Anima: Beyond Malaz

Return of The Black Pearl

Time for some old friends and old foes...

• Day 103
• The Black Pearl is off their side, moving in the distance. Jack is in his quarters, devouring a delicious cheeseburger that Cook prepared for him. The rest of the crew avoids his cabin from the sounds coming out of it. Bo’sun goes to put on his gear to prepare for the imminent slaughter. Emack is on deck, waiting for the time when he will be needed, assuming something bad is going to happed. Fynn gets the Three Idiots to prepare one of the ballista for combat, they do with great enthusiasm, and when they only have one extra bolt Fynn has them get one more each. Emack offers to bring the red-goopy stone up in order to coat one of the bolts with it in order to cause chaos. Emack gingerly fetches it, then puts it down by Fynn, who says he isn’t touching it. Bo’sun goes to knock on the Captain’s quarters to inform him of what has been going on, and Jack is quite surprised by their making it to the Pearl, kicking out the door to demand why no one told him, but the rest of the crew maintains their work and ignores him, so he tells them to carry on. Then Bo’sun going over, wanting to know if they plan on using the Arena Fragment to make the Captain of the Pearl fight them elsewhere, Jack asks if they know the name yet, Bo’sun says he didn’t, Jack asks his Three Idiots if they know, they suggest “Captain of The Black Pearl”, which Jack says probably not. Then Bo’sun says that should probably be an attempt. Jack suggests that there may be another collection of items known as The Black Pearl somewhere else in the world, so that may not work.
• Then they begin preparing for what needs to be taken care of. Jack assigns Bo’sun to prepare the boarding party with Hickory, Dickory, and Doc (The Clock) to do boarding with Cook, Jack orders Ryn back down in order to man both her observation and ballista firing stations (which she gets some other crew members to assist with), Elspeth with being one of those responsible for Arena hunting, along with Emack, Bo’sun, and the Clock, and to also have all the other warriors and crew prepare their weapons for boarding/repelling boarders, Nadiel to maintain the ship, Applejack to try not to die since she would be missed, very happy Applejack nuzzles Fynn to Jack’s displeasure. With everyone armed and prepared, Dina says things are going terribly well, which makes Jack nervous, she simply says that if he dies she will throw her name in to be captain.
• Jack wants to use the hate red goo, so he has Claptrap fetch some bottles, falling down below deck, which Fynn goes down to right him, then Claptrap gets the bottles, but can’t make it back up, so Bo’sun throws him up the stairs, to the cries of “No, he’s carrying the bottles,” so that Claptrap lands on the bottles and they all shatter. Claptrap says that Bo’sun broke the bottles, so Jack sents Claptrap to fetch the bottles from his room, and comes out with many more then from down below. Jack tells someone to clean up the glass before they all die. Claptrap fetches the bottles, Emack tells Claptrap to hold one, and begins pouring the red goop into the bottle, getting some over Claptrap’s robotic hand, but back into the bottle. When Claptrap doesn’t react, Emack asks for a funnel, gets one from Cook, and says that he probably shouldn’t use it again for food. They fill another 40 bottles with it. Fynn has everyone on board grab a bottle of the liquid to throw at the other ship as soon as the fight starts. Then they wait, and prepare.
• They get close to the other ship, when a voice shouts down for them to send up whoever they want with regards to their negotiation of their surrender and everything. Jack and Emack head over, going up the ladder in order to try and get up there. When they reach the top they find over 100 people staring hate glare directly at him. Then, calling down from the crow’s nest, is a disbelieving elf commenting on not being able to believe that he is seeing someone they had all thought was dead. Sliding down the ropes from up in the crow’s nest comes an elf with a bow, and long hair, demanding to know why Captain Jack Sparrow has dared to show his face again on the ship. Jack doesn’t remember for a moment, until his head sways and blood begins to pour from his nose.
• Memories filled Jack’s mind, of yet another ship that he piloted, this one a great shark shaped creature that makes its way through a great sea of black space with a massive amount of blackness, numerous fights and battles beside all of the crew around them, facing many foes, and the ship exploding in a terrible final battle against a massive gnomish ship. Then Jack appearing once more upon another ship to be captain of.
