Anima: Beyond Malaz

Calm Waters in Korelri

Reacquainted with one that killed a God.

• Day 145, leaving Ruse in order to get to Korelri
• They then finish dividing up the masks that they had. Jack takes The Fool and The Wheel of Fortune and The Justice, selecting The Fool to be his Primary, so that he receives a +5 All Action Bonus per Teammate he helps for every nearby action that he performs, The Fortune attaches itself to Jack’s compass and gives him a Fumble Range of 1-10 and an Open Roll Range of 80-100, and The Justice in order to form a Blindfold of the Justice Features and blinds him to making decisions based on “Right and Wrong”. Ryn also takes The Chariot, uses it as a Left Boot that grants her +2 Agility. Bo’sun got The Hanged Man and The Death, wearing The Death as his primary to give him a Silver Skull for a head and causing all damage he inflicts to count as Sacrifice, and being unable to prevent or heal it for magical effects, then The Hanged Man as his secondary to become a noose and makes it so that he never ages. Fynn got The Emperor and The Strength, using the Emperor primary for +40 Attack, and The Strength as his secondary as a Torc on his right arm that gives him +2 Strength.. Elspeth also receives The Lovers in order to become a buckle between her bosom and increases her chances for successful romantic relationships.
• Day 145-151 they travel through Ruse in order to reach their Korelri port in order to try and repair everything that they need.
• Bo’sun will work out for the week, Elspeth, Emack, and Ryn will train with Dave in order to work on stuff (Elspeth learns Use of Ki), Jack also trains with Dave. Fynn works on being able to juggle the fifth ball finally! Bo’sun cuts himself in order to determine if the Sacrifice Damage affects him as well (which it does), so it will take a while to try and heal.
• Day 152 they come out of the Ruse portal in order to reach the Korelri port of Forest Spring. Jack asks the Crew how much time they need to do before the tournament. Fynn says he need 80 days (Jack tells him he has only a few weeks), Emack says he has nothing, Bo’sun says he has a few days of healing to do, Emack says he will heal. Elspeth says she is good and has learned her new Metamagic Spheres. Elspeth informs Jack that they only have 24 days worth of Rum left, so Jack tells him to find more. Jack then says he will probably try to round up a new crew for The Falling Dragon since they only have The Wicked Wench Crew and Dreglings so they need to try and get more.
• Bo’sun then decides to ask if there are any good doctors within the city. A random man that he asks says that there is the best doctor in all the world that would be available with them for all the world to tend to them and accomplish numerous other forms of training of other doctors and other things as well. Emack hears this, and is also a little offended regarding the whole Bo’sun not actually checking with him first regarding the injury that he self inflicted upon him earlier. They both get a massive 40 page waver saying that any forms of damage that may happen to the doctor will now result in them all being required in order to pay everything if they need to manage all the various different fees and payments required. Then there would be the 10 GC fee for dealing with medical treatment for Bo’sun and 5 GC for a meet and greet with the doctor for Emack. Then the two of them head to try and meet with this new super doctor. They then make their way forward.
• Jack decides that he, Bo’sun, and Elspeth will all wait and then head to a bar coming around in order to find a new batch of crew members in order to pilot The Falling Dragon. Until then they begin trying to discuss things and make some other plans and trying to figure out what to do while there as well.
• Elspeth headed into town to spend a small fortune on new, pretty clothing that Aeris and Luma both thought she should have, and Elspeth couldn’t deny that she did miss getting to dress as the wealthy Letherii that she had once been. With her mountain of purchases making it hard for her to walk she made her way back to the ship.
• Fynn goes wandering the city, in search for a golden ring in the shape of two entwined dragons around a beryl stone. He was able to find an exceptionally pretty and well crafted ring, which he purchases and then begins heading back to The Wicked Wench.
• Ryn heads into the city to look for a blacksmith that can make something out of her Chunk of Moonlight Stone into weapons. She finds a retired Stormguard that is now working as a very well renowned blacksmith. Ryn turns the chunk over to him in order to ask what he could make her out of this. The blacksmith says that he has heard legends about such items, but never was able to get his hands on one item of such. He says that he can manage to create something for them, either a large mace or a few sharp and angry objects such as the knives she wares or the arrows at her back. Ryn says that she wants to get the arrows from him then, saying that she should get about 20 Arrows from the stone and then would be able to get them to her in 2 days for 10 GC. Ryn paid the man 15 GC, and then headed back to The Black Pearl.
