores. Elspeth explains to them all that she can’t give them money until they sell all of the merchandise they have acquired. Gutter asks if that means the faster they sell it the sooner they can head on shore. Elspeth, seeing what he was getting at, clarifies that she needs to find someone that will offer them a good deal, otherwise they will not get as much money as they otherwise should. She prepares to head out hunting for this person to buy their wares, saying that the rest of the crew should get all the items on deck so that the sale can go as quickly as possible. Inspired by the prospect of shore-leave money, they set off eagerly to work and bring up all the items using the transport crane. As they work they chant in time with each other to ensure they stay synchronized; “Whore and booze money, whore and booze money. Bring up the treasure and set it down, go to the brothel and pound, pound, pound.”
• While searching the streets, angrily demanding people introduce him to a proper trainer, Bo’sun comes across an elderly, limping, one-eyed man that says he might be able to help. The man never takes his eye off of Bo’sun’s new codpiece. Bo’sun demands the man lead him to a trainer, and the man says that he will in exchange for Bo’sun buying him a codpiece as fine as the one that he now possesses. Bo’sun says trainer first, the old man insists on getting his reward first, saying that Bo’sun could just mug him back for it afterwards should the trainer he takes him to not be up to snuff. Bo’sun knows this is true, so they head off to buy the man a codpiece (a green leather dragon), and then they begin to make their way into the slums.
• Searching the market district along the docks, Elspeth is able to find a large warehouse store that looks as though it should be able to buy what she needs to unload, and hopefully quickly as well. She heads inside, is greeted by the owner, and she gets right down to business. Elspeth asks the man if he and his fine establishment would be able to purchase some of the wares that they had been able to acquire recently off of a couple of vessels most eager to part with their wares. The man, doubtful as to the validity of the claims, asks exactly how much she might be looking for. When she produces an emerald from her pocket, pulled from one of the pieces of jewelry they acquired, she catches his interest again. He asks if there is more like that to come. Elspeth says of course, listing that they have jewelry, gems, valuable tapestries depicting the rise of the Emperor from his humble beginnings on the island, as well as a few miscellaneous weapons and bits of armor that they acquired from another ship, along with 21 belaying pins. At the mention of the large volume of belaying pins the man’s eyebrows raise, but he still thinks he might be able to make an offer, if Elspeth would let him and a few of his lads come by to take a look. Elspeth says that would be ideal, and also asks if they could serve as a money changer, showing the ledger value from the chest they acquired from Bobbo the Destroyer. He says that his warehouse has been known to provide such services in the past, and that he can look into it. He gathers up a few of his men, and has Elspeth lead them back to the ship.
• Being led into the slums of Malaz City, the crippled man leading Bo’sun stops outside a small, terribly dilapidated little hut of a home. The man tells Bo’sun that this is the place, he need only knock and go in. Bo’sun grumbles down at the wretched man, saying the man better be worth it. The crippled man simply laughs and makes his way gone, suggesting that Bo’sun would be able to find him should he want him to. Bo’sun lets the man go, and knocks on the tiny, frail door. A questioning voice barks out at him “Who is it and what do you want?” Bo’sun says that he is looking for a trainer of skills and souls and things. The man inside croaks out wondering “How did you find me?” Bo’sun says that a man lead him there. The man asks if the man had a limp. Bo’sun “Yeah, and he also had only one eye.” Grumbling from inside, a muttered “damnit Gary”, and the door grinds open to reveal a small, elderly man from Cawn, with a long Fu Man Chu trailing down to his waist. “And you think that I can help you.” Bo’sun is clearly disappointed “I was expecting someone strong, and capable.” Looking in behind the man, he sees his terrible home, a boiling pot and three rats dancing on their hind legs along the back wall. The old man glares over to him, “I am as good as anyone you would ever find. Perhaps we will see if you can afford me however. What do you want to learn?” Bo’sun “I want to learn how to use my spiritual energy so that I don’t need to eat, or sleep, or drink as much.” The old man says that he might be able to help, then looks over Bo’sun again, and suggests that he might be a pirate. Bo’sun says yes, and then demands what the price is. The old man says that he will happily charge a glorious 100 GC a day under his breath in order for such training. Bo’sun says he can’t afford that, and that someone that charges that much shouldn’t be living in a little ‘shit shack’ like the one that he currently is, or making stew out of rats. The old man grunts out that he is quite fond of his cozy little ‘shit shack’ and the rats aren’t for eating, they are his incredibly talented singing and dancing rats Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. The old man continues by pointing out that they won’t die so long as they don’t disappoint him as the last three he had did (which makes the rats in the background begin dancing even more vigorously). The old man then decides to make a counter offer, that he will work for the pathetic value of 1 GC a day of training so long as he is accepted to join their crew and be able to partake in the frivolity and treasure of glorious piracy. Bo’sun says he will have to sign the code and perform the standard crew duties of a pirate. The old man says he isn’t as spry as he used to be, so Bo’sun tells him to stop wasting his time, as he needs to find the captain again. Hearing this, the old man begins gathering up his belongings in an alarmingly large backpack, that he somehow generated. He also wrapped his stew bucket in some supple leather and threw that into the backpack as well, saying that it will be good for him to meet the captain as well if he will be joining the crew.
