It has been so long. I recognize you all, and your souls too. I have missed you.


New Conclave Member Millenium, Female Illusionist Lv. 15, Size 11, Gnosis 45
Life Points 170, Regeneration 1, Movement Value 7, Fatigue 6
Str: 6 Dex: 10 Agi: 7 Con: 6 Pow: 14 Int: 12 Wp: 7 Per: 7
PhR: 115 MR: 145 PsR: 115 VR: 115 DR: 115
Initiative: 195 Natural
Attack Ability: 15 Unarmed
Defense Ability: 5 Dodge
Damage: 15 Unarmed
AT: None
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Use of Necessary Energy, Ki Concealment, Inhumanity, Zen, Weight Elimination, Presence Extrusion, False Death, Elimination of Necessities, Penalty Reduction, Diamond Body, Diamond Mind, Diamond Soul, Ki Control
Ki Pools (Accum): Str: 6 (1) Dex: 10 (2) Agi: 7 (1) Con: 6 (1) Pow: 18 (3) Wp: 7 (1)
Dominion Techniques:
Level 1: Jester’s Dance and Twirl
Initiative Augmentation +50, Maintained
Accum: Dex: 3 Agi: 1 Maintenance: 1 MK: 20
Level 1: More Milleniums For Everyone
6 Mirages with Very Difficult Non-Detection, Maintained
Accum: Pow: 10 Wp: 3 Maintenance: 4 MK: 30
Zeon: 4,060 MA: 90 Magic Projection: 265 Path Level: 100 Illusion
Free Access Spells: Stop Fall, Opening, Slippery Area, Infinite Bag, Cause Fear, Magic Shield, True Close, Magic Beam, Quick Transport, Read Minds, Sleep, Leave Unprotected, Body To Magic, Paralyze, Invisibility, Dominion, Gate, Teletransportation, The Magistrate, Innate Magic
Advantages/Disadvantages: Martial Mastery (1), The Gift (2), See Supernatual (1), Quick Reflexes (3), Superior Magic Recovery (3), Talented (1), Magic Nature (1), Increase A Characteristic By 1 (1)
Secondary Abilities: Acrobatics 120, Magic Appraisal 205, History 80, Stealth 350, Hide 370, Sleight of Hand 340, Disguise 250, Theft 250, Persuasion 210, Style 200, Notice 175, Ki Concealment 355
Possessions: Luxury Jester’s Outfit
Age: Appears to be Late Teens, Early 20’s Height: 5’2” Weight: 120 lbs. Hair: Brown Eyes: Purple Skin: Pale Distinguishing Characteristics: A perpetual smile and sparkle in her eyes.


A mysterious young woman that dresses as a harlequin. Hers is a positive and upbeat attitude, with something being particularly innocent in her behavior. With a knack for appearing wherever she wishes to, no matter how unlikely it may be for her to enter.

The lingering traces of power cling to her wherever she goes, yet never does she seem to be able to perform any spectacular events. And what does she mean when she says she already knwos the members of the party, when none of them have seen her before?


Anima: Beyond Malaz Vrenash