Vincent Valentine

The evolved vampire who's existance has spanned campaigns, worlds, and death itself countless times.


Vincent Valentine
Level: 10 Class: Acrobatic Warrior LP: 320 Category: Natura 15
Size: 18 Regeneration: 6 Movement Value: 9 Fatigue: 12

Str: 11(12) Dex: 13(14) Agi: 9 Con: 9 Pow: 8(9) Int: 8 Wp: 6 Per: 8
PhR: 85 MR: 85 PsR: 80 VR: 85 DR: 85

Initiative: 185 Natural, 180 Masamune + Blade of the Iced Earth
Attack Ability: 260 Natural, 280 Masamune/265 Blade of the Iced Earth
Defense Ability: 245 Dodge + Fragment of Mists
Damage: 210 Masamune, 110 Blade of the Iced Earth
AT: Phys 4, Ene 4(6)

MK: 290 MK (290 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str 21(2+1), Dex 26(3+1), Agi 15(2+1), Con 11(2+1), Pow 16(2+1), Wp 11(2+1)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Ki Control, Inhumanity, Zen, Use of Necessary Energy, Elimination of Necessities, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Energy Armor, Armor of Greater Energy, Armor of Arcane Energy, Increased Damage, Increased Speed
Dominion Techniques:
Valentine’s Path
Number of Techniques: 2 MK: 50

Vanishing Phantasm
Level: 1 MK: 20
Upon using this technique, Vincent transforms himself into a cloud of mist, and can reappear anywhere within 150 Feet of his previous location. During this time he is completely incorporeal, and can move through any solid object that is not supernaturally shielded.
Agi: 4 Pow: 5
Effects: Automatic Transportation 150 Feet, Intangibility
Type: Turn (Movement)

Assured Predation
Level: 1 MK: 30
Upon activating this technique, Vincent’s features become more bestial and animalistic, with the obsidian and porcelain colouration of his flesh reversing. While in this state all attacks he makes have a better tendency to land on target, and they prove more deadly to those that receive them as well.
Str: 5 Dex: 8
Effects: Attack Ability (Multiple) +25, Damage Augmentation (Multiple) +25
Type: Action (Attack)

Advantages/Disadvantages: Ambidextrous (1 CP), Disquieting (1 CP), Martial Mastery (1 CP), Untiring (1 CP), See the Supernatural (1 CP), Hard to Kill (1 CP), Bad Luck (-1 CP), Unfortunate (-1 CP), Damned (-1 CP, Trapped to face his own fate and corrupting influence in all the world over and over again. Until he breaks the cycle of destruction, he will be forced into his eternal suffering)

Primary Abilities: Children of the Night, Critical Injury Immunity, Ultrasound, Blood Ecstasy (Dexterity), Rapid Healing, Vulnerable to Light, Flawed Vision of the World; Katana Module, Nodachi Module, 20 Wear Armor
Secondary Abilities: Acrobatics 200, Jump 220, Athleticism 140, Sleight of Hand 240, Style 140, Intimidate 135, Leadership 140(190), Notice 120, Withstand Pain 120, Stealth 160

Possessions: Masamune, Blade of the Iced Earth, Cape of Vincent Valentine (This flowing red cloak grants Vincent Immunity to his weakness to sunlight, and also stores within it his coffin. Should his LP reach zero his coffin materializes behind him, he turns to mist, and then he enters his coffin to begin regenerating LP. If he is killed while within his coffin, by decapitation, staking his heart, and then burning the body, he will fail to return to unlife afterwards.), +10 Hardened Leather, luxury clothes, the collected documents of the adventures of Vincent Valentine. Fragment of a Shattered Katana (Used to take the form of Masamune), Fragment of Mists (Vincent uses this Fragment to enhance the powers of his own cloak, making it so that the final attack value of any attack which targets Vincent is decreased by 50 points), Fragment of a Silken Cloak (Vincent uses this Fragment in order to enhance his own cloak in order to give it a most impressive and authoritative appearance, increasing his Leadership by 50 Points.)

Race: Vetala Sex: Male Age: Centuries Appearance: 9 Height: 6’3” Weight: 241 lbs. Hair: Long Black Eyes: Gleaming Red Skin: Palest White with Stripes of Obsidian Languages: Malazan, and numerous from a variety of worlds.

Masamune (Possessed by Vincent Valentine)

Quality: Masumune is treated as a Nodachi of 20 Quality (Quality Facet; Combat Quality +20 50 Level 4)
Indestructible: There is no known way to destroy, or even damage, Masamune (Esoteric Facet; Minor Effects Indestructible 50 Level 4)
Slicing Blade: The blade that is Masamune is able to cleave its way through any material that dares to stand in its wielder’s path. Masamune therefore receives +50 Damage, and Ignores the AT of the defender. (Offensive Empowerment Facet; Increased damage +50 50
20 Level 3, Armor Destruction Ignores AT 150+20 Level 3, Enchanted Weapon 50+20 Level 2)
Dancing Blade: Masamune thirsts for the opportunity to deliver death and destruction to all before it. Therefore, Masamune receives a 30 Initiative bonus thanks to its thirst. (Improvement Facet; Increased Initiative +30 40 Level 3)
Surging Soul: With the extremely potent driving energies within Masamune it increases all of its Ki Accumulation by +1 (Domine Facet; Increased Ki Accumulation +1 Physical Nimbleness and Mental Characteristics 300
10 Level 2)
Endless Strikes of Death: The wielder of Masamune, on occasion, is able to tap into a technique known to be utilized by all wielders of this legendary blade throughout history and across countless worlds. It allows its wielder to utilize the technique Endless Strikes of Death.
Level: 2 MK: 80
Those that wield Masamune and are able to tap into all aspects of their soul with great and potent power can unleash the true destructive potential of the blade. Once per day, they may unleash a furious combination of attacks during the time it takes a swallow to flap its wings, each individual attack capable of destroying nearly anything that it encounters.
Str: 11 Dex: 11 Agi: 11 Con: 11 Pow: 11 Wp: 11
Effects: Additional Attacks 3 (Continuous Attack), Damage Multiplier x2 (Multiple)
Disadvantages: Tied to A Specific Weapon (Masamune), Predetermined
Type: Action (Attack)
(Domine Facet; Special Techniques 320
10 Level 4)

