Anima: Beyond Malaz

Plans, Ships, Dragons, and Crows

Fragments and future plans shall be found.

• Day 67 Evening
• Jack realizes that many of the crew are not there, and needs someone to try and gather them. Dave comes over saying that he might be able to, Jack asks him about this offer for help, Dave says that he will need cost of materials, then tells Fynn to aim the ballista over the city. Fynn turns to Jack, who says that it iis up to Fynn to not screw this one up. Dave returns from below deck, with a large cloth wrapped bolt bearing a fuse. He loads it into the heavy ballista, tells Fynn to load it, light it, and then fire it. Fynn knows that there is a good amount of time in order to fire it over the city, so Fynn giggles excitedly to himself, lights the fuse, and fires the bolt. After a time, it detonates in a very large explosion of multicoloured light and sound. Emack asks how that is supposed to assist, with Dave telling him that before the crew went on shore leave he said that, after taking money off them with bets, that if they saw any large explosions of brilliant colour they should come back to the boat. Emack says that this might work, and then looks over Tlapcrap’s terribly broken form. He does some medicine, and sees that Tlapcrap has both his arms broken, his legs broken, some ribs broken, his spine broken, and drooling slightly. Emack says that Tlapcrap is in a terrible state, and could use some magic from Elspeth to be able to restore everything on him. Elspeth gives him another 160 Zeon, so that he can give Tlapcrap a double boost of healing spells, letting Tlapcrap moan and whine in pain about the agony in his limbs and body. Emack tells them to take Tlapcrap down to Emack’s hospital room so that he can look at him after. Dickory and Doc take him down gently as they can. Emack sits down on the deck in order to relax.
• Then they begin to see some of the crew trickling in, so they relax in order to get some rest while the rest trickle in.
• Day 68
• As the hours continue to tick by Bo’sun and Elspeth can almost talk again, and the entire crew has managed to return. Sten, Dan, and Wilt return saying that they have very important information for them to deliver to the captain at hand and going on. They have all bought new clothes, trying to enjoy their new knightly titles. Jack asks what is actually going on around them, and they say that they have important new that must be provided. Jack accepts the information for them to tell them. The Three Idiots say that they are only the third most famous/infamous pirates within the general areas. Jack demands to know what is going on that they may not be that valuable, and wants to know which ships dare to be more well known then them. The Three say that it is the ships known as The Falling Dragon and The Black Pearl. At the name of The Black Pearl Jack seems very interested, and demands to learn more about them all. The Three Idiots inform him that The Black Pearl unleashing special damage in great amounts of damage to all that they have looted and damage they have inflicted to other ships and settlements they have raided, resulting in a great deal of damage, with only those that ran immediately got away while all the others that went onto the ship died, due to possible monstrous individuals. Jack asked about all of the details that might result in them actually be there massive explosions and doom inflicted upon them. Then the Three Idiots begin discussing that now that they are knights they should be able to kill monsters and deal with them, to which Jack cuts them off to talk about the other one. They say that The Falling Dragon is either the most noble or terrible of ship based on if you give them what you want, so that you can share the food and drink and go on your merry way afterwards, and then should they attempt to stand against them they are all destroyed without mercy and sunk terribly. The captain of this ship is rumoured to be a massive and rapidly changed temperment. Then Jack says that he will look this in, trying to find new options for what they have to do and plan. The three carpentry assistants, looking down at paralyzed Bo’sun, ask Jack if they can take him down to his room to rest, suggesting that it would be very sad if his lantern were to go out on the way. Jack smiles, while Bo’sun’s eyes widen in terror, and Jack tells the girls to make sure Bo’sun’s lantern is still nearby when he can move again. The three women vanish, dragging Bo’sun, and then after a short while return as the rest of the crew continues to trickle in.
