Anima: Beyond Malaz

Epilogue: One Tale Ends, Countless More Begin

The city of Ankara, found in the world commonly known as Malaz, gleamed as a valuable sculpture would in the setting sun. Buildings of gold and silver, windows of shaved topaz, with highlights of every imaginable gem or precious metal shone off of one another. A great clamour of sound greeted any that approached the enormous city. Millions lived within its golden walls, and the echoing shouts and cries spoke of the joy and satisfaction that each individual of the city shared and held deep within their heart.

Francisco The Magnificent, The Only, had been able to rule the city with nurturing hands, generous spirit, and remarkably fertile loins. It was these hands, this spirit, and those loins that found themselves enjoying a drink outside one of the most popular stores in Ankara as the sun was setting on another day in his great city. Joining this magnanimous ruler were three of his oldest friends; the God of Knowledge Deckard Cain, Kaard Lightblade, head of their local paladin order, and the great mage and world’s most renowned healer Jafar.

“I told you that hiring those pirates to gather the Reality Fragments for us was a brilliant idea,” muttered Deckard Cain with a look of satisfaction in his eyes and an empty tankard in his hand. Three other similarly sized tankards of strong stout had already passed the God’s parched lips, and they left him feeling most amicable. Or had four other tankards already been emptied? Now he was having a hard time remembering. Luckily, as God of Knowledge he could never be incorrect regarding how much he had drunk thus far, so it must have only been his first tankard then, so he would clearly need another.

“Alas, it seems our good friend Deckard is well and truly drunk already,” lamented Jafar above the goblet of wine he held in an armored hand. “As I see it the Jack and the others were already going to gather all of the Fragments without your input, and you simply wanted to feel involved. I am the only one hear that actually assisted in the gathering of anything.”

“My order found several.” Kaard’s addition was sharp, but not aggressive. He simply stated the fact before taking another drink of his water.

“And our fine city harbored several more for them to return to most gloriously upon their checking in of appointments with us to tell us of their quest.” Beaming with this fact, Francisco raised his amber glass in toast, which Deckard readily agreed to. The others joined in after a moment of shaking their head and chuckling. “And, all things considered, we got exactly what we wanted out of their search. The world is a better place, Ankara continues to thrive, strife has been removed, and I may relax and enjoy the company of my many consorts between grueling sessions of rule and management of trade.”

“Personally I cannot believe that all those women voluntarily choose to bed you,” grumbled Kaard. “To think that many of them actually want to boggles the mind.”

“I am very nearly offended by your suggestion that any would not have wished to share an exquisite evening with Francisco the Magnificent the Only before this world changed.” The feigned hurt in Francisco’s voice faded as his eyes turned away from his companions and focused on another sight.”

“Looks like our display of the clashing of wills is about to begin again for the evening,” grinned Jafar as he shifted to a more comfortable position in the chair. “Even if you didn’t need the best to teach a new wave of doctors in this sprawling city, I should think I would wish to remain if only to watch your failings my old friend.”

“Ah, but tonight will be different, trust me.” With a great flourish Francisco leapt up from his chair and began to advance on his target. Behind him Deckard toasted with his newly filled tankard, Jafar smiled to himself, and Kaard began adjusting some of the settings of his Helmet of Solitude, although he rarely wore it anymore. Francisco called out before him as he strode down the street; “My dear, I return once more to fill the clear void in your heart.”

“The void in my heart is due to not having nearly as much gold as I might like, and somehow I doubt that is the void you intend to try and fill.” Quipping back, mildly exacerbated, Elspeth Inzvekt continued on her way down the street. Another day at her magic item emporium had been completed, items of great arcane power being shipped to the far ends of the world, and all the worlds now connected to it. Her White Sun items were renowned for their quality, power, and the great lengths which they could improve someone’s daily lives. A great amount of gold flooded in to Elspeth’s office thanks to her work, but much of it was sent out again to support those in need of coin to afford what their hearts desired. At the end of the day Elspeth would find she had more gold then the day before, but more items needed to be created and sold before she would ever have all the gold she wanted.

“You are so cruel to me.” Francisco’s pout was coy and surprisingly attractive. “I need to have you with me, to experience all you have to offer, and allow you to see all that I can offer you.”

“While your words may be sweet, I know them to be untruths.” Without even pausing Elspeth continued forward.

“How can you possibly say that you know I do not need you, and you do not need me?”

“Because if that was truly how we felt, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Leaving Francisco slightly bewildered, as every night, Elspeth continued on her way, toying with a spool of fine silk that she held in her hands. An idea for a new magic item pulled at her soul, and so it would be another sleepless night before the completed article would stare back at her. She may have to find a hatter to ensure that it was as glorious as could be.

* * *

Warm breezes fell across white sands. Tropical trees swayed contently as jungle birds and animals chattered and chirped between the leaves. Dozens of people lay upon the sands, soaking in the high sun and drinking sweet nectars from coconut cups. Down the beach a spit roasted an enormous wild boar, fat dripping from its flesh to sizzle in the fire below.

A large shape soaring through the air cast a shadow upon the beach, with a second shadow in hot pursuit. Darting and spiraling downwards, an enormous, and monstrous, form landed firmly upon the beach, sending sand cascading around it and the startled sunbathers. Enormous wings wrapped around its muscled frame like a cloak, a face like a demonic skull of purest silver held two eyes of fire. Behind this massive creature landed another, slightly smaller and more lithe form, but no less intimidating in appearance.

One of the beach-goers stood to greet these two, fearsome looking arrivals. “Welcome back Master Bo’sun and Lady Bo’sette. Hopefully your flight was relaxing and enjoyable. The roast boar should very nearly be ready, if you would care to join us for dinner.”

“The flight was great and that boar smells delicious! We’d be happy to join yeh.” Smiling a great, silver smile Bo’sun looked over those that spent their days upon his personal tropical island. Being respected by people was always so very nice. “We even brought another meal item to add, so that we could make it a proper feast.”

Bo’sette slipped a bundle of large eels from over her shoulders and dropped the swordfish clutched within her claws. As the boar was taken away from the fire, the fish and eels were put on spits, and the spicing and roasting of them began.

Great slabs of meat was carved from the bore, and a wide assortment of tropical fruits and baked breads were set out upon a long table. The community goats were also kept near for anyone that wished for milk, and the prepared cheeses were placed beside the breads.

All those gathered ate heartily, enjoying food, drink, and the exchanging of tales. Bo’sun regaled them all with a few examples of his personal adventures, those shared with the man known as Captain Jack Sparrow, and some of the struggles they faced in their great journey to make this new world for everyone. And that he wouldn’t have changed anything about it. Although, thinking to himself, there may have been one thing that he would have changed to make it so that someone didn’t have to miss out on experiencing this new world.

Once the boar, eels, and swordfish had all been devoured, the drink downed and the tables cleared, those that enjoyed the bounty of this small island began to turn in for the night.

Bo’sun however remained awake. He stood on the beach, staring out across the water. After a time Bo’sette joined him. She stood silently for some time beside him, until finally she asked the question that both knew had to be asked this night. “You know, you could always go out and join him. We both could.”

“Nah, I can’t do that.” There was determination in Bo’sun’s voice, but also a hint of something else. “I had my adventure, my sailing, plundering, and profit. I got the coin I needed, got to kill somethin’ that thought it was better than a god, and now I have an island with you. He’ll need another master-at-arms on his journey, so they both can grow. The others feel the same way too.”

“It isn’t often you get all sentimental love,” replied Bo’sette, a flare running across her eyes. “Personally I am quite content to remain on our island and enjoy each others company. In fact, when you talk like that it makes me want to…”

She brought her face very close to Bo’sun’s, her words barely more than a breath upon his face. But when she stopped talking Bo’sun smiled all the wider. “Now you’re talking woman. Let’s see how many trees we knock over this time. I bet it will be a new record.”

* * *

“So many prayers to answer, so little time.”

Muttering to himself from his pan-dimensional palace, Hol Emack Erral, God of Magic in all worlds, continued with his very busy schedule. He allowed the very currents of magic itself to flow out from him, filling the reservoirs of mages everywhere, to allow them to work the miracles that grant the improvement and changes in the world around them. With a mischievous grin Emack also changed the colours of Bo’sun’s flaming eyes, and made it so that the next spell cast by Deckard Cain would occur in a cloud of cinnamon.

As he peered through to the multitude of worlds available to him, Emack witnessed just how much their simple rules had changed all that they touched. The sense of community, assistance, and thirst for self-improvement was nearly palpable through the gates. Competition was healthy within the natures of the many worlds, and the new creations that some managed through the combination of technology and magic, especially in the world dominated by Shadow Runners that now had no Megacorproations to strike against, boggled the mind.

On occasion Emack would use his immense powers to soothe a storm that would have shattered countless settlements, or prevent a fire from senselessly claiming lives. Those that struggled against it would be allowed to under his watchful eye, and if they could avert such catastrophe on their own he would not need to aid them. Achieving something oneself always made the fruit of victory taste all the sweeter after all. When needed he would help, as his old friend would have wanted it this way after all the time of protecting the crew.

As that thought crossed Emack’s mind he sighed, considered one of the portals before him, and closed it. “He can have this journey on his own, we have our own duties to tend to. And he would want to win his own glory I am sure.”

With a gesture Emack conjured up a great cushioned throne upon which to sit. Smirking slightly he brought forth a mirror and began to look over himself, changing the multitude of features which had shifted over the course of his travels. Once more appearing as the day they struck down The Alabaster Wanderer, Emack opened a new portal.

“I wonder if Mordentina would not like another opportunity to test her magical development.” As he made his way through the portal into the crisp air of Princess Dumpling’s Ice Palace Emack smiled to himself once more. He and his old friends would certainly never be bored again. And they would always be satisfied with what they accomplished.

* * *

Sprawled out naked upon their horde of treasure, Fynn and Applejack Stratt lay entwined in each other’s arms. Dragon fire gleamed in the sconces along the walls, casting their accumulated treasure in a beautiful light. The massive stone chamber stretched far too all sides, an ocean of gold, silver, statues, and gems.

