Ringmaster Gril Dolin

Ringmaster of The Carnival Obscuras


Gril Dolin, Ringmaster of The Carnival of The Fallen One
Level: 5 Class: Wizard LP: 135 Appearance: 2
Size: 16 Regeneration: 2 Movement Value: 7 Fatigue: 8

Str: 8 Dex: 8 Agi: 7 Con: 8 Pow: 10 Int: 10 Wp: 7 Per: 6
PhR: 60 MR: 75 PsR: 55 VR: 60 DR: 60

Initiative: 80 Natural, 45 Euphoria Tail
Attack Ability: 10 Natural, 15 Euphoria Tail
Defense Ability: 5 Dodge
Damage: 55 Euphoria Tail
AT: None

MK: 50

Zeon: 1385
MA: 50 (5 Multiples)
Magic Projection: 135
Path Level: 50 Chaos
Metamagic Spheres: None

Elan: 40 The Chained God (25 Spent)
Powers: Desirable, Pleasure Amplifier, The Voice of Pleasure, Feeling Desire

Advantages and Disadvantages: Mage of An Elder Warren (2 CP, Magical Exhaustion, Magical Consumption), Immunity to Pain and Fatigue (1 CP), Superior Magic Recovery (1 CP), Unattractive (-1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Whip Module
Secondary Abilities: Magic Appraisal 150, Occult 80, Leadership 80, Persuasion 80, Withstand Pain 80, Style 70, Notice 60, Medicine 70, Poisons 70

Possessions: Euphoria Tail (+5 Whip. Whenever the Euphoria Tail is whipped, either due to an attack or through expending an active action, all within 30 feet must pass a MR 80 check or else suffer from Fascination during their next actions. Should they fail the MR Check by 30 or more points, they will also suffer a -10 All Action Penalty for 1 minute due to distractions from sexual arousal.), Rosewood Mask, Patchwork Suit and Top-hat, Carnival Ledger, 476 SC, 28 GC


The Ringleader of The Carnival Obscuras, not much is known about Gril Dolin. Rumors abound regarding the strange individual, many of them based on the fact that he never removes the strange, featureless rosewood mask that always obscures his face. Some say he was a mass murderer, others a disavowed priest, others a soldier captured and tortured by the enemy, while still others simply say is an escaped slave. Whatever his past, the man has thrown himself completely into his role as the carnival Ringmaster, and his attire of patchwork suit and top hat tend to agree with this role.

All of the men and women that fill his carnival tend to be unusual, to say the least. Lithe women that perform feats of strength, musclemen that bend and twist with unnatural flexibility, and lion tamers that perform tricks at their lion’s behest. Coupled with the large numbers of general supporters and assistant performers and the collection is most unusual. In addition, all of the members of this carnival appear to be physically disfigured in some way, some minor, others much more noticeably. The reason behind this particular trait isn’t understood.

Some believe this carnival performs some nefarious purpose, but all that ever seems to happen where it goes is a loss of inhibitions, and increase in questionable behaviour. However, such could be said for when most major carnivals make their way to a town.

Ringmaster Gril Dolin

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