Anima: Beyond Malaz

Reality's True Desire

All rests on this, the end of all worlds, or the creation of a proposed utopia.

• Day 216
• The Alabaster Wanderer, comments on how mortals to dare to try and stand, unleashes Destroyer of Worlds to give them only 1 Minute remaining, and then used Anathema of Worlds to begin the destruction of their Reality Fragments, and Claptrap. Then Alabaster Wanderer moves over to Applejack, Emack throws up his Shield, and then goes over to attack with his glowing white hand which only brushes her cheek, but erases all of her emotions and Shatters Fynn’s Fragment of Love. Then he appeared beside Elspeth, lashed out with his Black Hand, but Emack was able to stop it with minimal damage. Jack waits his turn. Ryn fires a Whitewood Arrow at The Alabaster Wanderer, which strikes him but does not leave any visible wounds. Fynn charges with Blistige Rose and Baby Nail, striking him incredibly solidly with the Rose, and also swings in with Baby Nail but that one is stepped aside. The Alabaster Wanderer growls out about having been injured by such a wretched creature such as these, and its power level began to spike. Emack goes into his Spiritual Loop for 2 Turns, then pops out and fires 4 Greater Mystic Bolts at the Alabaster Wanderer, the first one crashing solidly into him, the second blasting away a copy of The Alabaster Wanderer, the third blowing up another copy, and the fourth also blowing up another copy. There are still nearly a dozen copies left. Elspeth fires off a Light Beam to destroy another copy of the Wanderer, 11 Remaining. Bo’sun throws Rah’s Lawgiver and shatters two of the copies, leaving 9, then charges to bring his demonic hell axe arm, popping another 5 of the copies in order to leave only 4 standing, and passively accumulates Ki and draws the Eveningstar. Ryn passively accumulates more Ki and fires another arrow, shattering 2 of the copies. Then Ryn takes her third pass, firing another Arrow, which goes sideways and is intercepted by Emack’s shield to save Elspeth. The Alabaster goes first, its World Destroyer grows further, he Anathema’s away another batch of Fragments (86 Remaining), and then goes after Elspeth with its White Glowing Hand, getting through the shield and hurting, and tears away all of her Emotions as well, then comes in with his Black Hand, getting through the shield again, beginning to Burn away her base stats as it tears away a Point of Perception. Jack holds his action once more. Ryn fires a White Wood Arrow, but The Alabaster Wanderer dodges the attack. Elspeth blind fires a Light Beam at what she hopes is The Alabaster Wanderer, but it misses clearly. Fynn attacks with both its weapons once more, but the Alabaster Wander catches Blistige Rose and shatters the Fragment that it is composed of, and then it dodges Baby Nail as well. Emack, fires off another Double Cast of Greater Mystic Bolts, the first blowing the Wanderer Backwards terribly far, the second bolt shatters one of 6 copies that appears, leaving 5 remaining. Bo’sun charges a Copy to swing with the Evening Star, horribly demolishing 2 of the copies, leaving 3 copies remaining. The Black Demon Axe then comes in next, shattering 2 more copies, leaving only 1. Bo’sun then passively accumulates. Jack moves behind Elspeth, and attempts to attack her with his Rune Sword, which gets through Emack’s shield and hits her with a Critical, criting her slightly. Then Jack attacks her again, but Emack’s shield stops it, then Jack attacks her once more, but Emack stops that one as well. Ryn fires another arrow, popping the last Copy. Ryn then Fires another White Wood Arrow, adding her Black Spot Technique, to try and Brand the Alabaster Wander, which hits without hurting him, but it does fire off the Brand on him, appearing on his White Hand. The World Destroyer Sphere continues to grow, he Anathema’s away another wave of Reality Fragments away from them. The Alabaster Wander then appears behind Mr. Bo’sun, getting through the shield, and hitting him with his White Hand, burning away all of his senses, but thanks to the Psychic Senses Connection he can still see, but his Fragment of Death is shattered. Then comes the in with the Black Hand, with Emack’s shield taking some bad feedback and losing half of its remaining LP, which then shatters his Fragment of a Wicked Blade, making him people again, and burns out some of your Willpower, Perception, and Intellect. Mr. Bo’sun, having been taking hits, unleashes a reposts using his Vicious Strikes, going in with his Fragment Axe with 2 Fatigue first, but The Alabaster Wanderer catches the axe, twists and shatters it. Then he swings in with the Eveningstar, using another 2 Fatigue, but he gets out of the way of that as well. Bo’sun then pulls out his shield from his back. Jack attacks Elspeth three times again, but Emack stops all three of them again. Ryn fully accumulates Ki. Fynn attacks with Baby Nail, but The Alabaster Wanderer dodges it. Then comes a Short sword, but The Alabaster Wanderer Dodges that one as well. Emack casts a single Greater Mystic Bolt at the Alabaster Wanderer, but The Alabaster Wanderer nimbly dodges it. Then Emack shouts at Jack to ask “What the Hell are you doing”. Elspeth fires another laser, but The Alabaster Wander dodges without trying. Ryn accumulates and unleashes Call for Blood and Blood Arrow Techniques, using all the 5 Fatigue she can, and in an incredibly detonating explosion from his Left Calf, destroyed completely in the doom and death of power.