• Back at the tavern Jack and the others have finished their drinks, all but two of the other customers are unconscious on the floor after the bar fight for Jack’s amusement. He, Emack, Ryn, and Dickory all get back up and begin heading back to the jewelers in order to sell the ‘happy stone’ as they figure Fynn could probably use their new, magical shuriken.
• Aboard The Wicked Wench Elspeth sees that the crew was able to bring up all the swag from down below. As they did so Elspeth, and the owner of the warehouse along with four of his hired assistants to help carry things. Noticing the monkey feces still staining the outside of many of the tapestries, the owner of the warehouse asks them better regarding the merchandise. Elspeth says they were wished to be unloaded very quickly, so they didn’t bother asking unfortunate questions about them. The owner of the warehouse hopes the insides will be in better shape then the exteriors. Elspeth has some of the men open one up, and when there are no volunteers she has Scrabbs pick three to do it for her. When they open it, it is a pristine image of Emperor Kellanved rising from the island atop the shoulders of his army of T’lan Imass, the quality is stunning. The warhouse owner, breathless, says that he will happily accept looking over the items that they have. After a time, the man offers to give them 2,500 GC for all of the merchandise. Looking it over, Elspeth estimates it should be worth at least 5,000 GC, if it had all been in pristine condition. She asks that there must be a slightly better offer that could be made for such exquisite objects. The owner of the warehouse grins, knowing the same old game, and so offers her 3,000 GC even for all of them. Elspeth, knowing that trying to get more could take far too long for all of the crew to be pleased with their shore leave, muses for a time, and then decides to accept the offer. After all, they are making more money from the sale of the ‘happy stone’ as well. The warehouse owner grins, and heads back with his men in order to retrieve the money for them, after Elspeth says they can’t take any of the merchandise until they have the money in their hands.
• Back outside the jeweler’s shop, before heading back into the shop, Jack, Dickory, Emack, and Ryn all see Bo’sun walking up to them, being followed by a small Hengese man carrying a massive backpack, several times larger then he is, with a trio of rats dancing atop it, one of them spinning a small wooden hoop around its rodent waist. Jack demands to know exactly what is going on regarding this strange man following him with the massive pack. Bo’sun goes about summarizing what happened with his finding a new trainer, and his new codpiece, and that this man says that he wishes to join the crew so that Bo’sun and others can get a discount on the training, but that he doesn’t think he would be able to do the physical labor because he is too frail. The old man clarifies that his training would simply be too demanding. Emack gives the old man a once over, looking for any signs of Warren power coursing around him, but doesn’t notice any. Jack, preferring to not have to refer to this strange individual as ‘old man’ asks him what his name is. The old man says that his actual name is 26 syllables long, so for the sake of his old, crippled friend Gary he simply allows himself to be called Dave. Jack nods, says there probably wouldn’t be a place for him and his rats aboard the ship, and that he and his companions have some business to take care of inside. Dave ensures them that he and his minions will serve a perfectly valuable role, but that he will allow them to complete their business first, and then discuss the matter with them afterwards. As the pirates turn to leave, Dave throws out that he might be able to help Ryn with some training at a discounted rate, and a greasy smile. Ryn simply rolls her eyes and heads in with the rest.
• Within the jeweler’s shop once more, Emack immediately notices that there are 8 more guards then there had been before, all more heavily armed and armored then the past group. One of the guards gives Jack a strange look while the owner of the establishment welcomes them back, and the guard leaves through the back door. Jack tells Bo’sun to follow him. Bo’sun also tries to leave through the back, is told that only employees are allowed that way, and so he heads out the front and begins to make his way around. Jack and the owner have a slight bit of back and forth conversation before getting down to business, while Ryn and Emack keep an eye on all of the guards, as their hands hover near the swords at their waists. Then Jack brings out the ‘happy stone’, the owner brings out a small chest of coin, and Jack begins counting while the others stare down each other’s forces.
