Anima: Beyond Malaz

Of Reapers and Undeath

Worlds collide, bleed, and begin to descend.

• Day 211, inside the Fragment of Undeath, also with The Reaper there to haunt them.
• The horde of zombies attack all of the pirates, but they get in their own way, and do no damage to the shield that Emack pops up for everybody. The Nurmal charges Ryn and luckily Emack’s shield is able to protect for the bite and claws, but Nurmal then vanishes into the horde of zombies. The pirates didn’t like how quickly it moved, or the fact that it moved into the crowd. Vincent ignores the horde of zombies in order to focus on one of the things that he hates most, The Reaper, but can’t get to it, so he charges Ki and glares up at The Reaper. Ryn passively charged zeon, and fired one of her Moonlight Arrows up at The Reaper, hitting it solidly. Emack is sad to see blood flowing from the Reaper, and so nixes one of his strategies. Fynn takes a pair of Area Attacks on the horde of infinite zombies, cutting down a half-dozen before beginning to transform into a dragon. The Reaper fires its magnums, firing a red bullet at Bo’sun and another Red Bullet at Ryn, but Emack’s shield stops both. Emack can field that they are both magic, and that The Reaper is charging Zeon. Emack begins moving to try and get closer to Jack and Ryn. Then Jack uses Minor Psychokinesis, telling Vincent to hold on tight, then sends Vincent on top of one building, so that he can try and jump from one skyscraper to the next to try and attack The Reaper. Balthazar cuts down a dozen zombies as he looks for Nurmal. Elspeth fires a Light Beam at The Reaper which hurts it. Applejack kills a zombie and then begins to transform. Jafar charges zeon. Bo’sun throws his Lawgiver of Rah at The Reaper, striking him solidly with the blade, making it lose the Zeon it had charged, and staggering it, and sticking the Lawgiver in The Reaper. Bo’sun then swings his axe through in order to kill 14 zombies, then charged ki. Vincent then took his chance to jump from the one building to attack The Reaper, to hopefully land on the one across the street, cutting it solidly with Masamune and his Iced Earth Blade, then landing on the other building. Ryn fires another Moonlight Arrow at The Reaper, hitting it hard and charging more ki. Then Ryn fires and charges again, hitting it again. The zombies come in for another attack, but Emack’s shield easily takes it. Nurmal then emerges from the crowd and bites Bo’sun through a surprised Emack’s shields to bite Bo’sun lightly, but Bo’sun’s armor is able to take the second claw when he uses fatigue. There is something negative and necromantic now flowing through Bo’sun’s veins. Jack gains access to Ground Control and then pumps some mad Free PP into it, generating an enormous concrete cylinder 300 feet into the air to lead them to The Reaper, with stairs around the outside, big enough for Dragon Fynn. Jack then begins going up the stairs. Ryn then uses Ki Detection, but she can’t sense Nurmal through all the zombies, and so then fires a Moonlight Arrow straight up at The Reaper, hitting it solidly. Balthazar still can’t see Nurmal, so he kills another 2-dozen zombies die. Bo’sun is then targeted by another volley of Reaper Bullets this time that are Yellow, but Emack stops them both, so then he charges some of his Zeon. Emack then casts Pride on The Reaper, but The Reaper makes the save, so then Emack casts Speed in Battle to give all his allies 10 Initiative. Vincent then jumps at The Reaper, swinging with his blades to strike The Reaper incredibly solidly twice more. Dragon Fynn then begins climbing out of the cylinder with his massive claws, Applejack begins to fly out. Jafar charges some more Zeon. Bo’sun draws his magic shield, and activates his 300 LP water shield, then begins slowly flying up. Ryn fires a trio of Whitewood Arrows at The Reaper, hurting it solidly all three times. Then with her last pass she fires another White Wood arrow at The Reaper, hitting it solidly again. The zombies then swarm again, but Emack holds them off. Nurmal then plummets into the pit to try and attack Emack, his shield stopping the bite, and also the claw, then vanishing into the crowd of zombie. Vincent is then able to battle with The Reaper on the edge of the cylinder, so he hits solidly with both of his blades for solid damage and charges ki. Emack tells everyone to wait since he has a plan. Ryn no longer has an angle on the Reaper, so she listens to Emack. Jack keeps moving up, with a very strange angle from the other views. Balthazar and Elspeth wait. The Reaper fires a pair of bullets at the cylinder, aging the concrete slightly. Emack then goes into a Spiritual Loop, uses Spiritual Loop to get access to access Gain Magical Knowledge, to use Put To Rest and uses it to kill all the non-Nurmal zombies in a 375 foot radius, leaving only Nurmal left inside. Ryn fires three Whitewood Arrows, Balthazar charges with his sword, and Elspeth fires a Light Beam, but Nurmal is able to move as though he has no bones inside him, avoiding all of the attacks with ease. Fynn and Applejack keep making their way up the top, charging their breath weapons. Jafar charges zeon and keeps moving up the cylinder stairs. Bo’sun then charges with his axe, the attack tearing a great chunk out of the floor as Nurmal sidesteps it. Then Ryn fires another three arrows at Nurmal, the first two being evaded, while the third tears a great chunk from Nurmal’s chest, but it stays up. Ryn then inflicts Nurmal with The Black Spot, but his Spiritual Barrier protects him from more