Anima: Beyond Malaz

Captain of The Falling Dragon

Two legendary pirate crews do battle to determine supremacy.

• Day 114 within the warren of Ruse.
• Day 115 forward traveling.
• Traveling through Ruse, Fynn trained further with Dave to finish off Presence Extrusion, then learn Aura Extension. Jack began to spend to spend his souls in order to become fleshy and more well trained more experience. Elspeth approaches Fynn, who is eating frog’s legs, in order to discuss training of Ki from him so as to not learn from Dave, which he will accept although slower. Emack then asks in order to get Dave to teach him the ways of Ki. Ryn wakes up and then gets the Regenerator’s Ring from it. She puts the ring on, and learns of her much better recovery. Elspeth would also hopefully like to talk to Ryn about the eggs, but Emack says it will have to wait. Ryn then notices the strange fog around them, asks Sparkly what is going on, then peers over to see that all the crew are now Dredglings.
• Jack has regained his fleshy form, hits on Dina, who shrugs off his advances, opens the door to leave, and then Jack and Dina spot the state of the crew. Dina wants to know if the ship is safe from them or not, and Jack doesn’t know. Ryn then goes down to talk to Jack. She mentions Sparkly, who Jack accuses Ryn of kidnapping her, and then they continue to talk about how Sparkly works regarding the training and trading, about if he can extort or manipulate her into getting more items. He shouts up to her, she doesn’t want to come down, because of the demons that live in the fog. He then spots the Old Monk, withered and clad in a yellow monk’s robes. They have a discussion about the power of the demons, the fact that Jack has given the demons’ master’s souls known as The Old One and all of the other worlds that they are trying to find a new place to be, so then Jack then leaves in order to hide under his bed and wait. The Old Monk then creates a Fool’s Idol to attach to the front of the ship. Ryn then goes to talk with Sparkly in order to learn more about them, that they can apparently kill the demons and take their power but they are incredibly strong and they would need a stronger power in order to control the crew. Ryn goes to tell Jack what she learned, they try to consider how to get rid of them, if they can kill them, but they know they would probably need someone to gather them at all of the zombie crew under their control. Then they wake up Isabella, ask her about it, and she says that she will need to do some research, and starts to electrocute Jack’s collar to try and wrangle some of the secrets from it. Aboard the other ship they hear of the screams from Jack, but they ignore it in order to maintain their training with Dave.
• Afterwards Ryn gives Sparkly a Colourless Demon’s soul, which she says someone could eat in order to get more power, or make a magic weapon or armor much better. She takes it to Jack, he eats it, and then gains 5000 souls. Jack, liking this, gives Ryn his Perception Buff Magic Ring, and then has Ryn deliver it. The next day she then gets a sac containing a golden Rune Sword, which Ryn gives to Jack, and he likes that wonderful sword.
• Elspeth then has Aeris’ personality singing on the front of the ship one morning before Elspeth actually woke up.
• Day 122
• At 1 in the afternoon there is a strange ripple in the air that is noticed by Ryn. Then with a crackling sound of thunder there is terrible sound as a hole is torn through the world as a new opening back into the real world. The call of “Fire the ballistas!” echoes out through the portal, and a quartet of massive ballista bolts struck the side of The Black Pearl, with them burrowing in further and further. Then they begin reeling The Black Pearl through the portal, in order to bring them back over into the real world. Emack demands that the crew get aboard, with them sending the Wicked Wench through as well in order to try and stay with them.