• As it turned out, the great doctor that Bo’sun and Emack were heading to meet was also the mayor of this fine port, given the splendid mansion that he lived in. The two pirates were allowed in by the guards, and since Bo’sun had requested the opportunity to meet the doctor by himself (slightly embarrassed by the whole cutting a large chunk of himself up approach), Emack was shown to a waiting room where a fine variety of food and drink greeted him. Bo’sun was then lead to a beautiful room where nearly all surfaces were white stone tile, with an operating table in the center and a set of exceptionally well crafted surgical tools of steel or obsidian blades resting before it. A voice called from the back of the room that he would just be a minute. From behind a silk curtain at the back emerged another Dal Hon man, also tall, well muscled, and with a shaved head. He was toweling off his hands having just washed them. His attire was unusual for a doctor however, as he wore a full suit of heavy plate armor (including gauntlets he was pulling onto his hands), with a spear and tower shield strapped across his back. This doctor, eyeing Bo’sun’s incredibly strange appearance (Skull mask head, demonic axe from hell, dragon codpiece) told him that he would need to leave his weapons outside of the room during this examination. Bo’sun did so, whispering affectionately to the axe that he wouldn’t be away from it for long. The man then asked Bo’sun to sit on the table, commenting that he must be a Fragment Hunter, and wondering if it was a Fragment that hurt him in such a way as to need this tending, or self-inflicted. Bo’sun admitted that it was a bit of Fragment and self-infliction, and that he wasn’t patching up nearly as quickly as he normally would. The doctor said that he would do all that he could to help, although Fragment magic can be beyond even his own healing capabilities, and introduced himself as Jafar, doctor, mayor, and former grand adventurer that helped save the world himself back in the day. He looked over Bo’sun’s injury, prodded it with some surgical tools and his gauntleted hands, and tried applying a touch of healing magic to it. Nothing happened. Jafar apologized for not being able to actually repair it, which Bo’sun said was alright since he didn’t expect anyone could, so then Jafar said the least he could do would be to disinfect, trim, and bind it to be sure to minimize the damage that it could do. Over the stretch of a few heartbeats Jafar did just that, expertly trimming the wound and allowing Bo’sun to go back along his way. Bo’sun thanked “The Medicine Man” and then headed back to The Wicked Wench in order to meet up with the Captain/Admiral again.
• Emack is greeted by Jafar after a few moments, and also assumed to be a companion and fellow Fragment Hunter to the man that he had just treated. Emack introduced himself, confirmed the fact that they were gathering Fragments, that he was a fellow doctor himself, and mentioning that they were gathering them up for Deckard Cain. This drew a slight look from Jafar, who asked if the pirates intended to let Cain create the new world he would want to from the Fragments. Emack said that their Admiral more had a thought about what the new world should be, which allowed Jafar a sigh of relief. He explained that several years ago he was a member of a group of adventurers, which also contained Francisco the Magnificent, Deckard Kain, Kaard Lightblade, the rogue Void, a well-trained wielder of two-swords, and a noble Knight. This group of adventurers from humble beginnings were tasked with eventually hunting down a piece of The Crippled God itself and having to cast it down into oblivion. He mentioned that in detail it would be a rather long tale, but Emack said that he would happily listen to it. So Emack and Jafar, neither a traditional doctor in any sense of the word, sat down to enjoy an exquisite meal in Jafar’s home as the great previous tale of Jafar and his companion’s adventurers were told.
