Prince Lucanor Giovanni

His many machinations continue to spiral, even with all the worlds falling into the abyss...


Fragments Possessed: Fragment of a Golden Throne; Fragment of a Mystic Chime; Fragment of a Tome; Fragment of a Sphere

Lucanor Giovanni
Level: 16 Class: Freelance LP: 240 Category: Natura 20, 9 Destiny Points
Size: 15 Regeneration: 2 Movement Value: 6 Fatigue: 8

Str: 7 Dex: 8 Agi: 6 Con: 8 Pow: 13 Int: 16 Wp: 10 Per: 9
PhR: 140 MR: 155 PsR: 145 VR: 140 DR: 140

Initiative: 135 Natural, 95 +10 Bastard Sword, 105 Seoman Kephas
Attack Ability: 235 Natural, 245 +10 Bastard Sword, 255 Seoman Kephas
Defense Ability: 235 Block, 245 +10 Bastard Sword, 255 Seoman Kephas
Damage: 100 +10 Bastard Sword, 120 Seoman Kephas The Imperial Sword
AT: None

MK: 320 (320 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str 7(1), Dex 18(3), Agi 6(1), Con 8(1), Pow 21(4), Wp 20(4)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Ki Control, Presence Extrusion, Inhumanity, Zen
Dominion Techniques:
Blade of The Giovanni Family
Number of Techniques: MK: 160

Heaven’s Wall
Level: 1 MK: 25
The user of this technique calls forth a wall of gleaming golden light, resembling countless gleaming stars that shine brightly in order to deflect and absorb any attacks that are used to target the wielder. Not only does it generate a supernatural shield with 300 LP, it also increases the user’s Block Ability by +50.
Dex 4 Pow 6 Wp 4
Effects: Block Ability (Single) +50, Energy Shield 300 LP
Type: Turn (Defense)

Heaven’s Blade
Level: 1 MK: 40
When this technique is activated, the user sheathes their blade in golden, sacred light. This power can transform any weapon into a sacred blade of inspiring destructive power, striking surely and shattering anything that it contacts. This technique grants the wielder a single attack with +50 Attack Ability, as well as Augmenting the user’s Breakage by 15.
Str 2 Dex 3 Pow 4 Wp 4
Effects: Attack Ability (Single) +50, Breakage Augmentation +15
Advantages: Reduction of Ki 1
Type: Action (Attack)

Raining Heavens
Level: 2 MK: 95
Calling upon sacred power, this technique summons dozens of golden motes of light that resemble stars to rain from the sky and unleash a sacred swathe of destruction over a broad area. This technique allows for a Long-Distance Attack at 300 feet, an Area Attack that hits a radius of 30 feet, and is treated as an Indirect Attack.
Dex 5 Pow 8 Wp 8
Effects: Long-Distance Attack (Single) 300 feet, Area Attack (Single) 30 feet, Indirect Attack
Advantages: Reduction of Ki 4
Type: Action (Attack)

Advantages/Disadvantages: See the Supernatural (1 CP), Aptitude in a Field (Intellectual, 2 CP), Charm (1 CP), Disquieting (1 CP), Good Luck (1 CP), Jack of All Trades (2 CP), Add One Point to a Characteristic (3 CP, 2 Power, 1 Int), Fortunate (1 CP), Exceptional Physical Resistance (1 CP), Exceptional Magic Resistance (1 CP), Exceptional Psychic Resistance (1 CP), Touched By Destiny (3 CP)

Special Abilities: Natura Abilities, Giovanni Bloodline (Thanks to the ancient contract signed between The Powers In The Shadows as well as C’iel and Gaira, those members of the Giovanni lineage are untouchable by the supernatural powers that seek to manipulate the world. As such, Lucanor Giovanni is immune to any supernatural power that would seek to somehow manipulate his destiny, force him down a certain path, or dominate him in any way.)

Primary Abilities: Bastard Sword Module, Wear Armor 5
Secondary Abilities: Intimidate 200, Leadership 200, Persuasion 280, Style 50, History 300, Magic Appraisal 320, Medicine 310, Memorize 320, Occult 320, Science 320, Notice 50, Composure 240, Tactics 240, Herbal Lore 240

Possessions: +10 Bastard Sword, Luxury Robes, Luxury Suit, Luxury Boots, Blank Book, Ink pen and Ink, Pocket Watch, Fragment of a Golden Throne (Lucanor uses the Fragment of a Golden Throne to take the form of the legendary Lawbringer Seoman Kephas The Imperial Sword, his birthright as a Giovanni, that was taken from him when his father forced him to use it to slay him. Lucanor uses this weapon should he ever find himself being forced to battle.), Fragment of a Mystic Chime (Lucanor utilizes this Fragment to switch between its powers that are capable of opening any portal mystic or mundane, and also granting him access to vast supernatural power reserves.), Fragment of a Tome (The poers of the Fragment of a Tome gives Lucanor the ability to gain knowledge of all supernatural creatures from all worlds, and giving them all of the supernatural knowledge of creatures from the endless realities.), Fragment of a Sphere (Lucanor uses this Fragment as a power source for the Legacy of Solomon. The extreme potency of this Fragment removes the limits on Legacy of Solomon’s charge times and use limits upon its Special Attacks and Defenses.)