• All try to manage to break free, Emack and Elspeth charging zeon in order to try and save them. They see the massive chains, and a voice with a massive megaphone to help carry the order across, demanding that they not try anything and allow themselves to be brought on board, so that they could take the Fragments that they have, then enjoy a good variety of food and drink in order to celebrate. The pirates aren’t sure to take this, so the dreglings ask if they can fire the cannons. Jack says that that would probably be a good idea, and gives them the okay. Then, there was an explosion as a massive hole in the side of The Black Pearl as one of the cannons was destroyed by another attack from The Falling Dragon, cannonballs and powder barrels detonating and falling into the water. Once again the cocky voice from up above called down “That was a warning shot, the next one will be taking faces.” Emack continued to hold on to his zeon, waiting for any signals from Jack, but didn’t want to die terribly. Elspeth however, wants to free The Pearl from this terrible trap. She prepares to fire a quartet of Light Beams, one for each of the chains in order to try and shatter them. It was at this point that a number of things all happened at once. An enormous explosion shook the very air. Shards of wood from the deck flew into the air, raining down upon everyone nearby. Searing pain coursed through Elspeth’s right arm, her magic fell away from her and she was knocked to the deck. When Elspeth opened her eyes she saw Nadiel’s face staring at her, a sad and pained expression across her beautiful face. In an incredibly thin voice Nadiel apologize that she couldn’t of stopped the attack better, and that she wouldn’t be able to stay with Elspeth anymore. Elspeth, looking around, saw that Nadiel had been shattered into countless pieces, along with much of the deck, her head resting beside Elspeth. Elspeth, the other voices shocked into silence within her head, tried to find something to say, and eventually was able to choke out that Nadiel had nothing to be sorry for. Nadiel cried a single tear of sap, which crystallized upon her cheek, said that she had hoped to spend more time with Elspeth, that she loves her, and then the light left her eyes. Elspeth stared over towards The Falling Dragon. “I will kill whoever did that,” she growled as she watched The Black Pearl be pulled against the larger ship and attached by a series of winches, chains, and straps. The voice shouting down from the megaphone told all of them to bring their Reality Fragments with them in order to meet the Captain, negotiate their surrender, and then get to celebrate and party with the crew, or try to refuse so that they can kill all of them. Such options.
• Emack, Elspeth, and Fynn all get into the jollyboat, then Applejack joins them when she refuses to let Fynn go without protection, and make their way over to The Black Pearl, bringing all of their Reality Fragments with them. As they are brought up, they find that there are now all of the dreglings upon the deck, so they try to ignore the monsters and quickly head up to the other ship as per orders. Jack, Bo’sun, and Ryn also head up with all of the Reality Fragments that they have with them as well. They climb up the ropes offered to them, and find themselves aboard the deck of The Falling Dragon. It is a massive 3-masted war-ship, with 6 colossal heavy ballistae that have the massive chain-and-metal bolts that were used to trap The Black Pearl. All six are now reloaded again, with 6 pirates manning each of them. There are also about seventy other pirates on the deck, sabers and crossbows in their hands, all looking less then pleased. Emerging from near the front of the ship, which is carved into the form of a massive dragon head, is an incredibly well dressed man that exudes confidence and power. He greets them, introduces himself as Undercaptain Jib (and yes, the name jokes did start to happen) saying that he will entertain them until the captain arrives to deal with them. Before any can ask, an echoing thump comes from around them. Jack asks if their Captain is a bit slower, but then the echoes continue to resound over and over, until from behind them appears a massive figure. Nearly 12 feet tall, each step shaking the deck, clad in covering black armor, upon his back a massive axe made entirely of steel, and in his gauntleted hands are held a massive, slick weapons similar to the cannons aboard The Black Pearl. Raising one hand up to the perfectly smooth helmet, the being pushed it up in order to reveal his grinning face, of bestial features and a childish smile. Horns spiraled out upon the back of his head, and he let out a very happy “Hello!” This enormous creature introduced itself as Captain Hanzo Hisashi, but his friends are allowed to call him Captain Sheriff Jek M.D… God. The entire collection of pirates from Jack’s ships all just stared as this enormous super creature hovered before them. All of a sudden managing to keep their fragments seemed to be a much larger challenge. They needed to think of something quickly.
