The Alabaster Wanderer

And Lo, Does The Source Behind The End Of Worlds Emerge


The Alabaster Wanderer
Level: 16 Class: Technician LP: 345 Category: Being Between Worlds, Elemental Void, Gnosis Infinite
Size: Variable Regeneration: 12 Movement Value: 20 Fatigue: Tireless

Str: 20 Dex: 20 Agi: 20 Con: 20 Pow: 20 Int: 20 Wp: 20 Per: 20
PhR: 150 MR: 150 PsR: 150 VR: 150 DR: 150

Initiative: 240 Natural
Attack Ability: 345/345 Hands of Alabaster
Defense Ability: 295 Hands of Alabaster
Damage: 85 Hands of Alabaster
AT: None

MK: 800 (800 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str 48(5), Dex 48(5), Agi 48(5), Con 40(5), Pow 48(5), Wp 48(5)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Ki Control, Ki Detection, Erudition, Levitation, Object Motion, Use of Necessary, Penalty Reduction, Mass Movement, Combat Aura
Dominion Techniques:
Cleansing Powers of Alabaster
Number of Techniques: 5 Total MK: 480

Surging Ribbons of Purity
Level: 1 MK: 45
Str 6 Dex 5 Agi 6 Pow 4 Wp 5
Effects: Long-Distance Attack (Multiple) 150 Feet, Attack Ability (Multiple)
Type: Action (Attack)

Seizing Justice With My Hands
Level: 1 MK: 50
Str 7 Dex 8 Agi 7 Pow 7 Wp 7
Effects: Block Ability (Single) +90, Counterattack Ability +100
Type: Turn (Defense)

Reality Guides My Actions
Level: 2 MK: 100
Str 6 Agi 5 Pow 6 Wp 7
Effects: Quick Recovery, Foretell Full, Initiative Augmentation +50, Maintained
Advantages: Reduction of Ki 2
Type: Turn (Support)

Cling To Your Possessions As They Turn To Dust
Level: 2 MK: 95
In order to
Str 6 Dex 6 Con 6 Pow 6 Wp 6
Effects: Interruption Damage +80 Ki Magic and Psychic Abilities, Breakage +25
Advantages: Reduction of Ki 3
Type: Action (Attack)

Do What Reality Itself Cannot
Level: 3 MK: 190
Str 10 Dex 11 Agi 11 Con 10 Pow 11 Wp 11
Effects: Area Attack (Single) 3 Miles, Armor Penetration Ignores Armor, Damage Augmentation +200,
Advantages: Reduction of Ki 4
Type: Action (Attack)

Essential Abilities: Divine Physical Characteristics, Divine Supernatural Characteristics, Ambidextrous, Zen, Physical Exemption, Psychological Immunity
Powers: World Breaker (The definitive special attack of The Alabaster Wanderer. Whenever The Alabaster Wanderer decides that the world currently being cleansed needs to be completely destroyed then this attack will be unleashed. A colossal sphere of purest white light is conjured high in the sky, growing rapidly with every passing second. All it takes is 30 Seconds for the sphere to reach its critical power level. The World Breaker then falls to the earth, destroying the entire plane of existence in an instant. Once this attack has been initiated there is no known way to stop it.), Anathema of Worlds (Having been selected by Reality to cleans all worlds and reduce them into pure and beautiful nothingness, The Alabaster Wanderer is completely immune to any form of attack originating from the world that is currently invaded, and no defense is able to protect against his attacks.. However, those that possess Reality Fragments from other, previously destroyed worlds are able to attempt to stand against The Alabaster Wanderer in a limited fashion depending on how many of these Reality Fragments they possess. Due to The Alabaster Wanderer’s capability to destroy worlds, once it learns this fact it is able to destroy Reality Fragments as it does worlds. Any Reality Fragment that it is able to touch, via either a successful Melee Attack or Block, is immediately destroyed. Also, at the start of every turn The Alabaster Wanderer generates a destruction field where everyone within 10 Miles of The Alabaster Wanderer must choose one of their Reality Fragments to be immediately destroyed. Destroyed Reality Fragments no longer grant their benefits, but still count towards the 100 needed to generate a new world.), Hands of Alabaster (Natural Weapons, Complete Additional Attack, Added Mystical Effect MR 200 Destruction of Senses Right Hand [Removes all of their senses Permanently upon a failure.], MR 200 Destruction of Characteristics Left Hand [For every 10 points by which they fail the target reduces one Characteristic of their choice by 1 Point permanently.]), Increased Reaction +30 Initiative, Damage Energy, Advanced Metamorphosis (Shifting form of Light and Nothingness), See the Supernatural, Gnosis Vision, Spiritual Barrier (150 LP)

Primary Abilities: Alabaster Power Module, Transformation: Rupture of Destiny
Secondary Abilities: Intimidate 200, Persuasion 220, Style 200, Notice 200, Search 200, Composure 240, Withstand Pain 220, Occult 240, Magic Appraisal 240, History 240, Ki Detection 500


None understand the form of power that would be required to destroy a world utterly, reducing it to a few scattered fragments that can hope to find new purchase within a different reality. The greatest magical powers, most terrible demons, unreasonable Ascendants, all that these can do is burn a world to ash, leaving an empty husk. But even for them that husk remains, and from within that husk other forms of life tend to pull through and live. Then what, pray tell, could make a world cease to exist in full?