• Outside Bo’sun walks past Dave, heads around the edge of the building, and sees the guard holdin a small, broken, wooden rod. Red smoke is spitting and sputtering from the edges of it, as the guard drops the broken pieces on the cobbles and turns to head back inside. Bo’sun goes and picks up the broken stick, lifting it under his nose so that he can smell the stick. It smells of elderberry. Liking the smell, he dabs the sticks against his armpits, and find that it chars and burns on contact with skin. Surprised, but not entirely unpleasantly, Bo’sun heads back around to the front of the building. Instead of informing Jack immediately however, he decides to ask Dave if he knows what this is. Based on the material, smell, and description, Dave suggests it may be some form of incense to soothe the body, mind, and soul. When Bo’sun asks about it burning him, Dave does clarify that most incenses are burned in order to have them give off their smell. Bo’sun then heads back inside. Jack has made good progress counting out the GC, and Bo’sun sidles over to him, leans down, and whispers loud enough for everyone in the room to hear about the broken, burning, smelling stick that the guard dropped. Jack asks Ryn to keep an eye out along the street while he finishes counting in here. Ryn heads outside, slipping her bow from her shoulder.
• Avoiding the wandering eyes of Dave, Ryn keeps her attention actively traveling across the nearly abandoned nighttime streets. Before long she hears a loud tearing like thunder, and sees a massive carriage being pulled by four incredibly large horses emerge from a rent in the air behind the jewelers. 10 battle-tested men and women were buckled to the exterior of the carriage, and they began to release themselves as a tall man in long flowing robes, a four-corner hat, and slender build emerged from inside with two more well-armed and armored individuals. “Oh shit,” Ryn muttered to herself before running back inside.
• With Jack having very nearly finished counting all the coins, he was feeling quite pleased with the haul that he and his crew would be able to enjoy from their time here in Malaz City. Then Ryn burst back in through the doors, telling them that they should all leave, now. Before she could elaborate the robed man and his 12 soldiers stormed into the shop through the back door. The man in the robes grinned over at seeing Jack before him. “Well, if it isn’t Captain Jack Sparrow himself. What a wonderful encounter this will prove to be.” Jack replied with his usual flair, pomp, and slightly rambling thoughts; “I believe there should be a ‘Captain’ somewhere…oh wait, you actually did call me captain. Well then, clearly you know me, but I’m afraid I have no idea who you are supposed to be.” The robed man smiled a wolfish smile before introducing himself; “My name is High Mage Baldersarch of the Trygalle Trade Guild. You have performed crimes that the Guild simply cannot allow to pass. Therefore, you will be coming into custody with me so that we may determine what exactly to do with you.” At that pronouncement Jack perked up a little bit. “I see,” he muttered before grabbing the ‘happy stone’ and making his way out through the door with surprising speed. Cursing under their breaths his crew followed in rapid flight. From inside, High Mage Baldersarch’s shout could clearly be heard ringing through the air “After them!”
