Anima: Beyond Malaz

Rum Flows Through My Veins

Not Even A Seguleh Shall Get In My Way

• Day 8 since The Fall, Mid-Day
• 6 days go by as they go through as Bo’sun continues to work upon the ballista, only to find that he is unable to reinforce it and is most unhappy. Emack drops his improved resistance spells on Fynn and Emack. Ryn dodges a dieing seagull throwing itself down into the crow’s nest, then throws it over to land on Bo’sun which he then scrapes it off. He makes one of the crew clean it up, so they play rock paper scissors and the winner, very excited picks it up, Bo’sun wants to know why Gutter is so happy to have the seagull, and he says nothing. Then Elspeth goes up beside Cynthia and waits for the loss of the rum to be noted.
• Then Jack finds that all the rum is gone, storms onto deck and demands to know who took the last drop of rum, Elspeth says that Tlapcrap did it. Jack demands to know if it was true, Tlapcrap then says that he isn’t allowed to drink, which Jack confirms, and then Tlapcrap breathes to know that he didn’t, Jack asks the crew who did it, and they point at Bo’sun, so Jack tells “the clock” to take Bo’sun down there. Bo’sun takes himself down and then they lock him in. Jack tells Tlapcrap to go and entertain himself with the traitor. Tlapcrap goes down for fun, and Bo’sun offers him to give him 3 GC in order to prove that he didn’t do it. Tlapcrap makes his way back up, somehow, and begins crawling around, trying to find all of the different details going on, Tlapcrap pretends ignorance, then Elspeth asks, Tlapcrap explains in exchange for a pat on the head, and so Elspeth tells Jack that he was the one that drank it, and so they should release Bo’sun. Jack says that they have no need of doing such a thing, so that he can leave when he wants.
• While down below, Bo’sun begins to move and work out while down there, and is then jumped from behind by Captain Schell, who tries to choke him out. Bo’sun defends himself, throws Schell against the wall and asks what is going on, Schell curses at him and says that he wanted to eat him, Bo’sun tells him to stop, Schell attacks again in hopes that Bo’sun will kill him, so Bo’sun dazes him and then ties him to the bars with his chains. Then Bo’sun goes back to working out.
• Above deck they continue looking for further ships, and then another day will be going forward. Elspeth tries to argue that Bo’sun is valuable, but Jack circles his way around it. Jack uses a distraction to vanish back into his cabin to plot and predict.
• Day 9 since the fall.
• As the day gets to the midday Ryn sees another ship approaching and calls it down. Jack appears rapidly, is greatly excited and demands for a boarding party since he sees a great number of rum bottles must be appearing above the ship. The boarding party appears, and then Jack sends Tlapcrap to get Bo’sun, so he falls down the stairs, has Doc let Bo’sun out and Bo’sun goes up, and nags at the captain that Rule 1 of the Pirates Code needs to be changed sinced they were blaming everything going on on him with everything that had happened, and so wants everything to require proof in order for it to actually matter. Jack says they need to wait for everything going on in order to deal with the looting first. Gutter comes up to join the boarding party in a brand new seagull skin and feather hat. Then Bo’sun goes around in order to punch all of the boarding party members in the face. All of them back up and then complain and go under deck in order to get food. Only Bo’sun and Hickory remain aboard the deck in order to serve as the boarding party. Then Cook comes aboard to ask what happens, is informed of exactly what is going on, calls all the other people aboard pansies, and joins the boarding party. Then they get the party ready, with the other members eventually coming back up once Bo’sun gives them a half-assed apology. They then continue to prepare for boarding. As the others prepare, the man Split-Lip, shirtless and covered in scars, especially the one across his face that got him his name, climbs up to the Crow’s Nest with a bowl of ‘avian fare stew’ from cook for Ryn. She accepts it since it shouldn’t have seafood in it, and Split-Lip asks if he can enjoy the ensuing show from up here with her. Ryn shrugs and allows this. When they get close Ryn is able to make out the one-masted ship, a light ballista that is unmanned, 20 moving people and a single person standing by the mast that isn’t moving around. She reports as much to Jack. When they get closer Fynn and the Ballista team throw a quarrel through their ballista. Ryn then reports the scattered running about of the other ship’s crew, except the one standing in the middle, who remains unperturbed. Jack asks if this strange man in the center is their captain, most likely able to tell this by if he is wearing a hat or not. Ryn sees that it isn’t wearing a hat, but a glint does catch her eye. As The Wicked Wench gets closer the boarding party moves into position, and Bo’sun, Hickory, Cook, and the five other male boarders leap across. It is at that point that Ryn notes the man in the middle of the other ship is wearing a mask.
