Anima: Beyond Malaz

Frenzied Fragment Finding

So many fragments to gather, so little time.

• Day 112 Evening
• The pirates awaken on the floor with a collection of arguing undead Jaghut (Gothos, and Raest, along with an T’lan Imass), as they get up. Emack asks if the bell did anything other then knock them out. Jack says that nothing else yet, but that he still needs some souls in order to feel better, but tries to get Elspeth’s and she doesn’t want to give it. The two Jaghut argue about considering what to do to test Jack’s immortality, so instead they head out the house and sneak out of it. The Jaghut and Imass keep talking as they leave.
• They head back to The Phoenix Inn, meet with Kruppe in the inn, then they all go to the table, get their food, and meet with Kruppe, show him the fragment, talk to him regarding them the item, touches it without reading it, and then also moves on to getting all the food and making their ways through in order to give them all the list of the other fragments, after Emack demands to know it, gives them all to it with a list of Fragment of an Axe with Barathol Mekhar, Fragment of a Merchant’s Ledger with Humble Measure, Fragment of a Broken Mind with Iskaral Pust High Priest of Shadow, Fragment of White Roses with Lady Varada, and Fragment of a Cloak and Fragment of a Card with Lady Envy. There is also a map on the map labeled with heart-shaped stickers. Jack wants to go to Lady Envy’s since there are two fragments and ask about Envy, Kruppe saying that she is beautiful, so Jack says they should wait until he is less undead so that he will be more appealing. Emack thinks that Jack just doesn’t want to go to Envy because he isn’t sexually attractive, so then they decide that they should otherwise perhaps split up in order to have a different group gather different things. They have Jack and Ryn go back to the ship in order to grab the otataral chains and then go to deal with Iskaral Pust, and hopefully find Bo’sun along the way. Then Emack takes Fynn, Applejack, Elspeth, and Nadiel with him. They begin heading off.
• Emack, Elspeth, Nadiel, Fynn, and Applejack head to the Nom Estate. They ring the bell, and are let in by the captain of the guard after he introduces himself as Captain Hol Emack Erral, and they are let in. They see a trio of strange people dicing and training, knock on the door and are answered by a bandage wrapped man that introduces himself as Studious Lock, the house castellan, and leads them up to the room. Studious Lock knocks and calls for Rallick. He opens the door and looks over at them, then Rallick comes over, Emack explains what they need, and Rallick says he will happily give them. Then they tell him which Fragment it is, and Rallick says that they will have to talk to his wife regarding that, asks if she is able to see them now, she is and lets them all in. They meet the beautiful woman sitting behind the counter, enjoying some fruit and wine. They go through the introductions and what they need. Lady Varada says that she likes it and needs them to wonder whether or not they are actually worthy of having it rather then her. Emack says that they would either reimburse her or do a favor for her or something of the like, and other rights that might be able to try and prove that they deserve it more. Lady Varada says they could attempt to do different things to show that one of them better deserves the power that she actually has. Fynn flicks out a pair of knives, Varada nods slightly, asks for something more impression, then Elspeth says that if Fynn puts an apple on her head she won’t appreciate it. Then Emack puts an apple on his head, willing to try and get it all going. Fynn throws both daggers, pierces the middle of the apple down the middle with one and peels off the edge with the other as it is driven into the wall. Varada nods, and then asks which of the people here Fynn cares about the most here, and he answers Applejack and gestures. Without really being able to notice or seeing Varada move, one of the White Roses at Applejack. Fynn throws a hand out to try and catch the knife in his palm. He passes out and falls to the floor.
• In his mind he finds visuals of a collection of images of a beautiful young woman that worked at skills and knowledge, that was approached by a young noble man to be seen with her. When he tries to force himself on her a power within her activates and the man dies. She then gathers up several belongings from him, including a pair of exquisite knives of white silver with delicate rose design inlays. She then leaves the city, trains as an assassin, and uses her poison powers in order to become an assassin. She then joined a group that all shared dreams of a woman contained within a chamber. They began working through a great many trials and tribulations. All was going well until one battle through a wizard’s tower, when a construct of armor wielding a massive axe that burrowed into her back and killed her. Her spirit followed them around until the wizard was killed, then planned on leaving into the normal afterlife. Then she was approached by a man with short blue hair and gleaming silver armor covering his entire body. That man then slashed her soul to pieces until she died.