• The collection of them began to discuss exactly what was going to happen with their fate of meeting up like this. Jek complimented them for being the second best group of pirates sailing across the oceans. He wanted to meet them, and is glad that they also have such a large collection of Reality Fragments for him as well. When asked about the fragments, Jek proudly has his crew bring out the collection that he has already gathered. While a trio of chef dressed men bring out the Fragments, Jek explains that they are the bits of his friends from the world he came from, and that he wants to gather all of them to ensure that his friends will be able to come back to like and enjoy this new world. Jek himself gleamed with the light of a Reality Fragment, as did the scope upon his massive super cannon, and then the collection of fragments being brought over to them; a cardboard box with a strange picture of a flat tomato sauce covered baking with meat and cheese, a cartridge made of a strange material with a slot filled with metal notches inside, a cane of metal that appears quite top heavy, and a bottle of strange mystery sauce. Jek hoped that some of the fragments that Jack and the others had gathered might contain some of his other friends, like Devil Rat, or Buckles the Elf (much confusion and slight explanation did ensue) without much of it really making sense. They explain that none of their Fragments seem to do nothing with his friends, but Jek still wants them in order to actually possess them all. Jack mutters to himself that this entire situation is just completely absurd (lightbulb), and suggests that they enjoy the celebratory food, drink, and discussion before they determine what should happen with the fragments all have gathered. Jek agrees and finds that acceptable, and so begins having some of his cooks add his Fragment sauce into the soup as they begin eating. Jack, praying for a miracle, took out the Fragment of Absurdity and rang the little bell. Everyone but Elspeth was able to avoid the barrage of no sauce, ranch dressing, quadruple anchovy and extra cheese pizzas that rained from the sky upon the deck. Elspeth is incredibly distraught by the new horror of her clothings. Jek compliments that Fragment can summon pizza from the sky. That was not what Jack hoped the bell would do, but he tried to smile as Jek rolled up one pizza and began eating it like a burrito. Jack and the other pirates then begin to try planning a method to delay, manipulate, and organize some way to get out of this as well. They decide to ask Jek to tell them a few things about his old world, mostly just to stall for time. And so Jek began to tell the glorious tale of his life.
• Jek explained that he came from a world of massive plascreet buildings, metal cars, and motorcycles, and airplanes that allowed rapid travel across the glorious land of Seattle. Jek had all the different houses he could ever want, and didn’t need to actually pay for them. He and his friends did many fun jobs, such as blowing up semi-trucks and taking massive collections of guns, kidnapping people from hospitals in order to pull their organs out of them, and traveling to far off lands in order to gather mystical metals, then bring them back while being chased by a fighter jet while inside a cargo plane. And fighting with elves, lots of elves. Needless to say, none of the Malazan Pirates have the slightest idea of what Jek is talking about at all, and they discuss a bit to figure out that ‘elves’ are essentially ‘Tiste’. Then Jek notices Emack’s pointy ears, demands to know if he is an elf, and if so that he must fight him. Emack (not noticing that he had these pointy ears from his Fragment of a Cloak) ensures Jek that he isn’t, with the rest of the crew backing him up. Elspeth then asks if she could use some healing magic, since she is still quite injured from the first gauss cannon shell that killed Nadiel. Jek’s eyes light up when Elspeth asks, and he tells her that she doesn’t need to heal herself because Jek is a doctor. He then grabs his axe, pushes a buton on its side, and the entire blade ignites in fire. Elspeth says that she is suddenly feeling much better, and that she won’t need any treatment. Jek smiles, saying that he is such a good doctor that even the though of his treatments are enough to make people feel better, and then tells the tales of all his successful batches of “amputate and cauterize” which have cured many dieing individuals. Emack does agree that such approaches are valid medical techniques, mentions that he is a doctor as well, and is very glad that his tentacles have no bones in them as Jek gives him an incredibly strong hand shake. Emack then pats him on the shoulder, and casts Know Weakness in order to try and find any help they may have against this massive foe.
• The Know Weakness spell informs Emack of several details. The first is that Jek is incredibly simple mentally, not too astute at all and most likely this would serve as the best method to strike against him with. It also informs Emack that Jek is completely and utterly loyal to any he deems to be his friends, willing to die for them if necessary. It also points out the obvious, that physical combat against this incredible being would probably simply result in rapid and painful deaths for all of those against him. A fair deal of information, and Emack signals Jack that he wants to talk to him regarding it.
• Jack says that he needs to use the lavatory, and asks where he would need to go for that, and Jek points over the side of the ship. Jack heads over, drops his trousers, and waits for the rest of his crew to join him (as they all apparently have to pretend to go to the washroom at once. Emack explains what he learned, and so they try to figure out how to use this to their advantage. Jack wants to try and incorporate this new captain and ship into his armada, and Emack says that if they have to he can use the bottles of red hate goop he brought with him to try and create a massed blind rage that they can then run away in. Everyone, Emack included, all hope that they don’t need to use that plan, since they aren’t sure if they can get far enough away from Jek to not die. Emack says that if all else fails he can make the gauss rifle look like it won’t work, so they will hopefully only have to avoid the axe.
