The Wicked Wench


Class and type: Brig

Length: 112 feet, sparred/ 68 feet LOD/ 58 feet waterline

Height: 90 feet, Rig height

Draft: 11 feet, empty

Sail plan: Brig, 4,400 square feet of sail

Tons burthen: 178 tons

Speed: around ten knots, records of 11 (20 km/hr)

Crew: varies; 12 to 16 to sail


The Wicked Wench is a class of vessel known as a Brig (not to be confused with a Brigantine), which refers to a two-masted, square-rigged vessel. Though not as large as many of her sister ships, a Brig is faster, and more maneuverable then those heavier craft, allowing her control of engagement, and the ability to intercept slow, heavily-laden trading vessels at will, making her ideal for a pirate crew.

The Wicked Wench was purchased and is captained by Captain Jack Sparrow, utilizing considerable loans from a pair of his crew members, one Finn Strat, and Elpeth Inzvekt, a gorgeous young woman with a sharp mind and a cutting wit, a simple delight to be around. Interest continues to accrue, thanks in no small part to Tlapcrap’s continued existence. Seriously, it’s not doing him any favours.

- Excerpt from Elspeth’s Log

The Wicked Wench

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