Anima: Beyond Malaz

Jack Sparrow's Great(ish) Escape

Well, how much of this went to plan, and how much was just absurd?

• Day 113, around supper time.
• The plan amounts to Jack being able to escape on his own from the inside, with the others trying to break their way in order to meet him in the middle. Since they do not find they have much information regarding the Trade Guild Office, they figure they need to have someone (Ryn) to scope it out for them via stealth and maybe disguise. They discuss other strategies of hammer explosions, and other things.
• Ryn makes her way over to the Guild, looking over to the different buildings, the height of the wall 10 feet, locations of other entrances including the back right corner which has the entrance for the size of the carriages to carry everything. There is a large massive spread of buildings leading to a variety of different areas. There are several Share Holder guards, and Ryn would guess that there are holding cells down below where they would store Jack inside. Knows there would be magical surveillance, and so goes back to The Wicked Wench in order to report.
• Jack included the Fragment of White Roses into his flesh, in order to enhance his ability to lock pick so as to break out of jail.
• Ryn comes back and informs the others of what she saw. They continue their plotting with the other things to do, distract the city with lighting a fire, attacking carriages with flamers, and Jack hiding three lockpicks, one under his tongue, one by his genitals, and he has Fynn cut open the left arm of Jack and insert it into the flesh with extreme pain and suffering and torture (with Aeris inside Elspeth hyperventilating somewhat). Emack says he will create a horde of homunculi to follow Jack around in order to monitor his position and inform them of where they will be to monitor. Then they start planning and organizing other things. Bo’sun then asks Emack to give him The Arena Fragment in case they have to take out a target. Jack then asks the Absurdity Bell what it can do for them, rings it, and it begins raining frogs on them all, which gives some of them an awkward state. Then Emack calls up Cook, and says that they have frogs for them to cook up. Cook begins cheering and singing a great song about cooking up frogs. Bo’sun wants to throw his hammer in order to try and knock down the building as distraction, Elspeth wants to light a big fire, Fynn also comments on Elspeth’s talking out loud instead of inner monologue. Then they continue planning forward with other planning, Ryn being filled in to work forward to the plans and her working observation. Emack will be able to make 17 homunculi less then 4 inches in length, with natural flight and acute sense smell. Jack gives Bo’sun the Happy Stone before Bo’sun goes below deck, and Jack gives Ryn the Fragment of Absurdity, so they won’t be taken from him.
• Many of The Black Pearl crew return, bringing with them new prostitutes as other crew members for the ship. Elspeth and Jack aren’t terribly pleased, but allow it. Jack then adds a new caveat to the code making it so that entertainment doesn’t get bonus shares, they only make what they are paid, and the crew gets to take some of the money made. Then Jack goes into his room, and practices using his new Apsalar powers in order to break out of manacles, go through floors and walls as well.
• Ryn and Fynn figure out their working through the spotting and communicating bit, and then they go down to talk with Bo’sun, he has his Happy Stone with him. Then they tell Bo’sun that they will mark targets with arrows for him to destroy, which he agrees with.
• Ryn and Fynn then go to Emack in his Captain’s Quarters, asking how his “little bugs” work, Emack says he isn’t sure yet as he is still working on them. Emack was working on what would be going on in order to try and organize everything. They wait for Emack to try and figure out how it will in a moment. Ryn is considering how she needs to gather a few more quivers. They also ask about Jack not being there now, having gone through the floor, and they wonder how else he can move around for everything in that way. Bo’sun figures he’ll probably be able to use the axe in order to help break everything around him, and not need to use his buckler anymore.
• Emack makes his first homunculus as a giant flea, flying around, Ryn thinking it should be made something prettier like a butterfly. Then Emack sends the homunculus to find Jack, and it flies off rapidly quickly around a corner. Down below, the screams of Jack echo as a bug flies into his forehead. When it comes up Emack calls it back over to him, and Jack wants a warning next time. Emack will then be using his bugs as sniffers and he’ll be able to sense using his Magic Appraisal their location. Emack then gives Bo’sun the Arena Fragment.