• With Bo’sun having joined them, Jack, Bo’sun, and Elspeth all made their way to one of the nearby taverns in order to try and gather up some new crew members for The Falling Dragon. They enter a nicely busy bar, Bo’sun ordering a quintuple size beer scooner, Elspeth getting some nice wine and food, and Jack asking for a small glass so that he could just scoop some of the beer for Bo’sun’s horribly oversized tankard. Bo’sun, having seen in the mirror that his eyes were now twin fireballs, wanted to see if they could light his beer on fire, and so splashed himself if the face with much of his tankard. This put his eyes out, casting Bo’sun into darkness. Screaming in fear due to the impenetrable darkness that he now experienced, Bo’sun desperately asked one of his companions to help him light his eyes again. Elspeth, unable to resist, grabbed a candle from the center of the table and jammed it into each of Bo’sun’s sockets, lighting his fire eyes again and allowing him to see once more. Bo’sun then ran rapidly into the night, finding a merchant that was still open, and in a rambling and terribly intimidating fashion was able to buy two packets of chemically treated sticks that would make small flames when struck against a rough surface. Bo’sun then returned to the bar, to find Jack standing on the table making an offer to anyone in the bar that could either knock Bo’sun unconscious, or successfully woo Elspeth, that he would pay their bar tab for an entire year, while those that failed would have to talk business with him at his table. Bo’sun grinned a skeletal grin and said “Yeah, come at me now.” At that point 8 men jumped him at once. Bo’sun growled out “One at a time ye bitches,” before smashing their heads together until they were all unconscious. One of the men in the tavern asked Jack if it had to be a fist fight, and Jack said that he never did specify that he supposed, allowing them to grab up a bunch of chairs and other wooden objects to assist in their assault on the fortress of Bo’sun. Not appreciating their grabbing improvised weapons, Bo’sun brought out his demonic hellish axe, and told them to come at him. Because no one was so drunk as to not be able to think none were foolish enough to charge. Jack then pointed out to Bo’sun that if he killed these men they couldn’t serve as his new crew. Bo’sun sighed, put his axe away, and instead pulled out his buckler. In a great flurry of shield bashing, parrying, and then a spinning rotation of doom Bo’sun knocked out 41 different men in the bar, and also clocked Elspeth upside the head since she didn’t duck fast enough. Elspeth saw many birds and was able to maintain another four-sided conversation. Jack noted that 15 men had been smart enough not to approach yet, as the spinning unconsciousness engine made its way around the room. All of them rose up at once, moved forward, and began attempting to woo Elspeth with gifts of food, drink, and a serenade to the music of a ukulele and pair of spoons. Jack, recognizing Elspeth’s “charging zeon” face and muttered incantations told the men they should probably just give up. When the men only redoubled their charming efforts, Bo’sun tried to sing along, unfortunately for him his jaw bone completely detached, leaving him unable to speak, although a muffled scream could be heard. With everyone else shocked, Elspeth used a pair of lasers to shatter the ukulele and spoons that were being played. Jack attempted to repair Bo’sun by picking the jaw off the floor and trying to reconnect it. Alas, all he succeeded in doing was to jam the jaw into Bo’sun’s eye sockets, extinguishing them again. Bo’sun pulled the jaw from his eyes, fumbled for his new chemical sticks, lit one, lit his eyes again, and ran off screaming into the night looking for Emack to repair his tragic (yet hilarious) injury. With Bo’sun fled Jack turned back to the 15 potential wooers, seeing them all huddled up trying to manage to figure out a way to seduce this laser-wielding beauty. When Jack essentially said that they would now have to audition to join his crew for their failure, the men noted that Elspeth was also a member of the crew, so they threw themselves most dedicatedly into the application process. With Jack beginning to question the men regarding their capabilities as pirates, Elspeth sighed and went back to her food and drink.
• Having returned to The Black Pearl, Ryn went up to Sparkly and asked if she would like to come down into the city to look for shiny things. Sparkly isn’t too eager to go yet, but then Cook shouts up to her, saying that it looks like some of the eggs in their hold hatched, and in the process it turns out they are quite large spiders. Cook killed one (it is the size of a large king crab), and then they sealed the hold in order to try and keep them all trapped inside. Ryn then asks if The Admiral is aware of everything that is going on, but Cook says that the Admiral went off to try and gather new troops, so there wasn’t anyone to tell. Then he muses over whether they could eat these spiders once they kill them. Ryn then asked if the situation was well enough in hand, which he said he hoped, although he wanted a better idea of what was actually going on down there, so he called over Claptrap, told him to count however many spiders were down in the hold, then Cook threw his dead spider of Claptrap’s eye and while the poor incompetent robot flailed around opened one of the deck covers to the hold and kicked Claptrap inside. Cook then promised to have more information for Ryn once their scout had gathered the information required. Ryn smiled, and asked Sparkly again if she would like to go into town. In order to get away from the spiders Sparkly accepted, and the two headed into the city. When Ryn told Sparkly that she could pick out any shiny objects she wanted and that Ryn would buy them, Sparkly set off at a speed greater then any would guess from the small strange girl. Ryn casually increased her pace to keep up a bit better.
• Having finished their dinner and discussion, Jafar was preparing to bid Emack farewell. Commenting on all of the tasks that his being mayor, doctor, and also lead medical instructor of the city gave him little time for things such as adventuring anymore, but that as long as Francisco and Deckard weren’t allowed to create the new world things should be manageable. Before he left Emack let slip that given the world might be ending in a few weeks all of Jafar’s other worries might be going away soon. When Jafar asked Emack to elaborate Emack mentioned that The Tournament of Fragment would be starting soon. Then Emack realized that since Jafar didn’t have any Reality Fragments of his own he wouldn’t have heard the message. Emack then proceeded to explain this tournament being gathered to allow numerous fragments to be collected in a single location, so that the winner may take all of them. Therefore, it takes 100 Fragments to create a new world the pirates essentially have the option to compete in the tournament and win to get many more Fragments, lose when they have the advantage and have their Fragments taken from them, or not go to the tournament, and have whoever wins it come hunting for them afterwards, with all the Fragments that they won. Therefore, they have decided to enter in an attempt to get as many of the Fragments that they can while they have the advantage, and hopefully minimize their own risk and suffering. Jafar asks for a few more bits of information regarding their plans, what they intend to do, and should they need any further assistance. After a moment of consideration Jafar decides that he needs to meet with Admiral Jack Sparrow so that he can make a business proposition. Emack says certainly and begins to lead Jafar back to their ships.
