Deckard Cain

Stay a While, and Listen...


Deckard Cain
Level: 13 Class: Wizard LP: 160 Category: Gnosis 45
Size: 12 Regeneration: 1 Movement Value: 7 Fatigue: 7

Str: 5 Dex: 8 Agi: 7 Con: 7 Pow: 13 Int: 11 Wp: 8 Per: 5
PhR: 95 MR: 135 PsR: 100 VR: 95 DR: 95

Initiative: 120 Natural, 110 Quarterstaff, 0 Idiot Fullblade
Attack Ability: 10 Natural, 10 Quarterstaff, -50 Idiot Fullblade
Defense Ability: 5 Dodge
Damage: 30 Quarterstaff, 175 Idiot Fullblade
AT: None

MK: 130 (120 Spent)
Ki (Accum): Str 5(1), Dex 8(1), Agi 7(1), Con 7(1), Pow 16(3), Wp 8(1)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Inhumanity, Zen

Zeon: 3,275
MA: 120 (8 Multiples)
Magic Projection: 250
Path Level: (140 Total), 50 Kurald Thyrllan Elder Warren of Light, 50 Tellan Elder Warren of Fire, 40 Serc the Path of The Sky

Advantages/Disadvantages: Aptitude in a Field (Intellectual, 2 CP), Jack of All Trades (2 CP), High Mage of Elder Warrens (3 CP) Unspoken Casting (1 CP), Gestureless Casting (1 CP), Superior Magic Recover (3 CP), Gradual Magic Learning (2 CP), Magic Nature (1 CP), Insufferable (-1 CP), Subtract 2 From a Characteristic (Strength, -1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Quarterstaff Module
Secondary Abilities: Magic Appraisal 260, Occult 245, Animals 200, Appraisal 150, Herbal Lore 200, History 200, Medicine 200, Memorize 200, Navigation 150, Science 200

Possessions: Quarterstaff, Idiot Fullblade Robes, Deckard’s Tome of Knowledge (This magic book contains all the knowledge and secrets that Deckard Kain has learned during his existence. However, all information they try to gain is read to them in Deckard Kain’s voice, as slowly as he wants as though he were talking to them in person.)

Race: Dal Hon Sex: Male Age: Ancient Appearance: 4 Height: 5’3" Weight: 121 lbs. Hair: Long White Eyes: Sharp Brown Skin: Ebony Languages: Most of Them


Number of Previous Campaigns Present In: 1
First Campaign Appearance: An Interactive Tale From The Malazan Book Of The Fallen
Inspiration: From the Mind of A Player, borrowed from the world of “Diablo”

Deckard Cain began as a simple, and eccentric, scholar traveling from his native Dal Hon to the far reaches of the Malazan Empire. A powerful High Mage, his skills with a multitude of Warrens allowed for him to survive many encounters and challenging opponents that otherwise surely would have bested him.

Judged by those around him as lacking in sensibility, combat skills, and often the ability to form coherent statements, his survival was often greeted with disbelief. Other times he was viewed with disgust and boiling rage, due to his endless fawning over beautiful young women bordering on harassment.

By vanquishing a fragment of the being known as The Crippled God, and through the belief in his supernatural powers largely provided by one of his fellow party members, whom had recently reacquired his home city, Deckard Cain was able to Ascend, gaining the field of Knowledge as his own. With his newly minted divinity at his fingertips, Deckard performed the only logical next step as he could see it, start a family, create a demi-plane of existence, and mostly ignore the meandering of mortals, unless it can give him a good story to record.

Deckard Cain

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