Dina Southpaw

A Napan dancer and poet of many talents.


Dina Southpaw
Level: 7 Class: Assassin LP: 130
Size: 12 Regeneration: 1 Movement Value: 9 Fatigue: 7

Str: 6 Dex: 12 Agi: 10 Con: 7 Pow: 9 Int: 8 Wp: 7 Per: 8
PhR: 65 MR: 70 PsR: 65 VR: 65 DR: 65

Initiative: 145 Natural, 145 Stiletto
Attack Ability: 170 Natural
Defense Ability: 140 Dodge
Damage: 40 Stiletto
AT: Cut 1, Impact 0, Thrust 2, Heat 1, Elec 2, Cold 2, Ene 0

MK: 140 (140 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Inhumanity, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Zen

Advantages/Disadvantages: Amidextrous (1 CP), Aptitude in a Field (Creative, 2 CP)

Primary Abilities: Stilleto Module, Wear Armor 5, Precision Attack Module
Secondary Abilities: Athleticism 80, Persuasion 130, Style 80, Notice 120, Search 120, Memorize 90, Hide 120, Stealth 120, Poisons 85, Composure 80, Trap Lore 90, Sleight of Hand 180, Dance 180, Art 180

Possessions: 10 Stilettos, Armored Longcoat, several pairs good quality traveling clothes, Good Quality Ball Gown, large blank page book filled with poetry of her own writing, ink pen, ink, 3 weeks trail rations, Good Quality Fan, earrings, bracelet, backpack, bedroll, wineskin, flint and tinder, 30 feet good rope, small tent.

Race: Napan Sex: Female Age: 23 Appearance: 8 Height: Weight: Hair: Dark Blue Eyes: Sea Blue Skin: Deep Blue Languages: Malazan, Napan, Wickan


First met in the Napan port village of Coluit, Dina Southpaw is a traveling Napan dancer that also passes her time with writing tales and poetry. A beautiful, and naturally talented dancer, she has picked up many useful skills in her travels. Her desire is to travel the world, gathering as many experiences as she can to grow as a person.

Following a rather personal meeting with fynn stratt at The Carnival Obscuras, Dina has decided that her usual wanderings may need to come to an end. Now she is considering travel with a collection of unique individuals to learn from. After all, Fynn owes her more then just a carnival ticket given the show the two of them put on.

Dina Southpaw

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