The Steve Blade

The cursed, necromantic fish blade makes its dread return.

weapon (melee)

The Steve Blade, when used in its true and natural form, functions as follows:

+20 Long sword in the shape of a large skeletal fish made up of blackened metal and all sharp edges and bones. This sword’s Quality does not decrease the Defender’s AT, and all armor against The Steve Blade is doubled. However, should The Steve Blade find its way into the flesh of its opponent, it unleashes unholy havoc. All damage caused by The Steve Blade counts as inflicting a Critical, and all Critical Levels caused by The Steve Blade increased by +50. Also, all damage inflicted by The Steve Blade is counted as Sacrifice, and only restores at a rate of 5 LP per day, and cannot be restored via magical healing.


The true origin of this cursed item is the thing of many rumors. Many know it to have been associated with the rise of Deckard Cain to the state of an Ascendant, and the ruler of the city of Ankara, Francisco The Magnificent has spoken of the tales of such a dread item that attempted to murder him on more then one occasion. These two men do indeed know the truth behind this item, and Deckard himself even witnessed its creation.

The story of The Steve Blade begins with an eccentric wizard by the name of Monty Cobra. This absurd wizard utilized an unnatural weapon as his fallback when The Warrens threatened to fail him: a large fish named Steve that he carried with him in a barrel of water. Needless to say, this fish did not live long being used to bludgeon this mage’s enemies to death.

Enter two men, both powerful mages of dark magic, and their manservant that assisted in the daily tasks. These strange two offered to return the fish Steve to usefulness, and to even make him better then it was before. Monty accepted happily, and twisting their dark magics the two fell wizards converted the skeleton into the powerful, and sentient, entity now known as The Steve Blade.

This blade performed a series of other nefarious events, devouring its master in order to absorb Monty Cobra’s skills and power, attempting to devour many others to absorb their powers, and also fusing with an entity conjured from Deckard’s mind, to form the supreme entity of evil known only as “Stevablo”.

Luckily, a group of mighty adventurers, lead by Deckard Cain himself, resulted in the destruction of the entity, and as they all hoped, the last they would ever see from the cursed blade. But now, with the shattering of the worlds the dark fish has returned to grant its powers to those that find it, so long as they can withstand its powers and will.

The Steve Blade

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