Decorative art features covered the very many surfaces of their treasure chamber. Statues decorated wall sconces, tapestries softened the stone walls in gorgeous colours, and gems made the ceiling sparkle like a star-filled sky. The cascading colours fell across the two figures’ skin to light them up beautifully.

“How should we spend today do you think?” Nuzzling in the nape of her mate’s neck, Applejack allowed herself a contented sigh.

“I’m not sure,” muttered Fynn. He extricated himself from Applejack’s grasp and began to gather the scattered clothes. “We have millennia to consider our time together. We can gather whatever we want, go anywhere, and do anything. Nothing will ever stop the pair of us, not after what we have done.”

“What you and your friends did.” Applejack’s correction was a harsh one. “I was mostly along for the ride. While I may have done my best I know better than to assume my presence made any major shifts in the fate of the world. But it always kept me at your side, and for that I am happy.” She began gathering her clothes before continuing. “And getting to stay with you will only make me happier. The two of us can go on adventurers together, and I promise to hold my own weight this time.”

“I expect the first adventure we have to look forward to will be the heaviest to start. And I probably won’t be the one carrying my full weight during it, because this is completely new to me.” Having finished dressing, Fynn turned his gaze towards the center of the treasure chamber. Sitting in the valuables was a scaled egg the size of a watermelon.

“I’m sure you’ll do just fine with helping to raise the little one.” Picking up and looking at one of the pieces of jewelry from the hoard, Applejack cast a sidelong glance back to Fynn. “This will only be the first of many broods of wyrmlings for us to raise.”

“Wait, just how many little dragons do you intend for us to have?”

“I don’t know, I was thinking it would be adorable if we had an entire crew worth of little dragons. Filling our castle with the sounds of little claws and flapping wings is a thought that makes me smile.”

“Hmm, so we will be busy for a stretch.” Fynn grinned over at his love. “We do have millennia to make a properly sizable storm of eleint, don’t we? Might make things easier once the rest of the crew is gone, since no one stays together forever.”

“I have an idea for what we should name our little one, if it turns out to be a boy.” Applejack’s smile was mirrored by Fynn’s. “He did bring us together, kept us on the right track, and gave up everything.”

Fynn’s responding nod and smile were faint. “Hopefully he won’t be quite so flirtatious as his namesake.”

* * *

From her scrying mirror Ryn completed her traditional lap of monitoring her friends. She returned its setting to wander monitoring the cosmos, switching from world to world, event to event, anything that might be of interest to her filling the gleaming screen.

The dimension Ryn had created for herself was not large. There were no enormous features of art, displays of vast fortune or power. Really, it was only slightly more impressive than her old crows nests. One feature could be described as exceptional however. There was no ceiling above the walls of her small realm. Instead could be seen a nearly endless swirling pool of stars, gleaming in countless colours, like rivers in the cosmos. Ryn lay upon her back, and allowed the striking scene above her to fill her vision.

Things were quiet in her pocket dimension, as Ryn liked them to be. She could keep track of all the friends that she wanted to, ensuring that they stayed safe. Any events that she felt the need to intervene in could be stopped. And best of all, whenever she wanted peace and quiet she could simply turn off her mirror, close her senses to those around her, and bask in her own comfort and confidence. No one could get to her without her permission after all.

“Ryyyynnnn, where aaaarrrreeee yoouuuuuu?”

Well, one person could get in without Ryn’s permission.

“Hello Millenium. I trust you are doing well as always?” Ryn found that she could never be mad at Millenium, even when she did barge in at the moments she most wished to relax alone.

“Doing most wonderfully as always Ryn.” Clad in her harlequin pink and purple, Millenium’s eyes shone as brightly as the first day Ryn met her. “Everything is remaining surprisingly peaceful, conflict is down, trade is up, and happiness and contentment fills the many worlds created. There is freedom, enjoyment, and self-actualization for all the people. They can all do what they wish to, become whatever they want to. It is the world, the worlds, that Rah always hoped for, that I have spent all this time trying to create. And you were able to make them real. A group of pirates could make paradise. And I got to help.”

“We only did what we wanted to, nothing more than that. The world that we made was the world that we wanted for ourselves, and luckily it seems others enjoy it as well. Everyone wins.” Ryn sat upon one of the simple chairs, comfortable yet functional. She rolled out the stiffness in her shoulders, everything said were simple truths, no deep philosophy or world shifting facts.

“You remain modest and expect no thanks. While you each of you claimed your own rewards from within the world none of you exempted yourselves from the binding rules. Each and every one of you are as limited in your desires to need to maintain a balance, and equality of gifts as any commoner that could never defeat a giant rat. You continue to help others, even if you enjoy your solitude, or mantle yourselves gods above them. Or choosing to carry the burdens of everyone else, bound in isolation, when it wasn’t necessarily needed, but because it was felt that a counterbalance to bear the pain prevented should exist. Even if you all didn’t intend it, you have made yourselves heroes. If people knew who they needed to thank for the gifts given to them, they would love you all deeply.”

“I simply wish to remain alone and peaceful.” Ryn’s gaze turned back to her scrying mirror, where an image of Sparkly and Snuggly, finely feathered wings keeping them aloft, allowed the two bird raised children to hunt for things that shine, or are soft and warm. “That is reward enough for me.”

“I’m sure I could find you someone to share your isolation with, if you asked me nicely.” There was an impish glimmer to Millenium’s eyes. “It isn’t helpful to remain alone forever. There are certain needs that must be met.”

“Which is why I can leave to satisfy any desires on my own.” The tone in Ryn’s voice suggested that this wasn’t the first time Millenium had tried this direction of conversation. “I’m not going to let you pimp me out, no matter how nice you assure me these people may be. Besides, once the ship sets sail in a few hours we will have our representative of wanderlust, and other lusts, traveling the worlds again, fulfilling desires enough to represent all of us.”

“You’re still too serious for your own good Ryn. But, as you say, there is a ship’s maiden voyage that I have to observe, albeit secretly. Unless you’d let me stay to watch it with you here, from your hallowed hall of observation.”

“Sure Millenium, this is the kind of event that I would enjoy having company for.”

* * *

The salt breeze cast a fine spray through the air. The setting sun can a sharp orange glare across the world, twisting its colours and composition into something almost dream-like. Commands and shouts for organization echoed across the waters of a small bay. There was a dock here, small and beginning to rot, surrounded by buildings that were unimpressive in everyway. Many individuals were finally shaking themselves awake in the alleys between buildings, to prepare for another night of drunken revelry and celebration.

Aboard one ship in the bay there was no drunken stumbling, or lazy movement. No, aboard this ship there was a dedicated and organized effort to prepare it to sail. Rigging was tightened and checked, sails were readied, belaying pins were set and the last few barrels of supplies were being loaded.

“Come on you bloated bilge rats, don’t tell me these years off have made you forget your roles!” This command was shouted from a voice full of youth, full of confidence, with the slight hint of a slur from too much rum. “Tonight is the night when The Wicked Wench marks her grand return to the seas!”

At that command came a chorus of cheers. This young man that stood before them, loose fitting clothes, long dark hair held back by a bandana, and a blue-skinned complexion bearing a cocky energy, spread the energy that he had to those around him. Veteran pirates one and all surrounded him, survivors of many pillages, shore-leaves, and battles against void itself incarnate, and not one of them doubted their youthful companion. From amoungst their number began the shouts returning to him.
“All hail Sir Admiral…” began Gertrude, Fancis, and Halibut.
“Prelate of the Order of Knowledge…” continued Split-Lip.
“Heir of the golden sword…” added Hickory, Dickory, and Doc.
“The most legendary pirate never yet to even set to sea…” threw out Blind-Bill Ranston; with Sten, Dan, and Wilt readying the ballistae behind him.
“Son of the finest captain that ever lived…” pronounced with great pride cabin boy Claptrap.
“Captain Jack Sparrow The Second!” Finished all the crew in a great roar of cheers and laughter.

“Must they inflate his head with such rubbish and nonsense before we even begin this impossible quest my son has chosen for us.” Shaking her head, Dina Southpaw looked to the few that stood at her side, towards the rear cabin of the ship. With her relaxed Isabella Vladislav Minasslil, Cynthia Scrabs, Cook, and Dave. “If they keep this up there will be no stopping his ego from surpassing even that of his father.”

“We did all we could in bringing him up to teach him politeness, respect, and tact, but it seems the rest of the crew was arrayed against us.” Isabella cooed, a nostalgic smile gracing her lips. She stared down at her long-fingered hands. “I’m almost going to miss breaking up all the bar fights he started.”

“Trying to bed the barmaids that someone else had an eye on?” suggested Dina with an exaggerated rolling of her eyes.

“Actually, Dina dear, most of the fights he started to keep someone else from bedding a barmaid that really wasn’t interested.” There was a satisfied grin on Isabella’s face, her vampiric fangs gleaming in the light of the setting sun from her shadowy location. “Although, I usually had to drag him away from the young women after, as they tended to wish to express their thanks for his chivalry.”

“A bit like his father that way,” grinned Cook. “Now he has all the seas of all the worlds to find endless beautiful women to bed, after impressing them with noble deads and my singing lessons. I’m sure there will be no end to the stunning women leaving his cabin…” Cynthia smiled to herself and Cook paled slightly as both Dina and Isabella turned to glare at the man. Cook continued, slightly flustered, “although I’m sure that once he meets a women as wonderful as either of you two he will slow down, just as the captain did.”

“Until that time we will have an unstoppable, sixteen year old force of nature guiding our ship.” Straightening her hat and looking around the deck of her beloved ship, Cynthia couldn’t help but smile. “And I’ll help keep it going in the water, and hope that my mother-figure nature will keep our new captain from hitting on me too much.”

