Anima: Beyond Malaz

Looting Upon The Sea

Treasures of Holds and Hearts

• Bo’sun asks if anyone can possibly get into the chest with lockpicks. Jack says he can, Bo’sun asks if he would like some help. Jack says that he can do it, and that no one else should doubt that he can, Bo’sun comments on the bashing of chest over someone’s head. Jack says not someone but a monkey, so he tells Bo’sun to deal with it. While Bo’sun is looking around, after rubbing monkey shit from his face and looking around to try and open it, Fynn says that he could be able to find the crowbar in his room. Bo’sun has some men give the chest to Elspeth in order to take care of it until they can open it. Ryn lifted herself from the rigging during this time, and the two men in the water were rescued by the other crew. Fynn goes down to retrieve his daggers, and finds a man in a cage down there, unable to do things and in the cage. Fynn calls Bo’sun calls him down, and Bo’sun falls down, nearly falling onto Fynn. They go over to the cage, can’t open it up, so Fynn wants them to try and bring them up. The man in the cage asks for water or something, and so Fynn throws him a water skin, which bears a greedy drinking of the water. Then they go up again, and cross backwards again with a noble jump.
• Captain Jack emerges with his full pirate code written and to get it signed by everyone else.
• Fynn scrubs his gear clean while waiting on Bo’sun, while Bo’sun cleans all of his gear down and then goes to check on Emack. He asks how Emack is feeling, Emack says slightly better and what do you want. Bo’sun informs him regarding the monkey poo on his face. Then Emack looks him over and tells him that he should clean himself better, because he knows what the feces might do, and so casts a small Improve Resistance spell by tapping him the cleanest piece of him, then tells him to be careful for the next few days. Then Bo’sun heads back over and Emack goes on deck.
• Elspeth demands Tlapcrap to get the loot ledger, which he does along with a quill and inkpot along with an apple, which Elspeth accepts warily, then tells Tlapcrap to serve as her stool. When she sits down she hears Tlapcrap mutter that it is like a dream come true, and Elspeth jumps around and then tells him to get the hell away from her for now.
• Fynn spends a long time cleaning, stripping down, then puts his gear back on and climbs back over and talks to Emack, tells him what happened, Emack gives Fynn the same diagnosis and restoration magic as well. Then Fynn goes back over, along with Bo’sun. Bo’sun searches the galley for food, takes it over to the man in the bottom and gives them to him, which he then begins to consume, choke on, Bo’sun punches his stomach to knock it out, then Bo’sun blocks the vomit with his arm and then gets to head back up on to the deck to see how they are going.
• They then begin getting the other members looting the ship, with Elspeth recording what is gained. Fynn opens the chest and Elspeth begins counting the coins. Then they head back over and Bo’sun and Fynn break the man out of the cage in the bottom and then bring him over to Captain Jack. As the others are looting it (Elspeth’s words), Jack hands the back page of the Code to Captain Reeman Schell, once they actually get his name, and then he realizes that they are pirates taking things from him and so they cry, forcing Jack to send him to the brig. Emack tells the other captain not to talk, his is in Bo’sun has three of the crew (Halibut, Fancis, and Gertrude) to gather wood from the ship so that they may build a new ballista. Bo’sun then watches, after a monkey corpse is thrown beside him. Fynn shakes his head. Then they go down for further looting, Jack has Tlapcrap watch their prisoner, to tell him when he stops whimpering. Tlapcrap says that he is an expert on whimpering, and then goes down.
• Ryn notices a dhenrabi approaching the ship, which she tells the captain, with Jack wondering what the hell a dhenrabi is. Ryn suggests that they throw the monkey corpses down there, Jack shouting at them to take the valuable items off the Bobbo and others. Then they feed the giant sea monster the monkey corpses and they leave her alone.
• Once they finish looting they return to the ship, Fynn asks if they have a replaceable dagger in the loot. Elspeth says there is one in the loot, but it hasn’t been tallied yet, so after a fair argument she tells him to check the armory, where he grabs another dagger from the stores.
