One Who Governs Power


Elizabeth, Master Invoker
Level: 15 Class: Summoner LP: 160 Category: Gnosis 40
Size: 11 Regeneration: 1 Movement Value: 7 Fatigue: 6

Str: 6 Dex: 9 Agi: 7 Con: 6 Pow: 14 Int: 9 Wp: 13 Per: 9
PhR: 115 MR: 125 PsR: 125 VR: 105 DR: 105

Initiative: 115 Natural
Attack Ability: 10 Natural
Defense Ability: 10 Block
Damage: 15 Natural
AT: None

MK: 150 (150 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str 6(1), Dex 9(1), Agi 7(1), Con 6(1), Pow 18(3), Wp 16(3)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Inhumanity, Zen, Physical Dominion, Age Control

Zeon: 3,185 (935 Remaining With 6 Personas Active)
MA: 90 (6 Multiple)
Summoning Skills: Summon 600, Control 175, Bind 175, Banish 200

Special Abilities: Master Incarnation Summoner (By being One Who Governs Power, as well as the keeper of The Persona Compendium, Elizabeth is able to tap into the powers of certain summoned and exceptional individuals in the form of entities known as Personas. Her individual power is to have multiple different Personas that she can access by opening her compendium. All of them have extensive and substantial powers. She only has to pay ¼ of the Zeon cost, and can have any number of them active at one time, but it decreases her maximum zeon pool by the casting cost as long as she keeps the Persona active. Her list of commonly active Personas are listed below, including their powers. Each of her Personas has 50 LP, and when any one of them has suffered 50 LP in damage it may not be used unless she restores LP to herself.)

Attack Ability: 300 Block Ability: 250
Initiative: 100
Weapon: Flaming Sword of Ragnarok

Flaming Sword of Ragnarok (Weapon): This ability creates a +20 Bastard Sword, with 140 Base Damage which uses the Heat or Cut Attack Type. Anyone hit by it Automatically Suffers the In Flames Condition.

Ragnarok: This special attack by Surt requires one turn of preparation, and can be the only attack it makes in a turn. Following charging Ragnarok, this attack generates a massive conflagration of flame that results in a 60 ft. Radius Area Attack with Base Damage 280 (Heat), and anyone that suffers damage from it is immediately Burning to Ashes. However, those that prepare to defend against this attack will find it much easier to evade. Anyone that takes a Full Defense action against Ragnarok receives +100 Block or Dodge, the Base Damage is only 140, and it does not automatically light them on fire.

Consuming Presence: Surt’s mere presence gives off excruciating heat. Anyone within 50 feet of Surt must pass a PhR 140 check or lose LP equal to their failure level.

God of Flame: Surt is Immune to Fire Damage, but suffers Double Damage from Cold based attacks.

Jack Frost
Attack Ability: 250 Dodge Ability: 250
Initiative: 140
Weapon: Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust (Weapon): Each turn Jack Frost can unleash a Fairy Dust attack as a Complex Attack action. This attack is an Area Attack of 100 ft. Radius, Base Damage 50 (Cold), and anyone that Suffers Damage from it must pass a MR 120 or suffer from Fascination. In addition, every time Jack Frost uses Fairy Dust, it or another of Elizabeth’s Personas is able to restore 50 LP (even if the Persona was previously broken).

Comedic Relief: Due to Jack Frost’s uniquely adorable nature, and wonderfully klutzy antics, everything it seems to do is just hilarious. Therefore, Jack Frast is treated as having a Style 320 Secondary Ability Score.

Ice Fairy: Jack Frost is Immune to Cold Damage, but suffers Double Damage from Cold based attacks.

Attack Ability: 280 Block Ability: 280
Initiative: 80
Weapon: Mjolnir

Mjolnir (Weapon): This ability creates a +20 Great Warhammer, with 140 Base Damage (Impact/Elec)

Thunder Reign: In order to use this attack Thor first makes a normal attack with Mjolnir. If this attack hits, instead of inflicting normal damage it creates a 50 ft. cone of lightning that arcs out from the initial target, attacking all within the range with the same Final Attack Score as the initial attack, with a Base Damage 100 (Elec). Should Thunder Reign be Blocked, Dodged, or Thor attacks an object instead of a living target, the Base Damage is only 50.

Armor of a Norse God: The armor that Thor wears gives him AT 6 against all damage types, including Energy, and it cannot be reduced by any means, except by those from individuals with Gnosis 40 or higher.

Norse God of Thunder: Thor receives Half Damage from attacks based on Electricity or Cold.

Cu Chulainn
Attack Ability: 280 Block Ability: 280
Initiative: 120
Weapon: Gae Bolg

Gae Bolg (Weapon): This ability creates a +20 Lance, with 100 Base Damage (Thrust). In addition, Damage from Gae Bolg cannot be prevented, and counts as Sacrifice for Regeneration.

