Lynn Steiner

Heiress to the Steiner Family of the Black Sun, don't mistake her for a harmless noble.


As the heiress to the Steiner Family of the Black Sun, Lynn Steiner had access to nearly unlimited financial resources, numerous magic items, and the best quality of life anyone could hope for. She could live the dream and be anything she wanted. A true believer in the role of the mercantile business that their organization, Lynn Steiner was also one of the most outspoken opponents to the Delecroix Family’s research into the necromantic arts. On more then one occasion would she be attempted to be assassinated, but her skills and potent collection of artifacts kept her safe through it all.

Then Gaia ended, and she was cast into the abyss of nothingness. Managing to pull herself back into reality in this strange new world of Malaz, she finds that there is still plenty of gold to be found from the artifacts she was able to bring with her.

Having now joined with the pirate fleet of Sir Admiral Captain Jack Sparrow, Prelate of the Order of Knowledge, Lynn sees the opportunity she needs to sell her merchandise, but also to possibly recreate a better world where she and her family can live once more.

Lynn Steiner

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