• Bo’sun begins doing a celebratory dance, but then Ryn notices that the World Destruction Sphere hasn’t actually gone away. Emack uses Recreate to be able to restore all of Applejack’s things that were stolen from her. She wakes up being hugged by Fynn, and weeps heavily. Emack then magic appraisals the World Destroyer Sphere, and Emack realizes that there is nothing that he can do to stop it or avoid, so they need to find some form of way in order to try and find some way to stop it from destroying all of them.
• The only idea that they come up with, is to try and use the Fragment of Rah in order to generate Utnapishtim and try to use it to create a new world before their old world dies. Jack comments on the fact that 25 of their Fragments are breaking, so he isn’t sure if it they any longer have enough in order to create a new world anymore. As the World Breaker continues to grow, they figure they have no choice but to give it a shot. Therefore, Bo’sun turns on the Fragment of Rah and all the pirates vanish out from Ankara.
• Once more the pirates found themselves within Utnapishtim. Its crystal screens loomed through the air, its enormous consoles of levers and buttons decorated everything as well. However, they noticed that everything was still unlit, nothing was powered. They looked around for some kind of switch to turn everything on, but couldn’t find anything. Then the entire room shook with an impressive tremor, dust falling from the ceiling. Therefore, in a hurry they all began fitting Reality Fragments into any gaps that they could find, resulting in all the crystals around the Fragment to light up. They hurried to try and put all the fragments they had in there, then they also tried to put their broken fragments in the remaining slots. Luckily for them, even the broken fragments had the power needed to continue turning on the rest of the machine. With all 100 Reality Fragments inserted into the device it fully illuminated itself. They then quickly began demanding they try and set things up so that they can save the world. That was when Emack noticed that there wasn’t anything showing on the giant central screen that was supposed to show the base image of the world. They all looked around it and attempted to find some form of starting script or method from getting the system working, but there was no past data present at all. Emack realized that it took several minutes for them to get everything working. Several minutes, when it was only going to take 1 minute for The Alabaster Wanderer to destroy their world. They were too late, Malaz had been reduced to nothingness.
• Going through all of the controls, and more then a little bit of shouting for Rah to answer them, eventually a startup menu appeared upon one of the screens.
• Utnapishtim would function by allowing them to create any world they could imagine. They input the variables they want, change whatever important principles they need to, and the machine would change everything so that it could make the new world that they desire. They determine the details that they want to exist in the new world and the machine performs all of the endless mathematical calculations required in order to generate the world within their dreams, without any random and incorrect changes. The machine can perfectly determine every variable that might come up from every choice they make. What they have to do however, is set the starting points.
• They begin by re-entering the base conditions of Malaz, so that they regenerate the world as it was prior to all of the events transpiring with The Alabaster Wanderer. They make it exactly as it had been before, down to the most minute geographical details, since this way it gives them a familiar starting point with which to craft the world that they want.
• Fynn makes himself into a dragon.
• In the new world, Bo’sun wants to make himself appear as his super certainly monstrous form. He wants to live an incredibly long, prosporous life (until he chooses to die), exactly as he is, and wants to remove all semblance of prejudice from the new world in order to make it so that no one would ever judge anyone else. This way they can only judge based on actions witnessed about each individual. Emack seconds this motion.
• Emack wants to bring back all of the Crew from the Ships that they had, and so they all appear back within the ship. Including Jafar.
• Emack also gives himself his strange and unnatural appendages and different appearacnce.
