The Reaper

Maybe you really should fear The Reaper.


The Reaper
Level: 16 Class: Warlock LP: 10,335 Category: Being Between Worlds, Death Elemental, Gnosis 50
Size: 25 Regeneration: 0 Movement Value: 6/8 Fatigue: Tireless

Str: 12 Dex: 13 Agi: 5 Con: 13 Pow: 15 Int: 12 Wp: 15 Per: 13
PhR: 180 MR: 195 PsR: 135 VR: 130 DR: 130

Initiative: 105 Natural, 130 Reaper Pistols
Attack Ability: 325 Natural, 350/340 Reaper Pistols
Defense Ability: Damage Resistance
Damage: 110 Reaper Pistols plus Reaper’s Bullets effect

Zeon: 3,050
MA: 140 (7 Multiple)
Magic Projection: 275 Offensive (300 Reaper’s Pistol)
Path Level: 100 Necromancy

Essential Abilities: The Gift, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Supernatural Spiritual Characteristics, Ambidextrous, Zen, Physical Exemption, Superior Magic Recovery, Gestureless Casting, Unspoken Casting
Powers: Damage Energy, Reaper’s Bullets (MR 160 Terror; PhR 160 Age; MR 160 Rage; Choose 1 per Reaper Pistol Attack), Reaper Elevation (Mystical Flight 8), Reaper’s Resistance (50 PhR, +50 MR), Regeneration 0, See the Supernatural, Reaper Mystical Enhancement (3 Added Effects For Spells), Compact Existence Colossal, Spiritual Damage

Primary Abilities: Reaper Pistol Module, Magic Projection as an Attack
Secondary Abilities: Magic Appraisal 365, Occult 270, Withstand Pain 285, Intimidate 285, Style 285

Possessions: Reaper Pistols (These +25 pistols have an endless supply of mystical bullets forged by the power of death itself. These bullets are capable of harming any entity, no matter their Gnosis and defenses. For each attack The Reaper is allowed to apply any of the three esoteric effects it has access to through Reaper’s Bullets. The Reaper may make additional attacks using its Pistols, and they reload themselves automatically at the end of each turn. The Reaper may also use its Pistols as a catalyst through which it can cast its own spells.), Chain Bandoleers, Tattered Leather Jacket, Cloth Hood, One Bloody Button.


Number of Previous Campaigns Present In: 1
First Campaign Appearance: Creations of the Moons
Inspiration: Persona Game Series

This terrible entity previously served as the embodiment of Death itself within Esorchan’s testing ground known simply as The Gauntlet. Countless warriors stood before this creature, only to be torn apart in a hellish storm of destruction, in the end to learn that facing one’s death was the final challenge. None had ever even come close to defeating it.

Then, a group of adventurers made their way through Esorchan’s Gauntlet and did the impossible, killed Death. The Reaper, unable to accept that any mere mortals should have the audacity to stand before the end of life, which comes to all, attempted to find some way to enact its revenge.

As if in response to its hateful lamenting, a being of pure, blessed light appeared before The Reaper, complimenting it on death and destruction being the only purities left within the countless corrupt worlds that plagued existence, and offered to grant The Reaper its desired opportunity for vengeance. The Reaper accepted, and its world was engulfed in light.

The Reaper

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