• While traveling through the streets Jafar and Emack see a rapidly moving small form (which Emack recognizes as Sparkly the Crow) run past them at a speed ot rival Warren travel. Shortly behind Sparkly came Ryn. Introductions were made, and Emack asked Ryn if she had everything well in hand with regards to Sparkly. Ryn told them that she had told Sparkly they could go out shopping together and that she would pick up all the different items that Sparkly might want. At that moment Sparkly ran back holding a crystal goblet over her head saying “I want this one, I want this one, squawk!” and from behind her echoed the cries of “You have to pay for that you blasted urchin!” Emack gave Ryn a knowing look, and then Ryn tried to explain to Sparkly the process of purchasing items, rather then trading items. Ryn told Emack that Jack had been planning to head to a tavern to try and find new sailors, so those would be the best places to go searching for him. Ryn and Sparkly then continued their shopping trip while Emack and Jafar headed towards some of the more frequented bars. As those two headed towards the bars Emack heard an almost familiar wail containing pain, sorrow, regret, and confusion. Then the jawless Bo’sun ran around a corner and found them, flailing his detached silver jaw before the healers. Emack said that he would handle this one, grabbed the jaw in his squidly tentacle arms, and quickly reattached it. Bo’sun thanked Emack, explained his jaw had fallen off when he tried to sing along with a group of sailors (Emack commenting that Bo’sun never really was much for singing), told him which bar Jack was at when he left, and then went off to try and feel better. Emack and Jafar made their way to the described bar.
• His jaw firmly reattached once more, Bo’sun was heading out looking for other ways in which he could be healed. Down one alley he went, finding a group of homeless people cooking an owl they had caught. He called out “Any of you want to help me? There’s a silver crown in it for you.” Due to Bo’sun’s infernal and hellish appearance the people grabbed their owl and fled. With a sigh Bo’sun headed to another alley, where again the few homeless he encountered tried to run away. Not having any of that this time, Bo’sun grabbed one of the men that was fleeing, pushed him up against the wall, and then bringing his Axe Fragment down on the poor person, destroying it in a terribly messy spectacle. When his wounds didn’t heal Bo’sun sighed again, having been hoping the healing powers of one Fragment would be enough to overcome the harmful powers of the other. Since it wasn’t he figured he had earned another beer.
• Having returned to The Wicked Wench, Fynn found Applejack pacing the deck with Cook and many of the other crew members keeping an eye on the hold. Fynn asked Applejack what was going on, and she explained that Cook wanted her to help make sure none of the spiders in the hold would get out, and if the defenses were breached for her to transform into a dragon and burn out the entire hold with her fire breath. Claptrap was still down in the hold apparently, trying to count the spiders. Fynn, subtly asked her if she could leave her post for a while, got down on one knee, and opened the ring box that he had with him. Applejack, tears in her eyes, jumped onto Fynn and began kissing him feverishly as they both tumbled to the deck. Fynn felt something new in the breast pocket of his armored longcoat, and reached in to find a golden heart-shaped locket that shone with the specific light of a Reality Fragment. Both Fynn and Applejack passed out under its effect.
• Inside the memories of the Reality Fragment, Fynn and Applejack saw visions from each of the destroyed worlds containing all forms of love. Everything from the first blooming of innocent romance, to obsessive desire that could topple nations and destroy entire civilizations from the intensity with which it burned filled their vision. They then returned to the deck with the Fragment of Love in their hands. Fynn incorporated it into himself, fusing it with his heart, so that should Applejack ever be in grave danger he could tap into it to find the strength to protect her. The two of them left the rest of the crew to guard over the incredibly lethal spiders as the dragons celebrated their engagement. Cook was just left shaking his head, and sent some of the other crew to gather oil and lanterns in case they needed to burn the hold while the dragons were busy.