Power Level: 4+
Total PP: Level 4: 430, Level 3: 280, Level 2: 380

Blade of the Iced Earth (Possessed by Vincent Valentine)
One of a long line of katana’s wielded by the powerful vampire Vincent Valentine, the Blade of the Iced Earth is the pinnacle of his experiments in forming magic weapons. He longed to find a blade that could serve as a complementary blade for the legendary weapon Masamune that he wields. With it, he has become quite satisfied with its capabilities.
In Vincent’s pursuit for a properly matching blade, he sought to combine his favourite traits within the one blade. Any struck by the cursed blade will feel the clinging grip of the grave trying to pull into their soul, chilling their body and siphoning their life-force back into the blade’s wielder.
Despite its power, this blade is barely more then a year old, created now that Vincent has finally returned to his original potency and power. Its extreme power remains largely untested, and no-one actually seems to know who actually forged the blade.
Fable: 280/320/440

Quality: The Blade of the Iced Earth counts as a 15 Quality Katana (Quality Facet; Combat Quality +15 50 Level 3)
Chill of the Grave: The Blade of the Iced Earth radiates an unnatural and unholy chill from the very depths of its steel. When the blade is drawn the area around the wielder feels uncomfortably cold to anyone that approaches. This means that the Blade of the Iced Earth inflicts Cold Damage as its Primary Damage Type and is an Enchanted Weapon (Offensive Facet; Enchanted Weapon 50
10 Level 2, Elemental Attack Ice Primary 80+10 Level 2)
Fang of the Vampire: Anyone struck by the Blade of the Iced Earth feels it pulling at their blood and soul with every cut. Anyone struck by the Blade of the Iced Earth must pass a MR 140 or have half of the LP they lost as a result of the attack be transferred to the blade’s wielder. (Esoteric Effect: Mystic Effect Drain (half) MR 140 160 Level 3)
Vampire’s Smoke: The fell chill and accursed powers of the Blade of Iced Earth has it leave trails of blue and black smoke behind it from every swing. Furthermore, it also has whomever wields the blade is enshrouded in a dense fog based on the colour of their spiritual aura, giving them a terribly menacing appearance. (Aesthetic Power 50 Level 1)

Power Level: 3+
Total PP: Level 3: 210, Level 2: 150, Level 1: 50


Throughout the many realities in which Fragments originate, there is one constant battle that has spanned generations, numerous fields of battle, psychological strife and suffering, and that has resulted in the countless deaths and rebirths of the two individuals involved. The beings involved in this struggle originated from the world of Melonin from very different places.
One is the feared vampire Vincent Valentine, enhanced and evolved beyond the traditional stages of undeath, forging cities and fortresses in his name, raising legions of minions, and engaging in all forms of noble, and nefarious, deeds with his twin blades and long flowing cloak. He joined with heroes to save the world, he fought bitter battles for the sake of vengeance and pride, and he returned from the dead on numerous occasions. During one such death he was cast through a portal to arise in the world of Malaz, trapped within the body of an albino bhok’arala that could not be killed. After sacrificing himself to save a group of adventurers from cursed artifacts that had threatened to consume him, Vincent found himself once more in his original body. Now, worshiped by an army of bhok’arala which treat Vincent like a god, Vincent has trained his minions into an army to be respected, and prepares to sail out upon the Malazan world and recreate the empire that he lost.
The other side to this coin of battle and struggle is the man known as Balthazar. As the High Paladin for all of humanity upon Melonin, the divine representation of justice, equality, fairness, and beauty, it was Balthazar’s duty to protect the people from corruption and darkness. When he met this Vincent Valentine, that seemed to be aligned with noble heroes, neither trusted the other. On more then one occasion their blades crossed, with Balthazar proving victorious on all occasions, except one. In their final battle Vincent was finally able to strike down his hated, divine opponent. Even with the powers of the phoenix fused with his soul, Balthazar was unable to defeat the corrupt vampire on this occasion.
However, when Vincent was blasted through the portal to Malaz, those that remained witnessed a most incredible thing. After having destroyed a fell god the group that had journeyed with Vincent were rewarded by the good kingdoms for their incredible effort and risk that they put upon themselves. And who should it be that bestowed these honours upon them but Balthazar himself, resurrected once more with his nearly divine powers. And now, he wore the face of Vincent back when he was a man, before he was a monster.
Now, with all realities coalescing in Malaz, once more Vincent and Balthazar find themselves within the same reality. Their deathless feud will continue, until one of them finally fails to rise from their own ashes.

Vincent Valentine

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