• During this discussion, their colossal troll host gives out a shout as there are ominous creatures flying above them. Swinging his massive gauss cannon around in front of him, taking aim for a moment, and then firing in order to decapitate one of the two massive Maneater creatures flying above. With a grin he then turned to aim at the other one, exhaled his breath, and then continued to follow the creature without doing anything for nearly 15 seconds. Then Jek muttered “Five full turns of aiming to maximize my bonus,” and then fired, decapitating the other creature as well. Seeing how incredibly efficient their host was at slaying demons, Jack decided to see if he couldn’t get Jek to kill the Old Monk that was still upon his ship. When Jek hesitated and said he wanted to know why, Jack explained to him that The Old Monk was mutinous, and trying to steal his ship away from him. That was all that it took to get Jek to aim his gauss rifle at The Old Monk. The powerful demon, not terribly impressed to be threatened so, waved its arm and called forth a half-dozen Black Phantoms, each an incredibly potent, dangerous, and merciless foe. But Jek, with the power of the Fragment of a Scope, does not miss, and The Old Monk’s head detonated as the gauss rifle round destroyed the demon in a single shot. The Fool’s Idol that had become the figure head shattered and fell apart with the death of its master. A trio of potent demons’ souls made their way over to Jek, who asked about what they were. Jack explained that they were the souls of the demons, and you could eat them, or squish them, or stuff them in a sack for later. Jek had become slightly distracted by bouncing one back and forth, but then decided that he would keep them in sacks for later. Jack then gave an incredibly moving and potential friendship that they could have, the strength of their bonds making the most powerful pirate armada that any world had ever seen. Timing everything well, the sun set at exactly the right time in his speech, illuminating him and his massive Fragment Hat into the most inspiring of all moments. Jek said that this sounded like an excellent idea, and compared the number of titles that he had (Captain, Sheriff, M.D., God) with those held by Jack (Admiral, Captain, Sir, Prelate), and found that they were both tied at four. Therefore, in order to determine who would be in charge of the fleet, Jek challenged Jack and the rest of his crew (since the troll is much bigger and stronger then any one man) to a sparring match, with the winning side being in charge. Of course, they were not to kill each other since that is not the way one treats friends. Jack began stalling, in order to give his mages all the time they could want in order to prepare their spells. Jek, in the mean time, went over to his Reality Fragments, and absorbed all but the strange bottle of sauce into himself, leaving his gauss rifle at the side, bringing out his axe, and standing in the center of their circle. He explained that all of tehm could charge him at once in order to make it more fair for them all. Emack fired of a mass shield to protect everyone, and this sparring match got under way.
• Ryn fires one of her White Wood arrows at Jek, which grazes him. Jack and Fynn wait in order to try and see how things are going. Emack accumulates Zeon. Jek asks them what is going on as he waits. Elspeth then goes in order to fire 6 Light Beams at Jek’s head courtesy of her different spheres of aiming and armor pen, crashing them into him over and over again, stumbling him. Applejack waits. Claptrap charges Jek’s ankles, hitting with his fists but not being able to actually do anything. Bo’sun then charges, firing off his damage resistance technique, bringing his bastard sword down since he is only sparring, but he still kills Jek by slipping the sword under Jek’s helmet and cuts his head off. Then the other pirates demand to kill those that murdered the captain. They fire the 6 massive super ballistae, 3 at Elspeth and 3 at Bo’sun. Emack is able to stop 5 of them with his shield, and deflects the last to not hurt Bo’sun. Then everything goes to hell as the other ones charge forward. Fynn throws a collection of red hate goo at one mass, so they begin trying to fight each other. Then Fynn throws a sharper at one of the ballistae, killing the men manning it but not destroying the weapon. Ryn fires an arrow to try and kill one manning the crew, winging him lightly. Then Elspeth fired a laser in order to wound some of them. Bo’sun laughs at the fact that Jek really shouldn’t try to spar with someone when he is actually just an insignificant little bitch. Bo’sun then vanished, his Axe, Hammer, Arena, and Hope Fragments falling to the deck below him. Jack then jumped back over to The Black Pearl, rolling incredibly nicely across the deck in order to avoid the damage and harm that could befall him.