• Emack, watching the captain and his now bloody nose, was surprised to not have any memories flooding into him, so waited. Jack, a most dashingly apologetic look upon his face, admitted that yes, of course he remembered everyone else now, wondering what happened to them, and if they would like to simply work for him again. Jormangander says they were trapped in the abyss after the events that happened versus the gnomes, after he and the elf broke into their ship, slaughtered nearly all of the crew, until the ship exploded and they were hurled into the void as well, where they were trapped to train, and groan, and plan vengeance, until they returned to the world just over two months ago. Now, they’ve been able to raid, and succeed, and gather wealth as they have terrorized the seas, no one able to actually fight against them well at all. Jack says that he didn’t intend to leave them all, so wants to know how he can make it back up to them. Jormangander says that he would be perfectly fine taking off Jack’s kneecaps with his hammer, but that he isn’t allowed to yet, since the Captain wants to speak with him regarding ditching them for a much uglier crew. From the captain’s quarters came the rasping cry of “Send him in boys.” With a gestured hammer, Jormangander and the elf escorted Jack and Emack into the captain of The Black Pearl’s quarters.
• Inside the dark quarters, the captain of the Pearl sat in the back corner, shrouded in darkness thanks to the shrouding curtains. The figure is massive, wearing a crimson captain’s jacket, a massive hat, and also has draconic features, bleach pale scales, pink eyes, and a fierce nature and hate-filled eyes. “Hello Jack,” the creature ground out between sharp teeth. “Please, have a seat.” Jack beamed a bright smile; “Well, if it isn’t my old friend Hector Barbossa.” “My name is Captain Barbossa Morgan, if you forgot you wretched creature.” “Ah, but of course. Now, Barbossa old man, how are you enjoying that hat I bought you?” Many threats and back and forth banter ensue, until Barbossa tells the boys outside to get someone in the chair (Jack “The chair?”) and fire a volley of cannonballs at The Wicked Wench in order to sink Jack’s precious ship, and then they can do the raffle to determine who gets the honour of killing Jack. Not liking the sound of this, as Barbossa tells his men to fire on his order, Jack gestures for Emack to hit the button, and Jack also gestures for Emack to bring him with as well. Emack vanishes, and a moment later so do Barbossa and Jack, just before Jack’s chair splinters from a crushing blow from Jormangander.
• Within the character select screen Emack chooses Barbossa as their enemy, and on his side Jack, Bo’sun, Hickory, Dickory, and Doc, and Elspeth on their side. Appearing in the arena, Barbossa demanded to know what was going on and what he intended to do. Then the grand voice of announcing called down from them, welcoming them to another battle, welcoming Barbossa for his first duel there. With all of the other voices cheering and going on for all of the battle that will ensue shortly. Therefore for this very special revenge and grudge match, they offer a very special series of matches, either a team fight, or a ship-to-ship battle, or the bonus round where all bets are tripled. To select, Barbossa and Jack are called forward for the coin toss (with the coin being bigger then either of them), with Jack successfully calling it as his side initiated the fight. Then, he voted on the Bonus Round for massive profit afterwards. For the Bonus Round it will be a 10-vs-10 battle, and a random mystery effect will be added in order to make things more exciting and fun for all the bets. The sides are then selected, and the massive mystery wheel determined which random effect it would be.
• The party is Jack, Elspeth, Emack, Bo’sun, Hickory, Dickory, Doc, Ryn, Fynn, and Applejack, vs. Barbosa, Jormangander, the Elf, 4 Wizards, and 3 of the Pirates. Now, let the’s see what the bonus round entails everyone taking a -40 All Action Penalty due to being cursed. Then they ask for the area that they should fight in, with Jack getting to pick. He asks for a great many of details about how they would work, and finally Jack decides on Francisco’s dining hall in the city of Ankara. They travel, the odds are 5:1 after the triple for Barbossa, battle to the death, so Barbossa bets everything, including The Black Pearl. Feeling terribly unimpressed by having the ship being bet against him, Jack bets everything that they all have aboard his own ship, and his own ship, and half of The Black Pearl (which the voice tells him he can’t because in this reality he doesn’t own any), and also all of his crew’s souls (despite his crew not really wanting to but not having a say in it), which the massive voice accepts. When Jack says that all he wants is to have his bet against Barbossa’s, thanks to all of the Reality Fragments and souls, the great divine voice accepting it, much to Elpseth’s fury about not getting actual coin, and possibly getting her soul stolen (many of the crew also agreeing with her.).
