Anima: Beyond Malaz

Elizabeth, One That Governs Power

She's so friendly as she tries to kill us.

• Day 153, evening, in The Velvet Room preparing to fight Elizabeth once more, the pirates, Applejack, and Jafar.
• Elizabeth informs the pirates that she has some different music that she would like to have this great challenge performed to, and so the music that fills the air is of a more operatic nature.
• Fynn goes first, and waits for Emack to throw a shield up before doing anything. Jack begins strutting towards Elisabeth and then waits, taking a full defense. Elisabeth then sends Thor forward, calls out “Thunder Reign”, and sends the lighting charged hammer, but Emack calls out his Shield, and is able to protect everyone from the battering damage although they are all knocked back a step, although it couldn’t reach Jafar. Elisabeth raises an eyebrow and smiles. Applejack begins transforming into a dragon. Ryn remains where she is and prepares. Elspeth gathers some more Zeon. Jafar accumulates more zeon as well. Emack backs up in order to get out of Thunder Reign range. Bo’sun pops both his powers Damage Resistance and Extra Damage. On his second initiative pass Bo’sun charges but Thor stops it with the hammer. On his third pass Bo’sun is stopped again. Jack has surprised Thor, and so attempts to disarm him, Using Acrobatics to try and get behind him, but doesn’t get into position, and then attacks his sword and the power of The Fool to buff him also, hits the hammer, but Thor holds onto the hammer. Ryn then Calls Shot Elizabeth right between the eyes with her bow, but Thor’s armor soaks it up, stripping away her action. Elizabeth then summons Cu Chullain, creating the man with long black hair, fair skin, and the most impressive of spears. Fynn then throws a sharper, and charges Cu Chulain and then with the sword, but a Black shield with “Null” stops all the damage. Then Elspeth fires a quartet of lasers, the first two are stopped, the third deals “64” damage to Cu Chulain, shattering him, but then the fourth is stopped by the “Null” Shield from light. Applejack begins charging the breath weapon, Jafar charges more zeon. Bo’sun attacks three times, but Metatron stops the attacks. Jack then jumps to the side and tries to disarm Elizabeth, but the book reflects his sword. Fynn then charges in, but Metatron stops both of his sword attacks. Ryn then fired an arrow at Elizabeth’s book hand, but Metatron catches the arrow. Emack charges more zeon and holds. Elspeth charges some more Zeon. Applejack continues charging her breath weapon, and flies up to the ceiling. Elizabeth then has Metatron begin charging his Metatron’s Cube, a cube of holy energy. Bo’sun unleashes 3 attacks, then 3 attacks, then 1 attack, Metatron stops the first 2, but the third one inflicts 97 points of damage and shattered Metatron. Then Bo’sun keeps attacking, and Elisabeth summons Surt out once more, stops the remaining four attacks, although some of them nearly hit him. Jack then holds his action. Elisabeth tells Surt to use Ragnarok, and it begins charging by sucking a massive amount of colossal flames into it. Then Ryn waits, and Fynn attacks Surt twice, stops the first, and then the second hits Surt for 7 points of damage, to slightly reduce its health. Emack charges more zeon. Applejack tries to hold her breath weapon until Surt goes away. Jafar charges more zeon. Bo’sun unleashes his 3 attacks, but they are all stopped. Elspeth uses a pair of Light Beams to try and bring down Surt, shattering him with the first one for 80 points of damage. Ryn then tries to Called Shot the book but Jack Frost catches the Arrow in his hat with style. Then Applejack unleashes her breath weapon, but Jack Frost avoids it, his but burning, and then turning it into a cloud of ice that turns into butterflies that land on Applejack to blind her, so she transforms back and lands. Then results in Elspeth firing another laser, which causes Jack Frost to take 80 points of damage, which makes it shatter into 1000 miniature Jack Frosts that scatter with a Hee Hoo! Elisabeth then summons Thor back, Jack jumps over to try and disarm the book again but it blocks away Jack’s sword again. Bo’sun uses another 3 attacks, but they are all stopped. He then fatigues his final attack, but Thor only takes 32 points, which takes away half of his life bar +. Then Fynn goes for two attacks on Thor, the first is epically countered, but Emack casts Reduction of Damage twice at max power in order to reduce the Counter Thunder Rein to not be able harm any of them. Fynn then attacks again, but Thor’s armor stops it. Jack then tries to destroy Thor, using Acrobatics to flank Thor and then attack, but runs into the hammer since he isn’t used to actually attacking. Applejack