• Upon the other ship, Bo’sun is surprised when Cook and Hickory give each other a look, and then set their weapons down upon the deck. They give looks to the rest of the boarding party, and all but Bo’sun put their weapons down. Bo’sun isn’t sure why everyone is afraid of some unarmed sailors and this strange little man in a mask with a pair of swords. Cook tells Bo’sun he should drop his sword, but Bo’sun refuses based on the expense and value of his fine weapon. The masked figure asks since Bo’sun still wields his blade if he will accept his challenge. Bo’sun wants to know which kind of challenge, and the masked figure simply explains that it is the natural challenge of all that insist on carrying swords. Bo’sun asks if the masked man is the captain, which he is not, but the cowering reed of a captain, who does indeed wear a hat, comes up, says that they want no trouble, and that Bo’sun should drop his sword. Bo’sun still refuses, and demands that they get whatever rum the ship is transporting, since his captain has a fierce hankering for some rum. The captain explains that his ship is a rum vessel (to which Jack’s ears perk up), and so he would happily trade or sell them some rum. Bo’sun says he’d need to talk to the captain about such forms of payment. Exacerbated at having to listen to these pathetic negotiations, Elspeth crosses over to the other ship, after leaving her knife aboard their ship after seeing the rest of the crew put down their weapons. When she hops over she tells the captain of the other ship that he will be giving them all his rum in exchange for being allowed to sail away with his life, and the life of the crew. Bo’sun hops back over to The Wicked Wench, climbing up the side of the ship, as he feels no need to put away his weapon while these talks continue. The other captain says that he can’t give up the rum without payment, since it is the only thing that would provide money for he and his crew to eat, and to feed their families. Elspeth says that handing the rum over would be better then dieing. The other captain faces the masked man, recognized as a Seguleh by Fynn, who tells Captain Jack that such beings are known as some of the finest swordsmen in the world, and asks the masked man to protect this ship which is helping to transport him protect its wares from these murderous pirates. Elspeth asks if the captain had earlier asked the Seguleh to not kill them, which the other captain confirms, since he didn’t want to get a bunch of blood on his ship. Tired of waiting, Captain Jack jumps across, bringing Bo’sun with him, and gives the captain one final offer to hand over the rum if he wants to live. The rum seller claims that rum flows through his veins and that to turn it over is as good as death. Hearing this claim lights a fire in Captain Jack’s eyes, for there are none whom rum flows through their veins more fiercely then he, and in a gloriously inspiring speech to his crew he gives the grand ultimatum to all aboard that only one group shall enjoy the true bounty that is this ship’s contents.