• Emack makes 17 bugs, having 5 hidden on Jack in various places, and letting the others roam the compound looking around. When 1 finds its way out, all will group around that one in the nearest spot outside where Jack would be and one to come to him in order to tell Jack, fly over to him, then over to Ryn and Fynn, so they can report next on the locations and things.
• Ryn heads back to The Black Pearl, ignores the sounds echoing up from below the deck. She goes up, talks to the bird girl asking her names, learns it is Sparkly, gives her a broach, doesn’t get anything back, and so turns in to sleep.
• Day 114
• In the morning they hear calls of merchants with all the different calls in order to pick up the orders. Jack tells Elspeth to get it, Heinrich tells Jack that Elspeth isn’t up yet, so Jack sends Heinrich to fill in.
• Back on The Black Pearl Ryn wakes up and finds a golden satchel containing another 20 White Arrows for her. Ryn thanks Sparkly, and then heads back over to The Wench. On the ship, Emack gives her a bottle containing the red hate goo for her to apply to her arrows.
• Heinrich then goes down in order to pick up all of the 24 massive crates down there, Heinrich fills out the forms, they start moving the crates in, and then they are given the order form and The Fragment of a Merchant’s Ledger. Elspeth then wakes up and gets the vision.
• There is an eastern woman that was an exceptional talent as a merchant. She even brought a shipment of gear with her when traveling to a city in order to get order for further artifacts for them to try and get. Then the city is overrun with zombie monsters, and doing her best to not die or suffer. Miraculously, despite not being combat based at all, she was able to escape, deciding to retire in that case, leaving the ledger behind her.
• Then Elspeth looks over the delivery sheet and sees that their destination is Kartool, which she describes as the Spider Infested Hell on Earth, and doesn’t want to go there because of that. Jack says they need to in order to ensure that they actually get paid as they need to. Then they make their way out in order to try and progress everything. Then, Jack decides that it would be about time for him to make his way into the center of the market district, wearing none of his weapons, and not his big hat, essentially only taking his lockpicks and the basic clothes on his back. The others begin to move into their positions outside the Trygalle Trade Guild Office inside the city.
• Jack wanders around downtown, pretending to look for his hat as what else could bring the feared and renowned Admiral Jack Sparrow into the center of the city without guards or equipment. Eventually as he is looking around he notices that the crowd is parting around him. Then he notices the dozen heavily armed men and women that are approaching. “Captain Jack Sparrow?” One of them demanded as all of them fingered their weapons. Offended, Jack informs them all that he is an Admiral now. That witty response gets all of the warriors to draw their weapons, informing Jack that they are coming with him. Already surrounded, Jack’s muttered response was that he was expecting a bit more of a chase before it reached this stage. Then he was clouted over the head by the pommel of a sword, manacled, ankles bound, and a sack drawn over his face, before he was dragged through the city.
• Outside the Trygalle Trade Guild Office the rest of the pirates had moved into position. Bo’sun remained on the ground, hidden towards the back of the compound by the rear gate. Emack, Ryn, Elspeth, and Fynn had all climbed their way onto one of the buildings directly in front of the main gate of the Trade Guild office. They waited for a while, planning on doing what they needed to do and double checking their strategies. Then they watched as a group of Share Holders dragged a sack-headed man wearing Jack’s clothes. Therefore, they watched him get dragged inside and prepared for the bugs to give Emack the signal to begin.
• Inside Jack was woken up by a bucket of water splashing him in the face. He found himself seated in an incredible soft and comfortable chair, in an immaculately decorated room and office. Inside there were the twelve Share Holders that had brought him in, and in additional there was also an obese elderly man in a luxurious robe, covered in rings upon all his fingers and snacking on a plate of chicken and fruit, along with a goblet of wine. The man greeted Captain Jack, being reminded that he is an Admiral now, and then going on regarding the whole thing of him being arrested, brought to him, and will soon be shipped off to the core, central bureau of the Trade Guild, where the higher ups will have the glorious joy of assigning Jack the method by which he will die. Quite the dedicated trial, given that he is guaranteed to being dead already. Therefore, Jack asks for some food and drink to enjoy during it as well. The man, that introduces himself as High Mage Vindone Stall, happily gives over a drumstick as well as a goblet of wine. Jack eats some of the chicken, and then starts to cringe as the homunculus down his throat starts eating some of the food as it was going down. The Share Holders searched Jack while he ate, finding and removing the lockpick that he had hidden down his pants. Vindone Stall then informed Jack that the High Mage would be coming forward to take him in would be High Mage Baldersarch, the man that he had humiliated within Malaz City, that is looking for vengeance. Then Vindone Stall bids Jack farewell, Jack has the sack put over his head again, arms inside so that he could keep eating, and then getting himself dragged back off again.