then begins transforming back. Ryn then fires an arrow with Called Shot to the right nipple, but the armor stops it. Elisabeth comments on how fun this is going, and that the climactic finally going to its grand conclusion. Emack waits. Elspeth fires a Light Beam at Thor, but Thor’s armor soaks up the hit. Jafar asks them all to either win or get injured so that he can do something. Bo’sun makes 3 attacks, and the thirds shatters Thor with 92 points of damage. Elisabeth then compliments them, saying that only the Persona that she holds dearest remains, and she calls forth Thanatos, a being of black leather, with steel flowing around him, including a sharp angry helm in the shape of a beak, a chain of massive stone coffins rotating around him, and a thin gleaming blade in his hand. Bo’sun attacked 4 more times, but the coffins stopped them all. Jack then tries to disarm Thanatos, but with the jump Thanatos tries to grab him, but luckily Emack stops it with his shield. Fynn and Ryn then stagger their attacks on Thanatos, with Fynn attacking first, but then having Thanatos counter, and throw Fynn into a coffin that appears from the ground and Minor Paralyses him. Then Ryn fires the arrow, but a coffin stops it. Fynn tries to escape the coffin, but it doesn’t let him out. Elspeth fires a Light Beam, but it is blocked by a coffin. Thanatos then moves to engage Elspeth, but Emack stops it. Jafar then gives Fynn and Jack for +220 Acrobatics each to try and avoid coffins. Applejack then tries to help Fynn out of the coffin, but instead gets further pulled in then Fynn was. Emack casts Minor Creation in order to create a solid metal block to try and keep the coffin open, with another smaller one to also try and further back up jam it. Bo’sun charges Thanatos, the attack is stopped by the coffins. Bo’sun then attacks twice more, but the coffins stop them all. Thanatos then surprises everyone but Jack, and throws Elspeth into a coffin, Partially Paralyzing her. Jack then Acrobatics to Flank Elisabeth, but Thanatos appears and blocks the attack with a coffin. Ryn then fires an arrow at Thanatos in the eye with one of her Good Arrows, but the arrow pulls left and Jack dodges the arrow from hitting him in the ass. Emack makes another metal box to keep Elspeth from being closed in. Applejack escapes from the coffin. Elspeth then escapes from the coffin, and then moves further away from the coffin to accumulate. Jafar accumulates. Fynn leaves the coffin, then uses Acrobatics to try and get behind Elizabeth, gests to Flank her, and attacks, but Thanatos cover it. Bo’sun then charges Thanatos, and Thanatos stops it despite his coffins slip away from it. Bo’sun then spends some more fatigue (still no penalties), but it is blocked by a coffin. Then he attacks again and then is blocked again. Thanatos charges Emack, but he is able to take a hit but no damage. Ryn calls for Millenium to help them, but gets no response, so then she fires an arrow at Elizabeth but Thanatos stops it with a coffin. Emack charges more zeon. Jack then moves over to one of the coffins, throws The Absurdity Bell into one of the coffins and then has Emack drop the metal keeping it open. There is a ringing sound that fills the air, and then every coffin in the arena, including those worn by Thanatos, vanish. Elisabeth is shocked, and Jack tells her he is going to need that bell back afterwards. Fynn uses Acrobatics, gets his Flanking bonus, burns 4 Fatigue on the super attack, and then it is a hit for what should be 37, but only inflicts 10, 1/5 of his health. Jack charges up more Zeon, and Elspeth fires a pair of Light Beams at Thanatos, but he deflects both of them with his sword. Then Elspeth switches to Aeris, and Rail Guns a Stilleto, but Thanatos is able to deflect that as well. Applejack then begins charging up her breath weapon. Bo’sun then attacks with a charge again, but Thanatos blocks it with his sword. Bo’sun attacks again, but the sword stops it again. With Bo’sun’s last attack but it only hits for no damage. Bo’sun’s buff drop, like they were hot. Fynn holds action, Jack tries to disarm the book, but Jack is countered by Thantos but Emack’s shield stops it. Then Thanatos attacks Bo’sun, cutting him for 103 Sacrifice first, with Emack stopping the second one. Ryn then fires an arrow at Elizabeth with an arrow in the book hand, but Thanatos cuts the arrow with his sword. Emack waits. Elspeth fires another Light Beam, but it is blocked by the sword. Then she uses the Rail Gun, firing another stiletto, using her Free PP in order to super buff her Potential and Projection, but it is blocked by the sword. Applejack continues to charge her laser. Jafar drops his zeon, hoping it will work better. Bo’sun then comes in with 3 attacks, but