“Don’t worry Scrabbs, you should have no fear of young Jack trying to clamor between your legs,” commented Dave as he brought out a pipe. Lighting it, he allowed himself a few pulls of smoke before continuing. “I’ve taught our Captain the most important aspects of my martial skills, and also given him a valuable checklist for whether to spend his time and effort on enchanting any particular woman. You don’t meet many of the criteria Cynthia, so you can settle for me and our young captain can enjoy the many flavours of women made available to him.”

“Sorry Dave, but I’m still not interested.” Casting her gaze across the ship Cynthia threw a wink towards Dickory. “One of our master-at-arms already has a sparring session with me. And he knows how to swing that mace of his.”

Dave resigned himself to puffing away on his pipe, while Cook gave Cynthia a hearty pat on the back and a loud guffaw of laughter. They all stood a bit more at attention as Captain Jack Sparrow The Second made his approach over to them.

“Have you all made your preparations for departure, I want to catch the tide tonight.” Jack gave them all a brilliant, lop-sided smile. “What more fitting a night to depart than my sixteenth birthday after all.”

“We are all ready,” confirmed Dina, with a hint of severity in her voice, “but are you sure you want to do this. You are setting a task for yourself that not even your father ever accomplished, nor the old crew that helped them save all the worlds.”

“I am sure. My only regret is that Gutter won’t be sailing with us.”

“Who would have thought he to be the first one of us to settle down and start a family in civilized life.” Shaking her head as she said the words, Cynthia let out a slight sigh as well. “I’m sure he’ll enjoy the new experiences that await him, and maybe one day we’ll find someone to fill his very special role in the crew.”

“I’ve actually been thinking about that already,” Jack piped in, his teeth gleaming. “Now, the way I see it, is we should find us a girl who only wears wild cat pelts, and nothing else. Or maybe just wears nothing else.”

Dina’s lashing hand caught Jack across the back of the head, stunning him from his fantasies. “You are so lucky I don’t use the knuckles that I did on your father to discipline you. But, if you are sure you still want to keep going on this fool’s errand, then the five of us have a present for you.” From behind her back, Isabella brought out a hand-stitched hat. But not just any hat. It was the largest, most elaborate, most unnecessarily ostentatious hat that anyone could ever hope for.

Smile broadening even further, young Jack Sparrow eagerly accepted the enormous hat and placed it upon his head. He kissed his mother on the right cheek, followed by kissing Isabella on the left. Then, properly bedecked as a fine captain should be, Jack Sparrow The Second turned to look over his crew one more time.

“You all knew my father, even if I never had that pleasure.” The words echoed from his young voice strongly. Behind him, the sun slipped below the waves, casting the many faces in shadow except for their avidly gleaming eyes. “With him at the helm the many worlds were saved, and deeds that no pirate before, or any after, can ever hope to achieve were performed. He gave up everything to ensure that all of us could live within these heavenly worlds, and do whatever we want. With his sacrifice he wished to ensure our future.
“But, on this calm and fateful evening, I ask something of all you gathered. I ask you if it is right for a man that sacrificed everything to receive nothing in return. I ask you if such a man should not be granted the opportunity to see what all his sweat, blood, and tears brought forth. I ask you if such a man should not be able to see how finely his son has grown up, and how valiantly his old crew still loves him. I ask you to sail with me through unknowable hells, beyond any form of time and space, with challenges that are not physical, nor mental, but some unfathomable abyss that could only exist within my father’s wildest, and drunkest of dreams! In his power he made it so that no one would ever be able to find him to try and change his mind. So I ask you, are we no one?!”

A wordless shout buffeted all within earshot of The Wicked Wench. So fierce the proclamation that no specifics could be made out, only a percussion that shook the calm waters around them. These pirates thought as one, and would not be swayed.

“Today we sail out to find my father, in a place that doesn’t exist, a prison with no entrance, where only one person has ever been and no directions were left behind.” As Jack continued to shout these words he brought a small object from inside his shirt. “But luckily for us, there is no man more skilled at finding that what doesn’t exist than a man named Jack Sparrow.”

Flicking his wrist Jack opened the compass that had been his father. A hush fell over those gathered as keen eyes turned to regard the needle. Away from the bay it pointed them, and it did not waver in the slightest.

“Miss Scrabbs, you have your heading,” ordered Jack as he moved to stand beside the wheel. “Half-sail until we clear the sandbars, then I want The Clock to open them up to full. Isabella, I need you down in the Warren chair. I expect some jumps will be needed, because our journey can’t be so easy as to simply travel a bit by water. And the rest of you, get to your posts and look lively, we have work to do.”

The crew cheered as they all scrambled to their positions, the ship beginning its silent sweep outwards to sea. There was no fanfare from the coast, no fireworks or champagne. But they all left in high spirits.

Dina came up beside her son as the first portal opened before the ship. “You know that it was your father’s wish to never be disturbed, and allowed to hold these burdens on his own for all time.”

“You have told me,” replied the eager captain. “However, he also made sure to grant all of us the ability to pursue our own dreams above all else, and wouldn’t you know it that all of us want to free him. He’ll just have to complain to us in person once we get to him if he really didn’t want us to we can deal with it then. Now I need you at your post mother, can’t have you just standing around.” This time he was able to duck under Dina’s strike as she stormed off, shaking her head with a smile on her lips. Mostly alone with his thoughts, Captain Jack Sparrow The Second began mumbling to himself slightly, a few words being heard before the ship slipped into the portal, “drink up me hearties…and really bad eggs. Yo ho me hearties, yo ho.”

* * *

And lo, with a swishing away of ship and sail, beautiful women and bountiful rum does a young man’s adventure to continue upon the countless tales before him and leave his own mark is imparted. Where it will take him none can be sure, as not even all the gods have the slightest idea as to where the noble Captain had imprisoned and swirled himself away. Furthermore shame upon any of you that suggest, nay that even think, that the great, magnanimous and most noble of Kruppe’s would ever have even considered trying to find his old friend’s new prison in order to share a wonderful bevy of rum and tales. Or that the slight smoldering to my most magnificent of crimson waistcoasts was due to my most unusual, unexpected, and unprecedented failure to accomplish such a goal, leaving me to have to drink all of the rum myself in lamenting portents of my own failure.

Now, where was it that the splendid and elaborate roadmap that is Kruppe’s train of thought was going? Ah yes, to the tales of adventures completed, those underway, and the countless joys, fears, pleasures, pains and possibly grease wrestling matches that are to ensue. But for this collection of wondrous individuals, granted the most fitting of rewards for the exceptional work performed under most extraordinarily abominable conditions brought against them. And even able to acquire the gold and gems that all pirates dream of.

But, I am sure that all of you are wondering as to what the most important of all heroes to this tail is up to, and of course Kruppe is here to inform you all. However, it is with heavy heart, breast leaden with regret, that Kruppe must delay his informing of this glorious truth of events, as your noble exemplar Kruppe is himself most busily booked, and possibly at risk of being late to the pressing adventure which awaits him. So please, enjoy these glances into the other worlds which the glorious pirates were able to restore and accelerate, improve most nobly with some old friends to stop in and see along the way.

Then, perhaps once these other worlds have been checked in on, shall you be able to see what the great Kruppe has found for himself.

* * *

Upon the world known as Gaia there was celebration in the air. The Sacred Holy Empire had once more been united under the hands of one leader to guide the people forward in these times of bounty. Parades filled the streets, proposals were made, food and drink were consumed. And with every event the name of Elisabetta Barbados, the Sacred Holy Empress and united ruler of the known world was chanted aloud.

All nations that attempted to disrupt the piece had changed their tone. Matthew Gaul had disappeared, taking the hostility of The Azur Alliance with him. With displays of combat prowess from the Empress herself the tribes of the North were willing to join them. After all of the technology developed by his Wissenschaft organization, Prince Lucanor Giovanni brought it forward, in exchange for being able to regain his proper position as Emperor. Elisabetta accepted, as it will help everyone with such a decision. Now, wedding plans are upon the wind.

From behind a door of spun silver, gleaming crystal, and brilliant light, a pair of figures stood. They observed the goings on around them silently, and with focused looks upon their faces. One was a young man, dressed all in white, including a long trench coat, and the long hair that cascaded from his head matched his attire. The other was a woman of stunning beauty, long purple hair, clad in the vestments of the highest positions of the church.

“I’m back!” The words rang out like a song, and the two individuals couldn’t help but smile as they turned to regard one of their companions of old. Striding up to the two of them, a spring in her step and sparkle in her eyes, was Millenium. “Our work is finally done. Rah’s dream has come true.”

“I only wish he was hear to see it,” replied the woman, once known as Archbishop Eljared. “To actually see a world gifted the right to freedom, the choice to do what they want while also helping those around them, I almost gave up on it myself. He would cry tears of joy to be standing here now. But he wouldn’t know what to do with himself afterwards. Conflict was his life, so perhaps it is good that he be able to rest now and allow the world to continue on its own path.”

“Well, I still miss him.” Millenium’s pout was greeted by a knowing smile from Eljared. “All of us tried so hard, and I’ve been working towards this destiny for longer than anyone. He should have seen what our broad circle of friends were finally able to accomplish. Once he had seen the world he would have said ‘well done Millenium,’ and smiled down at me. Maybe even given me a pat on the head, or ruffled my hair.”

“You may romanticize him too much for your own good.” Eljared allowed herself a slight chuckle. With one hand she brushed away a lock of hair that had fallen in front of your face. “Rah was never a man to truly show his heart to anyone, for fear of the burden being passed on. Those of us that loved him back took to sharing his burden whether he wanted us to or not, without regret. Perhaps he would have been able to finally share his warmth in this new world.”

Throughout this entire conversation, the young man in white had remained unmoving. Silently gazing in the same direction, were it not for the flutter of his hair and coat most would mistake him for a statue.

“And what of you, Nemesis?” Facing the man in white, Eljared’s voice held a heavy note of melancholy. “All you have ever been able to do is fight, it was your reason to be. Now that the fight is over, what will you give your life too?”

