Anima: Beyond Malaz

Sea Monkeys In A Barrel

Pirates vs. Primates

• Captain Jack Sparrow awakens to other memories that he doesn’t have from Malaz itself. He crawl over to his desk and takes a swig of rum before pondering his thoughts.
• Ship’s Mage Elspeth pulls herself up from the floor, goes to the galley, gets coffee, adds some rum to it, then grabs an apple and goes. She begins eating, finds a worm, spits it out, cuts out the rest of the worm with her stilleto, then flicks the core over the edge of the boat. They are just off the coast of Theft. She then goes down to get more coffee.
• Fynn wakes up, gets all of his weapons and armor on, then slowly makes his way on top of the deck. Bo’sun also rises up, asking if it is Hickory, Dickory, and Doc, Elspeth says that she doesn’t, Fynn says that its Doc. Bo’sun asks Doc how things be going and if he needs any help. Doc offers to let Bo’sun borrow his massive whip to continue them forward, Bo’sun suggesting it in highly inappropriate ways. Bo’sun begins whipping them into shape. Elspeth then goes below deck to watch the cook to make sure he doesn’t add rat to it.
• Jack boldly opens the door steps out, and shouts for ‘Mr. Gibbs!’. At which point the navigator, a Miss Scrabb. Jack asks for their heading, looking for what they are up to. She says they are looking for things to pillage. Jack looks at his compass, and it says for them to change their heading north, after cursed gold, going north. Then he goes down below deck in order to get some food as the course is set.
• Ryn asks Cook if there is any rat being used this time, Cook is offended and says that he would never do such a terrible thing, and that they are all good and noble. Then he gave her a heaping bowl, including a rat tail. Elspeth glares at him, but the Cook says they are miniature sea-cucumbers. Jack appears and says that he will have one holding the sea-cucumbers. Elspeth also wants no sea-cucumber. Cook takes her stew away. She asks for more soup, cook looks at her, Jack suggests she call it stew, and so she does get more indeed. Then they go to the table, and Elspeth finds a ‘sea-cucumber’ in hers. She eats around it grummly. The others join, except for Emac, who is down ill. Arguments begin, Ryn gets food and leaves, and the others sneak away while Bo’sun and Elspeth argue regarding the ‘sea-cucumbers’ tasting terrible.
• Then Ryn while in the crow’s nest and sees a derelict ship. She calls it down, and so Jack has Hickory gather the crew to prepare for boarding. They wake up the crew, and begin preparing for boarding. Then Jack begins organizing what items they have for boarding, grappling hooks, the boarding party begins preparing for boarding the ship, with others manning the ballista, including the three idiot members that argue regarding their chance to prove their worth, after a month, Jack tells them to shut up. Cabin Boy Tlapcrap asks if he can join the boarding party, and Jack says no. As they get closer Jack has Tlapcrap raises the white flag, they get no response, then eventually Ryn notices that there is a face, and it is a monkey. The bhok’arala screeches down at Jack, and Jack tells Ryn to kill the monkey. She shoots the bhok’arala in the face and it falls backwards. Jack compliments her, the boarding party gets ready, throws their hooks, and then Bo’sun is hit in the face by feces thrown by the not dead bhok’arala in the crow’s nest. Ryn fires another four arrows before bringing the monkey down finally, with Jack wondering what took so long for her to kill it, and telling the idiots on the ballista to belay their self given order to fire a bolt into the crow’s nest of the other ship. Then they began boarding the ship. Fynn made it over, tried to look around, and missed the feces he stepped on to fall into the hold. He is able to land it, but sees that he is surrounded by 10 bhok’arala holding poo. Then the boarding party begins climbing the rope, where 6 more bhok’arala appear above the deck and throw poo down upon those boarding the ship, only succeeding in hitting Bho’sun. Then Elspeth fires a volley of 3 Light Beams in order to vaporize two of them, and greatly injure a third. Then Bo’sun continues to slowly climb upwards, while the other crew continue climbing up the ropes. Then Fynn makes his way past the bhok’arala, looks behind him with swords drawn. The 10 bhok’arala then assault him with a firing volley of feces that harm Fynn a good deal. Then Hickory grabs the bhok’arala that is in front of him and throws it into the water. Then the rest of the crew also boards. Ryn fires another arrow to injure one of the monkeys with a shot to the ribs. Then Bo’sun continues his slow progress upwards. Then Jack looks down at the monkey thrown in the water, laughs and spits down at it, see sharks circling it. With the pirates aboard, another laser, more arrows one through the heart, and some violence the monkeys on deck die. Fynn throws a sharper, crippling seven of the 10, then runs up to the top of the deck. The injured bhok’arala do not follow up and wait. Once all of the bhok’arala on deck are Bo’sun seeing that the fight is now over. With the harm done Jack boards the ship, looking around, seeing nothing fancy but some of the treasure in the hold, then makes his way over to the captain’s quarters, opens the door, and looks inside.