the wave of them are stopped. Fynn then acrobatics, doesn’t get beside her, Fynn then attacks with all 5 of his remaining Fatigue points, hitting him for another 10, and then collapses. Bo’sun then makes 3 more attacks, but Thanatos blocks all of them. Then he makes his final attack, but it is also blocked. Jack then Acrobatics, gets the Flanking bonus, and then simply attacks Elizabeth, hitting Thanatos for no damage in order to stun him. Ryn uses 2 Fatigue, a White Wood arrow, and aims for Thanatos’ eyes, hitting it for no damage. Elspeth then fires another Light Beam, but Thanatos deflects it with an excellent defense. Emack charges zeon. Fynn then to hide further away from Thanatos, then throws a knife that Thantos blocks. Applejack then fires her breath weapon, but Thanatos blocks the attack. Jafar waits and watches to see what is going on. Bo’sun then attacks, but it is stopped. Then he attacks again and it is stopped again. Then with his final attack and hits him for another 10. Thanatos attacks Bo’sun again, for a hit but no damage thanks to Emack’s shield. Fynn then moves away from Thanatos, and throws a knife at him, which is blocked by his sword. Jack uses his Rune Blade with Acrobatics, but hits his own sword for 90 points of damage, Criticalling his Right Forearm for -57. Emack then uses Ancestral Rage, giving +10 Attack and Rage to all friends. Ryn rages to fire an arrow at Thanatos in the face, hitting him for another 10, leaving him at 10 LP. Then Elspeth fires a Light Beam with her Rage, which is aimed at Bo’sun by mistake, and Emack’s shield stops it for 160 points of damage. Applejack makes some claw and bite attacks, but Thanatos stops them. Then Jafar charges in, but Thanatos stops it with a blade. Bo’sun is stunned, then recovers and swings, and attacks again but they are all stopped. Jack then attacks Thanatos, Acrobating behind Thanatos, but the back attack is blocked. Ryn spends 2 Fatigue in order to fire a final arrow that sinks into Thanatos’ chest, with the sword shattering before turning into a cloud of Black Butterflies and vanishing. Elizabeth, completely untarnished or damaged, not even with any sweat matting her perfectly coifed hair. She congratulates them all on their most splendid performance, and the strength of their bonds and then begins writing something down.
• Jack then asks her if that is actually all that is going to go on, if that is all that they will actually do. Elizabeth thanks them and says that she simply has to do some paperwork before giving them their reward. Jack is happy at the mention of the reward, asking how long it would take, Fynn asking if he could do something, and then Elspeth saying that she is done. Then she holds up a hand and says that she has their gift for them, and brings out a giant glowing sphere of powered energy. She introduces it as the Omnipotence Orb which grants immunity to all forms of damage except those inflicted by a God. Everyone likes them, but Elizabeth lets Ryn have first pick since she was the one that struck down Thanatos. With everyone else glaring at her, Ryn decides that she doesn’t need it for herself, so she will allow someone else to have it. Elizabeth says they can vote then, and everyone else votes for themselves, so Ryn has to do the deciding vote anyway, so she gives it to Emack since he heals them, and doesn’t want Bo’sun to be invincible with the demon axe. Emack takes it, puts it in, and is granted Immunity to All Damage except from beings with Gnosis 40 or higher. They then also look at the Fragment of a Card, and see that it has transformed from The Fool Arcana to The World Arcana. Elizabeth tells them that it appears that their journey has come to an end but they are still allowed to come visit her if they like. Jack asks if there are any more of those Orbs, but Elizabeth says they would have to beat her individually, so they don’t like the thoughts of that based on how hard it was for all of them. They thank her for everything, and then off they go in order to head back.
• They make their way back in the deep night, all feeling like crap. Ryn goes to give Sparkly the Jade Hair Comb as a gift. Then Fynn asks Millenium if, what with the whole her viewing time differently from others, if she would be able to manipulate time so that they can do a bunch of extra training in a much shorter period of time before the tournament so that they can all make things work better for them. Millenium does not confirm that she could do such an absurd thing, but she doesn’t really deny being capable of doing it either. As they begin to think over all of the different things that they could do with a massively extended training period, they all decide they are terribly exhausted, and so turn in for the night.