Heart Seeker Strike: Cu Chulainn can kick the Gae Bolg towards an enemy. This allows it to make a single 300 ft. Distance Attack in place of any other attacks, which still benefit from Gae Bolg’s special abilities. The Gae Bolg returns to Cu Chulainn automatically upon completion of the attack.

Armor of the Hound: The Armor that Cu Chulainn weares gives him AT 3 against all damge types, including Energy, and it cannot be reduced by any means, except by those from individuals with Gnosis 40 or higher.

Ireland’s Favored Son: Cu Chulain is Immune to all Damage inflicted using Cut, Impact, or Thrust Damage types, but suffers Double Damage from Energy Attacks or supernatural attacks based on an element.

Attack Ability: 300 Block Ability: 300
Initiative: 80
Weapon: Hand of God (Martial Arts) & Metatron’s Cube

Hand of God (Weapon): This unique Martial arts style known simply as the Hand of God allows Metatron to perform 2 Attacks a turn with Base Damage 80 (Energy), and elementally aligned to Light.

Metatron’s Cube (Weapon): This ability creates a Cube bearing a unique and distinct geometric pattern, thought to associate with The Tree of Life. By focusing divine energy into Metatron’s Cube for 3 Combat Turns, Metatron can unleash a 300 ft. Radius Light Based attack that inflicts no damage, but anyone struck by it must pass a MR 180 check or suffer Death from the divine radiance. For each individual that dies due to Metatron’s Cube, Elizabeth may restore one of her Broken Personas to full LP.

Voice of God: Metatron is treated as having a Final Secondary Ability Score in Persuasion of 440.

Divine Countenance: Metatron is Immune to Damage from Light based Attacks, and suffers Half Damage from attacks based on Heat, Elec, or Cold. Metatron suffers Double Damage from Darkness based Attacks.

Attack Ability: 330 Block Ability: 330
Initiative: 140
Weapons: Edge of Death & Chain of Coffins

Edge of Death (Weapon): This ability creates a +20 Long sword with Base Damage 115 (Energy, Darkness Aligned), which negates the Defender’s AT, and damage inflicted by Edge of Death counts as Sacrifice. It can harm any form of creature, even those with a higher Gnosis then the blade or its wielder.

Chain of Coffins (Weapon): This ability creates a long chain connecting numerous massive stone coffins which float around Thanatos’ form. This floating coffins allow Thanatos to ignore all penalties for defending against multiple attacks in one turn.

Grand Finale: Elizabeth will only use Thanatos when all of her other Personas are Broken. Should one of her other Personas be restored while she is using Thanatos, she will switched to this restored Persona at her earliest convenience.

Binding Coffin: Thanatos may perform this attack against an Opponent in place of another one of its attacks. If Thanatos hits with this attack, it deals no damage and the defender must instead resist a trapping maneuver against Strength 18 as Thanatos tries to throw them into one of its Stone Coffins. The coffin itself is what maintains the trap, which means Thanatos may continue to act normally with as many individuals trapped at once as it likes.

Ghastly Wail: Thanatos may only perform this Special Attack against an opponent that is currently suffering Complete Paralysis due to its Binding Coffin attack. Ghastly Wail is a Complete Attack action, gives Thanatos an automatic Final Attack Ability 440, and a Base Damage of 500. In addition, any Critical Inflicted by this attack has its Critical Level increased by 100.

Shadow of Death: Thanatos may never receive more then 10 LP worth of damage from a single attack, except those based on light which may be able to inflict 20 LP of damage to it in a single attack.

Primary Abilities: Persona Compendium Module
Secondary Abilities: Occult 275, Magic Appraisal 75, Music 150 (Singing), Persuasion 225, Style 200, Notice 150, Composure 275

Possessions: The Persona Compendium, Luxury Elevator Attendant Attire

Race: One Who Governs Power Sex: Female Age: Unknown Appearance: 9 Height: 5’6” Weight: 123 lbs. Hair: Silver Bob Eyes: Brilliant Gold Skin: Porcelain Languages: Japanese, English


Number of Previous Campaigns Present In: 0
First Campaign Appearance: Anima: Beyond Malaz
Inspiration: Elizabeth from Persona 3

Formerly a servant within a strange dimension known as The Velvet Room. Within this strange place she served the role of “One Who Governs Power”, watching over the visitors that found their way there, and made a contract. It was in meeting and learning about one such visitor that her entire world changed, and now she spends her days trying to find a way to change the fate of this unique young man. Now, the question that remains is what role could the party have in her desires and plans.


Anima: Beyond Malaz Vrenash