• With all of the crew gathered, Jack decides that it is now time for them to decide what exactly they are going to do regarding these reality fragments. He summarizes for the rest of the crew the actual purpose of these fragments, what they represent, the fact that they have all been knighted for the Order of Knowledge, to gather the fragments for Deckard and Francisco, in exchange for anything that they could ask for, and giving the size of Ankara, that could mean a great deal of material. They have also been approached, Jack continues, by a man known as Suitengu, that also wants the fragments, and says that his employer, which the two of them know nothing else about his actual employer, except that Suitengu claims they have more reality fragments then the pirates. Therefore, Jack says in a most leaderly way, says that they must make a vote on what they should do in order to proceed forward. Then, Jack hesitates for a moment and looks around, not noticing anyone watching. No one but Ryn notices that a familiar young woman of burnished skin, long black hair, tight leather armor, and a whip in the shape of a scorpion tail, standing on a roof nearby watching over them. Ryn clears her throat, and informs Jack about it, so the entire crew, at Jack’s urging, all move into a massive huddle, including the paralyzed Elspeth propped up by Nadiel, and so Jack whispers that their other option is to work for both sides, of the fence, screw both of them over eventually, and do what will get them the most profit all in all. The crew likes that idea. Getting out of the huddle, Jack clears his throat loudly, and says “Alright, so who votes that we work for Deckard Cain?” Everyone in the crew, except for Nadiel, raise their hands to vote for it. Jack looks to Nadiel, asking if she is sure she doesn’t want to vote, and Nadiel says that she works for Suitengu and won’t vote against him, but if the crew decides on it, since she is now a member of the crew she will work with them. Then, looking around shiftily, Jack says, a little too loudly, that they will go below deck so that they can get Bo’sun’s vote also. They head down into the hold, and Ryn gives him the all clear on the fragment of Kazrith not having followed them. Bo’sun, still freaking out because of the dark, is calmed once Jack slaps him in the face with ‘the happy stone’. Then, Jack asks for a vote, wanting to know who on the crew also wants to work for Suitengu. Everyone but Emack raises their hands to vote for it. Jack asks Emack why he isn’t voting for this, with Emack saying that he doesn’t support the idea of trying to screw over a god, since it will tend to end very badly for them if they do. Then, it is still viewed as a successful vote, so they will work for the pair of them.
• They then figure that they should take a few actual days off in order to re-supply, take care of all the different resource gathering that they need, and take care of a few other things and details including a massive celebratory drinking party. Then the partying in the rum room begins, while Emack heads to check on Tlapcrap.
• While down below deck, Emack finds that there are three new men inside his medical chamber, one tall one with slicked back hair, a thin pointed beard, black robes and a massive sword, the second shorter, more rotund and with smooth, soft features, a large axe on his waste, and his features very much focused on Tlapcrap. There is also an old man that has the look of a man servant leading a large trunk behind him. Emack backs into the door, and then asks what it is that these three think they are doing in his hospital wing. The tall, slender man turns, a slight smirk upon his face, apologizes for the intrusion, introduces himself as Bauchelain, his bald companion as Korbal Broach, and the older man as his manservant Emancipor Reese. Bauchelain went on to explain that they were here to retrieve a weapon of great and terrible power that he and Korbal Broach had created several years ago, saying that his companion had been distracted by the poor broken boy on the table. Emack, with a good idea what they were talking about, asked for more details, and when he mentioned that it was a necromantic fish blade Emack knew he couldn’t plead ignorance, so he asked the men to wait on the main deck while he grabbed the captain. Bauchelain and Emancipor Reese made their way up, while Korbal Broach wished to stay with Tlapcrap. Emack went to get the Captain from his drinking.
• Hearing of the strange men on his ship, demanding to take Steve back, Jack asked what this situation would rate on a 1-10 scale. Emack said at least an 8. Steve says that his daddy has returned for him, and begins dragging Jack up to the deck. Therefore, Jack brought the entire crew up with him to have this meeting with Bauchelain. Bauchelain raises an eyebrow and comments at the large number of individuals that Jack brought with him. They begin to discuss the matter, with Bauchelain commenting on how greatly Steve has surpassed his expectations, Korbal Broach rising from behind them to approach the blade, the two powerful mages arguing over whether or not they should dismantle Steve to learn what new secrets it has discovered, and Steve actually saying that it enjoys staying with Jack because it gets to try and kill mythological creatures, and won’t get destroyed. Bauchelain says that Jack may keep Steve if he and Korbal Broach are allowed to treat Tlapcrap, ensuring they will make him even better then what he started out as. Jack, pretending that Tlapcrap is a crucial and most skilled member of the crew, demands some form of damage deposit, so Bauchelain offers 300 GC to ensure that he won’t kill the boy, having Emancipor fetch a bag of gold, and a bottle of wine with skull and bone patterns covering the glass bottle. Jack comments on that being a particularly rare vintage, asking to get the bottle and skipping the GC payment, which Bauchelain accepts, with he and his two companions heading down to the medical chamber again, saying that Emack may have it during nights when he wishes to sleep. As the three men enter the room, Tlapcrap’s screams of agony can be heard echoing throughout the ship. Jack tells everyone to drink louder, muttering that he will still need a cabin boy afterwards. Bauchelain pops his head out, apologizes for the noise, closes the door again, and all the sounds stop. Jack, quite satisfied, goes back to drinking with the rest of the crew.
