Sheriff Jek, M.D...God

A Troll from a strange place, wielding strange armor, and a unique outlook on life.


Fragments Possessed: Fragments of Machinations; Fragment of a Scope; Fragment of a Dinner Sauce; Fragment of a Pizza Box; Fragment of a Game Cartridge; Fragment of a Cane

Captain Sheriff Jek, M.D…God
Level: 7 Class: Weaponsmaster LP: 525
Size: 21 Regeneration: 6 Movement Value: 8(6) Fatigue: 13

Str: 13 Dex: 10 Agi: 8 Con: 13 Pow: 5 Int: 4 Wp: 4 Per: 6
PhR: 85 MR: 60 PsR: 55 VR: 85 DR: 85

Initiative: 100 Natural
Attack Ability: 200 Natural, 205 Mechanized Flaming Axe, 200 Gauss Rifle
Defense Ability: 200 Block, 205 Mechanized Flaming Axe, 200 Gauss Rifle
Damage: 160 Two-Handed Axe (135 One-handed), 150 Gauss Rifle
AT: Cut 8(8), Impact 8(8), Thrust 8(8), Heat 7(7), Elec 3(3), Cold 7(7), Ene 6(6)

MK: 70 (70 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str: 16(3) Dex: 10(2) Agi: 8(1) Con: 16(3) Pow: 5(1) Wp: 4(1)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Inhumanity

Advantages/Disadvantages: Hard to Kill (3 CP), Natural Armor (1 CP), Mystical Armor (1 CP), Good Luck (1 CP), Unfortunate (-1 CP), Deep Sleeper (-1 CP), Easily Possessed (-1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Wear Armor 175, Two-Handed Axe Module, Unique Weapon Module, Area Attack Module, Defense Against Projectiles Module
Secondary Abilities: Feats of Strength 250, Withstand Pain 245, Athleticism 220, Leadership 80 (180 Fragment of a Game Cartridge), Style 80

Possessions: Mechanized Flaming Axe (This +5 Two-handed Ax is designed to contain oil within it, and release it to coat the blade in fire. This allows with a push of a button for the Axe to do Heat Fire Damage.), Gauss Rifle (This unique weapon is from a time with technology far beyond any that have been seen. It is capable of firing its rounds over 300 feet, and has a Base Damage 150, with a required Strength 13. The weapon also negates all AT of the target. Ammunition is incredibly rare and hard to come by, so every round needs to count.), Military Armor (Counts as a +10 suit of Full Plate with +10 Great Helm, sized for Jek.), Fragment of Machinations (This Fragment, which originated with Jek’s arrival to Malaz in the first place, is his most potent Reality Fragment which he possesses. It currently is harnessed as his actual cyberware from where he originated. This item is being used as a potent set of Wired Reflexes, which enhances his reaction beyond points normally capable to using. It allows him to function three times within the same Combat Turn, entirely separate instances where he functions at his Initiative rate, then once the others are done another set of Initiatives progress for him to act again, and then once more. He may take a full set of actions on each instance that his Initiative comes up, as though it were a new turn for him.), Fragment of a Scope (Jek has this Fragment attached to his Gauss Rifle, removing the penalties for aimed attacks with the terrible weapon.), Fragment of a Dinner Sauce (Jek allows his crew to use this reality fragment to make their food much more enjoyable.), Fragment of a Pizza Box (Jek uses this Fragment to form a necklace which grants him immunity to all forms of poison.), Fragment of a Game Cartridge (Jek uses this Fragment to become a circlet which enhances his powers of leadership and ability to get the most for his treasure gathered.), Fragment of a Cane (Jek uses this Fragment to form a pair of gauntlets which grant him +15 Initiative, +15 Attack, and +15 Block.)

Race: Troll Sex: Male Appearance: 4 Height: 7’10” Weight: 536 lbs. Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Skin: Troll Languages: English, Malazan


Number of Previous Campaigns Present In: 1
First Campaign Appearance: Run From The Shadows
Inspiration: Spawned from the Mind of A Player

A massive being of muscle, metal, innocence, and the occasional burst of unstoppable rage, Sheriff Jek M.D…God, is a troll that fell from a strange world of flat grey buildings and screaming beasts of steel that travel across land and the sky.

Bearing black armor beyond anything seen, a massive axe with which to cleave aside any that stand against him, he now finds himself in a strange new land with which to test his skills. He may greet all those that he meets warmly, but the trick will be to recognize the new languages. And a lack of erasers to play with.

Sheriff Jek, M.D...God

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