damage. Elspeth fires a Light Beam at Nurmal, but it dodges once more. Jack unleashes another Psychic Power, getting Ground Control off again, this time at Zen, using it to drop Nurmal 1 Mile straight down into the Earth, then shouts “Emack, close it!” Ryn then fires a Whitewood arrow straight down at Nurmal, striking it incredibly solidly. It gurgles unhappily, still ready to fight. Then The Reaper unleashed attacks on Vincent at point blank range. The first bullet hits Vincent but doesn’t hurt him, only staggers, the second is also a hit but no damage, and then unleashes a massive pillar of souls as an attack, but the shield is able to soak up the damage as well. Vincent charges Ki and mumbles hateful things at The Reaper. Fynn and Applejack then make their way over the lip and fire off both their breath weapons on The Reaper, unleashing heavy damage from them both, with Emack saving Vincent. Emack drops the Initiative buff and maintains his shield, and then puts a top on the pit, leaving a murder hole for Ryn to butcher a poor, trapped, super Nurmal. Balthazar then begins running up the stairs to fight The Reaper. Jafar continues walking up the stairs. Bo’sun then begins to fly up, puts away his shield, draws his other bastard sword, and then throws it at The Reaper, but misses and throws it at Jafar, but Jafar deflects it, although it dents his shield. Bo’sun ‘psychically’ and outloud apologizes to Jafar. Jafar replies “I hope that was an accident.” Ryn then fires another Whitewood arrow through the murderhole at Nurmal hitting it solidly, and still alive. On her third actions Ryn fires a Called Shot Ricochet upon The Reaper to hit it again. Ryn fires a Whitewood Arrow down at Nurmal, evicerating it and leaving it to die. Then a bubbling collection of necromantic muck that begins rising up through the one mile deep chasm. Jack then charges up the chasm and attacks The Reaper, blindly without his sighting, still hitting it very solidly with his golden Rune Sword. Vincent then unleashes Endless Strikes of Death, unleashing 7 attacks +1 with his Iced Blade, for a Grand Total of 6801 points of LP damage, destroying all of The Reaper. Then they vanish and appear back on the ship.
• It is late in the evening when they appear back on the ship again.
• Bo’sun tries to communicate with Jack regarding the whole psychic communication thing for how it actually works, Jack explaining that is only what he says he can hear, not what he thinks, with all the complicated thoughts and thinking of things and what is going on with what they are trying to do and things.
• Emack tries to heal Bo’sun’s bleeding, but it actually does nothing. They do not like the look of this, and aren’t sure what it will do. Bo’sun was going to ask about trying to get some of the Fragments back that he hoped he didn’t need when they were afraid the axe could do to him. Unfortunately for Bo’sun, all of the healers couldn’t do anything to tend the wounds, and Emack, Elspeth, and Jafar all found it that there was some form of incredibly potent necromantic in the poison that now coursed through Bo’sun’s veins. No one was sure what form of toxic energy it was, so while the others ensured that Bo’sun wouldn’t actually get any more of his old Fragments back, Emack brought out his Fragment of The Book of the Dead in order to try and analyze it. Within the book Emack found a note regarding some substance known as “The T-Virus”, created by a strange scientific company of another world which resulted in the entire world’s reduction to undeath, and the creation of Nurmal. Emack shared this information with everyone else, and then continued reading in order to inform that the only thing that could cure it was an antivirus generated by the same corporation. Apparently the only collections of this antivirus left to survive is in the possession of the Unholy Overlord of the Undead. There was an awkward pause, and then all of them looked towards the Mile deep hole containing the several hundred feet deep necromantic goo that had erupted from Nurmal’s death. They began trying to plan some way to get the objects from Nurmal’s doom pit. Due to the fact that there weren’t any thoughts about how they could pull the vials up, since they don’t know what they are made of, or exactly where they are, and they don’t want to wade in unnecessary, so they figure they need to send Bo’sun down to the antivirus. Bo’sun fires of his Meat Shield Technique, and then asks Jack how he plans on doing it. Jack concentrates, for a very long time (so long that Bo’sun drops his technique and then reactivates it the moment that Jack warns him that the movement is about to occur), and then Jack used a Major Psychokinesis to fire Bo’sun down to the bottom of the pit. Unfortunately, there was a great deal of excessive power used in the technique, knocking him down an extra 17 Miles into the world’s crust. The resulting force also caused all of the necromantic goo inside the pit to rain over all of the pirates above. All blocked or dodged the goo, except for Elspeth who was hit with it fully, and feared that she may have been infected to. Then however, they saw that 6 vials, glass capped in silver with a gleaming green liquid in a double helix vials inside. Two shattered on impact, while four remained intact. Elspeth took one of these vials, pushed a button in order to deploy a set of nearly a dozen needles from the bottom, which she then injected into herself. Her limbs felt incredibly cold as the antivenom flowed into her, but it did allow her to fend off the effects of the venom.