• That night Emack returns to his chambers to sleep and finds, surrounding the table where Tlapcrap lay, a great cube of dark, powerful, energies. The very sight of it gives him the creeps, so he decides to look for somewhere else to sleep.
• As night time in Ankara makes things more peaceful, slightly, but certainly less guarded, Fynn approached Elspeth and asked if she would like to rescue some valuables from the nearby buildings, raising a crowbar for emphasis. Elspeth smiles, with Nadiel rising up out of the deck of the ship to join them to Elspeth’s surprise, and the three set off in search of treasures.
• Climbing one of the lowest dockside buildings (3 stories tall), they are disappointed to see no bricks or shingles, only pure sheets of gold and silver too large to move and not be missed. Many of the statues are quite large. One in particular, on their roof, draws their attention. It was a perfectly sculpted statue made of gold, depicting a sleeping dragon curled up. Elspeth marveled at the detail, the craftsmanship, noticing that each individual scale had been carved. Laying a hand on it, Fynn found that it still held the warmth from the sun beating down on it. The two looked around, and found that the statue wasn’t bolted down. However, it was two large for Fynn, Elspeth, and Nadiel, who was standing a ways back enjoying the chance to watch while keeping a close eye on Fynn, to move on their own. Fynn then asked Elspeth what she guessed each of the scales would be worth if they were to pry them off on their own. Elspeth guessed 1-2 GC a piece, and there were hundreds. Fynn brought out his crowbar, and stuck it between some of the scales, preparing to heave a few of them free. Then the ‘statue’ moved, its head turning to look at Fynn, fire and exacerbation in its gleaming green eyes.
• The dragon simply looked the three of them over, and demanded to know what they were doing trying to crowbar some of her scales off. Elspeth stammered out that they assumed she was a statue, and that her scales would therefore be worth a great deal of money. The dragon pointed out that dragon scales are worth more then artistic gold scales, so if that was all they were after they probably would have continued. At this point Fynn realized the crowbar was still poking the dragon in the back, and withdrew it. The dragon informed them that some form of compensation would be needed. Elspeth and Fynn both said that their coin was at their ship, not with them, to which the dragon replied that they should go get it, taking her there, or else she might have to eat them. Nadiel stepped forward to try and defend Elspeth, then stepped back when the dragon pointed out how nicely she would burn. Fynn and Elspeth stalled for a moment, muttering slightly meaningless phrases, before Fynn grabbed Elspeth and started running down the side of the building. They could hear the sound of beating wings behind them.
• Back on The Wicked Wench, Ryn was enjoying a relaxing evening, staring out over the city, when a strange sight caught her eyes. It was a large winged creature, something she hadn’t seen before. Then, when it spat a gout of fire down at the street below it, Ryn cursed herself, slid from the crow’s nest, ran down, fetched Emack saying “dragon”, and then the two of them went to fetch the captain. Having drawn Jack from his training session with Dave, they all began considering what they should do regarding the chance of a dragon approaching, Ryn with her bow out. Dave said that he needed to retreat to his room to gather his ‘anti-dragon gear’, sounding quite nervous. Jack suggested that Dave wasn’t going to be coming back up from below deck, which Dave confirmed most vigorously before fleeing to his room. Ryn, Emack, and Jack all agreed that that was a bad sign, and hoped that the dragon wouldn’t be coming their way.
• Running down the street, Fynn, Nadiel, and a scorched Elspeth ran several births away from their ship before stopping to turn around. “Do you think we lost it?” asked Elspeth hopefully. “We moved pretty quick,” was Fynn’s not so confident response. Then the sounds of wing beats drew them around, as they watched the dragon lazily fly over towards them. “Right, they can fly,” muttered Fynn to himself, “This makes things more difficult.” The dragon, flying above them, demanded to know where their ship was, so that it could extract proper payment for the damages caused to it. For a time neither wanted to answer, until the dragon began charging up another mouthful of fire. Then Elspeth pointed in the direction, and when the dragon asked how far, Fynn answered. The dragon thanked them, and began flying off towards The Wicked Wench. “Well, that went better then expected,” said Fynn, Elspeth agreeing with him heartily and Nadiel breathing a sigh of relief. Then a thought dawned on the two of them: would the dragon actually talk to anyone, so that all the damages would be removed only from their stockpiles of loot?! The three set off rapidly, in hot pursuit of a dragon to protect their ill-gotten gains.
