Enchanting Demoness of Music and Water


Melodee the Siren
Level: 15 Class: Warlock LP: 270 Category: Being Between Worlds, Gnosis 40
Size: 16 Regeneration: 2 Movement Value: 11 Fatigue: Tireless

Str: 8 Dex: 13 Agi: 11 Con: 9 Pow: 15 Int: 12 Wp: 15 Per: 13
PhR: 110 MR: 190 PsR: 130 VR: 110 DR: 110

Initiative: 160 Siren’s Caress
Attack Ability: 265 Siren’s Caress
Defense Ability: 265 Dodge
Damage: 50 Siren’s Caress (Cold)
AT: None

Zeon: 2,100
MA: 100 (5 Multiple)
Magic Projection: 265
Path Level: 80 Path of Water
Free Access Spells: Sub-Path Blood, Change Colour, Infinite Bag, Net, Eliminate Spells, Read Minds, Acid Cloud, Plague, Invisibility
Metamagic Spheres: 100 Total (100 Spent): Life Magic (One Sphere), Force Speed, Endure Supernatural Damage, Spiritual Loop (Two Spheres), Double Innate Spells, Natural Maintenance

Essential Abilities: The Gift, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Supernatural Spiritual Characteristics, Zen, Physical Exemption, Natural Immunity to an Element (Complete Immunity Cold), Natural Knowledge of a Path 80 (Path of Water), Superior Magic Recovery, Gestureless Casting, Unspoken Casting
Powers: Siren’s Caress (Natural Weapon, Elemental Attack Cold), Damage Energy, Aquatic Movement, +50 Magical Resistance, See the Supernatural, Master of the Supernatural +3 Added Effects

Primary Abilities: Siren’s Caress Module
Secondary Abilities: Magic Appraisal 270, Occult 305, Music 305 (Sing 345), Persuasion 305, Style 280

Race: Demon Sex: Female Age: 2,806 Appearance: 11 Height: 5’8” Weight: 157 lbs. Hair: Long Sea Blue Eyes: Deepest Blue Skin: Dark Blue Languages: Demonic


Number Of Previous Campaigns Present In: 1
First Campaign Appearance: The Dawn of Twilight’s Edge
Inspiration: Personal Creation

Melodee the Siren, one of the two lieutenants to Lord Jeremiah of Twilight’s Edge, is a demoness of incredible power. Wielder of water and ice with ease she is capable of freezing entire armies and washing away entire settlements. Her loyalty to her Lord is complete and unshakable, and she would commit any act or sacrifice any joy should it be required to ensure her Lord’s continued happiness.

She was vanquished along with Lord Jeremiah of Twilight’s Edge by the band of adventurers that stopped the Twilight Egg from hatching. Now that she returns with him she has avowed to never allow such a failure to occur again.


Anima: Beyond Malaz Vrenash