• Emack and Jafar entered the tavern where Jack was recruiting new crew members, and sat down with Elspeth while they waited for the Admiral to have a few moments. Jack never seemed to ask the same question twice during the interviews, with such varied conversation topics as have you ever manned a ship before, what are your thoughts on piracy, are you a virgin, have you ever killed a man, what do you think of me, what’s your favorite colour, etc. After Jack had hired all of the random people that had either been knocked unconscious or failed to woo Elspeth, Emack introduced Jafar to Jack saying that there was a business proposition, and Emack knows how much Jack enjoys his business. After the polite greetings and niceties were finished Jafar offered his services to join their crew and quest for gathering Reality Fragments, in order to keep the world turning and prevent Deckard Cain or Francisco the Magnificent from getting to hold sway over the new world that may be created. Jack asked about Jafar’s experience on ship, in combat, general usefulness, and if he would have any problems sailing under a Pirate Code (Emack had left out the whole pirate thing, and Elspeth tried to point out they were technically privateers now). Jafar muttered that it made more sense why Francisco and Deckard were working with them now, mentioned his past adventuring experience, and said that he would still help them. Jack got Jafar to sign the Code, then asked regarding the temporary replacement for running the city while Jafar was gone. Jafar said it would take him a few days to finalize the details, but that he had someone in mind (a bit to Jack’s chagrin, as he tried to suggest they could leave someone in Jafar’s stead). Jafar then took his leave, saying that he should be prepared in a day or two’s time, as he had begun preparing should he ever be dragged out into the field again. Bo’sun then burst into the tavern, black ichor dripping from his axe, as he ordered another quintuple schooner. Halfway through it he muttered about his axe not being able to heal him after killing something, the others asking for clarification and Bo’sun playing ignorant, Jafar commenting on sensing something unfortunate about that axe, and then Jafar left to take care of his arrangements.
• Shortly after Jafar left, Ryn entered the tavern to meet up with the rest of the pirates. She said that she and Sparkly were heading back to The Black Pearl, but that they should probably be aware of the situation that had occurred on their ship. Both Jack and Emack shouted out at the same time “My ship” which drew a bit of a look from Jack, since he still valued them all as his ship, but when Ryn did point out that it was The Wicked Wench they wanted to know what was going on. Ryn explained the spiders, which Cook figured were probably smuggled Kartoolian Paralt spiders that had hatched in the hold, having barricaded them all inside, and that Claptrap was inside trying to count them (this last bit getting a snort our of Elspeth). The pirates gathered up their things, paid their tabs, and charged back to The Wicked Wench to try and save it from the spidery infestation.
• Ryn took Sparkly back to The Black Pearl first. Having purchased five items at Sparkly’s insistence (the crystal goblet, a jeweled amulet, a jade hair comb, a gold and jeweled statue, and a jade statue of a creature known as a chupecabra), Ryn told Sparkly that she could pick the one item that she wanted most tonight, and that she would give more to Sparkly later. Sparkly wanted the jade chupecabra, so Ryn gave it to her and then headed over to The Wicked Wench to see what was going on.
• By the time Ryn returned, the others had been filled in by Cook about the spiders, the plan to torch the hold (Elspeth doesn’t like this given just how flammable her precious ship is), and the dragons going down into their room since it looked like Fynn proposed so now they were being useless during a crisis. Jack shouted down for an update from Claptrap, who reported that he had been trapped in webs and bitten 18 times, and that there were probably a few hundred spiders down there with him. Jack and Emack both decided that burning the hold would be the only way to go, although Jack wanted a spider as a pet. This led to a side argument between Jack and Elspeth about trying to apply a collar, belt, or some form of leash apparatus around the spider that would still let it molt yet keep it so Jack could have his pet that could kill him in horribly painful ways. They then turned their attention back to the matter at hand, so Emack figured the two dragons needed to be interrupted so that they could get back to work, then they could celebrate after the ship was free of murderous doom spiders. Jack used his trademark stealth and divine gifts to sneak and fall through the ceiling into Fynn and Applejack’s room to try and get to watch their lovemaking. He was rapidly knocked to the ground as he was buffeted by a tail and wings. Emack walked to the door, shouted their names, rocked it back and forth with his tentacle arms, and then opened the door and kicked it in. The pirates that had all headed down to fetch the pair of dragons were greeted by a most intimate scene, with all forms of extra appendages that they normally didn’t have access to. Bo’sun began making picture notes “for use later” in the only paper that he had access to, The Book of Cain around his neck. Neither Fynn nor Applejack were pleased to be interrupted, but Emack held his ground as Captain, even with Jack prone on the ground inside the dragon’s room, and told them that they needed to deal with the spiders first before those two could get back to the celebrating. With sighs of exacerbation Applejack and Fynn both got out of bed, Applejack walking naked up onto the deck, Fynn grabbing a belt of knives first. Jack picked him self up, muttered “Well that was interesting,” and then made his way back onto the deck as well.