• Trying to remember the exceptional number of twists and turns within that he was taken through, Jack unfortunately rapidly lost his sense of direction and the beating over his head didn’t help much either. Then, he was plopped down on a bench, the hood pulled of him, and found himself locked within a cell, with a pair of men sitting outside picking their nails with knives as they watched their new zombie prisoner. The other Share Holders that dropped him off left, while the others bantered about not being able to actually kill him since the bosses want him intact until they make an example of him. The two guards then keep talking about the other fun they might be able to have, until 5 weird giant bugs flew off of Jack (“I haven’t showered for a while.”). The brothers each murdered one bug with a thrown knife pinning it to the wall, and then the others flew off. Jack asked if they were going to let him keep the knives they threw in. They said they had no problem with it, both kind of wondered what would happen if Jack started trying to carve himself with it, since he’ll never get at the two of them. With a sly grin, Jack waited for the signal to begin. Then he remembered something, he didn’t actually know what his companion’s signal was for him to start trying to escape.
• Outside the office once more, Emack saw his small swarm of bugs flying around in a circle, before one of them flew over to him in order to signal that Jack had been dropped off. Emack nodded to Fynn, Ryn, and Elspeth, so Fynn ran down the wall and made his way over to Bo’sun to let him know that they would be on soon. They watched the pair of guards outside the back entrance, then waiting for Ryn, Elspeth, and Emack to get the show started. They did not have to wait long.
• Loading up one of her arrows with some of the red hate goo, Ryn fired an arrow into one of the guards outside the front of the gate. The arrow sunk deeply into his flesh, dropping the man to his knees. Emack turned to face her; “You know that you need to keep them alive if you want the hate to affect them.” The other guard went to help him, and then the scream of “Monster!” echoed from the wounded man’s mouth and his sword started to fly. Emack, Elspeth, and Ryn all smiled as chaos began to gather around, with more guards appearing within the compound, and also some city guards starting to be called for from further away. Ryn fired another hate arrow at one of the guards inside the Trade Guild Compound, causing another struggle and fight to break out inside.
• Then, having the chaos starting around them Bo’sun and Fynn charged the guards at the back entrance. Axe and swords began flying over onto the guards, with Ryn finishing one of them off using an arrow. Then Fynn and Bo’sun find that the rear gate is locked, so Emack seeing them testing it uses some of his magic to transform the locked gate into an unlocked gate, so that they could get into the compound.
• Inside his cell, Jack felt an incredibly strange sensation as a corona of pure white light circled around him and then went into him, and he could feel the power of soul energy entering into him. Jack was very surprised, but also unhappy to learn that his two guards had also noticed that. They decided that Jack is trying to do something horrible, so they draw a pair of massive knives, unlocked the cell, and moved in. Jack tried to stall them, hoping that they will stay away from him given how massive those knives are and the pain that he could inflict upon him. It didn’t work, so Jack decided that it was time for him to run away. He slipped free of all his manacles and then ran up the wall and through the ceiling to get away. Unfortunately for Jack, he found himself in another hallway, with numerous doors and no other signs of where he is. While trying to determine his bearings a red light filled the air around him, and three skeletal demons wreathed in cursed infernal flames. Jack was displeased, and realized he needed to find an exit, stat.