• As the fight aboard the other ship begins Ryn fires an arrow the Seguleh, but the Seguleh dodges the arrow. Fynn waits. The Seguleh charges Bo’sun, but Emack throws up a Shield of Salvation around Bo’sun and Jack, but the Seguleh is still able to stab twice through the shield and into Bo’sun’s tasty flesh. Then Fynn rolls onto the other ship and from his knees throws a pair of daggers at the Seguleh, but it dodges, and Fynn gets up to his knees. Jack moves around the Seguleh and goes for a disarming attack, aiming for the right hand, hitting the sword, but the Seguleh is able to hold onto his weapon. Five of the boarding party kill 4 of the 20 unarmed regular crew, reducing their numbers. The other crew then grab belaying pins and knock three of the pirates down. Cook injures one of the other crew. Elspeth puts up a Light Shield in order to protect herself. Emack accumulates. Bo’sun thinks over his strategy for what to do next. Hickory goes over to attack the Seguleh, but the hit is for no damage. Cook is unable to bring down the other man he harmed. Seguleh attacks a surprised Bo’sun, the first is stopped by Emack’s shield, but the second one nicks him through the armor. Fynn then goes in with the short swords, the first is dodged, and the second hits but doesn’t hurt him. Ryn fires another arrow at the Seguleh but it dodges it once more. Elspeth charges zeon. Hickory attacks the Seguleh and strikes the Seguleh solidly with his heavy battle mace. When the other two standing crew are knocked down Emack orders the rest of the crew to attack, which ends their betting and they jump across to murder the other crew in a massive storm of doom. Split-lip in the Crow’s Nest comments to Ryn wondering when that was going to happen, and throws a GC over to one of the other pirates mid curb-stomp. Emack uses heal to restore some of Bo’sun’s wounds. The Seguleh tries to ask to join them for the vessel, and then Bo’sun thinks they should, the Seguleh says Genabackis, Jack says they should kill him, Bo’sun says it isn’t going that well, Jack says that it is going just fine for him, so they should kill him. The Seguleh attack Bo’sun twice, piercing through most of the healing. Then Elspeth fires a laser, but the Seguleh dodges it, as well as Cook’s attack. Then Fynn attacks twice with his short swords, one is dodged but the second hits him. Then Jack attacks, and carves into him heavily with his new captain’s saber. Then Ryn fires another arrow, but again the Seguleh dodges. Then Hickory brings the heavy battle mace in to destroy the Seguleh.
• They get their survivors, all five unconscious ones, over to Emack, who stabilizes three and keeps an eye on the other two to make sure they are okay. Ensuring that there are no survivors of the other crew, which didn’t take much work, they then begin preparing to loot the ship. Elspeth gets her records ledger and records the massive quantities of rum and food that they are able to pillage from the other ship. Bo’sun and his three ‘wenches’ go over to look at the damaged ballista, which Bo’sun mistakenly determines to be broken beyond repair, so he has his ‘wenches’ tear it apart for the wood and iron to try reinforcing their ship’s ballista once more, feeling inspired after the damage they inflicted on the other weapon (200 lbs. wood, 50 lbs. metal). They also loot the other ship’s armory (46 daggers, 1 halberd, 21 belaying pins) and take those over as well, along with all the items of import from the other crew that they did battle with. Jack procures several bottles of rum, and then vanishes back within his captain’s quarters in order to nurse away the cursed pain and anguish of his sobriety. Elspeth suggests that they try and take this ship’s crane and attach it to their own ship, in order to make the transporting of goods more efficient. Bo’sun looks over the crane, and mutters that he doesn’t know what they could do to successfully get it over in working order. With a sigh Emack comes over and informs Bo’sun that he can use his powers to assist in his knowledge of the crane’s functioning. Bo’sun thanks Emack for the ‘crazy voodoo’ that he did during the fight to heal him up, but isn’t sure he wants Emack playing around with his brain meats with his magic. Emack then says that he could always use the power on himself, to which Bo’sun demand that he is the one to have the spell cast upon him, since he doesn’t want anyone else stepping on his area of expertise. With a grin Emack uses his spell to heighten Bo’sun’s knowledge of woodworking. With the improved mental capacities firing on all cylinders, Bo’sun tells Elspeth the exact procedure that he and his wenches will need to perform to move the crane over to their ship in 2 days. At least, he starts, but the spell wears off about 1/3 of the way through, so Bo’sun realizes it will probably take them about 12 days to move it now. With a series of muttered curses Elspeth hands the instructions she wrote over to Bo’sun, slams shut the book, and heads over to grab a bottle of rum.
• Many of the crew are drinking by this point, but Bo’sun wishes to propose a change to Rule 1 of The Pirate’s Code, as he was blamed for things when there was no evidence, simply because people said that he did it. Jack asks for others input on this, with a few saying they could give everyone but Bo’sun a vote aboard, and then after a short and amusing discussion the majority of the crew decides to vote to leave the 1st Rule the same. Bo’sun shakes off the dissapointment and tells his wenches to get started on working on the crane. The three look between each other, then at the rum jugs in their hands, and they ask for the night off to celebrate the successful liberation of the mighty rum vessel. Hearing this the other crew members suggst a vote, and it passes nearly unanimously. And so an evening of merriment and celebration begins.