• With Fynn writhing on the floor, unconscious and in pain, Emack ran over. He asked Lady Varada if there was some form of poison coating the daggers, to so easily down someone. She said yes, so Emack cast increased resistances on himself, extracted the knife, and attempted to suck as much of the poison out of the hand wound as possible, spitting it out across the floor. After a few moments Fynn’s eyes fluttered open. Applejack asked if he was alright, and all the response she got was a heavily pained groan. “Hmm, he yet lives,” muttered Lady Varada as she walked over and placed the second dagger on Fynn’s chest. “You have earned this, take it with my blessing.” Looking between themselves, Emack asked if that little display was really necessary. Lady Varada’s answer was blunt; “I needed to be sure you were good enough, he will live, and you got what you needed from me. Therefore, yes, it was entirely necessary. Please have an enjoyable evening.” The pirates gathered up their fallen companion and took their leave graciously. When they passed Rallick Nom on their way out, Emack said that Rallick had himself quite the woman. As the pirates continued on their way they could hear Rallick mutter under his breath, although a glance back would have revealed a slight smirk, “Don’t I know it.” Once they had made their ways out of the house Emack and Elspeth both agreed that that had gone better then it could have. And, most importantly, neither of them had to put up with Jack wearing otataral again.
• Standing outside the Temple of Shadow, Jack knocked upon the massive doors of the temple, wearing the otataral chains around him once more. Ryn and Bo’sun stood behind him, Bo’sun now clad in a new breastplate he had purchased in the market. On occasion he turned his head and spat to the side, blood mingled with the saliva. “If you chewed your food more carefully you might not have swallowed that sea urchin spine,” muttered Ryn as she shook her head. “Then you wouldn’t have been out of action for so long.” “I got back for the important things and fragment getting.” Bo’sun smiled broadly as he indicated the new hammer at his hip, which previously belonged to the pirate Jormangander. From inside the temple, the doors still sealed, called out a voice asking to know what their business within the temple is. Jack, with his usual swagger says that he needs to meet with their High Priest of Shadow, wanting to know why the doors are still closed. The voice behind the doors says that they don’t let people in that have otataral on their person. Jack said that he is Captain Jack Sparrow, and that if he has to he will leave the otataral with them, as long as they are given the opportunity to meet with the High Priest. Knowing that it will be the High Priest that will have to put up with these strange people thinks that things should be quite amusing and so opens the door, and says one of the other apostles will lead them in. Jack, following his orders throws the otataral chains to the priestess that lead them in, making her twitch and throw the chains in the corner. Then they were lead into the library at the back.
• Inside the Temple of Shadow library they found a hunched old man, greasy spaghetti hair, wrinkled features and tattered robes writing in a book and ink staining his fingers and mouth. The man was muttering to himself about being able to rewrite the entry to let him have as many partners of any kind as he wants, since he is Iskaral Pust, High Priest of Shadow, and Shadowthrone’s chosen servant upon this earth. When the three pirates behind him cleared his throat the man turned around. He demanded to know what they wanted with him, then saw Jack in all his undead and gloriously collared glory. Iskaral turned to Ryn, and asked her how much she wanted for the freak with her, so that he might possess him, muttering all the while about not revealing the important details of his power, and also seducing this beautiful young woman before him. Ryn, pretending not to hear it all despite hearing it all crystal clear, and then demands to know what he might have to offer her in exchange for her “freak”, since only for the right price could she part with him. Jack, not terribly pleased to having to play the bait, allowed Ryn and Bo’sun to surround him as Iskaral Pust walked away. It was then that they noticed that nearly 50 bhok’arala monkeys were also following them.