“I do not know.” His words held a tightness around the edges, as thought something just beneath the surface wished to bubble up. He did not continue however, simply remained standing and stairing.

“Your words say that but your eyes say otherwise.” Chiming in with her impish grin, Millenium wiggled her way under one of Nemesis’ arms to stare as he was. “She is still out there you know, and even though she may be engaged to someone else her heart still waits for you.”

Hearing those words Nemesis flinched. For a long moment, an eternity within his mind and soul, his head struggled to pull his gaze away from the horizon. Slowly, painstakingly, he was able to turn his regard upon Millenium. While his face remained perfectly calm, his voice steady, there was a desperation in his eyes as he uttered a response. “Do you speak the truth?”

“She does, but what she proposes will risk igniting another conflagaration within this world.” Eljared’s voice was filled with fire, and the burning heat traveled to her eyes as well. Millenium didn’t flinch from the intensity of that gaze. “Elisabetta Barbados is engaged to Lucanor, the rightful blood inheritor of The Sacred Holy Empire. It was Rah’s actions that gave the Giovanni line the right to rule, and now he will gain it back. Trying to steal that girl away from him would be a terribly foolish thing to do.”

“No it wouldn’t,” argued Millenium, her voice still light and bright. “Lucanor will become Emperor either way, because he and this world need him to be so. He only wants to be with Elisabetta to reach that end. On the other hand, Nemesis needs to be with Elisabetta, and she needs to be with him. Thanks to Jack’s wish it is destiny for them to find each other if they take the leap. And I am here to ensure that nothing bad befalls the world. Everyone wins.”

A torrent of energy surged towards the three figures standing before the mystical doors. Winds tore at them, the earth trembled beneath their feet, and for a moment the sky above them darkened. Then, a moment later, Nemesis launched himself forward with such speed as to race light itself.

“Do you have any idea what you have done,” muttered Eljared, even as a small smile began to play upon her lips.

“I have made all of us involved much happier than we otherwise would have been.” Nodding to herself, Millenium looked very satisfied with her actions. “Now, if you don’t mind me, I have another appointment to keep. You should head back into the Halls of Infinite Dreams and let the others know just how successful this new world will be.

The two powerful women laughed together then, savouring another small victory. As they parted they knew they would see each other again, but to enjoy all options available to themselves until that time arrived.

* * *

“Can anyone please tell me why we still meet up in the slums when we feel the need to get together?” Grumbling to himself, and his companions around him, the exceptionally well dressed Ork Reginald Thogg Esquire III peered around as the shattered plascreet buildings and pitted street.

“With the Megas gone there won’t be slums around very much longer.” Running his fingers through his well trimmed beard, the dwarven ‘Face’ Davas allowed himself to recline against his car. The scratch-proof paint wouldn’t show it any after all. “Restoration crews are already moving out, day and night, in order to restore everything. Give it a few months and these old ruins will be another gleaming aspect of the sprawl. Buckles and I are even thinking of downsizing a bit, leave the old Mega-run region behind so that it can be turned into affordable housing, or so was the plan.”

“Besides, it was Jek’s idea to invite us out here one last time before his old neighborhood went away.” Doc Hollandaise, the runners’ resident mage and surgeon, added as he looked around him. “Can’t say that I’ll miss it though. Too many of the memories I have of these places are off getting shot. Or hit by lightning. Or blasted with supernatural flames when I should have been safe.” He sighed heavily to himself.

“Don’t be so glum, your face is likely to get stuck like that, and you can’t be getting ugly now that the world is for the better.” Dressed in his trademark denim wardrobe, the dwarven rigger Lee held a cardboard box in his hands as he sat leaning out the window of his Bulldog Van. “Aztechnology is gone, along with all the other fraggin’ Megas, we all get to go into early retirement with enough creds to have some fun, and the world will still have some opportunities for us to screw around and have fun. Win-win far as I’m concerned. Now where is the big dope, I don’t want the pizza to get cold.”

“What kind of pizza?” Davas asked the question tentatively, his face paling slightly at the very consideration of it all.

“Same as always; thin crust, no tomato sauce, ranch dressing, double cheese, and quadruple anchovy. I brought ten of them, so I should get at least one.”

Davas vomited in his mouth a little bit as he heard the pizza situation.

From down the path emerged an enormous shape clad in black armor, gauss rifle and enormous axe strapped across his back. He called out loud and strong to his companions; “HELLOOOOO.”

As Jek joined the rest of his fellow runner he removed his helmet and gave them all a brilliant smile. His nose twitched slightly then, and on cue Lee threw a pizza to the enormous troll.

“So Jek, what did you want to see us about?” Doc was slightly apprehensive about the sudden summons, hoping beyond hope that he would not end up charred, or stabbed, or shot one last time in their wonderful world.

“I could have hosted at my place, we could have brought out the old Nintendo for a few rounds even.” Davas grinned as he thought back to his complete game collection, and all the fun that it has brought to those that play it.

“No, we needed to meet here.” Jek nodded enthusiastically as he looked over his friends. “I have some good new for you all. I, Captain Sheriff Jek, M.D… God, will soon be adding another title to my name, as suggested by a great man I met in another world.” The others were still a little confused about why Jek was now calling himself ‘Captain’, let alone him adding another title. “I will also be Jek the Innkeeper.”

His friends were silent for a time.

“Jek, you know that there aren’t any inn’s anymore, right.” Reginald tried to explain it as politely as possible. “There are some hotels, and lots of bars, but not a traditional old time inn.”

“Don’t worry, I thought about that.” Jek nodded to himself very satisfied. “I will have the only inn, and people will come from all over to stay there. It will be perfect.”

“Do you have an idea for where you want to build it?” Davas knew that it might not actually be a sound business strategy per-se, but Jek did have a knack for succeeding against all odds.

“Yup. I will be building it right over there.” Jek pointed forward. In front of him was a dilapidated two-story building of large size, probably built for trolls as a slum to start. It stood alone, in front of a crossroad. The ruined roads to either side stretched far off in both directions. “That will be my inn.”

“So, did you bring us out here just to tell us this?” A slice of pizza half chewed in his mouth, Lee looked slightly bored by this announcement.

“Of course not, I wouldn’t do that.” There was an enormous smile covering Jek’s face. “I wanted to invite you all so that you could help me get it ready for all of my guests.”

Hesitation and silence hung over the runners. Then, all at once, they burst out laughing.

“Of course Jek,” smiled Davas as he shook his head. “Where would you like us to start?”

Jek allowed himself a large nod before spitting on his hands, and bringing out his axe. “It is good to have friends like you. First, we demolish what isn’t needed.”

“Amputate and cauterize?” Suggested Doc with a grin.

“Silly Doc,” replied Jek. “You cannot amputate a building. Or can you?”

“Only one way to find out,” suggested Reginald as he readied his Weapon Focus. “I’ll start by clearing the roof.”

Together the runners charged towards their target, smiles on their faces and improvised construction tools in their hands.

“I will call it the Crossroads Inn,” Jek laughed to himself as he kicked in the broken door.

* * *

Corks and sparkling bubbles filled the air around a group of companions. These five men looked over a great horizon of sparkling lights and towering buildings. The penthouse that they were privy too was tallest of them all, staring down upon the endless lights of the city below them. These five companions, who with one more that was absent, had earned the right to change the world themselves, by surviving all the challenges that could be hurled towards them by countless powerful forces.

“To the group that brought about the change to the worlds!” Mordecai, clad all in back clothes that managed to conceal his form yet seemed form fitting at the same time. He raised his glass high above his head. Three of the others cheered along with glasses high themselves, but one only did so with half-hearted enthusiasm.

“Looks like Gaius is beginning to realize that we could have been the new gods that improved the worlds and made everyone’s lives better.” Smiling to himself, Brick took a long drink from his champagne, emptying the flute in a single long draw. He still wore his long white doctor’s coat, but he had added a few more decorative features to it for this most special of occasions.

“We did try to tell him we should change things, but he couldn’t just let it happen, not trusting that we would be able to fix the world.” Grinning to himself Matt set down his now drained glass. With a gesture he brought one of the champagne bottles over to him to fill his glass once more. “Judging by the way our world is now, I’d say they succeeded.”

“I’m not sure I can agree with that,” muttered Allan as he took another sip from his glass. A brace of various firearms were still tucked in his jacket and belt and a black cloth sash covered his eyes. “The different world won’t even let me hunt people anymore. Every time I fire at anyone, its like some strange force makes me miss. I never missed before this.”

With a casual glance Matt sent one of the corks flying through the air with horrifying speed. Arcing directly towards Allan came the cork, but all of his companions simply watched what would unfold next. Smoke and an echoing retort filled the air as Allan flicked one of the pistols from its holster. The bullet shattered the cork before digging into one of the penthouse walls.

“You two never change,” muttered Brick as he poured himself another glass.

“How many times do I have to remind you two idiots that if you break anything in my house you need to pay for it. Those obsidian tiles aren’t cheap.” Grimacing to himself Mordecai just glared over those two as he grabbed one of the bottles.

“These are the things that I do not understand how this controlled world has changed.” Finally speaking up from gazing outside of the windows, Gaius sounded unimpressed by the actions going on around him. “A certain degree of control over what is done, and what occurs, but not in a bad way. They allow us a certain degree of freedom. No, more then that this world fosters freedom and ensures it for everyone.” Gaius allowed himself a small, sad smile. “Many that we knew have vanished now; Lucanor Giovanni, any access to the Halls of Infinite Dreams, even Archer, have all vanished and even I cannot see them anymore. But we cannot infringe on others freedoms in this new world, and so I find myself envious of the world that they created.”

“If you don’t take a chance on trying to change the world, risking that it might become worse, you’ll never make it better.” Brick almost kept the tone of ‘I told you so’ out of his voice as he spoke. Almost.

“I still believe I made the right choice in preventing us from creating a new world, these individuals just must have been more fitting to do so than we were.” Muttered Gaius as he finished his first glass. After a few moments his glass transitioned to full again, and one of the champagne bottles shook slightly on the table.”