• Running through the outside, Fynn and Bo’sun found that they were trapped on the wrong side of a wall, so they headed over to the massive warehouse steel door, which was also locked, so Bo’sun dug his fingers under it and heaved it up with all his strength. With a grinding and tearing he was able to break the lock and open the door. Then Bo’sun and Fynn both saw the massive collection of merchandise crates, and the 16 Share Holder guards that were inside. Fynn and Bo’sun looked at each other, said “Let’s go a different way,” Fynn threw a flamer in which resulted in beginning to light the warehouse on fire as Bo’sun dropped the door and they ran off in another direction.
• Jack, using his divine senses of escape, freedom, and run away when needed, decided to run up the wall and through the ceiling again, hoping to get away from the demons. Luckily he made it up onto the courtyard once more, again surrounded by the horde of homunculi, sputtering as surrounded by the bugs. He then saw Emack’s massive tentacle arms waving towards him, and gesturing for the direction he needs to go in order to meet up with Fynn and Bo’sun. Jack then set off, flying bugs trying to pursue him. Until he vanished through another wall.
• From the street down below one of the city guard shouted up at Emack because he looks suspicious and needing to come down to talk to them. Emack curses their being noticed, until Ryn fires a hate arrow into one of the guards, but it goes through his neck and kills him. Ryn swears under her breath, until one of the other guards touches the injury, and then starts screaming “Monsters!” and swinging his sword. Emack calls down a horde of birds to assault the group of guards and distract them. Emack, Elspeth, and Ryn all then made their way down the side of the building using the rope that had been used for them to climb up. Emack then called up his Fragment Of a Broken Wagon into a horse in order to meet up with Bo’sun and Fynn to inform them of how things were going. Ryn and Elpseth started backing up, but stayed close enough to remain within their support role.
• Jack ran his way through the different walls, rooms, and chambers that made up the building. All around him people shouted for him to stop, or more summoning traps calling additional demons to try and hunt him down, but he kept running thorugh them. He kept running, until he saw something that caught his eyes, a massive ratty hat. He grabbed it, put it on his head, and kept running.
• Fragment of a Big Hat gave Jack several visions of the memory of its previous owner. The man served as a guardian for hire, protecting many while blending into the shadows and never being noticed. His last hire was a massive, drunken warrior that wore heavy armor, wielded a great eastern sword, and played an incredible musical score when the mood took him. Numerous deaths and murderous attacks brought down his target, but he kept going forward with his other half of the job, trying to solve a strange dream that haunts him and those around him. In the end he and his companions managed it, freeing a colossal spirit of fire to fly them up to save a beautiful woman in a crystalline chamber. The same woman, Jack realized as the memory finished, that gave them the vision from within the Fragment of Hope, more commonly referred to as The Happy Stone. Jack also realized that he could use the hat to create an illusion making him look like any man he had ever seen, so he immediately made himself look like his non-zombie version of himself.
• Emack and his Fragment Horse were able to catch up to Fynn and Bo’sun as the pair were stuck behind another wall. Emack informed them that Jack had escaped, and that he should be on his way shortly. A few moments later and Jack ran through one of the walls directly in front of them and ran into Bo’sun. He greeted his brave companions, thanked them for coming for him, ignored their questions about his new hat beyond saying that he was keeping it, and then telling the others to run as all the demons that were summoned by the traps that he triggered. All the traps that he triggered. With much cursing, terror, and fear there was running through the streets as the wall came down, the warehouses beginning to blaze behind them as well, and a collection of over 30 demons chasing after them. Ryn and Elspeth also began starting to run away as all, cursing.