• Ryn with a more then slightly worried tone to her voice, informed the others that the dragon appeared to be coming towards them. However, she did add that it didn’t seem to be preparing to attack them. Jack and Emack began wondering about what form of strategy they could use against such a fiercely powerful, unnatural creature such as a dragon, but before they got very far in their planning the dragon landed on the deck between them. The dragon said that she was hear to extract payment from a pair of the crew that had attempted to violate her form with a large metal rod. Jack, asking what this would entail, was only too pleased to hear that the dragon simply wanted to be able to take a proper fee from the two involved in the assault. When the two were identified by the dragon as Fynn and Elspeth Jack was incredibly happy to show the dragon to their rooms so that she could take the value that she felt was valuable enough to make up the cost for her. So Jack, Emack, Ryn, and the dragon, all headed below deck in order to make their way to the rooms.
• Hearing sounds outside his room, Bo’sun, lantern in hand, opened the door to confront the captain. He called out “Hey Captain,” and then noticed the dragon aboard and walking in through the hallways, asking the captain if he realizes the dragon is on board and walking around with them. Jack says that yes he is, and that the dragon is simply dealing with an amount of money owed to her by a few of the other people aboard the ship. Bo’sun says okay, and that he will also talk to him later about other things. Then he retreats back into his room.
• In hot pursuit Fynn, Elspeth, and Nadiel returned to the ship, and seeing none of the usual people on deck they made their way down towards their room, in search of the dragon that would be stealing from them. Nadiel just sunk into the wood of the deck in order to observe. They found the crew and dragon standing outside Elspeth’s room, with Jack and the Dragon making small talk. Elspeth and Fynn demanded to know that the dragon had no right to trying to take things from them, since it was an honest mistake, but Jack wouldn’t hear anything of it, as he didn’t want to piss off a dragon. Plus, there was a great deal of interest in what Jack was hoping to do. While the others argued, the dragon picked the lock to Elspeth’s room and strolled inside. With the dragon heading directly towards the chest in her room, Elspeth sat atop it, demanding to know how much the dragon would take. The dragon simply asked if this was how it was going to go, lifted Elspeth effortlessly off the chest, opened it, performed a quick count including flipping off on her fingers in order to keep track, then headed back into the hall. Heading to Fynn’s room, she entered, made her way over to the chest, and Fynn told her not to touch anything if she didn’t want them all to explode. Jack knew what Fynn was referring to, and asked him to reveal the coins, but he refused, so when the dragon opened the chest she couldn’t see past the other chests. Then Jack began removing pieces, to everyone else’s terror, grabbing a large chest and dropping it into Fynn’s arms, which was caught quickly. When Jack grabbed a small orb and threw it over his shoulder, he was surprised that the room filled with smoke when no one caught it. Using this cloud as a distraction, Fynn put the other things he was carrying back in the chest and closed it. Jack and the dragon were both frustrated, so the dragon simply said that she would assume that he had the same amount of coin as Elspeth, which made Fynn very unhappy. The two waited to hear the dragon’s demand of excessive amounts of wealth from them. Instead the dragon politely said that the scale if a statue would have been worth 2 GC, while as an actual dragon it would be worth at least 50 GC, so she charged them 50 GC total to cover the costs of the damages. Surprised by her reasonable tendency and behaviour, Elspeth and Fynn both agreed to give the dragon 30 GC each, for a total of 60 GC in order to make their apologies. The dragon, most touched by their generosity, decided that they needed to be paid back for it, and so she gave them a large dragon fang that she kept, which held the energy of a Reality Fragment. She gave it to Fynn, and the memories swarmed him.