• Inside the captain’s quarters Jack is able to see a valuable looking saber, an open closet filled with nice clothes, a variety of furniture, a chest, and atop the table in the center a large book and a free piece of paper. He also sees three more bhok’arala, and a forth that is six feet tall, wearing a casque helmet and chainmail, with 2 battle axes and 2 warhammers across its back. On the helmet is labeled ‘Bobbo, the Destroyer’. Jack slams the door swiftly, his back pressed up against it, and calls for help. The door to the captain’s cabin shatters behind him, spinning Jack around to the windows nearest the railing, as Bobbo puts one of his battle axes through the door in one heavy chop. Bo’sun draws his sword and moves to keep Bobbo trapped within the cabin. Fynn begins throwing knives down into the hold at the bhok’arala he injured, until the sounds of battle from the captain’s cabin draw him over. Bo’sun and Bobbo are locked in fierce combat, with neither really being able to get an edge up on the other, while Bobbo’s three minion bhok’arala press up behind him to try and join the fray. Fynn throws a dagger at Bobbo, who knocks the dagger away and throws one of his battleaxes at Fynn, grazing his shoulder before embedding itself in the railing. Elspeth fired another light beam into Bobbo, scorching his flesh and sizzling his fur, but still the great beast stood. Unable to get an angle on the new threat, Ryn ran across the top of the mast and prepared to leap onto the other ship. Unfortunately she slipped, getting one foot caught in the rigging, and hanging upside down with a less then pleased expression upon her face. The rest of the boarding party and crew watching the violence that ensuing, unable to truly affect anything at the moment. At that moment the five remaining bhok’arala from below deck fly up onto the deck and unleash another volley of feces at Bo’sun. He takes some glancing blows, one solid one, and is a distracting turn of events. Ryn, from her upside down position, puts an arrow into one of the bhok’arala that just flew up, piercing its heart. Fynn threw another dagger at Bobbo, which was again batted aside and countered by a hurled axe, which again Fynn avoided, then Fynn turned his attention to the bhok’arala behind him. Tired of the effectiveness of Bobbo’s armor, Bo’sun crouched and brought the hilt of his bastard sword crashing down on Bobbo’s unprotected foot. How the giant monkey screamed in pain and rage. Jack at this point opened a window to the captain’s quarters, snuck inside, grabbed the saber and began leafing through the captain’s log on the table, ignoring the fight at the door. Fynn threw one of his remaining daggers at the bhok’arala that flew up from the hold, killing one, and then charging with his short sword one of the three still standing outside the cabin. The winged monkey nimbly dodged the swinging blade, leapt up, and sunk its fangs into Fynn’s armor, and the flesh beneath. The boarding party charged the remaining two bhok’arala, but two men fell into the water do to the slick planks. First Mate Hickory did battle with one, while the other bhok’arala jumped at the crew man that attacked it. Elspeth vaporized the leaping monkey with another light beam. As Hickory crushed the one that he had been fighting, Ryn fired another arrow into Bobbo, and Elspeth finished him off with a final magical blast of light. The three bhok’arala behind the vanquished Bobbo then charged forwards, biting and clawing at Bo’sun. Luckily, the large man’s armor was more then a match for monkey claws and fangs. Having learned what he had hoped regarding the value of the items in the hold, the ship’s previous destinations, and the strange island they came across before this horrible event seemed to take them, Jack wished to open the chest within the room. Picking it up, he walked over to the door and slammed the chest down upon the head of one of the bhok’arala. The chest did not break, but the bhok’arala beneath it most certainly did. Elspeth, having used a great deal of magic, decided she could simply sit back and watch the rest of the events. Ryn, still upside down, fired an arrow into one of the two remaining monkeys, crippling its left arm badly. A follow-up dagger from Fynn finished the creature off. Then, again trying to open the chest, Jack smashed it down upon the last remaining bhok’arala. Again the chest endured over the flesh beneath. With a shrug Jack looked over the bloody mess of a deck before setting to try and open the chest once more.



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