• They made their way into a large bed chamber, where a beautiful woman rose from the bed, clad only in a sheer nightgown which did nothing to try and hide her incredibly generous figure. She glared over at Iskaral, demanding to know why he, his furry little worshippers, and these three are barging into the High Priestess’s bedroom. Iskaral said he needed to buy the freak amongst them, and walked over to a table in order to pick up a skull upon the table that looks like it was assembled of all forms of crystal merged together. He picked it up, and called out that he would make a grand display of his powers, and a bolt of lightning flew out to strike one of the bhok’arala, striking it dead and crispy. The other monkeys dragged the corpse into a large pile of smoldering bhok’arala corpses. Iskaral commented on how such a blatant display must have impressed the woman, and would get the freak for cheap as well. When the negotiating started, Ryn first asked for the skull. Iskaral, demanding to know how she could possibly know the true powers of the skull, tried to change the topic, saying that it is only a bauble and she would need much more important payment for her thing. Ryn’s counter was that if it was a bauble she should be able to have it easily enough. Iskaral cursed his foolishness, and began trying to figure out what to say, until he noticed a spider on Bo’sun’s shoulder, began muttering something about ‘her’ eyes watching him, and demanded his monkey minions to destroy the spider. Bo’sun, reacting quickly knocked the spider from his shoulder, sending the monkeys hammering into the wall. Except one that landed on his head and tried to root around under his helmet, so Bo’sun threw the monkey, which held onto the helmet and began to flee, Bo’sun chasing after it. Trying to gain attention once more, Iskaral called forth another bolt of lightning, but this one rose up to strike the sealing. Taking advantage of the distraction Jack snuck up on Iskaral Pust, leapt into the air, and used his rapier to knock the skull from the old man’s fingers, catch it in the air, and then land upon the head of the bhok’arala that had Bo’sun’s helmet. Memories then surged into Jack’s mind, but he wasn’t knocked unconscious by it. Iskaral demanded his minions to retrieve the skull, so Jack, Ryn, and Bo’sun all fled for the exit, a horde of monkeys in their way, while new memories flooded into him.
• The memories belonged to a strange young girl that spoke, or sang, with many different voices, and had many different thoughts, who all she did was play around ruins in the forest. Then she was found by a group of people that worked for a group that hunted through ruins to acquire strange powers and items. She found friends there, including an older man that was like a father to her. They gathered up a great deal of powerful items and made a great profit. That all changed when they traveled to a city for work, and instead it became overrun by necromantic monstrosities. They went through many battles, but during a battle with an engineered god of death she was struck low, all the voices going silent.
• Fleeing through the temple, Jack nimbly made his way through the horde of creatures hands grasping towards them, as did Ryn. Bo’sun made it to the center of the swarm of creatures, and brought his new hammer down on the floor of the hall. Bhok’arala were sent flying in all directions, until they started flapping and continued the chase, feces falling all around them. Jack was able to dodge the swarm, Ryn made her way through it without incident, and Bo’sun was covered in much monkey poo. A blast of magic sent grasping strands of darkness around Jack’s limbs, but he was able to nimbly dodge and weave his way through the power of the magic. With a pair of servants trying to close the doors, Ryn and Bo’sun made their way through in time. Jack however needed to make a detour in order to reach his otataral chains. He then flipped over one of the apostles closing the door, kicked him in the face to knock him out, and then paused in front of the open doors before turning around. He shouted out to the room, loudly as he could “And you will remember this day, as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!” Then, with the horde of monkeys nearly upon him he dashed through the door and pulled it shut behind him. The highly enjoyable sound of dozens of bhok’arala striking the door at full speed echoed out behind him, leaving a great smile upon Jack’s face. “I do hate monkeys,” he grinned as he began walking down the street, crystal skull in hand. He brought out a piece of paper and added “High Priestess of Shadow” to it. Bo’sun asked what he was doing, and Jack simply said he was adding to his “To Do” list which was having more and more names placed upon it. Then the sound of a door opening behind them made all three pirates turn around. “I was hoping they weren’t that smart,” grunted Jack as he, Bo’sun, and Ryn all fled through the city to try and lose their pursuers.
• Back at the ship, the collection of pirates meet up in order to discuss what they accomplished. Jack, Ryn, and Bo’sun all wonder what has gone wrong with Fynn, as he still lies twitching and convulsing in Applejack’s arms. When Emack explains that Fynn did that happening when he got the daggers from Lady Varada. The counter argument to how things went badly for them was the filth covering Bo’sun, which made him head below deck in order to clean himself up. Then comes the splitting up of the fragments. They decide to let Fynn keep the Fragment of White Roses since he uses daggers, and was the one closest to death after getting them. Then Emack order Fynn to head to his room and sleep it off because he looks terrible, doctor’s orders. Fynn doesn’t argue. Then they try to figure who should get the Fragment of a Broken Mind, since it seems to enhance mental abilities, so they decide that after all the arguments are done Elspeth should have it. She takes it, and incorporates the crystal into herself to enhance her powers. The crystal flows into her head, leaving her with swirling vision and a massive headache. Emack orders her to bed as well. Jack, Emack, Bo’sun, and Ryn then discuss what needs to be done with regards to the remaining fragments tomorrow, but they figure they should wait until the others are feeling better tomorrow. Therefore, they all grab some chow, compliment Cook so as to try and not lose him to Kruppe’s compliments, and then turned in for the night.