• Emack, the responsible and necessary doctor, resists the celebration until far into the evening, once he is able to stabilize all of his patients to the point where they should be up and about the next day, albeit gingerly. After that he allows himself to go up on deck and enjoy a few drinks.
• Much celebration and drinking ensues. Tulip, Incy, Steph, Stephy, Gutter, Split-Lip, Andrew, and Tony bring out a variety of instruments to provide music to the evening, while Cook sings a bawdy and terribly off-tune pirate ditty, while Fynn dances a fine jig upon the deck. Elspeth enjoys a bottle of rum, while Tlapcrap follows her around carrying another bottle of rum in hopes of it making her friendlier towards him. Ryn brings herself down from the Crow’s Nest, grabs a bottle of rum, and leans against the fore railing and watching everyone’s shenanigans. Bo’sun, seeing Fynn dancing up a storm, and also getting to dance with many of the female crew of the ship, decides to try and seduce some of the other women with some terrible and suggestive dancing of his own. Somehow, he is able to convince his three ‘wenches’ to dance with him. However, once he suggests all of them head down below deck to enjoy his ‘happy stone’ together, the three decide to blow him off. With a grunt he goes over to Elspeth, and asks her if she would be interested in dancing with him. Tlapcrap tells Bo’sun that Elspeth isn’t interested in such a boorish gorilla of a man, not when she has a proper knight to spend time with, so Elspeth of course accepts Bo’sun’s offer, if he will get rid of Tlapcrap. Bo’sun grabs the cabin boy, tells him the woman made her decision, and then throws Tlapcrap away. Off the ship. With a resigned sigh Bo’sun looks around for whoever is in charge, realizes that it is Elspeth, and so says the he will have to be gone for a moment before they can have their dance. He ties a rope around himself, makes sure that the other end is tied to the ship, then jumps into the water, rescues Tlapcrap, brings him back aboard the ship, then throws him down the stairs into the lower deck. Elspeth and Bo’sun dance, in a terrible way, with Elspeth essentially dancing and writhing down upon the deck, with Bo’sun moving over atop her, griding upon her fiercely. When Elspeth begins to grow annoyed Bo’sun hands her his ‘happy rock’ and tells her to lay back and enjoy it. Elspeth responds by singeing Bo’sun’s chest with a laser. Due to his other wounds Bo’sun says he isn’t in the mood to play quite that rough tonight, unlike his usual, and that he will check back with her afterwards. Split-Lip then goes over to Bo’sun to ask how his night is going. Bo’sun informs Split-Lip that he has been turned down, twice, four times if he counts each of the individual women. Split-Lip then offers for the two of them to go somewhere more peaceful to discuss things better. Bo’sun says that he is a predator, and prefers for his prey to not walk right up to him. Split-Lip gives a bright smile, says if that’s the way he wants it, and then walks away. Bo’sun and the rest continue their celebration.
• Elspeth plays several rounds of Liar’s Dice with eight of the other crew members, and has herself a poor evening to say the least of it, losing 28 SC. One of the other crew members is willing to take 2 SC off of her tab if they can have her undergarments. When Elspeth asks why, they say so that they can put them up outside Tlapcrap’s room. In order to spite Tlapcrap, Elspeth happily agrees, stripping off her underwear immediately upon hearing this offer. The rest of the crew appreciates all the rum she had to drink for her to agree to that. Then, much of the crew turns in for a glorious night of unconsciousness.
• Fynn dances with many of the crew quite well, and also convinces Salt to join him for the evening.