• Vision of being a creature traveling within the sands, finding three tied up horses, and devouring them all whole. Then he came upon three adventurers wandering the waste; a man bearing a long staff and strange tattoos, a man covered in the dark robes of an assassin wearing a bright pendant, and a pale man with red eyes, a flowing crimson cloak, and a pair of katanas at his waist. Apparently these three owned the horses you found, and demanded to be thanked because of giving them their horses, therefore the thought of devouring these creatures was the most possible. Then they offered to make you a massive amount of food in exchange for not killing them. But when you are told the food is rather bland you decide the people will be much better food. So a great battle begins, fighting, tearing, gouts of acid tearing into them, nearly killing two of them, until the man with katana’s managing to deal with you, and the memory stopped.
• Snapping back to reality, Fynn let Elspeth touch the fragment to see the memories also. Then Jack asked the dragon what she would be doing now. The dragon said probably leaving but they had no other large friends and so would probably wander. Jack asked for some more information of her lack of companions, so in the end he offered to let her stay aboard the ship and join their crew, as long as she won’t grow too large for the ship. The dragon was greatly happy for such a generous offer, and said that she could have a way to stay with them better, but she would need their mages assistance. The mages were a little worried, wondering what it would entail, so the dragon explained that they would need to be there in case things didn’t work right and they need to put her out. Jack then asks her her name, and the dragon introduces herself as Applejack, citing the apple shaped birthmark on her back flank. Then she, Elspeth, and Emack all head up to the upper deck. Intrigued, the others also fallow, although Bo’sun wants to gather Dave first in order to do some training first while watching the fun.
• Heading over to Dave’s room, Bo’sun pushed open the door, and found Dave standing inside his “dragon deterrent” equipment. It was essentially a massive sphere of metal mesh, studded by 100 heavy crossbows, with Dave standing in the middle clutching his three rats, and also a button that can trigger all of the crossbows at once. Dave freaks out slightly, demanding to know who it is, why he is there, if he was actually a dragon or not, and how many holes Dave could have filled Bo’sun with. Then Bo’sun explained that the dragon was going to be joining them, so Bo’sun wants to do some training with Dave in order to watch what the dragon is doing. Dave is interested enough, but refuses to leave his protection sphere, and so begins rolling it up the stairs.
• On deck, Applejack stands near the center of the ship, telling Elspeth to stand on one side of her and Emack on the other, and then putting their hands out to the side. Emack fully extended his tentacles, until Applejack told him to reel them back in to about normal length. With much of the crew watching, Applejack began to grow with a bright golden light, which got bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and then rapidly receded. There, standing in the middle of the light was Applejack, but a young woman, with burnished copper skin, bright green eyes, long golden hair, and a birthmark in the shape of an apple on her right thigh, as she was quite naked. Jack walked over, and invited her into his cabin in order to get her some clothes, and attempt to seduce her. Needless to say Dina, who had been watching this, went along in order to ensure that Jack didn’t try anything, with Jack subtly saying that he also needed to have the right to be able to properly share himself with all the other women aboard the ship that he could, leading Dina and Applejack into his cabin. Emack turned to face the rest of the crew, and asked “Is anyone else a little jealous?” Dave’s honest response; “I’m quite confused at the moment. I don’t know how I should feel.”
• Having seen what they wanted to, Fynn and Elspeth headed back on land in order to better understand what powers they can use from the dragon fang fragment. Emack was a little sad to see the fragment go away from him, but figured he didn’t need to be a squid dragon. On the ground Fynn looked at the powers within it, and decided that he wanted to ‘accept the embrace of the dragon’ that the fragment offers. The fang slipped into his flesh, enhancing his body and muscle, giving his eyes red irises and slitted pupils, and making his blood feel stronger then before.
• Inside Jack’s cabin, he asked a few more details regarding Applejack’s background, gave her some clothes with Dina’s assistance, and then Jack headed outside so that the girls could have some alone time in order to bond better, and not fight with each other, Jack hoping that Dina won’t try to fight the dragon on the ship. Then Jack began doing a bit of training with Dave outside as well, with Bo’sun joking that it didn’t take Jack very long to finish for that one. Moments later Applejack burst out of Jack’s cabin, running off the ship, into Fynn’s arms in a great hug. Applejack says that it is so good to finally meet another dragon, with Fynn asking if that is why his heart and blood are pounding as much as it is, with her promising to explain more of the details of being a dragon, then she makes out with him most enthusiastically. Dina comes over to Jack, who is quite disappointed in losing his dragon. Emack once again asks if anyone is a little jealous. Jack admits fully honesty that yes, yes he is.