• Finding himself in The Arena, there was no one before him except for Mr. Suitengu in the stands, and Jek standing across from him with his armor and axe, then calling himself in an incredibly ominous voice “Hyde!” Jek then charged forward, bringing his axe into Bo’sun’s flesh. With his Damage Resistance technique up Bo’sun took it, and reposted with his sword. Unfortunately for him, Jek’s armor soaked up the fierce blow with ease. Then, with impossible speed for a creature so large, Jek brought his axe around again, the flaming weapon tearing through Bo’sun’s neck, the wounds sealed and burnt clotes. Light left Bo’sun’s eyes, and then he blacked out.
• As they looked around at the mass of angry pirates approaching them, Jack and his brave crew were surprised to see Bo’sun return to them, nearly decapitated and barely even breathing. Then they decided they need to deal with the other pirates, that don’t look like they want to be turned to join them, and those ballistae needed to be stopped. A grand assault of defense and protection began. Emack maintained his shield and protected all of his companions, while also casting a Heal Spell upon Bo’sun, making his slightly less dead. Ryn fired a volley of arrows, killing the crew of one ballista, and giving her regeneration ring to Bo’sun to help try and get him back up again. She noticed that a group of the now uncontrolled Dreglings back on The Black Pearl had begun climbing the rigging, planning to murder Sparkly, but there wasn’t anything Ryn could do to try and save her. Jack therefore took it upon himself to try and save Sparkly (while also getting away from the combat) by jumping down to The Black Pearl, and tumbling easily in order to regain his feet without harm or injury. He shouted around him, to his now zombie crew, which all turned their gaze upon him, and Jack politely asked them to go kill the ballistae crews of The Falling Dragon. The pirate Dreglings began climbing up the side of The Falling Dragon, intent on their new mission from their fearless leader. Elspeth began firing Light Beams in order to disable one of the ballistae and knock aside their crew. Fynn threw one sharper to kill one ballistae crew, two flamers to light a pair of the ballistae and their operators on fire, then throws a smoker to blind the last crew as well. Then Emack used his tentacles in order to grab Jek’s gauss rifle, hoping that it can fire well enough if he doesn’t actually understand how it would work as he explored it with his tentacles. Luckily for Emack, the Fragment of a Scope on top of it activated the gun on its own, firing a series of arcs, emptying the clip, and murdering all of the pirates that were on the deck. Then, the sounds of terribly inefficient sword blows emerged from within the smoke, and the Dreglings killed the last remaining ballista crew. Then they try to figure out what they need to do first, waiting in order to allow Bo’sun to heal enough from the ring to get standing, then Ryn wants it back, but Bo’sun asks to keep it until all of his health is restored, which Ryn allows and then she gets the ring back again once Bo’sun is patched up. Jack returns to the deck of The Falling Dragon, sees that all his crew is still alive, and then they figure they should probably barricade the access to the lower levels in case there are other crew members down there that might try to kill them. Everyone agrees and barricades it all. Next Emack generates a collection of burlap sacks so that they can soak them and beat out the fires on the ballistas. As the fires are nearly out Emack runs out of zeon and collapses, but they are able to put out the flames afterwards. Emack then collapses on the deck to wait and recover. With that accomplished Jack, Elspeth, Emack, Ryn, Fynn, and Bo’sun all considered what they should do next. They discuss whether to keep this ship (which Jack definitely wants to do), whether to just burn it all to murder the rest of the crew inside (Bo’sun likes that idea), or if they should sell the ship in the next port in order to make a fortune off of it (Elspeth loves this idea for some reason). Jack, as the leader, wants to see if they can’t convince the other pirates down below to serve under him now. The others aren’t really sure if the other pirates would go for it, so they figure Emack can hold the gauss rifle in order to intimidate them, and Bo’sun can also serve as intimidation with his massive demonic axe of hatred, although Jack doesn’t want him to kill anyone. First, they transport Jek’s body, and all his fragments, over to The Black Pearl so they may sort them later. Then the pirates all get into position, remove the barricades, and head below deck, except Emack who remains atop the deck with the gun.