• Bursting out into the street found Jack in the lead, Ryn close behind, Bo’sun lagging slightly in the middle with Dave and his massive backpack running behind him, and with Emack and Dickory bringing up the rear. They were feeling fairly good about their escape, until the sounds of horseshoes and iron-shod wheels tearing across the cobbles echoed behind them. Emack threw up a Shield of Salvation over himself and his companions as a Fireball tore through the air. His shield took the fierce magical attack, and shattered at the force of it. A string of expletives left Emack’s lips as they continued to flee through the thankfully near empty streets. And so the truly grand escape begins. Jack, utilizing his capable secondary capabilities of Acrobatics, Athleticism, Jump, and some Style, to allow Jack to make his way through the streets in a most nimble and Jack-ish way. Ryn nimbly moves through the streets using her Acrobatics, avoiding their way through the numerous obstacles that she hopes will slow down the carriage. Bo’sun waits until Emack and Dickory run past, and then Bo’sun pushes a large wagon into the road behind him. While the others continued running forward down the streets, they glance behind themselves and see the four horses leaping over the wagon, with their carriage crashing through without even slowing down as they continue progressing forward down the street. Jack happily continues progressing forwards in his unique way. Emack knows that he will not be getting away, and begins to grow nervous. Luckily, Dickory is still running at his side. To try and slow the horses Ryn performs a forward flip mid-run, and while upside down fired an arrow at one of the horses leading the carriage. The arrow shattered against a magical shield thrown up by High Mage Baldersarch from inside it. Luckily, firing the arrow never even broke Ryn’s stride, although it looked more efficient then good. Bo’sun, hoping to slow down the horses, pushed another wagon in the way before continuing to run forward. Jack, looking over his shoulder notices that the wagon Bo’sun pushed out is loaded up with dry hay and barrels of oil. There are also a few nearby lit lanterns thanks to the darkness of night time. Grabbing one of the lanterns, Jack threw it out, and the flaming lantern landed exactly atop the wagon, causing it to burst into flames. Unfortunately Emack and Dickory are on the wrong side of the now flaming wagon. Knowing that he won’t be able to make it across by himself so he tells Dickory to do the only thing that he can think of: “Throw me!” Dickory confirms his companion’s desire, and throws Emack over the flames. The fire laps against Emack but isn’t able to harm him. Then, rolling across the ground Emack hides under a nearby stall, since he knows that he can’t outrun the carriage if they are able to make it through the flames. Then Dickory throws himself across and through the burning wagon, the fire scorching his massive form, but he is still able to pull himself through. Then, seeing that Emack doesn’t seem to be nearby Dickory unleashes his full speed and begins moving away at a substantially increased pace. Emack, from under his hiding place, mutters that he is happy that Dickory stayed with him as long as he had. The carriage approaches the flames, but one of the lead horses gets cold hooves and brings the wagon up short. Snapping the traces isn’t able to get the horses going again, so they are trapped behind the burning wagon. Seeing that the carriage isn’t coming up, Emack pulls himself from his hiding place and runs as fast as he can. After running for a time a large explosion echoes out behind them, from where the burning wagon was.
• Back aboard The Wicked Wench Elspeth sees that the owner of the warehouse and his porters bringing with them four large chests towards the ship. Elspeth looks out over the rest of the crew to make sure that all the items are ready to be taken away. She is feeling very confident, happy, and relaxed, and then she sees a sight that she was truly hoping not to see at this moment. Elspeth sees Captain Jack Sparrow running towards the ship in his traditional ‘oh dear god we must flee upon rapid winds of glory and rum’ face and movement toward the ship. Elspeth is praying that she is mistaken, and then she hears Jack shouting “Move the ship, get it going?” Elspeth swears loudly, thinking about all of the money that they are about to loose. Then, from beside her Gutter, still wearing his seagull hat, asks her what she is so mad about. When Elspeth says about all the money that they are about to lose, Gutter points out that the other men are still bringing the gold right to them, even if they don’t get the materials they were trying to buy. Elspeth smiles a wolfish grin, and she gets the crew moving to retrieve those glorious chests for them. Blind Bill prepares the ballista, and fires a bolt towards the owner of the warehouse. The bolt bites hard into the docks, missing its intended target, but scaring the porters enough so that half of them dropped the chests, and the other 2 chests, each carried by two men, began running from the ship, into the path of the returning Captain Jack Sparrow. Elspeth fired a Light Beam to kill one of the men carrying a fleeing chest, as the crew picked up the other two discarded chests. Jack, seeing a chest being carried towards him drew his sword, told the porters to drop it, which makes them run in separate directions, drop the chest, which Jack picks up and runs aboard his ship. Ryn, Bo’sun, Dave, and Dickory all make it aboard the ship as well, and they raise the plank and continue trying to sail away.
• Then they notice Emack still running down the docks, with the Trigalle Carriage gaining on him. Emack is bringing out his rope when Bo’sun throws a rope out towards him. Emack grabs on, and jumps/is pulled into the water behind the ship. Bo’sun begins pulling Emack up vigorously, so vigorously that Emack isn’t able to hold on and so must attempt to swim after the ship while preparing for his next spell. Jack grabs the rope, ties it about his waist, and jumps overboard to grab Emack. Bo’sun and the Tarthenal Brothers then pull their captain and medic back aboard. As they are rising, a fireball comes streaking towards the main mast of their ship. Emack throws up a shield, but the fireball skirts across its edge, continuing forward. Luckily, Elspeth is able to intercept the fireball with a light beam, both spells erupting in a powerful corona of light stopping just above their ship. They continue their frantic escape, heading towards the exit from the port. Then a second fireball flashes forward from the Trygalle Carriage. Again it skims off of Emack’s shield unslowed, and this time Elspeth’s light beam isn’t able to connect. In a great eruption fire engulfs the main mast, wood beginning to burn and sail a billowing curtain of fire. Shouts rise up from all around “Water!”
