High Mage Vindone Stall

Local Head of the Darujhistan Trygalle Trade Guild Office.


High Mage Vindone Stall
Level: 8 Class: Wizard LP: 150
Size: 15 Regeneration: 2 Movement Value: 6 Fatigue: 8

Str: 7 Dex: 8 Agi: 6 Con: 8 Pow: 11 Int: 12 Wp: 7 Per: 6
PhR: 75 MR: 95 PsR: 70 VR: 65 DR: 65

Initiative: 75 Natural
Attack Ability: 20 +10 Mace
Defense Ability: 20 +10 Mace
Damage: 65 +10 Mace
AT: None

MK: 80 (70 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Inhumanity

Zeon: 1,750
MA: 50 (5 Multiple)
Magic Projection: 190
Path Level: 50 Hood’s Path, 50 Thyr the Path of Light, 40 Mockra the Path of the Mind

Advantages/Disadvantages: High Mage (2 CP, Magical Exhaustion, Magical Consumption), Natural Knowledge of a Path (1 CP, Hood’s Path), Superior Magic Recovery (1 CP), Addiction (-1 CP, D’bayan Poppy)

Primary Abilities: Mace Module
Secondary Abilities: Magic Appraisal 200, Occult 140, Trading 180, Persuasion 180, Leadership 160, Navigation 140, Composure 125

Possessions: +10 Mace (designed to look like a walking stick), Luxury Robes, 500 GC in jewelry (rings, a broach), Darujhistan’s Trygalle Trade Ledger

Race: Daru Sex: Male Age: 73 Appearance: 7 Height: Weight: Hair: Short Grey, Long Moustache Eyes: Iron Grey Skin: Burnished, slightly wrinkled Languages: Daru, Malazan, Seven Cities (General, Two Tribe Dialects)


The head of this Trygalle Trade Guild Office is the High Mage by the name of Vindone Stall. This man serves as an excellent representative for trading, negotiating deals and prices, but his days of running a carriage are behind him as he is quite old. The man laughs often and heartily, but trying to put one over on his is nearly impossible. He takes his business exceptionally serious, but always with a smile at least.

High Mage Vindone Stall

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