The one behind it all, the entity responsible for shattering the other worlds, simply calls itself The Alabaster Wanderer. Appearing as a humanoid figure clad entirely in gleaming robes of white, cloth covering all of its body, and nothing but pure light emanating from within its hood. None know where this being originates from, none understand how or why it can do what it does, but The Alabaster Wanderer has taken upon itself the task of removing every world, every aspect of reality, from the cosmic plane. And it is succeeding.

The earliest forms of encounter anyone may have with the ideals and principles of The Alabaster Wanderer is when journeying into the Fragments which lead to optional boss battles (Fragments 93-100). As their minds are transported through the blackness, they may hear its thoughts, from an emotionless, and genderless voice, commenting on the corruption and sin that each of the bosses within the Fragment held over their own world. It will express its distaste for such entities, for such ways of existing, and look forward to when it is able to fully erode them from the memories of all.

To describe what The Alabaster Wanderer represents is not as easy as one would hope. This being is not a God of terrible and unlimited power, nor the Avatar of some noble ideal, hopeful or terrible desire. It is the unleashed potential of the belief of nihilism, or removal, of negation. What The Alabaster Wanderer represents is the belief that all worlds are so corrupted with the darkness, overabundance, and consuming emotions, be them positive or negative emotions, that they must all be struck away, scoured clean with the burning light of nothingness, so that Reality may begin anew.

Nihilism is the source of The Alabaster Wanderer’s power. Nothing and no one of any world that it enters can harm it, for it is the embodiment of negation and absence. It unleashes an aspect of itself to each individual world, destroying every trace that it can, except for the few scattered Reality Fragments that make their ways to other worlds to try and take root. Each individual instance of The Alabaster Wanderer then remains in the world it was tasked with cleansing, removing anything else that attempts to re-grow within the void, sending out further aspects of itself to each world that has a Reality Fragment, in order to try and prevent cross contamination of the many corruptions from each world. Therefore, with every world that falls, more and more aspects of The Alabaster Wanderer, each as powerful as the others, come into existence to continue the act of cleansing.

Now, all worlds but two have fallen. This world that stands as the final gate, defined by the great empires that attempt to rule it, has been dubbed by many as the world of Malaz. Every Reality Fragment that remains intact has found its way to this different world, and all hope for the same thing. All Fragments hope for a chance to start again, for their world and their lives to be able to continue, for hope, love, hatred, sadness, happiness, and miracles to resume acting. No worlds are perfect, all contain their share of suffering and pain. However, the individuals that dwell within them refuse to allow everything to be struck clean, to be burned out until nothing at all remains. They all fought, they all failed, and now their hopes rest in Malaz, for a new day to dawn for them all.

The main reason that defeating The Alabaster Wanderer has proven so difficult for other worlds is that no power from the world it travels to is able to interact with it in any way. Attacks pass through it, defenses fail to protect against it, and consumption in its cleansing light is all that can be hoped for. However, by possessing pieces of other worlds, there can be a chance that The Alabaster Wanderer’s protections will not be absolute. They may be able to interact with it, harm it, protect themselves from it. Those that gather enough Reality Fragments may even be able to kill it.

The Alabaster Wanderer is completely immune to all forms of attack, damage, or negative interaction groups lacking Reality Fragments may attempt to use on it. In addition, any group lacking Reality Fragments is unable to defend against The Alabaster Wanderer’s attacks, and is treated as automatically failing any Resistance Checks they must make against its abilities. For every Reality Fragment that a group possesses, they may access 1% of their maximum potential against The Alabaster Wanderer.

Should a group find themselves with enough Reality Fragments to be able to defeat the embodiment of The Alabaster Wanderer that has appeared on Malaz, they will then find themselves standing before a truly terrifying realization. As Malaz is the only world remaining save one other, all pieces of The Alabaster Wanderer from all worlds are able to descend upon it in order to ensure Malaz’s, and all of reality’s, final cleansing is accomplished. This means that in order to prove victorious every one of The Alabaster Wanderer’s avatars must be defeated at the same time, and there is one for every world that ever existed. Can even the Reality Fragments hold the potential for such a miracle to be accomplished?

The Alabaster Wanderer

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