• Day 113
• Come the morning after their grand fragment retrieval, Jack, Bo’sun, Ryn, and Emack all meet up for breakfast in order to discuss how they should go about gathering the other four Reality Fragments they are aware are in the city. With regards to Fynn’s health, Emack says that he is still down with excruciating pain, but he appears to be stable at least, and Applejack is looking after him. Then all of them are surprised when Elspeth joins them, much earlier then usual, and only grabbing a single cup of coffee before sitting down and beginning her breakfast. When asked “Elspeth, what are you doing up so early?” the response they got was “Elspeth is still asleep, I’m just here because I needed some breakfast.” The questions regarding what exactly was meant by that was answered with “I am not Elspeth, my name is Heinrich Hohenheim.” The others look over at each other, not quite sure what to take of this, so they demand an explanation. ‘Heinrich’ introduces himself as one of the members of the Seeker team that contained the young girl known as Isabella, a mentally unstable and damaged, yet incredibly powerful psychic. She had at least four different personalities within her mind; Isabella the dominant and permanently childlike, Aeris the quiet one that like to sing all the time, one that was more confident and determined, and also Edward a male personality that loves only murder and hurting others. Then Heinrich also said that a being known as a Sheele, part of his soul, named Luma is also part of Elspeth’s mind now. About to take a bite of food, Elspeth finally wakes up inside her own body, and demands to know what is going on, with her talking to herself in Heinrich’s tone to answer. Elspeth disliked how this was going, and then Bo’sun mentioning that her mind was one of the few places she hadn’t had a man in yet didn’t help any. However, Aeris took over and made Elspeth hide behind her hat, albeit very red and embarrassed. Jack simply told her that she should get that straightened out so that they could get back to this business of fragment hunting. Once more they would split into two groups to gather the remaining fragments; Emack, Elspeth, and hopefully Applejack if she could be pulled away from the in pain Fynn, would go to Lady Envy’s to retrieve the Fragment of a Cloak, and Fragment of a Card, while Jack, Ryn, and Bo’sun would go to the blacksmith Barathol Mekhar to gather the Fragment of an Axe, followed by the factory of Humble Measure to gather the Fragment of a Merchant’s Ledger. Emack then headed down to the infirmary to try and convince Applejack to join them. When he entered he found Applejack cradling Fynn’s pain wracked form. He asked her to join them, she wanted to know who would look after her beloved, and Emack said the rest of the crew could do that, since they still have work to do. Thanks to some good persuasion, and his Fragment of a Crow, Emack got the dragon he was hoping to join them.
• Up on deck the group all prepared to leave, until the entire ship began to shake as though under an earthquake. Then Nadiel burst out of the deck with a look of murder as she stalked over to Elspeth, demanding to know what was going on with these new personalities in her mind. When Heinrich answers, Nadiel is very confused, torn between her desire to only have Elspeth and Suitengu, and sunk back into the ship sobbing for all the ship to see. Emack faced Elspeth, and told her that she and Nadiel will have to have a chat about this sometime, especially if it will make his ship cry otherwise. Blushing, Elspeth said nothing. Then, the two groups went off on their grand hunt for fragments.
• While making their ways through the street, Elspeth and Heinrich discuss things about each other in order to learn what is going on, and what happened to Heinrich in the past. He tells of his artifact hunting, looking after Isabella like a father, and the doom mission trapped within the city that resulted in his unfortunate death. He also mentioned his other members of his groups, which included beyond Isabella, a merchant princess, a defensive warrior wielding powerful defensive tactics and bolas, and a colossal demon of a man that wore armor black as night and an axe that could destroy souls.
