Lord Jeremiah of Twilight's Edge

Half-Demon, Demigod, and back from oblivion beyond the stars.


Lord Jeremiah of Twilight’s Edge
Level: 16 Class: Warlock LP: 320 Category: Being Between Worlds, Gnosis 50
Size: 19 Regeneration: 5 Movement Value: 13 Fatigue: Tireless

Str: 12 Dex: 13 Agi: 13 Con: 12 Pow: 13 Int: 13 Wp: 13 Per: 13
PhR: 175 MR: 190 PsR: 180 VR: 175 DR: 175

Initiative: 170 Natural, 180 Twilight’s Edge
Attack Ability: 325 Natural, 295/295 Twilight Chains, 355 Twilight’s Edge
Defense Ability: 325 Block, 325 Twilight Chains, 355 Twilight’s Edge
Damage: 60 Twilight Chains, 130 Twilight’s Edge

MK: 320
Ki (Accum): Str 14(2), Dex 16(3), Agi 16(3), Con 14(2), Pow 16(3), Wp 16(3)

Zeon: 3,020
MA: 60 (4 Multiple)
Magic Projection: 275 Offensive
Path Level: 80 Darkness, 80 Light
Metamagic Spheres: 70 (70 Spent): Remove Protection (One Sphere), Mystic Accuracy (Two Spheres), Expanded Area (One Sphere), Offensive Expertise (Two Spheres), Double Damage

Essential Abilities: Gift, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Spiritual Characteristics, Unnatural Size, Zen, Physical Exemption, Superior Magic Recovery, Natural Knowledge of a Path 80 (Darkness), Gestureless Casting, Unspoken Casting
Powers: Damage Energy, Resistances of Twilight’s Edge (+50 Physical Resistances, +50 MR, +50 PsR), Armor of Twilight (AT 8 ALL), See the Supernatural, Twilight Chains (Natural Weapons, 2 Additional Attacks -30 Attack Ability, Independent Attacks), Critical Immunity, Spiritual Barrier (100 LP a Turn)

Primary Abilities: Long Sword Module, Magic Projection as An Attack
Secondary Abilities: Magic Appraisal 295, Occult 265, Leadership 265, Persuasion 265, Science 265, Style 200

Possessions: Twilight’s Edge (This legendary blade originates from no world, but within the soul of Lord Jeremiah of Twilight’s Edge. It is this blade that grants him his namesake, that provided him with his supernatural power. This artifact, while not sentient, supernaturally belongs to his soul and enhances all forms of his power. Even drawing this weapon from its chain sheath can utterly destroy lesser opponents. When Lord Jeremiah draws Twilight’s Edge all non-demonic entities must pass a PhR 180 or suffer LP Damage equal to their failure level. Anyone that fails by more then 60 points Dies immediately. Once drawn, this blade is only more threatening to Lord Jeremiah’s opponents. Twilight’s Edge is treated as a +30 Long Sword that hits on the Energy table. Anyone that is killed by Twilight’s Edge has their soul absorbed and trapped in one of the chains that trail from his shoulders like a cloak, and may not be revived by any means. In addition it has numerous powers that can be tapped into by Lord Jeremiah spending Ki, Zeon, or LP. All costs listed are based on Zeon, with each point of Ki counts as 10 Zeon, and each LP counts as 5 Zeon. He may activate one power each turn and does not need to charge to perform them. 50 (Faultless Blade): All attacks Lord Jeremiah makes this turn ignore the defender’s AT. 100 (Terrorizing Nightmare): Lord Jeremiah may make a Distance Attack of range 300 feet that also gains the benefits of Trail of Destruction, with a Base Damage of 100. 250 (Imprisoning Dreams): By attacking one enemy within melee range of him, if Lord Jeremiah successfully hits the target they receive no damage but must pass a MR 200 or else suffer from Complete Paralysis, Blindness, Deafness, and Muteness for 1 Turn per point of failure. 500 (Hand of the Game Master): Unleashing the power of trapped souls that Lord Jeremaih keeps within his possession, he generates a colossal fountain of terrorizing energy that strikes all within 1 Mile of his position. This attack is treated as having a Base Damage of 300.)

Race: Half-Demon Sex: Male Age: 246 Appearance: 6 Height: 6’9” Weight: 240 lbs. Hair: Short Brown Eyes: Rainbow Skin: Lightly Tanned Languages: Demonic


Number Of Previous Campaigns Present In: 1
First Campaign Appearance: The Dawn of Twilight’s Edge
Inspiration: Personal Creation

Lord Jeremiah of Twilight’s Edge was an entity of great power when he appeared within the realm of Melonin. With a legion of devils and demons serving at his beck and call, along with his powerful companions Grrzutt and Melodee he intended to unite all of the world’s downtrodden beneath his banner so that he might ascend to the rank of most powerful deity in the land.

His movement was proceeding with alarming efficiency, until the interference by a cobbled together band of adventurers were able to find the power required to send Lord Jeremiah to oblivion amoungst the stars. Until now…

Lord Jeremiah of Twilight's Edge

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