Choji Suitengu

Businessman, Warrior, Lover, and Counter of Moments


Choji Suitengu
Dark Paladin, Level 10, Size 16, Appearance 9
Life Points 270, Regeneration 6, Movement Value 10, Fatigue 9

Str: 7 Dex: 11 Agi: 10 Con: 9 Pow: 10 Int: 10 Wp: 10 Per: 7
PhR: 85 MR: 90 PsR: 90 VR: 85 DR: 85

Initiative: 115 Blood Wings
Attack Ability: 250 Blood Wings
Defense Ability: 200 Blood Wings
Damage: 55 Blood Wings (Thrust)
AT: Cut 2, Impact 1, Thrust 2, Heat 0, Elec 2, Cold 2, Ene 0 (Perpunte)

MK: 210 (210 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Weight Elimination, Levitation, Flight, Presence Extrusion, Use of Necessary Energy, Penalty Reduction, Inhumanity, Physical Shield, Age Control, Aura Extension, Increased Speed
Ki (Accum): Str 7 (1): Dex 12 (2): Agi 10 (2): Con 9 (1): Pow 10 (2): Wp 10 (2)

Advantages/Disadvantages: Legacy of Blood: Natural Weapons (Uses His Own Blood, Shield Against Projectiles, Dual Weapon, 1 CP), Charm (1 CP), Regeneration: Advanced (2 CP), Exclusive Weapons (-1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Wear Armor 65
Secondary Abilities: Athleticism 75, Intimidate 150, Leadership 200, Persuasion 150, Style 150, Notice 25, Composure 150, Withstand Pain 150, Trading 200, Etiquette 150

Possessions: Perpunte Armor, Luxury Longcoat (White with black feather lining), luxury pants, luxury men’s underwear, luxury gloves, luxury shoes, luxury decorated cane, luxury glasses, 1000 GC

Sex: Male Age: 28 Height: 6’0” Weight: 184 lbs. Hair: Long White Eyes: Black Skin: Caucasian


Number of Previous Campaigns Present In: 1
First Campaign Appearance: Creations of The Moons
Inspiration: The Anime “Speedgrapher”

One of Esorchan‘s longest standing friends, Choji Suitengu is a man of great power, class, and calculation. Intelligent, handsome, charming, and cut-throat, Suitengu was able to amass an enormous fortune, and significant influence, in the time before Esorchan’s plans came to fruition. Always having been a man of excess, there isn’t a pleasure that Suitengu will not seek out, weapon he won’t use to destroy those that stand against him. He well understands the loss that drives Esorchan, and it is that shared knowledge that kept Suitengu at his friend’s side since the end of their struggles.

Now, a new challenge awaits them, and Suitengu for one looks forward to it. He hopes that such a challenge can pull his companion from his morose remembrance. Both of them could use the chance to get their hearts beating to the fullest again. They have languished for far too long.

Choji Suitengu

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