“Of course he still takes my champagne without me being able to see him do so,” muttered Mordecai. “It is unfortunate that we have lost some of our friends, and I my source of employment. I even have to spend all of the coin that I earned from our adventure so that those around me can meet their needs. However, I’m still keeping this penthouse, because I need it.” Those last words were spoken with a small grin.

“So, what are the likes of us going to do in this new world?” Allan asked the question with intensity, frustration edging around his voice. “All my life I have honed my skills to fight, to defeat, to kill. Without these skill I will never be complete, and this world with all its gifts will ring hollow.”

Setting down their glasses, Mordecai, Gaius, and Matt all nodded their agreement. After a time even Brick nodded as well. Brick grinned “My life would lose a certain degree of its excitement if I didn’t get to heal you up on occasion, and chastise you for the damage you let happen to your bodies.”

“Are we going to just fight each other for fun until the end of our days then?” Matt asked the question as he began preparing another barrage of psychic powers on Allan.

He was stopped by a gesture from Gaius however. “That won’t be necessary. In my search for our old companions I have found the perfect place for all of us to maintain our skills and enjoy our lives to the fullest.”

The others all grinned, and together they brought they drained the last of the champagne. All of them checked their attire, their weapons, and Mordecai locked the door to his penthouse. They were ready to follow Gaius to this proposed battleground amidst peace and freedom.

* * *

Two blades clashed together leaving a tremor echoing through the air. One blade, an enormous katana, was wreathed in black flames. The other, a brilliant long sword that shone with the light of the sun and bore divine flames. Both warriors that were gifted with such incredible weapons were no less impressive on their own.

Balthazar and Vincent came at each other again with continued vigor. Each collision resulted in an enormous detonation of power. Sand flew around them, nearly masking their forms and making them appear nearly illusionary. These two specters of light and darkness, power overwhelming struck against each other, and pushed as hard as they could, neither budging an inch.

“We may be fated to do this until the very end of time,” grinned Vincent, his sharpened fangs gleaming in the flaring power of their magic blades.

“No, this will end, because one of us needs to kill the other.” Balthazar’s golden mask remained as unflinching as always. “Yet we both feel this way, so I wonder if both of us might be right.”

“TIME!” The word roared through the air, and at its shout the crowd bellowed back even louder.

Suitengu’s Arena had undergone a great deal of improvements since the new evolutions of the worlds. The structure had grown even more immense in size, now able to house millions. The gleaming crystalline light shining down from the gleaming ceiling made everything shine as heaven, yet those with dark souls could maintain the illusion of hell to burn around them.

Reluctantly, hate tightening their every muscle, Balthazar and Vincent parted backwards from each other. Sand scorched beneath their feet, and their swords burned too fiercely to be sealed within their sheathes, and so simply burnt the air about them.

“Another splendid show of power, technique, and burning hatred.” From his seat above all the others, Suitengu called down to all before him. Resplendent in his white coat lined with black feathers. Surrounding him were a dozen beautiful women of many races, including the formerly deceasead dryad Nadiel. “Remember to place your bets everyone before the next event occurs. The pot is getting rather large, given the extensive number of ties that have occurred between our favorite two competitors. They’ve been battling for three weeks without cessation. Never before has such a show been allowed, so please continue for the next round.”

“Not yet,” called a confident, harsh, and intense voice from the side of the arena. “These bastards have been taking all the fun for themselves. Time they got out of the way and let a real warrior take the center of this arena.”

A figure moved in from one of the countless shadowed entryways. He was a smaller man, incredibly dense with muscle. He was bound in chainmail, a rough blonde beard across his jaw. Hanging from his frame were numerous warhammers of various materials, many shining with magical energies. There was nothing but confidence in Jormangander’s face, and stature.

“If you try to tell me what to do again, you short little wretch, I will destroy you right here and now, interrupting my current bouts.” Vincent’s words were a snarl as they leapt from his throat.

“What did you just call me.” As Jormangander replied, there was clear threat in his tone. The thunder-calling warhammer he pulled into his grasp also suggested that violence would start.

A great booming laugh echoed from behind Jormangander. “You’ve gone and done it now, you vampiric freak.” Emerging behind Jormangander came a mountain of a man, dark skin, white hair, and eastern styled weapons and armor. Setting his tonkorii down at the entrance to the Arena, Taiko no Musashi brought out his gleaming nodachi. “You might have been hot shit in the world you came from, but now that you’ve pissed off Jormangander you won’t be long for this world. I’m not missing the fun though, so your sacred looking friend over there can fight me if he wants, just so he isn’t bored.”

“You fools should leave before you get hurt.” Balthazar turned his masked gaze to Taiko, and the sword in his grasp shone even more intensely.

Taiko and Jormangander simply grinned at each other in response. Taiko smiled and made a suggestion to his companion; “So, whichever of us takes down our opponent first wins.”

“No, it only counts as the warm-up.” Shifting his grip on his hammer Jormangander tuned back to face the exceptionally powerful vampire. “Once we beat the two of them we fight each other for winner.”

Far above in the crowd a pair of women looked down, shaking their heads. One woman had purple hair and wore exceptionally expensive clothing and beautiful weapons. Beside her sat a woman with golden eyes, and a massive dog resting its head on her lap. Sophia Synancia and Lynn Hohenheim watched their companions that had just strutted into the Arena.

“Those two are never going to change, are they?” Disbelief lilted around Sophia’s statement. “We all died, were brought back thanks to whoever made these new worlds, and all they want to do is fight people. Death calmed me down some, but I guess not those two.”

“Boys will remain aggressive goof-off’s it seems.” Smiling back at her friend, Lynn stroked her dog behind its ears. “But, it is why I love Taiko, that degree of fire and passion to him. If they actually changed just from dieing I would be more afraid of the changes of the world that was created.”

“If they are actually dumb enough to waste their rebirth with this, then they are welcome to it. I am going to be a good deal more relaxed now that I have the chance to live again. So I will sit in the audience of these fights, and watch people more savage and basic in their thinking. Also, I’m betting 20 gold on our boys taking down these champs.”

Lynn smiled right back. “I’ll take a piece of that action.”

“You all should be ashamed at your assumptions,” muttered the shadowed man that sat behind them, form shrouded by a cloak and his face hidden by a massive hat. He tended to his bow, and watched his former charge prepare for the fight. Shadow grinned over to his two friends, and brought out some gold coins of his own.

“Should one of your friends be victorious I request you introduce me, so that I might challenge them to single combat.” Off to the side of these old companions was an eastern man in an exquisitely tended suite. He sat with a katana across his knees, tending the blade with a piece of rice paper.

“And you are?” Shadow was still a little protective of his former charge, even though death was an impossibility in the Arena based on the laws of all new reality.

“My name is Tsunimoto. I have known the cold hand of death as well, and now seek to embrace this new life with all the fires of combat that can exist.” His sword flashed forward, and a trio of doves burst out into the air. “And to make the world beautiful with doves.”

The others near this flamboyant man all fell silent with that display.

As the booky gnomes completed their lap of taking new bets from the audience, the grand voice of command echoed out through the heavens of the Arena once more. “Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we have a 2 vs. 2 match, forces from another world, legendary warriors that have power, magical items, and egos to shake the very fabric of reality as well. Now, everyone get ready and…”

Interrupting the announcement came the echoing thunder of a massive bolt of lightning that crashed into the very center of the Arena. Sand turned to glass beneath the fierce heat, the enormous display of power silencing everyone that witnessed it. As the flash of electricity allowed the light to vanish, five more figures also stood upon the sands. The elven druid Nienna Silmaril and her trusted unicorn companion, flaming greatsword wielding human warrior Rokor Stormrage, beautiful elven sorceress Tohmé Furubas, and the lawful-good-half-orc-ninja-paladin-ranger-with-crow-wings Dulov Demonskinner stood tall, and powerful, with even more capability from before.

“What the hells are you bastards doing here?!” Vincent growled out. “I’ve traveled worlds to get away from what I had to put up while traveling with you all, and now you all return to harass me as well.”

“Harass, hardly.” Rokor cracked his shoulders and readied his blade, lighting it with bright flame. “We are here to prove that we are stronger than you and your ego.”

“And if he’s upset to see you all, than he must be incredibly unhappy to see us.” Clad in his finest armor, wielding his enormous tower shield, Rokor Stormrage the dwarven defender stood at another side of the Arena. Beside him, crystal blade in hand, stood the psychic warrior that had also assisted in the destruction of the Lich God Vecna.

“Son of a bitch,” muttered Vincent as he glared at all the old companions that had returned.

“Looks like I might need to broaden the level of betting types I allow,” muttered Suitengu as he looked over the massive collection of warriors now all vying for a battle at once. Then he smiled incredibly broadly as a single figure walked across the sands to stand facing the numerous other groups of warriors, and then laughed in such a way to send chills down the spines around them. “And now an old friend takes the stage again. Perhaps I need some more insurance if things keep this up.”
A dagger clasped in hand, purple suit upon his frame, and makeup clad upon his face, The Joker cracked his necks to both sides. “Time to have a little fun with you all. Alright Vincent, show me if my training paid off. You had all better try to entertain me, given how long this search to find you took.”

“Looks like you have a lot of old foes coming after you at once Vincent.” Balthazar turned to face his foe. “For this time I will stand with you against them, to see just how many we can strike down.”

With a look of disbelief upon his face, Vincent turned his gaze up to the heavens. “Great, all these old friends coming back out to fight with me, and now my archenemy is willing to try and side with me. Gods, just kill me now.”

“We can grant that wish for you,” called out the numerous others around the Arena. Smiles were plastered upon the many faces standing upon the sands.


* * *

Surrounded by a wall of darkness, a table with many chairs veered out of the void. Three figures sat along one of the longer sides of the table; Lord Jeremiah of Twilight’s Edge, Grrzutt of Bestial Fury, and Melodee the Siren. Small satchels sat upon the table in front of them, as did small piles of papers and a few very large books. Grrzutt chewed upon his claws, Melodee twirled her hair around her fingers, and Lord Jeremiah ensured that his armor and chains were cleaned, but it was obvious that they waited for something.