• The collection of pirates all ran away through the streets, rapidly leaving behind a collection of the massive, rolling, randomly chaotically shifting demons and rolling away. Then there were only 18 of the skeletal flaming ones pursuing them, and also 5 massive, flying creatures assembled of complex and ornate materials which made it look more like an unnatural sculpture rather then a creature, with spinning wings letting them sore rapidly through the air directly towards them. Mages charged Zeon, Jack called forward to ask if anyone could give him a weapon, so Emack threw his rapier down from his horse. Jack took it, looked at it with a frown, and then asked if anyone had a saber (no). The pirates also realized that the demons were catching up with them. The 5 flying demons charged in with a horde of flying wind. Luckily, Emack through up a shield and absorbed all of the damage and stood strong. Elspeth turned and fired a Light Beam into the horde of flaming demons, shattering one into an ashen remnant with battered strikes to those around it. Ryn followed up by firing one of her good White Wood arrows into the flaming demons, shattering it easily and sending the arrow into another of the demons behind. Jack smiled when he felt the powerful demonic souls flowing into him. Not wanting to be undone, Bo’sun took his axe and swung it against one of the flying demons before him. The axe hit him incredibly solidly, Bo’sun grinned, but the demon barely even flinched. Bo’sun grunted out that this wasn’t even fair. The next volley of strikes from the flying demons were also absorbed by Emack’s shileld. Jack then ran in front, spotting a collection of over ninety barrels of oil along the side of the street. He kicked one over before continuing to run forward. All the others see what is going on, curse to themselves, and just keep running. The crowd around them has been fleeing in terror as well, as the mere proximity of the flaming demons has been been lighting objects and people on fire. Then the flaming demons reached the barrels, just behind the pirates. A torrential explosion tore through the city streets, shattering windows, destroying all of the flying winged demons as well, shattering them and sending their many segmented body parts flying in all directions. The injured flaming demons regenerated in the fierce flames, but Jack was satisfied with the souls of the flying demons. Until the flaming demons caught up with Bo’sun of course. The stifling heat tore at all of them, but it was the claws of the fire demons that truly tore into Bo’sun’s flesh through his armor and Emack’s shield. The heat tore at Bo’sun’s flesh, embers scorching across the muslcled man’s flesh. The pirates realized they weren’t going to live long at this rate, so Jack muttered to Ryn that it would be ‘absurd’ for them to survive this. On that cue Ryn took the Fragment of Absurdity from her pack and gave it a ring.
• Immediately the sun itself was blocked out, and an echoing cry filled the air above them; “RIBBIT!” Above them a toad, miles in length, was falling toward the city, its mouth gaping open as though a portal into oblivion itself. And this massive creature was falling towards them with terrible speed, its gums flapping in its own enormous wind as it flew down with the speed of a meteor. All the pirates stopped running, staring up at it as though the reaper was suddenly amphibious. Bo’sun pulled out the Fragment of an Arena, but the others shouted at him not to use it, as that might kill them just as much as the falling toad. Jack ordered Emack to do something to get them all out of there, preferably back to The Velvet Room. Emack reached inside his jacket, fumbled around and finally found the Velvet Key. Then the toad’s mouth fell upon the ground, surrounding them, drowning them in darkness, and a coldness wrapped all around them.
• Soft operatic music filled the air. Once more the collection of pirates found themselves within The Velvet Room, Elizabeth sitting behind her desk doing another Tarot reading. She gives a strange look over all of the pirates, as they are all soaked in toad saliva and dripping on her floor. She asks what happened, and they essentially only tell her that she wouldn’t believe them if they told her, because it was simply absurd and a colossal toad raining from the sky. Therefore, they want to know if they can spend an hour or so in the room, maybe napping, since they want to make sure that the toad is dead, and hopefully as far gone as possible so that they can survive afterwards. Elizabeth agrees with this and understands, so she sings them all to sleep for a nap with the song “Velvet, oh Velvet, my Master has a long nose…”
• After about an hour they allowed themselves to stop napping and decide that it is time for them to make their way back to Darujhistan in order to reach their ship and escape and perform their sales run that they promised to do. They bid Elizabeth farewell and make their way out through the door and back to the real world.