• Reaching the Blacksmith, Jack, Bo’sun, and Ryn, all began trying to prepare for how to enter. Jack looks for rear entrances and windows that are open that he can sneak through, but they are all sealed and blocked, so unable to know what to do they simply knock on the front door, and are told to enter. Once inside they find a massively muscled man working at the forge, crafting a new weapon. Without looking up he called over to ask what they needed and how he could help. The three began looking around casually, Jack wanting to know if there is anything that he can provide to improve his gear, or anything terribly unique and interesting. The blacksmith looks up, looks them over, and quenches his sword before setting it aside. He then moves over and begins showing them different weapons and armor. Jack sees a +5 Armored Longcoat that catches his eye, and also a massive locked chest hidden under a table. Jack wants to know what is inside it, but Barathol tells them that the item inside is merely a remnant, not prepared to be sold. Jack insists that he should at least be allowed to take a look at it then. When Barathol declines again, Jack and Bo’sun begin discussing tactics. Bo’sun suggests they try a direct approach, Jack doesn’t really like it and suspects it won’t actually work. However, Ryn decides to cut out the middle man while the other two argue. Ryn goes over to Barathol, discusses some of the armor and weapons on site, and then asks about the item inside, saying they are collecting legendary and important items such as what they suspect are inside the chest, so they would need it to accomplish their world saving goal. Barathol, seeing some reason to it, opens the chest to let them see the massive evil shard of strange metal within it. When Jack tries to touch it Barathol slams the chest shut and locks it. Jack then asks what they would have to do to be able to get the shard from him. Barathol says that the only thing he would allow was for them to promise to never open it or use the item locked within. Bo’sun scoffs at the suggestion, but Jack totally accepts the offer and gives his world to not open it. Barathol stares at him for a time, and then says that if Jack buys the chest he can have it, so Jack pays for the massive, incredibly well made chest, and a new +5 Armored Longcoat to boot. Then the pirates leave, Bo’sun carrying the chest.
• As soon as they step outside, Bo’sun sets down the chest and asks Jack if he can open it now to get that fragment. Jack says that no, he made a promise, and then whispers under his breathe especially since the man he promised is still within earshot. Bo’sun then grins, says very loudly we’ll wait until we get back to the ship. Jack and Ryn just both shake their heads, and then make their way over to the factory district.
• Emack, Elspeth, and Applejack all make their way to the outside of Lady Envy’s estate. No guards can be seen, but there is a small bell to ring. Which he does, and then there is a slow movement of an incredibly elderly butler walking over. He asks who they are and what they want. With the introduction of “Captain Hol Emack Erral of The Wicked Wench”, and that they are gathering artifacts needed to save the world and that apparently his mistress is in possession of some. The old man nods, and says that he will ask her himself, before slowly waddling off. Emack, not wanting to wait, sees a bird, focuses really hard on it, and tells the bird to go spy on the people inside for him, which the bird seems to do as it flies off. A short while later it returns and lands before Emack. Emack demands to know what was said. The bird squawks back at him, so Emack demands to know in normal talk. So the bird repeats everything, saying that the old man and the Lady are talking to each other, mentioning that Lady Envy seems to know what items they are talking about, and she wants to see them, but to keep them waiting so that they don’t seem to eager yet. Emack smiles, and Elspeth notices Emack’s eyebrows have grown more massive, ruffled, and darker. Eventually the old man returns, saying that Lady Envy will see them now, and takes them to a garden gazebo of beautiful stone and silk hangings.
• Sitting beneath the gazebo is the most beautiful woman that any of them have seen, long dark hair, fair skin, lips dyed blue, wearing a nearly sheer outfit and a gorgeous cloak. On the table in front of her is a deck of cards that she is shuffling. She invites them to sit, and asks what they are here for. Emack admits it straight up, saying what they are gathering, that she has some, and that they would like her to part with them, although they can offer to provide assistance, financial, fetching items, or any other idea of a fetch-quest she might have so that they can take her fragments. Envy’s argument is well placed, sighting her fragments aren’t able to do anything for her, her cloak says it should make her more beautiful but it can’t, and that her card won’t do anything, claiming she doesn’t actually have the bonds required to access its powers. However, she says that her power is considerably greater then the party’s, so they should give her all of their fragments so that she can create the truly and proper world that needs to be made. Emack says that they can’t, but that they do need her fragments. Envy gives them an offer, if they can use her Fragment of a Card that she cannot, then she will turn over her fragments. However, should they fail Envy wants all the fragments the pirates have gathered (Espeth inhales a sharp breathe). Emack counter offers with the two fragments he has access to, with his shuriken of bodily alteration of power, and the Fragment of a Crow that helps dominate those around him that he already has power over. The mention of that last one gives Envy a great smile, so she flicks the card over to them, which is a strange card like none they’ve ever seen, bearing a picture, the number ‘0’, and ‘The Fool’ written on it. It asks Emack if he wishes to test the strength of his bonds, and knowing he only has one choice, chooses yes.