Or perhaps someone.

“What is this? It appears that somehow I, great transporter, deliverer, hunter, and charmer of all people that I am, have not arrived before all other parties. Alas, the most ideal of seats seem to have been taken, closest to the grandiose throne upon which the most important amongst us will rest. Now it seems that Kruppe, bearing platters of food, drink, and charming company and banter, shall place himself across the table from the lovely demoness and as far from the fearsome wolf’s claws which might try to destroy my head again.”

“Kruppe, you are not late, I simply am the one that created this pocket realm for us.” Lord Jeremiah gave a small smile over to the portly man that had joined them. “Please take a seat. As you can see, there are many that still need to arrive, so should we begin preparing for the tale ahead?”

“You mean such as introducing the veritable collection and table of values which we have each assembled, analyzed, and poured heart and soul into for the crafting of the most important aspects of our selves?”

“Your strange words make me frustrated,” growled Grrzutt, its claws nearly digging through the table in front of him. “What does the fat rat man mean?”

“He wants us to discuss our characters so that we can attempt to create some form of party mechanic before the Game Master arrives and begins to try and kill us.” Melodee sifted though the papers in front of her, a broad smile upon his face.

“Good, this I will happily do then.” Looking at the sheet in front of him, Grrzutt cleared his throat with a great roar. “I am playing a barbarian.”

The others waited for the monstrous werewolf to continue his description. But he didn’t.

“Is that all that you have done?” Melodee was clearly annoyed. “This is your chance to play someone that can do things that you cannot do, a power that is separate from your own existence, the chance to play something completely new. I’m playing a half-demon rogue, sneaky, angry, stabby. Yes, I still get to be stealthy, but I get to set traps, slit throats, and pick pockets. Maybe I’ll cause some grand mischief in the world as well. So there has to be something more than just ‘I am playing a barbarian’.”

“Fine,” grunted back Grrzutt. “I am playing a goblin barbarian. I came from an enormous forest, and so am clad from head to food in exotic birds, lizard skins, and I have a pair of gophers for slippers. I use small hammers and break peoples’ faces with them. He also has a great appreciation for opera.”

“Opera?” There was doubt in Melodee’s voice.

“Yes, opera. He likes opera.”

“Excellent,” cut in Lord Jeremiah. “I will be filling the role of cleric, human, worshiping the god of justice and trying to bring about divine light to all the dark places of the world.”

Melodee and Grrzutt both stared at their companion for a time. It was Kruppe who had to ask the most pressing question. “So, why did you really pick cleric of all things?”

“When I level up enough I get to cast Destruction on people.” Lord Jeremiah allowed himself a small shrug and grin as he said it.

“How absolutely splendid for all of us so far.” Kruppe smiled at the collection of all the different characters currently created. “I shall be adding to the party a beautiful female ranger, extremely accurate with a bow, a couple of daggers prepared for back-up weapons, and being incredibly flexible to make it better as well. My bow is called the Heartseeker, and I find all the hearts of those that I care for.”

“Pervert,” muttered Melodee, although there was a small smile upon her lips.

“Worry not, my fair demonic beauty, for my busty and bountiful ranger is most assuredly straight. Therefore, I will only be hitting on the other demons at the table, and anyone else that joins us.”

“The creepy fat man is beginning to make me worry for Bonky’s purity,” rumbled Grrzutt.

“I’m sure it won’t,” began Lord Jeremiah, until he paused for a moment. “Wait. Bonky the pure Goblin Barbarian. Perhaps your creativity is more than I gave you credit for Grrzutt.”

“I will be playing beef-tank super warrior of glorious steely wonderment!” Bursting into the field of darkness came Millenium, wearing her finest of crimson dresses. Her hair was up, her eyes gleamed, and as she twirled into a seat beside Kruppe the plunging back of her dress showed off her smooth skin. “Put me up front and I will knock all of them down. Just heal me and keep me standing oh healy Jeremiah.”

“Millenium, you are an incredible individual.” Lord Jeremiah gave her an honest smile, his eyes gleaming his full rainbow of colours. “But certainly, I will try to keep you standing through all our struggles.

Striding through the darkness of the wall arrived an elven man wearing bright white robes, and strange technomagic gloves. He silently sat down beside the three demons without a word.

“And why don’t you introduce yourself?” Eyeing the newcomer, Millenium smiled all the more beautifully. “I know who you used to be, but many of these others never bothered traveling to the world of shadowrunners.”

“You can call me Dr. Abel, the former head stockholder of a corporation that no longer exists as the world wasn’t required further. We believe in trying to improve the world, and are happy to see what has been created. As for this gathering, I will be playing a minotaur monk that uses the Horned Hand style of martial arts, incredibly rare, potent, and flashy.”

“Wait, how did you manage to acquire the importance of having a race such as Minotaur when Kruppe was trapped with the lowliest of humanity for his character’s race. This travesty must not stand. There may be some race out there where my dear ranger could possess the quartet of breasts that I, and by that I mean she, have always dreamed of.”

“Getting minotaur was a little complicated, but there were a broad variety of rules which I was able to tap into to allow it all to work. Don’t worry, nothing was disallowed, but I’m sure the Game Master will wish to be sure before we begin.”

“How very interesting, and here I thought trying to play as a specter oracle would be pushing the boundaries. Now I am very pleased to hear what everyone else has brought to the table.” From the darkness emerged Esorchan, with two beautiful women to each side of him. One was the woman whom he had chased worlds, attempted to control fate, and killed a god to try and bring back their love. The other was his mother, a succubus, that had also his efforts. “And before you ask, an oracle is a special class that tries to peer into the future to get extra information, and is then usually smote by the Game Master for making life too difficult.”

“Excellent, how very interesting.” Lord Jeremiah turned to Esorchan and his companions. “It is wonderful to see you again my old friend. Hearing that your dreams went better than my own made me very pleased. Will your dear mother and lovely young woman be joining us at the table.”

“We’ll be watching,” grinned Esorchan’s love. “Neither of us want to get in the way of all your bonding together. Enjoying the show will be reward enough.”

“I trust that you have all had enough time to plan what you wish to do without me?” Appearing at the head of the table was a young man of plain features, wearing a black robe. Beside him was a beautiful young woman wearing nice clothing, glasses, and a knowing smirk. “You may call me The Summoner In Black, and I will be your Game Master for this campaign. Please, pass me your character sheets so that I can look them over, and we can begin without incident.”

All players and guests took their seats around the table and passed all of their characters to their Game Master. Polite banter bounced around the table as the characters were authorized and passed back. There was a slight hesitation, and glance up, from the minotaur monk, but it still passed after a little more time of examination.

Once all of the characters had been authorized, The Summoner In Black raised a screen to hide his notes and dice. The others, on que, poured out their dice onto the table and began to prepare themselves.

“Welcome to this first session,” began The Summoner In Black. “We are all gathered here as having served as the representatives in our various worlds of one entity that guided all of our actions. It was thanks to this action, and these many stories that were told, for us to have accomplished, battled, and fallen or thrived as we did in our own respective worlds. It is time for us to take the power of these stories into our own hands. That is what tonight is all about, and I thank all of you for joining for this important day.
“Now, to the matter at hand. Light gleams in the air around you. There are rumors which echo in your minds of new worlds being created. Such tales of brand new treasures and adventures that may become available to those brave enough to take on creation. Do you all carry within yourself the strength to create these new tales, these new adventures? If the answer is yes choose a portal leading to one of these countless new worlds and see where it takes you…”

Reality's True Desire
All rests on this, the end of all worlds, or the creation of a proposed utopia.