• The pirates find themselves waist (of for Elspeth even higher up) deep in the liquefied remnants of the titanic toad The buildings remain intact, although they all have a new coat of red paint in this new tide of liquid flesh. Terrified eyes stare out from windows, but no one exits in order to try and solve what has happened. A strange site greets them however, as a small ship floats in the goo of the toad, a single masted ship named “The Crusty Gooberfish”. Jack orders his fearless crew to take this ship so that they can sail it off into the bay in order to reach their own ships and escape, while the others all wondered who would name a ship The Crusty Gooberfish. The others look at him, but they realize that this is probably the best option since otherwise they would have to wade through all of the guts and sludge. They climb aboard, finding nothing of note above deck at all. Then they head bellow deck and find a large stone chest covered in runes and symbols. All imagine that there must be some great treasure inside, so they have Bo’sun pry the lid off of it. Inside they find the corpse of a beautiful woman with long black hair in a white dress wearing a silver pendant. She was also surrounded by beautiful, colourless flowers. One smell of the flowers and both Elspeth and Ryn fell unconscious to the floor. Emack, Jack, Bo’sun, and Fynn just looked them over, but Emack saw that the other two were still alive. Emack then decided to check on the dead woman to make sure she was actually dead. He found no pulse, and it looked like she died from a disease that warped her body. The most notable difference to her was that all the teeth within her mouth were pointed and sharp. Emack wondered if this woman wasn’t a vampire, but given how close many of them had gotten without her attacking, he hoped she was actually just a corpse. Jack, fiddling around the chest, took the pendant from the beauty and opened it, finding a charcoal image of her inside. He kept it, and then he and the other men went up on deck.
• The four pirates prepared the ship, got it ready to sail, and then began the arduous trudge through the toad soup. Confused faces stared out as the glorious pirates boldly sailed their strangely named ship down the streets of Darujhistan. They cut a most impressive image, one that will be spoken of for some time to come.
• After a long stint of sailing they find themselves reaching the dock. It is at that point that they notice that The Wicked Wench is out in the lake alongside The Black Pearl. Then they also saw that a Trygalle Trade Guild Carriage was on the docks with all the Share Holders prepared. “Of course he would be here already,” muttered Jack as he stroked his beard. “Mr. Bo’sun, time to use The Arena Fragment to remove this thorn from our side.” Bo’sun grinned, brought out the fragment, and then asked “Aye Captain, but I need a name to do it.” A fireball was deflected from the ship by one of Emack’s shields. “No rush,” muttered Emack as he prepared for the next attack. “Name, right, it was High Mage something…” muttered Jack as he tried to remember. Expecting another fireball, Emack was surprised and could barely stop the pair of earthen spikes the attempted to rake the base of the ship and trap it in the street. “I don’t know how long I can keep this up,” grumbled Emack. “High Mage Buh, Buh, Buh,” muttered Jack to himself as he kept thinking. Another pair of earthen spines rose up, one piercing Emack’s shield and driving into the side of the ship, making a large gouge and slowing its progress. Emack knew he would only have one more shot before it would stop it. Then Jack snapped his fingers, and shouted loudly for all to hear “High Mage Baldersarch!” Bo’sun hit the Arena button and then they slipped into the other Arena dimension.
• Appearing in the Arena, High Mage Baldersarch, all hard edges, fine clothing, and tri-corner hat, he demanded to know what Jack and his misfits had dragged him into. Then the Arena vice announced the start of their battle. The odds are 2:1 for this grudge match, but they are giving Baldersarch a bonus round to try and win 5 times as much wealth. All he has to do is kill all three of the unconscious women first and then slaughter the rest of them. As a bonus the voice gives Baldersarch his carriage and horses back, then they take the bets. Once more the pirates bet all their money, Jack also bets his accumulated souls to get the money value added on. The leprechaun collecting the bets wakes up each of the unconscious women, lets them bet all their money (except the pale woman they thought was dead who only hissed) and then knocked them out again and chained them onto scattered stone pillars nearby. Jack asks for a saber from the crowd to make the fight more interesting, the announcer voice calls it out as well, and he is thrown an exceptional quality saber made of strange scaly materials. Then Baldersarch and his carriage begins to roam around at a high pace as the voice allows both mages to begin charging up their magic. Then, Emack decides to start it by casting a shield to protect everyone but Bo’sun and the hissing woman, and then transforms the bit and bridle of the horses into licorice so that they break free and the carriage spiraled away. Jack charged towards the carriage, outside the protection of the shield. Baldersarch’s bitterness towards Jack overrun his love of money, so he sent four fireballs into Jack to reduce him to a smoking husk. Then Fyn brought out a pair of flamers, and tried to throw both. One fractured in his hands and burned him horribly. The second flew through the window of Baldersarch’s carriage, killing the mage in a fiery detonation of death. Emack went to check on Jack, before the corpse burst up into gasping wakefulness again. Then the arena voice calls out in order to give them their winnings, Jack would like to thank the person that gave him the sword, so the voice told him that he could thank her by putting on more exceptional fights. They were all paid, the unconscious ones brought back to consciousness and informed that they were the bonus round, and then returned to their world before Jack could learn anything more about his mystery benefactor.