• Emack, Elpseth, Applejack, Fynn, Jack, Ryn, Bo’sun, and Nadiel all appear within a room of calm deep blue colours, pillars, a strange clock changing on the back wall, and a table upon which lie a collection of the different cards similar to the one they held. Soft music flows through the air, mostly piano with some operatic vocals as well. A woman sits behind the table. She has golden eyes, short silver hair, pale skin, and wearing the clothing of an elevator attendant in dark blue and purple. “Welcome, to the Velvet Room,” called out the woman. “My name is Elizabeth, One Who Governs Power. This room is a space that exists beyond dream, and reality. It is created from the subconscious of its guests, but we seldom have so many guests at one time.” Only those that have formed a contract may enter its walls, and the image of the pirate code floats before them as the example that they have met the requirements. She goes on to say that this room and she will allow them to challenge and test the powers of the bonds that bind them together as friends and companions. She also says that she understands if they are not yet ready for it, and so summons a Velvet Key in order to re-enter whenever they wish should they want to be able to test their powers again. Elizabeth asks what they would like to do, with one of her traditional word switch confusion moments, and Emack says that they have no choice but to do this, or else he loses the two fragments he has. Jack doesn’t like it, but accepts the challenge to come, mixing and matching Elspeth and Elizabeth’s names just for fun. Elizabeth then tells them to go into the ring of blue spiritual butterflies in order to save should they fall. They go in, and do save in order to circle around all of them. Once that is done, Elizabeth stands, opens the book in front of her, and an immense amount of light shines out of it and 22 cards spiral around it. Elizabeth gives them a bright smile and says “While I may have originally been trained as an elevator attendant I have learned a great number of techniques to inflict pain and death. Therefore I ask you to fight me as though you intend to kill me, if you can…”
• The music changes to a more ominous tone, which the pirates notice and wonder about what is going on for it. Elizabeth summons Surt from within her book, Jack tells Emack he hates him, and then Surt brings his sword down upon Bo’sun, cutting off his left leg and burning him all to ashes and kills him. Jack saunters over to Elizabeth, says they should probably not be ready for it so they should probably leave, to which Elizabeth says it wouldn’t be much of a test for them to retreat, so Jack says that they should remain then, and when Elspeth makes a comment Jack says she should be smote next. Then Jack takes full defense. Ryn fires an arrow, but the giant stops it. Then Elspeth begins charging zeon. Applejack backs up and begins transforming into a dragon. Fynn throws two sharpers, which the giant stops with his swords. Then Nadiel fires a laser that is blocked. Emack begins charging zeon. On the next turn Jack does a flying leap to try and stab Surt in the face, but Elizabeth snaps her book shut and calls forth “Jack Frost”. A tiny snowman that looks like a stuffed animal and a jester. Jack, missing his original target, falls and face plants into the floor, knocking himself unconscious. The Jack Frost casts a mass blast of ice that strikes down both Nadiel and Applejack in dragon form, through the shield . Then, seeing unconscious Jack, Fynn throws a smoker in order to distract Jack Frost so that he could move over to Jack to try and move him. Ryn fires another arrow which is picked up in Jack Frost’s hat. Emack looks over the mass shield has around the numerous members that still live. On the next round Elisabeth snaps her book shut and calls forth “Thor” in order to acquire a massive man in horned helm, armor, cape, and a massive hammer which he brings down upon Fynn and Jack. It crushes them both and then sends out a wave of electricity which also tore through Emack, Elspeth, and Ryn. In his last moments Emack knew that he would have been able to stop it if only he had had more power with it.
• The entire collection of pirates appears once more in the original Velvet Room, with the calm music playing once more. Elizabeth apologizes for the fact that they are not ready to face her yet. Emack asks for a sample item to show that they were able to make it inside the card, so Elizabeth throws passes Emack the Velvet Key. She then says that she greatly hopes to see them again once the strength of their bonds has increased. The very thought of it makes her incredibly excited, and she bids them farewell.