• By the time the pirates were already back on deck Applejack was in her dragon form and waiting for the order. Jack reminded everyone that he wanted one as a pet, so to try and not kill all of them. Elspeth was concerned about the chance of burning their own ship to sinking, but Emack assured her that he would generate enough cold after the cleansing so that his own ship wouldn’t sink. A few more side arguments went on, until Ryn heard the sound of a porthole on the side of the ship being popped open, and bug-like scurrying noises. She shouted that the spiders were getting out, Jack ordered Cook to open the trapdoor down into the hold. What greeted them were dozens of massive spiders that came surging across the deck, and webs filling the entire hold. Seeing this, Ryn fled to the crow’s nest, Applejack began charging her breath weapon, and most of the crew took a tentative step back. Emack then held his Fragment of a Crow forward and commanded the spiders to stop, which they did, all at once, to everyone’s surprise. Emack then sent all of the spiders down into a pile at the bottom of the hold, had Claptrap (who was bound in the massive amount of webbing) to confirm that they were all there, and sent one of the spiders to stand on Jack’s shoulder but ordered it not to bite him. Emack then had Applejack scorch all of the spiders down in the hold to little more then crispy ashen shells, and rapidly conjured a deep cold inside to snuff out the fires. Emack then set the crew to disposing of the scorched spiders by throwing them overboard, and leaving the unconscious Claptrap where he lay.
• Now that he had his creepy, incredibly lethal pet, Jack wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t try to murder him in his sleep. When he asked Emack for reassurance however, Emack admitted freely that he didn’t know when the spider might stop listening to him. Hoping that it would work, Emack ordered the spider that Jack was now its master, that it would have to listen to everything that it says, and to nod if it understood. The spider bobbed up and down on Jack’s head, which Emack hoped meant that it understood. The crew then began preparing for turning in for the night, Emack tending to his ship, Elspeth going over the supply numbers and having some coffee for a spider-induced headache, Applejack and Fynn returning to their room, and Jack, Ryn, and Bo’sun all heading back to The Black Pearl.
• Back on the Pearl, Jack sent his new spider into Captain’s quarters. This was greeted by terribly unhappy shrieks from Dina and Isabella, who both demanded to know why a giant spider was coming in. Jack quickly shouted back to them that it was his pet, and that he didn’t want any of them to fight.
• Ryn headed back up to the top of the crow’s nest, and found that Sparkly already had left a golden satchel waiting for her. When Ryn pulled it out she found a crystal carving in the shape of a crescent moon that gleamed with the light of a Reality Fragment. When she waited for the memories to fill her, Ryn instead found that the Fragment vanished. She rapidly asked Sparkly what was going on, why it vanished, and where she found it, but Sparkly didn’t know either, and was quite distressed to hear that the gift she had left had run away on its own. There was then a tap on Ryn’s shoulder. Behind her was a young woman with violet eyes, light brown hair, and brilliant smile, and dressed in the bright and audacious clothing of a harlequin jester, holding the Fragment in her hands. The girl thanked Ryn for letting her out, handed her back the Reality Fragment, introduced herself as Millenium, and asked what they were doing. Ryn gave her the quick summary, and wanted to know where Millenium came from. Millenium simply informed her that she came from the Reality Fragment of Millenium, from a world that no longer existed, and that she needed to try and find the Fragments that contained her friends that had promised to stay with her forever. Millenium then leaned over the side of the crow’s nest, let go, and vanished. Ryn ran down to inform the Admiral/Captain, mentioning this girl that came from this strange Fragment, and that it sounded like she was just going to wander around looking for the Fragments that contained her friends. As they did not have all the Fragments with them, Jack, Ryn, and Bo’sun all headed back to The Wicked Wench in order to warn those there to keep an eye out for this strange girl.