• The pirates reappeared aboard the deck of The Crusty Gooberfish having made its way closer to the docks. The carriage had vanished, but the Share Holders all began climbing the side of the ship, demanding to know what had happened to their employer. Jack simply said that the High Mage had unfortunately died, so all the men and women climbing his new ship didn’t need to chase him anymore. The response that this earned him was that the Share Holders decided they would need to murder Jack’s crew and then torture him for as long as they could in order to avenge their boss. Jack didn’t like the sound of that, so he gave the order to repel borders.
• Bo’sun began by throwing his Fragment Hammer at the ground just of the starboard side, sending a great echoing wave of force battering against the ship. The 7 Share Holders that were trying to climb that side were battered from the ship. The ship on the other hand groaned and creaked as the wood on that side was broken and battered inside, now far from water tight. Emack told Elspeth that he needed some of her Zeon in order to fix the ship. Elspeth however, already charging magic, said that dealing with the boarders was more important first, they could deal with the sinking ship later. This left Emack only able to be exacerbated at Bo’sun and Elspeth, summoning another flock of birds to harass their pursuers. Of the seven climbing the other side, one was kicked from the ship by Jack, while two more were knocked off by Ryn’s arrows. Bo’sun and Fynn each charged one, Bo’sun with massive axe, Fynn with double short swords, but the men they battled were nimble and skilled, knocking aside blows while maintaining their balance. Elspeth unleashed a pair of lasers to kill the two unengaged Share Holders (Jack absorbing more soul power). This magical assault also gave Fynn and Bo’sun the opportunities needed for Fynn to nock the man he battled from the ship, and Bo’sun to crush his opponent with his axe. Their ship then slipped into the water of the lake, and began to slowly sink as it made its way out.
• From below deck came the beautiful woman that had been sleeping within the stone chest. As the setting sun hit her she hissed and began to smoulder, pulling her dress up to hide her exposed face. Jack went over to her, shading her slightly, and gave her back her pendent. She thanked him, speaking for the first time since her awakening. From behind them, Elspeth now offered to provide Emack with some zeon, but Emack replied by saying that he would have needed the broken pieces of the ship (littering the dock behind them) to be closer to fix the ship. He therefore took the Fragment of a Broken Wagon, and transformed it into a jollyboat. With the small boat sitting on the deck, Emack climbed inside. Jack demanded to know why Emack was abandoning ship without the order having been given, to which Emack replied that he was still aboard, but he didn’t want to get his feet wet when the ship finished its descent (as the ship began to tilt perilously towards its mangled side). The other pirates, and their new vampire, all climbed in as well, Jack lamenting over the loss of this fine new ship. Emack offered to make things a bit darker for the vampire, which she gratefully accepted, and so Emack was able to use his magic to stop her smouldering so that she could sit normally once more.