• Bo’sun and his three apprentices spend a week trying to reinforce the ballista (it doesn’t work), and Bo’sun stares at their cleavage as they talk.
• As the night begins to settle Bo’sun gets out his only lantern, and Ryn notices that the other ship is still intact. Jack shouts for Tlapcrap, who doesn’t hear, so Jack unhappily goes below deck and shouts at Tlapcrap, who was whimpering with the prisoner, and then tells Jack that the other captain hasn’t stopped sobbing yet. Jack wants to know if he is doing his other duties, Tlapcrap says that he couldn’t then he goes to do things, so Jack says that he needs to go burn one of the two ships. Tlapcrap grabs a lantern, runs over to the other ship, breaks the lantern, to Elspeth’s hate, then grabs more from down below, then tries to light a torch with a pair of sticks very inefficiently. Then Jack tells him to fetch Emack, which then leads to him hitting the side of the ship, entering, getting Emack, jumping back over, and using some flint and tinder that he stole from Schell and lights the ship on fire, running around in a circle before Elspeth tells him to jump back over, which he does, aiming for Elspeth’s bosom, but Elspeth evades before Tlapcrap falls against the deck and doesn’t move. Jack tells Emack to take Tlapcrap below and check on him. Emack does, and sees that Tlapcrap only needs a night of rest, so he throws him outside and then goes to bed. All the other party members go to bed for the night to let the others take over.
• Night of The Falling Sky
• In the middle of the night Ryn is awakened by a massive concussion, and the shaking of the ship. When she looks up she sees that the sky and all the stars are falling to the surface. She jumps down in order the avoid a falling star, painfully, and then gets below deck before the star falls and causes a wave that crashes and knocks all from their bunks, waking up everyone but Elspeth and Fynn. Jack wants to know what is going on, Tlapcrap comes up also, trying to get help, Jack blames Tlapcrap, who simply says that things have gotten them wet all over and salty, Jack says not Salty, then demands Ryn say what was going on, which doesn’t go over well with the whole sky falling things, then they see the glowing bit in the sea, and Jack sends Tlapcrap and Bo’sun and Ryn in order to go get the shiny bit. Tlapcrap demands they do go get the shiny bit, they go down into the sea, they sail over, Bo’sun grabs Tlapcrap by the ankles and dunks him repeatedly until he grabs the stone. Ryn takes it away, they board the ship again, and Ryn collapses, having the vision from The Fragment of Hope. While she is unconscious Jack has Bo’sun slap her to try and wake her up, but she wakes up just before, and Bo’sun overcompensates and slaps her across the deck. She tells Jack what happened, and Jack still thinks she is crazy. Emack asks to have it, so Ryn gives it to Emack, then Emack also falls unconscious, has the vision, wakes up, confirms her story, Jack wonders if Emack has been drinking. Then Jack takes it, has the same vision, and Bo’sun slaps him, and then Jack wakes up afterwards with a headache, Bo’sun saying that he hit his head when he fell over. Then Jack takes Bo’sun’s lantern, puts it out, puts the stone in it, and gives it back to him. Then Bo’sun has the same vision, Tlapcrap slaps him repeatedly until he wakes up and throws Tlapcrap away, gets up, doesn’t touch his lantern, until Jack gives it to him and he doesn’t fall unconscious again, so he happily takes his “Happy Stone” with him, saying that Jack can borrow any of his other pleasure toys. Then the party goes to bed.
• Day 1 since the fall.