• On the Wench, Elspeth had figured that with the crews changing around it was time they reallocated some of the rooms aboard the ship. She was discussing this with Emack, about giving Cynthia Scrabbs and Cook their own private rooms, and then being able to expand her room and Fynn’s room, when the three pirates from the other ship made their return. Jack asked if they had seen anyone strange walking around (reply “stranger then usual”) and informed them to keep an eye out for this girl. Elspeth told Cynthia she could go transport her belongings to her new room, which made their navigator very happy. Then she returned shortly to demand to know why there was a strangely dressed girl in her room. The others charged down, and instead heard a voice calling “Captain, where are you captain?” from down in the hold. Emack wasn’t pleased about an intruder on his ship, and eventually after a few more temporal and spacial hops Millenium appeared behind Captain Jack Sparrow. The girl explained to all the pirates gathered that she would join them so that she could find the Fragments that contained her friends, similar to what Jek had been doing in fact, and she would provide what assistance she could while aboard. When Jack asked her what kind of help she could actually provide, Millenium let him know she had never crewed a ship, and wasn’t much good at combat, but that she can get where she needs to go and could help them find out some information. Jack had her sign the code and then sent her off to gather information on this Prince Lucanor Giovanni (who Millenium was apparently familiar with) and his Tournament of Fragments. Millenium wandered off the ship, and then promised she would be back before too long to inform them of what she learned.
• After all that they had been through, including this new strange girl that had found her way as another part of the crew, everyone had decided that they had earned a good night’s rest.
• Day 153
• Upon waking up the next day Ryn left the jeweled statue that she had bought for Sparkly with her strange bunkmate, and then headed down to the main deck. She met up with Jack and Bo’sun, who all had breakfast before heading over to The Wicked Wench so that Jack could dole out the orders for today.
• Jack found Elspeth, Fynn, Emack, and Applejack all enjoying their breakfast down in the galley. Jack asked what all of their plans for the day were. Emack said that he was going to head into town to pick up some more medical supplies so that they would have enough when The Falling Dragon was fully crewed. Elspeth said she intended to oversee the demolition of the walls that would result in the increased room size. Fynn was going to go shopping for more munitions. Jack nodding, saying at least they were all thinking ahead of things. He assigned Bo’sun to carpentry detail (as Elspeth had hoped he would), Ryn to gathering more information and finding out when Millenium might be back, allowed Fynn to do the task he had intended, and told Emack and Elspeth that they needed to look over his crew of Dreglings since they were starting to creep Jack out and he wanted to turn them back if possible. It was at that moment that Millenium made her grand reappearance, aka walking up behind Jack and tapping him on the shoulder. Jack asked for her report, which she gave:
• Millenium said that Lucanor had prevented her from trying to dig too deep, or get too close to the arena, but that she had a few interesting details for them. First, they would need to think of a flamboyant nickname to use during their time in the tournament. Secondly, she had discovered the nicknames and number of members of the other teams that are expected to be participating in the tournament. They are; Those That Hunt the Grail (4 members), Timid Tuldoth (1 member), Feldus the Mad (1 member), The Azure Knight (1 member), The Onion Knights (2 members), Death’s Dancers (10 members), and The Flying Fiddlesticks (7 members). She also said that between all of the other groups there should be another 15 or so Reality Fragments up for grabs should they win. Some of the others then wanted to know her thoughts on this Lucanor Giovanni, since if he is throwing this entire tournament together why he would be willing to let all these Reality Fragments, and the opportunity to create an entire new world, slip through his fingers. Millenium suspects that there is probably something bigger going on that Lucanor plans, but that she doesn’t know what it might be, but simply recommends they not try to assassinate Lucanor because his giant kitty Daaku will murder them in response. Ryn goes pale at the mere mention of this monstrous, super-death-bringer cat. Jack asks what makes this cat so special, and Millenium simply informs him that it can kill small armies, and can’t be killed. Jack asks it if it like the way he can’t be killed, but Millenium explains that Daaku actually gets stronger every time it is almost killed. Jack mutters about how horribly unhelpful all of this new information is, and then sends everyone back to work. Much to do today after all.
• Elspeth and Emack head over to The Black Pearl, and began looking over the crew. Neither of them had any idea how to treat them, Emack’s magic could only heal the wounds that they suffered, not their undead-ish state. They informed Jack of as much with Elspeth throwing in that it probably has something to do with his Fragment of Boletaria necklace. This makes him think over what it lets him do; not die, be turned kind of undead, spend souls to get his humanity back. It was then that the idea hit Jack. He grabbed one of the nearest Dreglings, and breathed on him to the point that he tried to force some of the souls that he had accrued into him. This brought the man back to his fleshy human ness, vomiting up something aweful, and informing Jack that they still remembered everything that happened, but that everything now seems so stark and painful. The man’s gear didn’t get any better then its degraded quality, so Jack threw the man a GC and told him to buy better gear and to stop complaining and get back to work. Jack then went about reviving two more of the actual pirates, and one of the ‘entertainers’. He then realized that he would need to gather a lot more souls in order to bring back the rest of the crew, but that it was probably a good start at least. Then he allowed Elspeth and Emack to tend to their other tasks for the day.