• Day 10 since the fall
• Waking up the next day, Bo’sun realizes that his ‘happy stone’ is missing. In a more then slight panic, he heads up to try and find where it could possibly have gone. Therefore, he begins by hunting down Tlapcrap, since everything must be the cabin boy’s fault. Reaching Tlapcrap’s quarters, he can hear Tlapcrap sobbing heavily inside. Pushing open the door, Bo’sun finds Tlapcrap sobbing into a set of underwear. When Bo’sun asks, and Tlapcrap explains, Bo’sun argues that wasn’t this exactly what he had been striving for anyway. In doing so Tlapcrap’s eyes brighten, says he finally understands, and offers to assist Bo’sun however he can. Bo’sun says that he is looking for his ‘happy stone’ and doesn’t know where it could be. Tlapcrap says he will go check on their prisoner, to see if Bo’sun lost it when he was a prisoner. Bo’sun decides to go with him, to be sure. When they get there, they find that the prisoner has passed on, after a thorough slapping around by Bo’sun to try and wake him up. Not being able to see his stone anywhere, Bo’sun has Tlapcrap keep looking, and feels that he should probably tell the captain. When Tlapcrap trips at the bottom of the stairs, Bo’sun throws the runt up to the top, where he is unconscious upon Bo’sun making it up.
• With Captain Jack Sparrow going over a long list of notes at his desk, there is a knock at his door and Bo’sun says that he needs to talk to him. Jack, taking a swig of rum first, allows him to enter, and looks up from his writing. Bo’sun begins by telling Jack, completely bluntly, that their prisoner is dead. Dipping his quill in the ink bottle, he scratches off the top item on his list, muttering that it was going to have to be dealt with eventually anyway. Then Bo’sun says that his ‘happy stone’ has gone missing. Jack looks at him, and not so subtly asks for clarification regarding the fact that Bo’sun may have manage to lose the single most valuable item on the ship, that was hopefully going to provide them with a glorious fortune worth of gold once they sold it at the next port. Bo’sun simply agrees, but says that he has Tlapcrap looking into it. For some reason, Jack is not relieved. He decides that he will go check the dead captain personally, and that Bo’sun should get to work on trying to transport the crane from the other ship onto his own. Bo’sun reluctantly agrees and heads over to the other ship, shouting for his wenches to join him. The four of them head over to the other ship.
• Ryn and Emack get breakfast, finding that Cook is still unconscious, so only cold leftover remain. They try not to think of it too much.
• While at the other ship, Bo’sun looks over the instructions that Elspeth had written for them, and finds them written in Letherii, which none of them read. Therefore, he goes back to looking for his stone, until Elspeth gets up.
• Jack, having made his way down to the brig, gingerly picks his way through all of the dead captain’s clothes, trying to not touch him very much. When he isn’t able to find anything of value he begins dragging the corpse up to the top of the stairs, until he finds Tlapcrap laying there, from when Bo’sun threw him up the stairs a while ago. Jack drops the body on Tlapcrap, tells him to search it thoroughly, and that he should then dispose of it on the other ship. Bo’sun tells Tlapcrap to search the corpse nice and thoroughly, including all the cavities. After Tlapcrap awkwardly searches the captains body, then throws it into the empty hull of the looted ship. Searching continues for a time, but it is uneventful.
• At the crack of dusk, both Elspeth and Fynn finally awaken once more. After he awakens, Fynn finds that Salt will finally disentangle herself from him and make her way out too. Elspeth and Fynn go to get their breakfast, with Fynn also picking up another apple from Cook. Then the two of them go up onto the main deck, as have Emack and Ryn is still in her Crow’s Nest. Elspeth talks to Scrabbs at the tiller for a time, hearing that Bo’sun has been looking for his happy stone, the stone that she just so happens to have in her pocket after he forgot to take it back from her. She is amused, until Tlapcrap comes over to her, and thanks her for the gift. Realizing the implication, Elspeth sees red, and her panties being worn as an ascot by Tlapcrap, and so she strangles him with the panties while kneeing him in the crotch over, and over, and over, until he is unconscious. Then she tears the panties from around his neck and throws them overboard. When she is accosted by Bo’sun, telling her that she is the only one that can read Letherii, and so she will then have to help him from 12 days in order to transfer the crane, instead she re-writes all of the instructions into Malazan, in her horrible handwriting, with Bo’sun massive block lettering out a few key words, and then sets him to work. Unfortunately, the night is already growing strong, and so their options are few. And so the night goes on.



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