• Day 216
• The Alabaster Wanderer, comments on how mortals to dare to try and stand, unleashes Destroyer of Worlds to give them only 1 Minute remaining, and then used Anathema of Worlds to begin the destruction of their Reality Fragments, and Claptrap. Then Alabaster Wanderer moves over to Applejack, Emack throws up his Shield, and then goes over to attack with his glowing white hand which only brushes her cheek, but erases all of her emotions and Shatters Fynn’s Fragment of Love. Then he appeared beside Elspeth, lashed out with his Black Hand, but Emack was able to stop it with minimal damage. Jack waits his turn. Ryn fires a Whitewood Arrow at The Alabaster Wanderer, which strikes him but does not leave any visible wounds. Fynn charges with Blistige Rose and Baby Nail, striking him incredibly solidly with the Rose, and also swings in with Baby Nail but that one is stepped aside. The Alabaster Wanderer growls out about having been injured by such a wretched creature such as these, and its power level began to spike. Emack goes into his Spiritual Loop for 2 Turns, then pops out and fires 4 Greater Mystic Bolts at the Alabaster Wanderer, the first one crashing solidly into him, the second blasting away a copy of The Alabaster Wanderer, the third blowing up another copy, and the fourth also blowing up another copy. There are still nearly a dozen copies left. Elspeth fires off a Light Beam to destroy another copy of the Wanderer, 11 Remaining. Bo’sun throws Rah’s Lawgiver and shatters two of the copies, leaving 9, then charges to bring his demonic hell axe arm, popping another 5 of the copies in order to leave only 4 standing, and passively accumulates Ki and draws the Eveningstar. Ryn passively accumulates more Ki and fires another arrow, shattering 2 of the copies. Then Ryn takes her third pass, firing another Arrow, which goes sideways and is intercepted by Emack’s shield to save Elspeth. The Alabaster goes first, its World Destroyer grows further, he Anathema’s away another batch of Fragments (86 Remaining), and then goes after Elspeth with its White Glowing Hand, getting through the shield and hurting, and tears away all of her Emotions as well, then comes in with his Black Hand, getting through the shield again, beginning to Burn away her base stats as it tears away a Point of Perception. Jack holds his action once more. Ryn fires a White Wood Arrow, but The Alabaster Wanderer dodges the attack. Elspeth blind fires a Light Beam at what she hopes is The Alabaster Wanderer, but it misses clearly. Fynn attacks with both its weapons once more, but the Alabaster Wander catches Blistige Rose and shatters the Fragment that it is composed of, and then it dodges Baby Nail as well. Emack, fires off another Double Cast of Greater Mystic Bolts, the first blowing the Wanderer Backwards terribly far, the second bolt shatters one of 6 copies that appears, leaving 5 remaining. Bo’sun charges a Copy to swing with the Evening Star, horribly demolishing 2 of the copies, leaving 3 copies remaining. The Black Demon Axe then comes in next, shattering 2 more copies, leaving only 1. Bo’sun then passively accumulates. Jack moves behind Elspeth, and attempts to attack her with his Rune Sword, which gets through Emack’s shield and hits her with a Critical, criting her slightly. Then Jack attacks her again, but Emack’s shield stops it, then Jack attacks her once more, but Emack stops that one as well. Ryn fires another arrow, popping the last Copy. Ryn then Fires another White Wood Arrow, adding her Black Spot Technique, to try and Brand the Alabaster Wander, which hits without hurting him, but it does fire off the Brand on him, appearing on his White Hand. The World Destroyer Sphere continues to grow, he Anathema’s away another wave of Reality Fragments away from them. The Alabaster Wander then appears behind Mr. Bo’sun, getting through the shield, and hitting him with his White Hand, burning away all of his senses, but thanks to the Psychic Senses Connection he can still see, but his Fragment of Death is shattered. Then comes the in with the Black Hand, with Emack’s shield taking some bad feedback and losing half of its remaining LP, which then shatters his Fragment of a Wicked Blade, making him people again, and burns out some of your Willpower, Perception, and Intellect. Mr. Bo’sun, having been taking hits, unleashes a reposts using his Vicious Strikes, going in with his Fragment Axe with 2 Fatigue first, but The Alabaster Wanderer catches the axe, twists and shatters it. Then he swings in with the Eveningstar, using another 2 Fatigue, but he gets out of the way of that as well. Bo’sun then pulls out his shield from his back. Jack attacks Elspeth three times again, but Emack stops all three of them again. Ryn fully accumulates Ki. Fynn attacks with Baby Nail, but The Alabaster Wanderer dodges it. Then comes a Short sword, but The Alabaster Wanderer Dodges that one as well. Emack casts a single Greater Mystic Bolt at the Alabaster Wanderer, but The Alabaster Wanderer nimbly dodges it. Then Emack shouts at Jack to ask “What the Hell are you doing”. Elspeth fires another laser, but The Alabaster Wander dodges without trying. Ryn accumulates and unleashes Call for Blood and Blood Arrow Techniques, using all the 5 Fatigue she can, and in an incredibly detonating explosion from his Left Calf, destroyed completely in the doom and death of power.
• Bo’sun begins doing a celebratory dance, but then Ryn notices that the World Destruction Sphere hasn’t actually gone away. Emack uses Recreate to be able to restore all of Applejack’s things that were stolen from her. She wakes up being hugged by Fynn, and weeps heavily. Emack then magic appraisals the World Destroyer Sphere, and Emack realizes that there is nothing that he can do to stop it or avoid, so they need to find some form of way in order to try and find some way to stop it from destroying all of them.
• The only idea that they come up with, is to try and use the Fragment of Rah in order to generate Utnapishtim and try to use it to create a new world before their old world dies. Jack comments on the fact that 25 of their Fragments are breaking, so he isn’t sure if it they any longer have enough in order to create a new world anymore. As the World Breaker continues to grow, they figure they have no choice but to give it a shot. Therefore, Bo’sun turns on the Fragment of Rah and all the pirates vanish out from Ankara.
• Once more the pirates found themselves within Utnapishtim. Its crystal screens loomed through the air, its enormous consoles of levers and buttons decorated everything as well. However, they noticed that everything was still unlit, nothing was powered. They looked around for some kind of switch to turn everything on, but couldn’t find anything. Then the entire room shook with an impressive tremor, dust falling from the ceiling. Therefore, in a hurry they all began fitting Reality Fragments into any gaps that they could find, resulting in all the crystals around the Fragment to light up. They hurried to try and put all the fragments they had in there, then they also tried to put their broken fragments in the remaining slots. Luckily for them, even the broken fragments had the power needed to continue turning on the rest of the machine. With all 100 Reality Fragments inserted into the device it fully illuminated itself. They then quickly began demanding they try and set things up so that they can save the world. That was when Emack noticed that there wasn’t anything showing on the giant central screen that was supposed to show the base image of the world. They all looked around it and attempted to find some form of starting script or method from getting the system working, but there was no past data present at all. Emack realized that it took several minutes for them to get everything working. Several minutes, when it was only going to take 1 minute for The Alabaster Wanderer to destroy their world. They were too late, Malaz had been reduced to nothingness.
• Going through all of the controls, and more then a little bit of shouting for Rah to answer them, eventually a startup menu appeared upon one of the screens.
• Utnapishtim would function by allowing them to create any world they could imagine. They input the variables they want, change whatever important principles they need to, and the machine would change everything so that it could make the new world that they desire. They determine the details that they want to exist in the new world and the machine performs all of the endless mathematical calculations required in order to generate the world within their dreams, without any random and incorrect changes. The machine can perfectly determine every variable that might come up from every choice they make. What they have to do however, is set the starting points.
• They begin by re-entering the base conditions of Malaz, so that they regenerate the world as it was prior to all of the events transpiring with The Alabaster Wanderer. They make it exactly as it had been before, down to the most minute geographical details, since this way it gives them a familiar starting point with which to craft the world that they want.
• Fynn makes himself into a dragon.
• In the new world, Bo’sun wants to make himself appear as his super certainly monstrous form. He wants to live an incredibly long, prosporous life (until he chooses to die), exactly as he is, and wants to remove all semblance of prejudice from the new world in order to make it so that no one would ever judge anyone else. This way they can only judge based on actions witnessed about each individual. Emack seconds this motion.
• Emack wants to bring back all of the Crew from the Ships that they had, and so they all appear back within the ship. Including Jafar.
• Emack also gives himself his strange and unnatural appendages and different appearacnce.
• Fynn goes into the Fragment of a Tome, looks up every lifeform on Malaz that was alive before the Reality Fragment Incident, and wishes to add all of them to the world, that has no geography yet.
• Ryn is also okay with Bo’sun’s no prejudice beliefs, but what they hear should also be okay. Everything based on each individual, not as races.
• Fynn recreates the geography of Malaz with a few other details. Bo’sun adds a private resort island in the shape of his dragon codpiece, with a small boat, very tropical, near other major locations for restocking supplies.
• Emack looks for other Planes (such as Warrens and other worlds of existence), and so was able to recreate every world that any Reality Fragment was familiar with, although the connector bridges haven’t been decided yet.
• Fynn repopulates all of the worlds with their old populations thanks to the Fragment of a Tome, and turns on his and Applejack’s ability to travel anywhere in the many planes that exist. Bo’sun also likes this idea since he wants to be able to travel anywhere as well.
• Bo’sun then begins to ask if they should exclude any of the people from the various planes to not bring back. They mention perhaps Esorchan, since he didn’t want to be brought back, but they go over it for a time and then Emack suggests they erase his memory of not wanting to come back, and Jack suggests they bring Esorchan back with his wife, and Jack also suggests Esorchan’s mother that was also murdered. They like this, and figure they will do that, and also bring back Lord Jeremiah back as a guy in his own world, rather then trying to take over everything that ever was.
• Emack looks at trying to figure a way of allowing all the traditional ways of bridging planes and connecting other worlds into others and see what occurs. All of the words that Shadowrun world can connect to causes an enormous spike in war to all that they can attack, since they have the incredible power of advanced technology in order to try and take over all the other worlds. Therefore they then decide to cut Shadowrun off from the others, which decreases it some, but others still fight and conflict. They alter and make physical connecting bridges, which leaves it so that the conflict still increases to those adjacent to the Megacorps of Shadowrun, so Fynn turns off the Megacorps, which results in an enormous amount change in the Shadowrun world, creating it mostly into nations again instead of in order to be ruled over by certain particularly impressive and controlling individuals in order to be in charge. This alters the war meters down quite a bit. Then they begin to try and figure out all the other connector points and everything else.
• Jack’s list of recommendations and good things: 1. Have a son to take his place in the world with Dina as the mother. 2. Make it so that everyone receives a little of Jack’s ‘free soul’ so that everyone is a little bit like him. 3. Everyone is forced to live so that their Needs always take precedence over wants, and this also goes to function on others around them as well (so that if they have more than they need they will give up their extra to those that do not yet have what they need. 4. Once they have all that they need, then people can begin the search for self actualization, and pursuing tasks simply for the enjoyment of them, without infringing upon the needs and wants of others. 5. Jack locks himself away within an alternate dimension, in order to atone for his sins he chooses to shoulder the burden of every other person of all other worlds until the end of days, so that they can live without such suffering. 6. Millenium is to be the Universal Caretaker, left in charge of monitoring all the worlds to ensure that they can never degenerate to the point where Reality should ever regret the lives of those that live so that The Alabaster Wanderer cannot ever return. It has no entry in the world database, so they have to actually make the world a better place to prevent him from returning.
• The others all feel that Jack is being too extreme in trying to hold all of the burdens of everyone else, since they should be able to just turn them all off thanks to the power of the machine, but Jack feels that there needs to be some form of equivalent exchange, something lost for everything gained, and so he will not be talked out of it. They see there is no use arguing with him.
• Fynn makes himself and Applejack a massive castle fortress in the mountains scaled up to the size of all their dragon selves, and room enough to be able to
• Ryn’s desire is to be able to watch all the worlds, and make it so that the only way anyone can find her is if she wishes to be found, and she wants the scrying mirror to help watch absolutely everything.
• Elspeth gives Sparkly and Snuggly wings, wants everyone to be less selfish, and wants to try and dissolve all governments (not allowed), still money around so that she can still have more money then others. She turns off her link to Jack’s needs over wants caveats. Many are displeased by this. They give Elspeth a counter offer, she has to accept the cost of needs like everyone else, so that they won’t have to kill her, to bring her back to life afterwards in the new world under the rules appropriate to everyone else.
• With a few more changes made, a few final details ensured within the worlds that they will all function as desired, they activate the power of Utnapishtim, and begin generating all the new worlds so that they can vanish into their places within the new world.
• Jack, before they vanish, says, “You will all remember this as the day that you last knew Jack Sparrow.”