• Bo’sun had been wandering town at this time, looking for more oil with which to keep his lamp lit, as well as some damn carpentry tools so that he didn’t have to use his sword anymore to try and perform carpentry.. While out he received a message from Deckard Cain, thanking him for all the images that he should most definitely like to try out in the future. He then offered Bo’sun whatever he desired most in order to repay him. Then Deckard could be heard trying to tell his wife that she was the one he intended to use these positions with, and much screaming. Bo’sun incredibly frustrated by the lack of quality carpentry tools asked the book to give him some. And so he was given a set of carpentry tools greater then any he could have hoped for, +20 Quality, that increased by two tiers the amount of time he spent on any job. Bo’sun, giddy as a school girl began skipping back to The Wench to begin repairs.
• Searching the city, Fynn was disappointed by the lack of munitions merchants (not terribly surprised) and so asked if there were any forts nearby. When one merchant said that he might be able to point them out for him, Fynn ran to a nearby stall, bought a map, and then had the man put the nearest three Malazan Forts down on it, so that they could “liberate” some munitions for him.
• Having headed into the city, Emack went to Jafar’s in order to request purchasing some medical supplies from him for their journey ahead. Jafar was happy to provide some at a very fair price, and said that he should have his remaining affairs in order some time later on that evening, when he could then make his way to the ships. Emcak paid him, thanked him, and headed back. On his way back to the ship, Emack used his Fragment of a Crow to gather up an army of over 200 birds, which he had roost aboard The Wicked Wench. He ordered them not to poop on the deck, and then had them practice some bombing runs, so that they can be used to hurl bottles of red hate goo down upon their enemies. Gutter was a little worried by their new feathered swarm, as he wore clothes that may have been some of the birds’ relatives.
• With Bo’sun back aboard The Wicked Wench, Elspeth set him to tearing down the walls needed to create her expanded rooms for herself and Fynn, and then to repairing the hole in the deck with the salvaged wood from the demolition.
• Ryn queried Millenium for more information regarding the other competitors, their Reality Fragments, and also Daaku’s location for this tournament, due to the fact that Ryn may have to keep her back to the giant, murderous feline or else risk being petrified in fear and rapidly smote.
• That evening Jafar made his appearance at the docks, prepared to join them on their journey. Fynn had suggested they go to ‘liberate’ some munitions, but first their was the matter of assigning a new Captain to The Black Pearl, since Jack would be moving to The Falling Dragon, as it is the biggest ship, to serve as the flagship for their armada. Only two people put their names in to be this new captain; Jafar and Millenium. All the old hands were quite happy with the positions they currently found themselves in. Therefore, speeches were made to see who would be the most suitable to Captain the fine vessel. Jafar pointed out his years of experience, skills and capabilities, titles and honours, and the fact that he had once helped to slay a piece of a god. Millenium, with all confidence possible, simply walked into the center of the deck and shouted with a smile “Millenium will be captain!” Emack was the only person to notice the Divine Level magical energies that washed out from Millenium at these words. However, the power could not take hold of the crew’s hearts. Fynn and a smattering of the crew voted for Millenium do to her brand of crazy being a bit more similar to their own, while the vast majority voted for Jafar due to his experience and know-how. Millenium accepted this with a shrug. Ryn then began helping move Sparkly’s nest over to The Falling Dragon’s crow’s nest, as it was the largest of the three ships.
• Once they had settled in to their new titles, organizations, and nests, Jack turned to Emack and told him to bring out the card-key-velvet-fragment-thing, since he believe that their strength and bonds had greatly increased, and that it was time for them to meet up with Elizabeth again to test their strength. Emack, hoping their new Fragments would keep it from hurting quite as badly this time, activated The Velvet Key.
• Once more Jack, Emack, Elspeth, Bo’sun, Fynn, Rynn, and Applejack, along with Jafar for the first time, stood in the deep velvet colours and flowing music of The Velvet Room, with Elizabeth sitting behind the desk with a smile on her face. She greets them, saying that she hadn’t expected to see them again for quite some time. Jafar asked what the hell was going on, and where they were. Emack grinned and told him he’d only have to wait a moment or two to understand. Jack told Elizabeth that he felt the strength of their bonds had increased greatly, and that they were ready to try and challenge her once more. With a smile Elizabeth said that she would happily test their capabilities, and that she would start where they last left off. She brought forth her Persona Compendium, and called forth Thor again. Jafar cursed under his breath, muttering that this group wasn’t any less crazy then the other group that he had needed to put up with. He muttered under his breath that some things just don’t seem to change. Then he hoped that this wouldn’t actually end up being worse then fighting The Cripple God.



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