"It's a miniature sea-cucumber, not a rat's tail."


Level: 6 Class: Freelancer LP: 165
Size: 18 Regeneration: 3 Movement Value: 8 Fatigue: 10

Str: 8 Dex: 10 Agi: 8 Con: 10 Pow: 11 Int: 10 Wp: 9 Per: 8
PhR: 70 MR: 70 PsR: 70 VR: 70 DR: 70

Initiative: 95 Natural, 95 Dagger
Attack Ability: 140 Dagger
Defense Ability: 135 Dodge
Damage: 50 Dagger
AT: Ene 2

MK: 120 MK (100 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Energy Armor, Inhumanity

Advantages/Disadvantages: Jack of All Trades (2 CP), Fortunate (1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Wear Armor 10, Dagger Module
Secondary Abilities: Athleticism 90, Climb 90, Swim 90, Notice 90, Search 90, Navigation 140, Animals 120, Trap Lore 120, Art 250 (Cooking 290), Music 180 (Singing 220)

Possessions: 10 Daggers (Butcher Knife, Filleting Knife, etc.), Good Apron

Race: Malazan Sex: Male Appearance: 4 Height: 6’1" Weight: 200 lbs. Hair: Short brown Eyes: Blue Skin: Oily, Major Jowls Languages: Malazan, Letherii, Talian, Meckros


Number of Previous Campaigns Present In: 0
First Campaign Appearance: Anima: Beyond Malaz
Inspiration: Personal Creation

The Cook of The Wicked Wench is a man of dignified standing, renowned constitution, and jowls that give him a triangular head and no neck. Creator of a wide bevy of food to keep the merciless band of pirates aboard happy, or at least tired.

However, unknown to most on board The Wicked Wench, Cook had a greatly storied past, as well as a real name.

Born Albrecht Anhowser III, he began his legacy by joining the Malazan military, where he was unanimously voted into the role of squad cook. Therefore, he earned his new name; Cook. Traveling across numerous continents, facing death upon numerous fields but always making it out alive. His impressive culinary skills kept his units some of the most pleased and nourished amidst the forces, and he drew the eye of certain important figures. This lead to his employ in the personal staff of Empress Laseen, where once more he assumed his real name.

For several years he served within the capital of Unta, until the report came in that Laseen had been killed and that a new Emperor was going to be taking over. Preferring to make his escape rather then have to serve this new wretch of a man. Therefore he made his way onto the first ship leaving Unta, returning to his old monicker of Cook.

Now aboard The Wicked Wench Cook happily provides his culinary skills and talents to those around them. Sometimes it is better to not ask exactly what the ingredients in the secret sauce are.


Anima: Beyond Malaz Vrenash