• Day 69:
• With Tlapcrap still being tended to, the rest of the crew decided to enjoy some R&R. Jack, Bo’sun, and Fynn train with Dave to increase their martial prowess, Ryn explores the nearer reaches of the city looking for any items or places of particular interest that catch her eye. She doesn’t find any. Elspeth, knowing that she can’t transcribe the books she took from the Tower of Cain before they leave, heads back to the tower and drafts a few of the scribes to help her copy out the books for the low rate of 1 GC per book. Emack meanwhile explores the city looking for an occult section, hoping to possibly find some more magic items, or other valuables that he might be able to ‘extract’ from less rightful hands.
• While making his way through the occult district, riding atop the back of the wooden horse created by the wheel fragment, Emack is unsurprised to find that most of the shops and keepers here are completely fraudulent and terribly mundane. After traveling down many streets, he catches sight of a shop that looks quite different. It is a small, grey building, no lavish signs or obtuse displays, with its only identification a symbol of a crow atop an eye, a symbol that Emack didn’t recognize. Intrigued, and much more hopeful then anything else in this city, Emack dismounts, turns the horse back into a wheel, and makes his way inside.
• Inside the dark shop there are numerous items, full dining sets, ancient armors and weapons, tapestries, stone, and books. The item that catches Emack’s interest is a walking stick, topped with a black stone crow, which bears the energy of a reality fragment. Picking it up, Emack managed to not pass out in the store as the memories flooded into him.
• He was sitting upon an opulent throne in a massive chamber. He allowed his awareness to drift out over the city around him for a time, watching as the city building process continued around him. There were many hopes of his riding on this cities completion. Taking a drink, one of his servants flapped into the room, a massive crow clutching a man in its talons. Not caring to deal with the man at this moment in time, the prisoner is simply thrown into a chest of treasure and valuables, to be dealt with at a later time. The only thing that matters at this moment is the completion of the city.
• Back in his own body and memories, Emack finds the man running the shop, a tiny old man in nice clothes that talks like a crow. Emack attempts to pretend that he wants the walking stick because it is a walking stick, and for no other reason, but the old man refuses. It isn’t until Emack explains he knows what the walking stick is, hoped the old man didn’t, so that he could rip him off. The old man smiles a toothless smile, bobs his head up and down, and says “You may have, you may have,” to Emack. Surprised, but pleasantly so, Emack spots a suit that looks like what the person was wearing in the memories. It is made of exceptionally fine black material, the interior of it lined with crow’s feathers that are surprisingly supple and soft. Feeling good about his new reality fragment, Emack is willing to spend the 200 GC on the suit, after trying it on of course, and wears it out of the shop, receiving a snake freshly killed as a gift with purchase. Getting back on his magic horse, with tentacles for hands, he made quite the sight heading back to the ship. He was so pleased, he didn’t even notice that the shop vanished from existence as he rode away from it.
• Day 70-71
• They wait for Bauchelain and Korbald Broach to finish fixing Tlapcrap and give him his powers. Jack, Bo’sun, and Fynn all train with Dave to increase their martial prowess. Emack experiments with his Fragment of a Crow to see how he can manipulate the spaces within the rooms, trying to determine what all he can do with his new fragment, as well as has Cook prepare the snake he had with a very specific recipe that came to his mind. Ryn looks around the city, looking to pick up items and things, finding nothing particularly interesting. Elspeth and some of the scribes of the Temple of Knowledge made copies of each of the five books she brought with her. Fynn also spends his evenings talking with Applejack, trying to learn more about what it actually means for him to be a dragon now, what sorts of things she can teach him, and the like.
• Emack heads back into the city to pick up some more snake for the journey ahead, using the powers of the Crow Reality Fragment to make the shop owner simply give him the items without charge, as though in awe of his high station. Emack took the snakes, and muttered that he could get used to this. Back aboard the ship Gutter compliments Emack on his new fashion choices, he himself still wearing his seagull attire, and also points out to Emack that his features seem a little bit sharper, more refined then they had been before. Emack didn’t mind his new, more avian features in the slightest.