Race: Human Sex: Male Age: 42 (Doesn’t even look 30 yet) Appearance: 9 Height: 6’0” Weight: 173 lbs. Hair: Neat Black Eyes: Dark Skin: Terribly Pale Languages: All Known and Most Ancient

Level: 14 Class: Acrobatic Warrior LP: 315 Category: Being Between Worlds, Gnosis 35
Size: 21 Regeneration: 16 (10 LP a Turn) Movement Value: 18 (3 Miles a Turn) Fatigue: 19

Str: 13 Dex: 18 Agi: 18 Con: 13 Pow: 13 Int: 13 Wp: 13 Per: 15
PhR: 170 MR: 170 PsR: 170 VR: 170 DR: 170

Initiative: 260 Claws and Bite
Attack Ability: 325 Claws + Bite
Defense Ability: 325 Dodge
Damage: 75 Claws, 95 Bite
AT: None

Essential Abilities: Fatigue Resistance (3), Divine Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Spiritual Characteristics, Unnatural Size, Zen, Immune to Natural Poisons, Immune to Natural Diseases, Psychological Immunity
Powers: Claws (Natural Weapons, 10 to Damage, -3 AT), Bite (Natural Weapons, Complete Additional Attack, +30 Damage, -5 AT), Damage Energy, Free Movement Through Nature, Processed Resistances (50 To All Resistances), Regeneration 16 (10 LP a Turn), Eyes of Daaku (See the Supernatural, Complete Night Vision), Perfect Evolution (When Daaku’s LP fall below 30, she begins to transform into an even more potent killing form. If her opponents are unable to kill her prior to her next Initiative turn coming up, Daaku revives at Full LP and also becomes 1 Level more powerful. This ability only triggers if she is actually engaged in a battle where her life is truly on the line.)

Special Abilities: The Process Refined (Daaku is the single most refined experiment of The Process besides Dr. Schwarzwald himself. Therefore, each turn before her initiative Daaku may select any one of the following bonuses, which she can change each turn: +40 Attack, +40 Defense, +40 Initiative, 10 AT against all attacks, +60 to All Resistances, +5 Strength, +100 Notice and Search. Due to her high affinity with her Processed state Daaku has no limits to how long she can access these powers.)

Primary Abilities: Natural Weapons Module, Bodyguard Module
Secondary Abilities: Acrobatics 310, Jump 310, Athleticism 270, Sleight of Hand 270, Style 180, Notice 180, Search 180, Climb 270, Swim 270, Withstand Pain 180

Legacy of Solomon
Level: 14 Class: Warrior LP: 7,475 Category: Being Between Worlds, Solomon Construct, Gnosis 35
Size: 32 Regeneration: 0 Movement Value: 14 Fatigue: Tireless

Str: 16 Dex: 15 Agi: 12 Con: 16 Pow: 13 Int: — Wp: 13 Per: 13
PhR: 180 MR: 170 PsR: 170 VR: 180 DR: 180

Initiative: 110 Natural
Attack Ability: 315 Energy Wings
Defense Ability: Damage Resistance, 280 Energy Screen
Damage: 155 Energy Wings
AT: 12 All

MK: 400 (400 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str 25(4), Dex 25(4), Agi 20(2), Con 25(4), Pow 20(4), Wp 20(3)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Ki Control
Dominion Techniques:
Cosmos (Dominus Exxet Page 118)
• Spacial Opening
• Stellar Wind
• The Dark Portal
• Armageddon
• Supernova

Essential Abilities: Physical Exemption, Divine Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Spiritual Characteristics, Zen, Psychological Immunity, Immune to Pain
Powers: Energy Wings (Natural Weapons), Damage Energy, Energy Screen (Mystical Shield, Unbreakable), Solomon Protection (+50 All Resistances), Legacy Armor (Layer 8 AT All), Legacy Scanner (See the Supernatural, Complete Night Vision)

Primary Abilities: Energy Wings Module
Secondary Abilities: Feats of Strength 345, Jump 300, Notice 320, Search 320, Style 240, Intellectual and Social Skills of its pilot


On the world of Gaia there were many individuals of pronounced strength of will and determination of spirit. This means that when the worlds fell due to some unknown calamity, many were able to pull themselves together, given enough time, within the world of Malaz. One such individual to restructure himself first was the crown Prince of Lucrecio, Lucanor Giovanni himself.

Pulled from his machinations, lost within a new and very different world, most people would panic. However, Lucanor is not most people. He sees this new world as an opportunity to expand his massive knowledge, and the time given to him the chance he needs to put his final plans into motion. The world that he belonged to may have fallen, but the pieces still remain scattered. Who better then Zhorne Giovanni’s final true descendant to repair the shattered puzzle in the manner that it deserves.

Prince Lucanor Giovanni

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