• With the betting of the ships, both of them appear ghostly, floating in the air above them. An initial volley of cannonballs and bottles of red liquid fly through the air, and pass through the ships. The bottles fall from on high to shatter upon the ground around the dining hall. Emack shouts for no one to touch that goop or it will be bad. The guards, shocked by this very strange appearance, but listen to him. Then, the voice announces the beginning of the battle.
• Elspeth accumulates zeon. Ryn fires an arrow at the elf of the Black Pearl, hitting him but not hurting him. Jack waits, while Fynn moves over, and throws a pair of sharpers at Barbossa, which Barbossa dodges, Jormangander takes it fine, the elf is injured, and the second is also dodged by Barbossa, taken by Jormangander and the elf. The two did hurt the pirates behind them. The pirates then decide to charge Fynn, but he is able to back up and not take pain. Barbossa says that he has some new tricks, and covers in tattoos and begins to glow. Then Jormangander throws a hammer at Jack, which hits him and causes a massive thunderclap that throws Fynn 30 feet towards the walls. Emack moves, and stretches out his tentacles 30 feet to tell all the guards to attack Barbossa and the others for trying to steal from Francisco, they are happy. Then the 4 mages accumulate zeon themselves. Bo’sun then moves into Barbossa, who attacks, but is countered, and Bo’sun cuts out his kidneys to knock him to the floor. Applejack begins transforming into a dragon. Hickory, Dickory, and Doc all attack the three pirates in front of them, killing two of them. Then all of the guards charge, the divine voice said “Interference!” and murdered all the guards with fire and lightning, claiming their souls. Jack then moves behind Bo’sun for cover. In the next turn Elspeth continues accumulating zeon. Emack feels a little bad about getting all the guards killed, moves a little away, thinks on what the staff can do and accumuleates Zeon. Ryn fires an arrow into Jormangander, piercing his armor and bleeding him. Then the 4 mages fire their dark beams at Bo’sun to try and avoid the lasers and actually is able to protect himself. Jormangander then throws his hammer at Bo’sun in order to try and steal the power of captain he feels he got, strikies Bo’sun solidly, with the impact throwing the elf into the wall, nearly 100 feet away, but Bo’sun and the mages are okay. The last Black Pearl pirate tries to attack Doc, but is countered and Doc executes the man. Fynn, smelling that Barbossa is still alive, so walks over, and runs his shortsword into Barbossa’s neck. Applejack stays within the protective range of the otataral and charges her breath weapon. Bo’sun waits, accumulating Ki and moving beside Jormangander. Hickory and Dickory charge the four mages, killing two of them. Jormangander moves to put Jormangander inside his otataral range, then goes full defense. On turn 3, the elf tries to fire the arrow, but kills himself with it instead. No one can believe it. Elspeth accumulates more zeon. Ryn fires an arrow at Jormangander, hitting him solidly again. Jack sees that Jormangander has been hit, so Jack wishes to flip the hammer from Jormangander’s hand, knocking the hammer away, only to have the hammer return to his hand. The 2 mages accumulate zeon. Jormangander then uses Hammer of the Gods on Bo’sun, crushing against his amazing attack, throwing Bo’sun, Jack, Dickory, and Emack, as well as the black pearl mages into the wall, hurting all but Jack, who lands nimbly on the wall, and kills both the mages, makes Emack lose his zeon, backing up Fynn and Hickory. Bo’sun continues his Ki. Applejack continues charging her breath weapon. Doc attacks Jormangander, hurting him once more. On turn four, Jack offers to let Jormangander join them since he probably won’t get out, so that Jormangander can join them. Jormangander says only if he can be the captain of one of the ships, Jack says he’ll consider it, Jormangander says it’s the only way, Jack offers Jormangander The Wicked Wench, which Jormangander accepts since it will let them fight more people. Then the voice tells them that it isn’t done, since 10 people have to die, so Jack says that he will have to kill them later. So Jormangander throws his hammer at Bo’sun, Bo’sun activates his ki power to get more health and power, the blow nearly kills him, breaking his ribs, and then they all fall on Jormangander and kill him thoroughly.
• With the final opponent fallen the voice calls out the grand victory in the name of Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew. The voice cheers brightly up to them, along with all the other members of the crowd cheering. They take their time to loot all the equipment off of the fallen pirates, then accepting the reward from their bet. The voice gives them a grand call of victory once more, thanking everyone that made bets, hoping that they will all come back once more and make another bet courtesy of the great and generous Choji Suitengu. Then, all the pirates vanish once more to return from whence they came.