• Day 72
• Early in the morning, Bauchelain, Korbal Broach, and Emancipor emerge once more from the hospital wing. Bauchelain thanks Jack for the accommodations, and says that he now returns their cabin boy too them, better than ever. Emancipor opens the large travel trunk behind him, and Korbal Broach pulls out a large, not quite rectangular, box of metal, setting it down on the deck, before the three of them take their leave of the ship. Jack, after the mages and servant are out of earshot, asks the question everyone was thinking; “I thought we were getting our cabin boy back, not a box.” Poking at the box, there was a loud whirring sound, as a pair of metallic arms emerged, a wheel popped out of its bottom, and a large green eye opened. With a resounding “Aha!” Tlapcrap introduced himself as being born as the new immortal, indestructible, and ultimately charming Claptrap! Jack then pushed him over to test the indestructible feature, with Claptrap stuck on his back whimpering that he was leaking. Many of the crew wondered if Claptrap was now even less useful then before, before they kicked him back onto his tire. Claptrap then insisted on showing just how many new, useful abilities he had acquired, charged up for a moment, before a golden exclamation mark appeared above himself, which he said could help to lead them to treasure. Thinking to reunite the two children of Korbal Broach, Jack shoved The Steve Blade into Claptrap’s hands. There was a sizzling, crackling, and tearing sound as the fierce demonic blade fused with Claptrap, covering him in sharp black metal protrusions, with a Steve Blade shaped mohawk topping his metal frame. Now calling itself, Stevetrap, their cabin boy began to move towards the ramp to shore, in order to devour people and increase his power. Not liking the sound of that, Jack slapped Stevetrap with ‘the happy stone’ and with a groan of pain turned Stevetrap back into Claptrap. After experimenting a few times, turning Claptrap back and forth into his different forms, Jack grabbed the exclamation mark above Claptrap, which unfurled into a piece of parchment, tasking them with the job of hunting down and claiming The Black Pearl as their own. “Well, that’s convenient,” muttered Jack as he tucked the parchment into his belt.
• Before long all the crew had gathered once more, with the Three Idiots coming to report what they had learned about The Black Pearl and The Falling Dragon. While they hadn’t learned much more about the crew of The Black Pearl, they did hear that it was last cited just off the south coast of the Jhag Odhan. Navigator Scrabbs suggested it would probably take them about a month to catch up with them. The Three Idiots had learned a bit more about the crew of The Falling Dragon, that its powerful captain was a man by the name of Hanzo Hisashi, and that the ship had last been seen off the southwest coast of Genabackis, which Scrabbs estimated would take them 3-4 months to reach and catch up. Not desiring to travel the particularly far distance, they all vote to pursue The Black Pearl so as to move up the rankings of most notorious/respected pirates of the seas. And so they set out to sea.
• Day 73-78 spent traveling.
• While traveling, Elspeth follows Fynn around, taking all the notes about his new draconic tendencies as she can inside her pendant of Cain. Applejack, jealous of the attention another female is giving Fynn, is put mostly at ease when Elspeth says that she has no romantic interest in Fynn, it is all purely scientific. When Nadiel pops out of the deck to say that the only mate Elspeth needs is her, Applejack becomes much more understanding, and Elspeth grows much redder.
• During their travels Jack has a very important discussion with Dina inside his cabin. He tells her that he needs her help in breaking up Applejack and Fynn, so that he may bed the dragon that he had initially intended too. Dina, with a deep sigh, agrees because she needs to prevent Fynn from knowing happiness until after the debt to her has been paid. When Jack suggests Dina should also help him break up Nadiel and Elspeth, Dina only shakes her head in exacerbation. Jack grinned to himself; she didn’t say she wouldn’t help him after all.
• On day 78 they reach another port and restock on food, supplies, and generally try to get more prepared for their journey after The Black Pearl.
• While in town, Bo’sun pulls aside Jack, Emack, Elspeth, Fynn, and Ryn, which also brings with them Nadiel, Applejack, and Dina, and suggests that in order to fight this ship with strange and powerful weapons, why not just learn the name of the captain and use the Fragment of an Arena to pull him away from his crew and ship and fight him in person. Everyone stares at Bo’sun in stunned silence. Then, one after another, they all agree that that may be the best plan they have ever heard for being able to deal with such an event, taking advantage of the power vacuum left behind by the captain’s death for them to take control of the ship with minimum other risk to them. Then all they need to do is learn as much as they can about this captain…
• Day 79-103 Spent traveling.
• As they travel, Ryn spots a black ship matching the description of The Black Pearl of the starboard bow, so she shouts down to Jack the direction for them to head.



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