• Elspeth wakes up, gets her coffee, and realizes that there is only 8 days worth of rum left. She realizes she has to go tell the captain, but she goes to get breakfast. Then she sees that there are extra fish and Cook is in a good mood. He tells her that Tlapcrap caught fish with his bare hands, and brought them in to serve, then the Cook suggests that they don’t tell Ryn about the fish that will be added. Elspeth goes up, to find Jack unconscious with his compass out, with Miss Scrabbs looking quite happy. Elspeth and Scrabbs have an interesting conversation regarding what happened and the accident to the captain, with why she was there, where they are planning on going. Then she makes her way to wake up Jack and tell her regarding what is going on. When she starts, he fears what he is hearing and tells her not to say anything, with Elspeth forcing the idea anyway and telling him about the limited supply. Jack tells Scrabbs to change course, and then goes down in order to be with the rum. Elspeth goes down, Fynn and Bo’sun are also there having breakfast, Emack and Ryn join afterwards discussing the vision stone and what is going on, what they should do regarding it. Ryn gets the last bowl without fish before cook puts it in, repeating the Tlapcrap story once more. Then they discuss what to do with the visions, and everything that is going on and what they should do. Elspeth looks, has the vision, then says that it is magic that doesn’t belong to the Warrens, and that it reminds her of a fraction of the Crippled God, which Emack says is completely ridiculous. Elspeth gets a bottle of wine, Bo’sun then tears off the top of the bottle and passes it to her. They suggest selling the stone in order to make money. The Tlapcrap returns, tries to hit on Elspeth, but she brushes him off. Then Hickory, Dickory, and Doc get their breakfast and join Jack in the rum area. Talking and morose noises emerge. Then the group decides that they should try to sell the fragment to someone that could save the world, since it isn’t really their thing, and they could make a great deal of profit. Emack then goes to check on Jack, who is muttering about killing the entire crew so that he and the Tarthenal can have it as well. Then Emack tells him that is a bad thing to mutter since it could end poorly, suggesting that perhaps they should simply sell the stone and not deal with it, get more rum at the Island of Nap and then Jack says that they should get an extra rum for all of them, and Jack suggests the two of them go find themselves some salty wenches, with Jack wanting Elspeth. They go up to the upper level, and Emack says that they have decided to sell the stone to others more likely for saving the world then them, and that once that is done she can make Jack happy. Elspeth says that the money and rum should make him happy, yes? Emack leaves it at that, and Elspeth storms out to check the rapidly dwindling rum supply knowing that it is in bad shape, with Jack and the Tarthenal heading down after. When down there, Jack asks to be left alone with her, the giants walk away after her and close the door, then Jack asks Elspeth if she is ready, Elspeth threatens to murder him should he try it, which leads to a series of evasions, counters, and Jack being hit over the back of the head with an empty wine bottle to knock him out, with Tlapcrap being outside to hear, with Elspeth telling Doc to throw him away. With Elspeth leaving, she heads up to talk with Miss Scrabbs on the tiller, with Jack thinking he got what he wanted, but Elspeth tells Emack to look at Jack first. Emack was with Captain Schell first, checking on him, with checking on him joining in. Emack leaves the captain when he refuses to join them again, and Schell misses Emack with flying feces, with Emack calling him monkeyish, with Schell saying he has no idea yet. While talking with Scrabbs, Tlapcrap comes up and asks why Elspeth would betray him to join with Jack, loud enough for everyone on deck to hear, including Ryn in the Crow’s Nest. Elspeth says that that is not what happens, Tlapcrap asks what would make her happy, and she says for him to go die, so Tlapcrap throws himself overboard and tries to drown himself. Then after realizing what Tlapcrap helps keep the rest of the crew from doing to everyone else, Elspeth has Bo’sun throw himself into the water, a rope tied about him, to get Tlapcrap back up, and Emack heals Tlapcrap and gives him mouth to mouth to wake him back up. The Elspeth tells Tlapcrap to go clean the hold after getting her a bottle of rum, which makes Tlapcrap happy, so that he incessantly talks to Captain Schell about how happy he is regarding Elspeth’s attention. Then the party talks about the hope of finding another ship to take rum from, pretending to surrender and then taking them down as per the usual, and that they are now entering a major, and well guarded, trade-route. Just another day on The Wicked Wench it seems.



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