• Appearing back in the courtyard, Emack, Elspeth, and Applejack are greeted by an incredibly angry looking Lady Envy. Almost apologetically Emack holds up the Velvet Key. Envy throws them the card back again, and also throws the cloak she was wearing. They thank her, but her only response is that they should be running. The three don’t need to be told twice as Lady Envy begins charging zeon. While running away Emack saw images of a beautiful elven sorceress wearing this cloak, using refined magic, standing beside a human warrior with a flaming sword, a female elvish druid with a unicorn, a werewolf gnome, the half-orc from the shuriken fragment within Emack, and also a vampire in a long red cloak that do battle against a being known as Lord Jeremiah of Twilight’s Edge. Then, over his shoulder Emack threw out “You look just as lovely without the cloak as you did with it on.” None of the three ever stopped running, and a large explosion echoed behind them.
• Outside the factory that is owned by Humble Measure, Jack, Ryn, and Bo’sun all cracked their backs and knuckles after that unfortunate Power of Bonds incident. Then they figured they needed to find their target. Unfortunately, Bo’sun couldn’t see any man that looked like a ‘Humble Measure’, so they figured it was time for them to talk about trying to find him directly. While looking around, Bo’sun just asked the nearest guy saying they had business regarding artifacts, and they were given directions to his main office. They head over, into the building, and are stopped by a group of guards that demand their weapons at the door. All the pirates do so. The three then head into a massive office, with a shorter, but incredibly muscled man sitting behind the desk, recording notes in a ledger. He barely even looked up before demanding to know what they want regarding artifacts. They begin discussing exactly what is going on, what they are doing, and what they also need from Humble Measure. Humble Measure brings out the book from his inside jacket pocket, and sets it on the table in front of him. He says that a great deal of financial problems have happened to him recently, yet all the information and strategies he had been able to acquire from within this fragment has been helping get him back up. Then he mentions the massive bounty on Jack’s head if he were to turn him into the Trygalle Trade Guild. Therefore, Humble Measure has an offer for them. He will send them the Fragment of a Merchant’s Ledger along with a shipment of goods that they need to sell for them in order to keep the business venture going, but they can actually keep all the money for themselves for successfully delivering it in exchange to ensuring the trust in the new market he is trying to branch into. In exchange, Humble Measure gets to tip off the Trade Guild that Captain Jack Sparrow is in Darujhistan, Jack will let himself get arrested, Humble Measure will get the massive reward, and then Jack will nobly escape, fleeing the city, only to be chased again and deliver the wealth with a new fragment. Jack doesn’t even need to think about it, he accepts this daring plan, with a sigh from Ryn. Humble Measure tells Jack to be prepared for Noon the next day. He then dismisses him. Jack grins as they leave, saying that that went better then expected, and it will make them more money. They then return to the ship.
• It is nearly supper when all of the pirates return to the ship with their fragments. They discuss what succeeded, what didn’t, and what will be happening with the delivery tomorrow. Then Ryn informs them with the whole Jack getting arrested and then having to escape with the ship fleeing tomorrow in order to make them more money, profiting more, and spreading the tales of their legendary actions. The others ask what all they’ll have to do, and Jack says he’ll simply need them to help cover him, but only he will need to be arrested. The others agree and say that they can manage that much at least. Then Bo’sun goes back to talking about wanting to get that Fragment of an Axe from the chest that they had. Jack said that he gave his word, but if he turns around, and the chest is still closed and Bo’sun has a new weapon when he turns back around afterwards then he will assume it stayed closed the entire time. Jack then turns around and keeps talking, very loudly, while Bo’sun pries open the chest using his bastard sword. Inside he grabs the fragment.
• Visions of a monstrous man in black armor wielding the largest, most terrifying and strange axe any had ever seen fill his mind. The power, destruction, and slaughter caused by that pair rivaled anything he had ever imagined.
• Bo’sun then returned to his senses, slammed shut the chest, smiled to himself, and transformed the fragment into a terrible, oversized axe of a strange black metal that emanated evil. From inside Elspeth’s head, Heinrich shouted a rapid and panicked warning. He recognized that weapon, it belonged to a companion of his that degenerated into nothing more then a homicidal, murdering sociopath that began trying to murder the rest of his allies. Elspeth cursed loudly and whispered to the others about what she had learned. With his new axe Bo’sun muttered “Not quite strong enough to wield this beauty yet, but when I can…” and he laughed heartily and long. Heinrich spoke through Elspeth “If he cannot use it yet, then we may still have time.”



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