• Day 154
• Waking up early in the morning, Jack assigns Bo’sun to getting back to work with regards to the repairs to The Black Pearl. Bo’sun hopes that Jafar might be able to get them a deal on cost of materials, being mayor of the city and all, but Jafar says that it would be unfair to his citizens to take such advantage of them. Bo’sun grunts that Jafar is a terrible pirate, and then headed below deck to wake up Elspeth. She wasn’t happy to be woken up so early, but listened to Bo’sun’s argument that they needed to go out and get materials, her buying the wood and he being willing to take the time to repair the ship and find some metal-smiths to look at fixing The Falling Dragon’s damaged metal ballistae. Elspeth gathers some of the crew to help her carry back the materials that they will need for repairs, and then allows Bo’sun to head out to find the metal-smiths.
• Jack gives Jafar the Mask of Justice, making it so that Jafar is fully incapable of harming anyone ever again, in exchange no one can ever hurt him either.
• Emack, still with the Fragment of a Card The World in his possession, relaxing in his captain’s quarters, figured that it was probably time he tested to see just what this item could actually do. He tried to tap into its powers, and found himself swept away. He was in a swirling place of swirling colours, countless star-like spots of light gleaming all around him. A deep voice welcomed him to the Sea of Unconsciousness, the realm that is spawned from within the hearts of all humanity. The voice congratulated Emack on having been able to reach this stage of his own existence, and offered to grant it what power it could. Emack asked what kind of power it could grant. The voice replied by saying “Any power that can be found within the human heart can be granted to you.” Emack allowed his mouth to hang open as he considered the possibilities, and then said that he would need to think on it and answer later. The voice accepted this, as careful consideration should be used before claiming any gift of such awesome power.
• Ryn wakes up to find another golden satchel from Sparkly waiting for her. Inside she finds a ring that smells distinctly of spices, known according to Sparkly as a Fragrant Ring. Putting the ring on and feeling no different, Ryn thanks Sparkly and then goes down show the ring to Emack, but first she goes to get the Moonstone Arrows she had forged for her, which function as +10 Arrows that are Light aligned. Emack, back from his super journey, answers the door to his quarters and lets Ryn come inside. She passes him the ring, and Emack immediately knows that he doesn’t want to give it up. It allows Zeonic regeneration to occur at an hourly rate, instead of a daily rate. Emack says that he wants it, Ryn says he and Elspeth will have to discuss who gets it, Emack reminds Ryn that she isn’t capable of hurting him anymore if he doesn’t listen. Ryn just glares at him, and he relinquishes the ring until the two of them and Elspeth can discuss what to actually do with it. Ryn then calls for Millenium, asking if she learned anything new about the Tournament. Millenium says that nothing big has come up regarding it yet, besides the competitors.
• Elspeth, Bo’sun, and the crew hauling all the wood return to the ships. Bo’sun brings with him one of the city’s metal smiths, and has the man look over the damage to the massive steel ballistae of The Falling Dragon. The man informs Bo’sun that it would take several hundred GC, and over a month, to get all the ballistae back up and running. Bo’sun says they don’t have that long, but thanks the man for coming by all the same. Bo’sun then heads below deck on The Black Pearl to repair all the damage from fighting against Captain Sheriff Jek M.D… God. With his new magical craftsman’s tools from Deckard, he is able to make the repairs in simply a few hours.
• Ryn, Emack, and Elspeth then get together to discuss the Fragrant Ring. Needless to say, both mages want it intensely. In the end they agree to share the ring, one of them wearing it for the first half of the day, the second getting it during the second half of the day. They find this agreeable, and Emack tentacles the ring onto himself for the first shift of ring possession and zeonic restoration.
• Then come the group meeting to discuss what they need to do before the Tournament of Fragments. The group having the discussion is Jack, Emack, Jafar, Elspeth, Fynn, Ryn, Bo’sun, and Applejack. Fynn reminds the Admiral that he needs to gather some more munitions, and that there are 3 Malazan run military fortresses that were pointed out to him along the coast. The closest is 2 days sail, the middle is 8 days sail, and the furthest away is 14 days sail. Jack suggests they haven’t actually been doing enough pirating of late, so they should split up their three ships, and attack all three fortresses at once, since the Malazans would never see that coming and it would make for a great tale. Bo’sun reminds Jack that they only have a little over 2 weeks before the Tournament of Fragments starts, so they would need to get to the Arena by that stage. Fynn points out that these munitions are incredibly fragile, and that if they were to detonate because someone that wasn’t a trained sapper tried to transport them, the result could be disastrous. This made both Jack and Emack think that by using their essential invincibility they could have a very easy time winning the Tournament, just have them carry a massive collection of munitions into the middle of the Arena and have the opponents surrender or die. Fynn cringes at the thought. Fynn reminds Jack that these are fully equipped Malazan Military Forts, and should not be taken lightly. Jack replies by pointing out that their group is exceptionally powerful, have defeated someone with powers far beyond what the Malazans could throw up against them, and that they can’t back down from their intent to create a new world (and by ‘their’ intent Jack actually meant his own) that will be a perfect paradise.
