Kruppe believes all that need be said in description has been discussed previously.


Number of Previous Campaigns Present In: 1
First Campaign Appearance: An Interactive Tale From The Malazan Book of The Fallen
Inspiration: Steven Erikson’s “Tales of The Malazan Book Of The Fallen”

Kruppe is a man known by countless individuals, yet possibly only a single Elder God is truly capable of understanding him. He has been known by many titles; The Eel, Thief King of Darujhistan, that infurriating little fat man that never pays his tab, etc.

As wide as he is tall, older in years but still remaining cherub like features, a ratty beard and moustache, and always clad in a red waistcoat that is in perpetual battle with his large gut, Kruppe is an easily recognized individual.

I am merely pleasantly plump, yonder writer of insulting description. My features are regal and distinguished, my facial hair the envy of kings, and my waistcoat is sewn by the most talented hands imaginable.

It was through the manipulations of Kruppe that, after a poorly executed theft attempt, the original party responsible for stopping Kazrith The Infernal and the fragment of The Crippled God was brought together and guided towards their final destination. Numerous other missives and adventures have been initiated by a wave of his pudgy fingers.

I do believe you have mistakenly misinterpreted the purpose of the job in which I entrusted some that would go forth to assist in the saving of the world and all. Never was the theft bungled, bobbled, or dropped, but in fact it was executed exactly as wise Kruppe knew it would be. Without such guidance the world now would not be as it is, nor would you and I know of each other and be having this most prodigious of conversations. And my fingers are far from pudgy, they are immaculately dextrous I shall have you know.

Now Kruppe spends much of his days still within his precious city of Darujhistan, monitoring the goings on about him, enjoying fine sweets and wines, and refusing to pay the massive tabs which he has managed to raise upon the merciful staff of the Phoenix Inn. Well aware of the situation he may well be, but for now he will pop another dainty in his mouth and watch to see how it unfolds, until his assistance is needed.

A most fitting and very nearly accurate conclusion I must commend you upon. You failed to mention the enjoyment of the endless stream of charming ladies which flock to Kruppe’s glorious self in droves, and never has Kruppe once not paid a bill or tab that was due to him. Eventually. But, with such minor matters finished I find that I shall indeed turn back to the fresh plate of sweets which have most bountifully and generously appeared within the reach of Kruppe’s glorious comportment, and so must they vanish happily within the maw of one smiling face, until pastry and cream cram said orifice into glorious oblivion. For now I bid you farewell, keeper of the records. Should you make any further errors I shall, in my infinite wisdom and generosity, happily correct them for you.

Wait a minute, where did all these extra comments come from? And where the hell did all my snacks go?!


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