• Inside The Falling Dragon they find that there are just over 30 corpses scatted in the lower levels, viciously murdered with blood splattered everywhere. Ryn and Jack smell smoke. Then they see the source of the smoke. It is Mr. Suitengu, hatred around his eyes as he dropped the cigarette he was smoking and snuffed it out. He then strode over, demanding to know why Nadiel died when they didn’t, that they were all still completely unharmed as well as killing the creature responsible for her death. Now, Suitengu has nothing more desired then to kill Jack and his crew, since if they hadn’t existed then Nadiel would still be alive, but his employer has decided that it is finally time for them to meet in person. Therefore, because of his direct orders he will take them to his master’s realm. Suitengu then strides past the pirates and makes his way to the deck above. Seeing Emack laying against the railing, Suitengu demands he close his eyes. Emack did, and the there was a great sense of vertigo, while those down below felt as though their ship had struck land. As they come onto the upper deck they find that they are now in a frozen waste, snow and ice all around them as cold wind tears through the air. Nearby there is a massive domed structure of crystal and metal. Suitengu is nowhere to be seen.
• Fynn throws on the warm clothes that he keeps with him, while Bo’sun made his way to The Black Pearl in order to grab all of his warm clothes. Then, Jack, Fynn, Applejack, Elspeth, Emack, Ryn, and Bo’sun made their wayinto the dome. Inside the temperature became much more pleasant immediately. They soon found Suitengu waiting for them before a pair of doors made of black metal. Suitengu then gestured for them to all come with him as well, and walked through the doors.
• Beyond the door was a massive domed chamber, the remnants of soldiers, undead, and monsters trapped in their moments of death all around, some massive and colossal beats lunging up from the floor. In the center of the room was a raised circular dais of stone stairs. Atop it was a pedestal, and a man standing atop it was looking over an item. The man looked to be mid-thirties, short-cropped grass green hair, and sliver half-moon spectacles. He wore a white robe covered in green stitching. Noting his new company, the man tucked away what he was looking at on the table, and grabbed the massive weapon beside him. It was a crystalline heavy battle mace taller then he was, with its crystalline head enormous and glistening with spikes. The man then made his way down from atop the dais, in order to greet the pirates.
• The man introduces himself as Esorchan, Chaplain of the Moons. He informs the pirates that he is Suitengu’s employer, and that it is by his command and his command alone that Suitengu has not already tried to murder them for Nadiel’s death. He knows of their deeds, their titles, their plans and beliefs. Esorchan is fully aware that none of them, save Jack, truly wanted to have the power to create a new world, but Jack is quite adamant and they will follow their leader to the edge of the earth in order to work together and accomplish their goals. Esorchan explains that there will be no need for these pirates, that are already working against how many different forces already. Esorchan says that his reason for being was to avenge the death of the one he loved, and that with the aid of a collection of great adventurers they were able to strike down the evil god that lead to all his suffering. Since then he has now been hunting for a way to bring his beloved back from beyond the grave. Reaching this new world where a world of Death can be reached, Esorchan hoped that here he would finally be able to accomplish his dream. However, he has discovered that even in this world, to bring someone back is to possess only a fragment of their true self. Therefore, he has no new world that he wishes to create, he merely hopes to have it so that he and his beloved do not have to suffer the same cycle of torment within this new world, that they may be together in death, and then not risk bringing themselves into a new world of suffering due to their power. Therefore, Esorchan offers to give to Jack and the others all of the Fragments that he has gathered, so that he might use them in order to create this new world that he wishes for. Jack then says that this sounds a lot like trust, so Esorchan informs him that he will be keeping a single fragment for himself, and the only way for Jack and the others to get it will be to kill Esorchan and his beloved before this new world can be generated. The others all say that this is much more like the normal negotiations they get. They decide to accept, as this will give them a great number of additional fragments to use. He also warns them that there is another group that they will need to deal with, although they already have a map to lead them there. In that group is an old friend of Esorchan’s that has gone off on his own in this new world, another that serves as an embodiment of righteousness and flame for purging and hunting evil, and the final one a being that was banished into this world before, converted to a more basic form, and has now regained much of their power. These individuals also have numerous fragments in their possession. Furthermore, Esorchan says that one of them has already walked the path of the Fragments that they will receive from Esorchan on this day. He brings out a large, flat chest, which Bo’sun takes. Jack opens the chest, and finds within a single mask, bearing the number 0 and a blank neutral face. There are slots for 13 more masks in the chest, but they are all currently empty. Esorchan tells them they must travel the path taken by so many others at his behest, to earn the right to using the Fragments that hold such a dear and close connection to his power. Esorchan also warns them that Suitengu will try to kill them in the future, so they must do their best to survive against it if they hope to be able to kill Esorchan and his beloved. Jack then pulled the mask from the chest, placed it upon his face, and darkness encompassed all of the pirates.



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