• Buckets on lines are tossed over the ship as Bo’sun and Ryn begin to climb the smaller mast so they can jump over to the other mast and cut the sail from it to minimize damage. Ryn grabs Elspeth’s heavy knife first to help cut the ropes. Ryn jumps over first as crewmen begin to soak the deck in the water they bring up. Ryn’s landing is awkward however, and she falls from the mast’s cross-beam. With quick reflexes she grabs onto one of the burning ropes to stop from falling to the deck, and the fire tears at her hand as she bites down hard on her lip. Elspeth uses a spell to increase the reaction and speed of the crew around her, so they can fetch water faster. Bo’sun jumps across, his chest crunching into the burning beam, but he keeps his grip, stands, and begins slicing through ropes with his bastard sword. Emack conjures water high in the air, having it fall to splash over the mast, smothering some flames and slowing its spread. The sail still blazes, and now Ryn climbs up, burned and soaked. Bo’sun finishes cutting his side of the mast as Ryn gets up, the burning cloth falling upon the now soaked and burn-resistant deck. They cut the rest of the sail free as Emack summons another, smaller, batch of water. With coordinated efforts they dispose of the now destroyed sail, without it starting the rest of the ship on fire. Emack collapses against the railing of the ship, his magical reserves spent. Fynn makes his way up from below deck, head clutched in hands, wondering what all is going on.
• With their lives no longer in danger, Dave asks about joining this crew so that he might get paid. Elspeth, nearly nuzzling the four chests of gold they got without trading in any items, looks up and demands to know who this man is. The introduction is given, a greasy flirt draws Elspeth’s ire, and so she ensures the man that he will not receive any of this collection of treasure, as he wasn’t a member for its acquisition. Jack brings out the pirate’s code, which Dave signs in an incredibly long and illegible form, with his three rats putting their pawprints in so that they can sign on as cabin boys. Elspeth doubts their capabilities (rightly so), almost agrees after they begin sweeping with tiny brooms after Dave’s glare, and the comment that they could keep Tlapcrap away from her, but then decides that would be a waste of perfectly good money, and if he doesn’t like it he can just leave. With that Dave jumps overboard, massive backpack and all, Elspeth wondering if she has some strange power to make people do that. Then they all realize he was still holding the Pirate’s Code. Bo’sun says they needed to rewrite it anyway, what with the Quartermaster getting to adjudicate duels, so she just snipes anyone that pisses her off. Elspeth says the duel was entirely fair, looks overboard to see if the code can be salvaged, and sees that Dave has vanished. Not for long however, as Ryn notices a shadow, and crashing noises coming from within Jack’s cabin. It is Dave, who says that he should be able to serve most well on this ship, he will begin training people presently, so long as they pay for it, and gives his massive pot of stew to Emack, who begins eating it most eagerly to try and restore his energy. The stew was surprisingly quite excellent. Elspeth asks Jack why they give marooned men and women a horn of powder, since it seems to make no sense. From his backpack Dave produces a massive barrel of powder, saying it will show why such a thing is a tempting gift. It is powder from Cawn, used in the generation of fireworks, which Dave demonstrates the function of. He looks over to Fynn, and tells him that soon he will need to help Dave prepare some very special ballista bolts using this powder. Then Dave excuses himself and says that he has to go set up his room, before vanishing below deck. Bo’sun asks Jack if he is going to regret letting Dave on the ship, to which Jack responds that he is beginning to regret letting Bo’sun be on the ship. Then Jack sets Bo’sun to work on examining and fixing the mast as they continue to limp out to sea.
• Later that evening Tlapcrap goes to find Elspeth. He informs her that the new man has taken over his room (no more then a closet really), and that it is very strange now. Elspeth asks him to 1-10 the strange level. Tlapcrap, reminding Elspeth that she can burn people to ash with lasers, rates it an 8. Intrigued, Elspeth goes with Tlapcrap, and knocks on the door. From inside Dave asks who it is, and when Elspeth answers he invites her in, followed by the audible slicking back of greased hair. When Elspeth opens the door she is not prepared for what she finds. In place of the tiny closet is a room larger then Jack’s captain’s cabin, many belongings set out, with Dave, and three human servants inside. Elspeth muttered under her breath “The little bastard actually pegged the level about right for this one.”



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