• As The Crusty Gooberfish continued its slow descent into the waves beneath them, Jack began inquiring more about their new companion. She introduced herself as Isabella Vladislav Minasslil, said that she was sealed in that coffin because people were afraid of her, and those cursed flowers were put inside in order to make her sleep forever. Jack then invited her to join the crew if she had nowhere else to go, and Jack could sense another possible “To Do List” member if ever he saw one. The vampire, Isabella, inquired as to if she would be able to get things that met her particular dietary requirements aboard their ship, and Emack and Fynn quickly suggested that there would be plenty of entertainers for her to feed on, given that they aren’t all that special. Emack also asked if it needed to be taken directly from the host, and Isabella said as long as it was kept fresh she could drink it outside of a person, in case they needed to all give a little at different times rather then let her maul someone. Isabella wrinkled her nose slightly at the thought of the ‘entertainers’, saying that if she had to she would suffice for that, although such creatures tend to be a terribly boring vintage. Jack asked what she would normally prefer, and she suggested someone a little more important, such as a captain. When Jack pointed out that he was in fact an Admiral, Isabella grinned her sharp toothed smile, nuzzling up against him and sniffed at his neck. Then she frowned slightly. She commented that the blood in his veins didn’t smell as though it were flowing, more like he was already dead. Jack said he could fix that, he promised. Isabella said she hoped he could, otherwise she would need to find another captain, as she turned her attention on Emack. Jack, refusing to have any more beautiful women stolen from him by other members of the crew, immediately decided that first chance he got he would use the souls he had gathered to get his fleshy body back and so win this vampire’s affection. He said that she could stay in his cabin aboard The Black Pearl, and that he looked forward to introducing Isabella to Dina. Isabella said Dina sounded absolutely delicious, and Jack confirmed that indeed she was.
• By this stage the waters of the lake had lapped over the side of the railings, and The Crusty Gooberfish began its final descent into the waves, only its mast struggling to remain above. There was a moment of silence as they all watched their fine (and only shortly owned) ship sink fully beneath the waves, Jack snapping a sharp salute to it. Then it took a few moments for them to realize that no one was actually rowing their boat to get them closer to their own ships. A few volleys of crossbow bolts from the Share Holders back on shore (none finding their marks as the distance was quite far) inspired Jack, Bo’sun, and Fynn to start rowing for all they were worth, in order to get them back to their ships.
• Upon reaching The Wicked Wench once more, they hear a familiar voice calling down to them welcoming them back, before they hoist the boat back up. Once returned to the deck, they find Gutter standing before them as envoy to ask how things went. Jack and the others simply said, about the same as always. They noticed that Gutter was now wearing an even more exceptionally ridiculous outfit. He still had his seagull hat and dueling half-cape, but now had added a pair of duck skin boots, albatross pants, and a shirt made from an eagle. They asked where he got all of these, and pointed out that a married man has to look his best. Apparently, in time of working guard duty for the jeweler’s guild representative she somehow fell for Gutter’s unusual charm, so they were rapidly married, but he told her that he still had a contract to fill on The Wench, and so promised that he would return once all that had been done. The only promise she needed was that he would pick up no more wives in his adventurers, which Gutter gave proudly, and honestly. Jack then left The Wench in the capable tentacles of Captain Emack, and made his way back over to The Black Pearl with Isabells, Bo’sun, and Ryn. He had them set course for Kartool, with one of the mages in the hold opening the warren portal into Ruse once more. Then he made his way into his cabin to introduce Isabella to Dina. Dina’s shout of “Another one?!” echoed out loudly enough to be heard all the way back on The Wicked Wench, drawing smiles from all aboard both ships.
• As the ship slipped away into the warren on their new course, the crew began tended to a few of the final tasks they wished to do with their free time. Jack began the process of spending his accumulated souls to return to a human state, as well as advance his skills and knowledge, Bo’sun continued his training, and sat shining his new favorite weapon. Ryn returned to her crow’s nest, gave Sparkly the Crow a pair of excellent earrings and turned in for the night, eager to see what reward she will receive this time from her new bosom buddy. Back aboard The Wicked Wench Fynn went back to enjoy some quality time with Applejack, while Emack and Elspeth headed down to the galley in order to enjoy some of Cook’s fine quisine. The delicious aroma of butter sautéed and exquisitely spiced frogs legs filled the air, several platters already set out. They were like heaven on the tongue, and Emack was sure to compliment the incredibly pleased Cook. Then Elspeth went down to the hold to check on the crates of cargo they had. When she opened it up, she found several large, almost spherical eggs of a hard, almost crusty shell of strange green and yellow colours, insulated in straw and other soft packing materials. When she informed Emack of this fact, he simply hoped that as long as they didn’t hatch while on his ship everything should be fine.



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