• Returning back on The Wicked Wench is everyone but Jack and Emack. They are all quite surprised and pleased by their evasion of avoiding the volley of death and chaos. This ensures that they are currently safe and protected as there is let combat occurring and they haven’t been shot by the cannons of the other ship yet, so they are feeling quite good.
• Back on The Black Pearl Jack and Emack are now alone within the Captain’s cabin. Peering out of the door, they see well over 100 faces, staring at them with hatred, distrust, and more then a few crossbows aimed at them. Looking at each other, Jack asks what their new plan should probably be, if there would be the best way for the two of them to get out without fighting and slaughtering all of the pirates. Emack, reluctantly, offers Jack his Crow Fragment, saying that it can grant him a good deal of power in improving his leadership and inspirational abilities. Jack accepts it, but nothing actually happens. Then, with a sigh, Emack takes it back, and hands the Crow Fragment to Jack saying that he freely offers the Fragment to be held and controlled by Jack once more. This time Jack grabs it, shakes it around frequently, not sure how to activate it, so he smacks it with “the happy stone”, which makes the Crow Fragment his, bubble, and smoke beginning to vanish. It then vanishes with a cry and squeal, appearing once more in Emack’s possession. “Well, I guess you are on your own then,” apologized Emack. “Tell you what, I’ll open the door for you so that you can set everything up and talk them down.” Emack then moves, and gets ready to open the door. Jack tries a little pre-persuasion banter through the door first, but it doesn’t sound very optimistic for him from the crew. Braving his threat of doom, Jack has Emack open the door, and steps outside. Jack begins to discuss what will be going on, wondering what they saw, which was the fight for the battle, which they saw and admit. Then they also say that they need to attend to all of the new crew and ship details, given how they will now be fated to serve under Jack again, which Jack will be planning on writing up a new code for them (with a few additional changes based on his own crew based as well). Then they head forward, Jack making his way back to The Wicked Wench in order to settle all of the events required to actually set up a new crew. The first step, determining another captain to inherit control over The Wicked Wench, as well as organizing the new crew rotations as well.
• Since no one of The Black Pearl has signed the new code, no one on that ship gets to vote on the new captain. Therefore, they are doing options for naming themselves as possibly being captain, as well as being nominated by notes, and to keep things simple they don’t really care about anonymity. Therefore, they begin preparing the nominations, with Emack, Dina, Elspeth, Cynthia, Claptrap, and Dave nominating themselves as captain. When Cynthia nominated herself, Elspeth dropped out and provided her support to Cynthia. Dave appeared in his massive dragon protection sphere, threatening to hit the button that fires them, until he is convinced to not join them, and so he puts his support behind Dina. Dina suggests she may have manipulated some of the crew into voting for her. Then the votes are placed, all based on the number of shares that they are entitled too. First they make a leadership or persuasion check, with Emack’s being by far the most impressive of all of them, courtesy of his Reality Fragment.
• The final vote tallies were: 0.5 Claptrap, 11 Dina, 21.5 Cynthia Scrabbs, 27 Emack. Emack becomes the new Captain of The Wicked Wench.
• Then they all head down in order to try and determine the actual new crew arrangements for the ship. The ones that move onto The Black Pearl is Jack taking the rank of Admiral and Captain, Dina to attend to her fun and their plans, Bo’sun, Hickory, Dickory, and Doc, to defend him and maintain their angry powers. Ryn also then moved over in order to take the crow’s nest that is bigger. Everyone else, especially many of the women, remained on The Wicked Wench. Further arrangements are also being directed and will be combined in a time, but one of the other crew want to know if Jack wants to see “the chair” in the bowels of the Pearl. Jack says of course. They take him down to the center of the ship.
• Deep in the center of the ship can be found a single black throne in an otherwise empty chamber. One of the mages is told to sit within it, and can activate powers in order to create a field of visual observation decks, and other control for what they are able to do. Then Jack is informed that the ship can also let them travel through the warrens. It should also let The Wench to follow in their wake if they stay close enough. When Elspeth is shown the amount of treasure in The Pearl’s hold, she gets exceedingly excited, and that they need to go sell some things, since The Pearl’s crew also needs some shore leave or they will try to hit on the female crew members far too much, and Jack implies so salacious things about Elspeth, much to her chagrin. Jack then looks at his compass, and tells the mage in the chair to run into the warrens, as they are heading for a seller’s market in order to make all that they need. They slip into Ruse, The Wench following behind.



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