• Deep within the earth, 18 miles down to be exact, Bo’sun found that he was entirely surrounded by corpses. The entire ground had been replaced by corpses, nothing but corpses at all. Luckily, Bo’sun was no longer afraid thanks to the Wish from The Grail that brought him back to life. However, as all the antivirus had been blown straight up there was nothing down there for him. Luckily, his technique had protected him from the heavy amount of trauma, so he began the long, slow flight back up to the surface.
• Back above, Ryn used the combination of her senses, Bo’sun’s senses, and some quick calculation based on his rate of movement to determine that it would take Bo’sun over 10 hours to get back up. So, they decided it was time for them to get to take some time to rest and recuperate, passing the Fragrant Ring around in order to get extra Zeon back as well.
• Fynn figured that with all the time that they would be able to wait on anyway, he asked Jack if he could have permission to fight Elizabeth on his own to try and earn another one of those Orbs from her that will help to protect him from damage. Jack isn’t sure if it is a good idea, but Fynn argues they have enough time for him to try it. Jack has Emack use the Velvet Key in order to open the path to Elizabeth for Fynn. However, Emack kept the key for himself, not wanting to give it up. Fynn asked how he would get out, but Emack simply replied that Elizabeth should let him out afterwards so he shouldn’t need it. With a shrug Fynn walked through the door into the Velvet Room.
• Fynn goes to challenge Elizabeth on her own. She happily accepts the generous challenge since it sounds like a good chance for him to try and prove his power. They move to a Velvet Arena so that Fynn has enough room. Elizabeth summons up the massive Fire Giant Surt, which is cut down in a single attack from his Rose blade. Then when Jack Frost appears and Baby’s Nail comes at him, but it is stopped by a snowflake butterfly, but it does take his action. Fynn brings the Rose back around to try and attack Jack Frost with his Electric Rose, hitting Jack Frost Solidly, then bringing in the Baby Nail, but another blast of snow gets in the way. Jack Frost fires of a Fairy Dust, hitting but not hurting Fynn, but restoring his health. Jack Frost then fires another Fairy Dust, hitting but not hurting Fynn, although Surt is restored. Fynn then brings in the Rose, but Jack Frost dodges in a cloud and then hits Fynn with a Fairy Dust, hitting him, and Fascinating him. Elizabeth then calls forth Thor, bringing Mjolnir down on the Fascinated Fynn, but he regains composure to only take a glancing blow, although that still hurts him solidly. Fynn then attacks a surprised Thor with his Rose, but the god blocks the attack. Then the Baby Nail comes in, but it can’t get through Thor’s Armor. Fynn transforms into a dragon. Elizabeth smiles and says “Ooh, this is a new trick.” Then Thor brings the hammer down to hit the dragon solidly. Fynn then dragonly brings the Claw and Bite down on Thor, the hammer blocking the claws, and also blocking the bite. Fynn then unleashes the attacks again, blocks the claws and counters with another solid blow from Mjolnir. Fynn then brings the bite, just sneaking through to hit for 35 of the 50 LP, then transforms back into a human. Thor brings the hammer down again, striking solidly for a Critical, bruising him solidly. To counter Fynn surprises Thor, bringing the Rose around, shattering Thor. Summoning Cu Chullain, Fynn brings his Baby Nail around with Electricity damage type in order to shatter it in one blow. Then Elizabeth summons Metatron, the glowing gold and platinum angel of win. Fynn brings the Rose around on Metatron, but it blocks with its one hand, then countering in order to drop Fynn to the ground. They then once more appear in her Velvet Room, Elizabeth congratulating her on the strength of the bonds. Fynn says that he may have to come back again. Elizabeth says that she is always happy to try and test and witness the glorious strength of the bonds they forged. Fynn then also asks about how her summoning thing work. She explains that her Persona Compendium allows her to tap into the strength of ego’s used to resist the struggles of reality, which commonly take the form of great heroes and creatures. Fynn asked if other people could learn to do this, and Elizabeth says that with the Fragment of a Card The World they could. Fynn then decides to head back, thanking her for this information. Elizabeth then asks Fynn to say hello to Applejack for their bond is such a glorious strength and power. Then Fynn heads back out through the door.
• Fynn came out rather unhappy, but almost slightly pleased with himself. The others asked how it went, and Jack said that he was able to break three of her six Personas, but that she was able to revive one of them. The others commented that it was better then expected from his performance. Then they finished waiting for Bo’sun.
• After the 10
hours had elapse, Bo’sun finally emerged from the hole. Luckily, he hadn’t died yet and so wasn’t zombified. He took one of the vials of antivirus that had been brought to them. Bo’sun took it, pushed the button to deploy the needles when he was told how to activate it, and jammed the needles into his neck, since it was the sight of the bite (despite the excruciating pain, it made perfect sense to Bo’sun at the time). Then they figured it was time to head back to the real world.
• Reappearing on the boat, they found that the Fragment of a Button had been perfectly cleaned and now shone. The Fragment of Undeath had transformed from an Obsidian Skull to one of pure, gleaming diamond.
• This left only two Boss-Fight Fragments for them to deal with; The Fragment of Omega, and The Fragment of Twilight.



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