• With him once more reasserting his desire to forge a new world, a new Reality Fragment appeared before Jack. It was a nearly invisible sphere in the air, which reminded Jack greatly of the Demon Souls that he had eaten, and so he raised it to his mouth and bit it, while the other pirates cringed. Emack pointed out it looked like another quite potent, and probably boss-fight transporting. Jack and the other heard a deep, commanding, yet oddly emotionless voice call out from within the fragment, depreciating the value of humanity, challenging their strength to create a new world, and sighting their terrible ignorance as one of the reasons that the worlds are falling. It then lamented having been unable to stand against the force that has been destroying the worlds, and dared these arrogant mortals to come and face The Administrator of Worlds if they thought they could really create a new world. Jack thanked the Fragment for all the information that it had provided, but said that they were busy in a strategy meeting right now so it would just have to wait.
• Once more they began to speak on what they should do regarding the munitions depot restocking. After a bit of arguing, some analysis about how many people they would kill (Bo’sun) or save (Elspeth via Heinrich), and the time they had available to them, they decided to only knock over the nearest base, as disappointed as it made Jack for them to not be able to have a massively, overly complicated mass battle strategy. As the arguments continued to occur, Fynn, Elspeth, and Emack all commented on how now Reality Fragments were actually coming to find them, and that if they kept this up they may not even need to go looking for them anymore. Emack then informs Jack of what he had experienced from The Fragment of a Card The World, telling Jack that it could do anything that humans could do. Jack then thought they should try to get it to bring them all the remaining Reality Fragments, since lord knows it would save them some time. While Emack and Jack discussed this, there was a rippling in the air between the pirates, of light and darkness coalescing together to form yet another Reality Fragment this one taking the form of a crystal sun within which gleamed a crescent moon of darkness. Being quite pissed off at being interrupted again mid strategy setting, Emack backhanded the Reality Fragment with a tentacle. This action pulled Jack, Emack, Elspth, Ryn, Fynn, Bo’sun, Applejack, and Jafar into another separate world.
• The new place they found themselves in held the appearance of a battered and old throne room. Light and darkness seemed to flit and mix furtively, neither being able to gain a foothold over the other. The back wall was a massive stained-glass window containing a massive mechanical clock that had its hands pointed to high noon. Twelve pillars stood in the room as though the hours of the clock, debris and dust littered the floor, and a single figure stood in the center. He wore a suit of armor that was made of mixed silver and black silver, chains running across much of its surface and trailing behind him as a cloak. Those that could see spirits saw countless souls bound to those chains. His face was hard, his jaw solid and muscles bunched, short brown hair atop his head. The most striking feature about him was his eyes, a pair of bottomless orbs that shifted rapidly between all colours imaginable, and the chain-wrapped sword at his waist which radiated power greater then anything they have ever encountered. The being was clearly agitated. He growled out the horrible lack of respect that they have shown his grand return, simply striking his Fragment aside like garbage. Therefore, he decided that he would skip over his prepared revival speech, and simply kill this lot of pirates as he had intended to during the prologue if Kruppe hadn’t of interfered. Lord Jeremiah of Twilight’s Edge said that they had best not bore him, and summoned his massive blue scaled werewolf known as Grrzutt of Bestial Fury, and the lovely woman of deep blue skin and hair and flowing watery robes known as Melodee the Siren, and said that the pirates would have to survive these two in order for him to waste time on them. Lord Jeremiah then raised one hand, and was completely encased in a sphere of violet crystal that began sucking currents of light and darkness into it from the room surrounding them. Jack muttered aloud “Just great Emack, you’ve gone and managed to piss of the GM.” No one else understanding, Emack asked Jack what exactly that meant. Jack, freeing his golden Rune Blade from its scabbard, turned a lazy grin over one shoulder before replying. “It means we’re fucked.”



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