• Fynn goes into the Fragment of a Tome, looks up every lifeform on Malaz that was alive before the Reality Fragment Incident, and wishes to add all of them to the world, that has no geography yet.
• Ryn is also okay with Bo’sun’s no prejudice beliefs, but what they hear should also be okay. Everything based on each individual, not as races.
• Fynn recreates the geography of Malaz with a few other details. Bo’sun adds a private resort island in the shape of his dragon codpiece, with a small boat, very tropical, near other major locations for restocking supplies.
• Emack looks for other Planes (such as Warrens and other worlds of existence), and so was able to recreate every world that any Reality Fragment was familiar with, although the connector bridges haven’t been decided yet.
• Fynn repopulates all of the worlds with their old populations thanks to the Fragment of a Tome, and turns on his and Applejack’s ability to travel anywhere in the many planes that exist. Bo’sun also likes this idea since he wants to be able to travel anywhere as well.
• Bo’sun then begins to ask if they should exclude any of the people from the various planes to not bring back. They mention perhaps Esorchan, since he didn’t want to be brought back, but they go over it for a time and then Emack suggests they erase his memory of not wanting to come back, and Jack suggests they bring Esorchan back with his wife, and Jack also suggests Esorchan’s mother that was also murdered. They like this, and figure they will do that, and also bring back Lord Jeremiah back as a guy in his own world, rather then trying to take over everything that ever was.
• Emack looks at trying to figure a way of allowing all the traditional ways of bridging planes and connecting other worlds into others and see what occurs. All of the words that Shadowrun world can connect to causes an enormous spike in war to all that they can attack, since they have the incredible power of advanced technology in order to try and take over all the other worlds. Therefore they then decide to cut Shadowrun off from the others, which decreases it some, but others still fight and conflict. They alter and make physical connecting bridges, which leaves it so that the conflict still increases to those adjacent to the Megacorps of Shadowrun, so Fynn turns off the Megacorps, which results in an enormous amount change in the Shadowrun world, creating it mostly into nations again instead of in order to be ruled over by certain particularly impressive and controlling individuals in order to be in charge. This alters the war meters down quite a bit. Then they begin to try and figure out all the other connector points and everything else.
• Jack’s list of recommendations and good things: 1. Have a son to take his place in the world with Dina as the mother. 2. Make it so that everyone receives a little of Jack’s ‘free soul’ so that everyone is a little bit like him. 3. Everyone is forced to live so that their Needs always take precedence over wants, and this also goes to function on others around them as well (so that if they have more than they need they will give up their extra to those that do not yet have what they need. 4. Once they have all that they need, then people can begin the search for self actualization, and pursuing tasks simply for the enjoyment of them, without infringing upon the needs and wants of others. 5. Jack locks himself away within an alternate dimension, in order to atone for his sins he chooses to shoulder the burden of every other person of all other worlds until the end of days, so that they can live without such suffering. 6. Millenium is to be the Universal Caretaker, left in charge of monitoring all the worlds to ensure that they can never degenerate to the point where Reality should ever regret the lives of those that live so that The Alabaster Wanderer cannot ever return. It has no entry in the world database, so they have to actually make the world a better place to prevent him from returning.
• The others all feel that Jack is being too extreme in trying to hold all of the burdens of everyone else, since they should be able to just turn them all off thanks to the power of the machine, but Jack feels that there needs to be some form of equivalent exchange, something lost for everything gained, and so he will not be talked out of it. They see there is no use arguing with him.
• Fynn makes himself and Applejack a massive castle fortress in the mountains scaled up to the size of all their dragon selves, and room enough to be able to
• Ryn’s desire is to be able to watch all the worlds, and make it so that the only way anyone can find her is if she wishes to be found, and she wants the scrying mirror to help watch absolutely everything.
• Elspeth gives Sparkly and Snuggly wings, wants everyone to be less selfish, and wants to try and dissolve all governments (not allowed), still money around so that she can still have more money then others. She turns off her link to Jack’s needs over wants caveats. Many are displeased by this. They give Elspeth a counter offer, she has to accept the cost of needs like everyone else, so that they won’t have to kill her, to bring her back to life afterwards in the new world under the rules appropriate to everyone else.
• With a few more changes made, a few final details ensured within the worlds that they will all function as desired, they activate the power of Utnapishtim, and begin generating all the new worlds so that they can vanish into their places within the new world.
• Jack, before they vanish, says, “You will all remember this as the day that you last knew Jack Sparrow.”



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