Love and Loss
How can someone keep fighting when everything they fight for has fallen to ash?

• Day 216 inside the Arena Fragment preparing to battle Esorchan, Suitengu, and his massive iron chest, having had Fragment of Annulus activated.
• Elspeth has had a near aneurism due to the sudden lack of 3 personalities that were helping her keep her brain working. Balthazar and Vincent both couldn’t even move, as they were essentially being tenuously being held to the world via the power of the Reality Fragments that contain their own essence.
• All of the Fragment possessing parties feel like absolute garbage after losing all of their fragment powers had been stolen from them. Bo’sun pretends he isn’t injured, and Emack feels even more injured and useless then the rest, and Jack is very much smaller.
• Jack wants to know how this fragment that can turn off all others fragments exists even why. Esorchan informs them that it was an artifact in his old world that was bred to destroy gods and greater artifacts, and thanks to the powers and help from Vincent, cowering down on the floor, also helped him do it. They ask if there is some way to take Vincent and Balthazar out of the field of the Annulus so that they won’t die, but Esorchan says that there is no way off, and he won’t turn it off because he figures they won’t let him turn in back on before fighting them again (which Emack does admit would probably happen). Esorchan does scribe some mystical mathematical formulae in the air, and puts Balthazar and Vincent into temporal bubbles so that they feel less of the passage of time on them. Esorchan then teleports all of the crew back into the real world, to ensure that they are safely out of the way for the conflict.
• Due to the massive pain and suffering of the loss of the reality fragments, none of the pirates are really in fighting shape for a while. Esorchan says that he will allow them to rest until they are feeling better.
• They all decide to take an incredibly long nap until they feel better.
• 10 hours go by.
• They have a bit of a breather and feel much better.
• Monad is first, appearing disturbingly fast in front of Bo’sun, faster then Emack can throw up a shield, and brings her bound arms down on Bo’sun for a hit, that his armor soaking up a great deal of the damage. Ryn fires an arrow at Esorchan, which tears through his chest, dropping him to the floor. But a ring on his finger glows, and he stands back up at full health and unharmed. She sees a small white cat ring wrapped around his finger, so Ryn backs up slightly. Jack charges Esorchan, jumping behind him, and trying to disarm his massive, Eveningstar weapon, knocking it away from Esorchan. Jack says someone should probably try to pick it up. Fynn runs over, picks up the very heavy crystal weapon, and stashes it in his backpack of holding. Suitengu then flies over to try and charge Elspeth, but Emack throws up his shield for Elspeth, Bo’sun, Jack, Ryn, and Applejack, and then tries to block Suitengu’s blood wing barrage. Emack is able to save Elspeth from certain, blood-wingy doom. Emack nods satisfied by a job well done. Applejack charges Monad to try and attack it, but Monad dodges it and wings out with a countering armored limbs, but Emack is able to stop the attack, which further damages the restraints. Applejack then begins to transform. Esorchan scribes mathematical formulae in the air, and fires a Dark Beam at Fynn, but he Sleight of Hands the beam away. Everyone is impressed, and Esorchan takes off his half-moon spectacles. Bo’sun passively accumulates Ki and flicks baldness sweat at Monad. Jafar accumulates Zeon. Monad is first once more, jumps away in order to reach Fynn to try and get Eveningstar back, but Emack casts another shield to protect the rest of the party, and the attack gets through but doesn’t hurt Fynn, but it does break the bindings that were holding her arms at bay. Fynn begins to passively retreat, so Monad swings out with her now free hands, but Emack helps to keep the hit from hurting Fynn, but it does keep him close. Jack then runs over try and attack Monad, jumping behind her, slicking the blade into her to carve through her armored bonds, and then with his second attack pierces Monad’s chest and drops her to the ground. Ryn fires another arrow at Esorchan, this one striking him solidly once more. Applejack goes after Suitengu, staggering him for no damage with claws, but he blocks the bite with his blood wings. Emack waits. Esorchan shakes off his stunned self and begins scribing symbols again. Suitengu offers the party 5 Billion Gold if they let him kill Elspeth. Jack considers it, Fynn says they would need to do 5 Billion Gold each. Suitengu counters by saying that he could give them 2 Billion Gold each. Fynn doesn’t think its enough, Jack still considers it, Fynn suggests the crew should also get a share, Jack rolls a pair of dice to see, but he figures he can’t let him do that. Emack is pleased by all this by the fact that he wouldn’t have to try and block all of Jack’s attacks. Bo’sun charges Suitengu to kill him and protect Elspeth, driving Rah’s Lawgiver into his chest solidly, staggering the man, but the blood doesn’t go on the blade or fall from his sword. Jack and Bo’sun then have a poignant discussion about size mattering or not mattering, and how you use it, and Jack’s recent size changing. Ryn has surprised many people for her trio of arrows, firing at Esorchan, tearing through his arm and killing him, but the ring glows and he gets back up. Then the second arrow fires, striking him to nail his right foot to the floor after hitting him again, and then the third arrow drives through his head, but the ring picks him up again. Jack charges Suitengu, flipping behind him, and then attempts to disarm Suitengu’s blood wings, tearing through and dispersing them, but then they reform. Jack pouts and mutters “Damn” as he saves his extra two attacks. Emack accumulates Zeon. Fynn charges Suitengu and attacks with both of his weapons, Baby Nail and a +5 Short sword, Baby Nail driving in heavily into Suitengu’s chest, not paralyzing him but Fynn’s Electricity Damage does shock his system some more, so that when the short sword swings around it tears into Suitengu’s shoulders and drops him, his blood pooling beneath him like a normal human being. Esorchan, seeing all of his allies falling around him, removes his Ring of Nine Lives, drops it beside him, and holds his arms out to the side. Bo’sun charges in with the Lawgiver of Rah, unleashing his vicious strikes attack, and tears into Esorchan’s left hand as it tries to block, tearing completely through his arm, and into the body, and then destroying all of it. Esorchan’s destroyed body remains on the ground, his face slightly melancholy, but also nearly happy. Bo’sun smiles thinking that he was finally able to give someone joy.
• The Fragment of Annulus then falls to the ground slowly, and reverts back to its broken form. Then all of the pirates collapse again as all of their Fragments turn on at once in order to revert them back to their evolved stages. It hurts so much.
• Bo’sun wants the Eveningstar from Fynn, and so offers Fynn 1 Million GC. Fynn accepts that offer, and says they should deal with it later when they are back on the ship.
• They take the Fragment of Annulus, and also grab the Vest of the Archmagi, Ring of Nine Live off of Esorchan. Emack wants the Vest of the Archmagi, but Jack puts it on and quite likes it. Emack says that he can really use it better then everyone else, but Jack says he might like it, and then decides to say that he will give Emack the Vest, and then just hold it over him for all time about giving it to him.
• Jack gives Bo’sun the Ring of Nine Lives to take advantage of the not dieing, and Emack examines it to inform Bo’sun that there are 4 charges left on the ring.
• Emack recasts his LP and Resistances buffs on the entire party now that he has even more massive Zeon Regeneration. Emack also gives them all a Damage Barrier of 100 on everyone else.
• They then look at Suitengu’s golden cigarette case, so Fynn takes it, and Bo’sun wants to get to smoke one of the cigarettes. Fynn says he needs to pay him 100,000 GC (the number written on the bill wrapping the tobacco), which Bo’sun allows, takes it, and lights it with his eye, and smokes it for fun, wondering if he looks cool now. Fynn keeps the other 8.
• Fynn also takes Suitengu’s feather lined coat, but Bo’sun thinks Gutter might like it. Fynn says if Gutter can pay enough he might part with it. Black doves popped out of the lining as he put it on with Style. Fynn caught one of them and put it back in the pocket.
• Bo’sun takes some of Monad’s leathers and bindings as new S&M gear.
• Fynn also steals the massive technomagic chest that Monad was stored in.
• Emack learns Natural Maintenance, and Unlimited Zeon Metamagic Spheres.
• When Emack looks at the chest that Fynn gathered, he sees that it would be incredibly useful with his necromantic research. He and Fynn begin bargaining over how Emack can get it based on the training and education in the mystic arts Emack can provide for Fynn.
• They then realize that they haven’t divided up the Reality Fragments they got from Lucanor yet. Emack would like Chime, Bo’sun Golden Throne, Jack or Fynn both like the Sphere. None want the Tome just yet. They also want to figure out who should store the Annulus in order to hide if from everyone, so they choose Fynn’s backpack. Bo’sun gets Golden Throne in order to gain a +30 All Action Bonus thanks to being better at everything, Emack gets Chime and uses it to learn All of the Spells in any of the Books ever, Fynn gets the Tome and looks at it too find the entries for all of the party members entries, and is able to remind him of earth. Then they spent a lot of time looking up all the other Crew Member’s backstories mostly for shits and giggles. Jack gets the Sphere, and Emack tells him how to solve it.
• Having powered up with their new fragments, Bo’sun wants Millenium to come by so that she can try and read the Fragment of a Cookbook again in order to try and find some more valuable information in it. However, when Bo’sun called for Millenium she didn’t answer. All the pirates thought this was odd, but since it was Bo’sun they were too terribly surprised that someone would ignore him. Then they had Ryn call for Millenium, but there was still no response. Now all of them were worried. They decided it was about time for them to return to their ships in order to see what is going on. They have Bo’sun activate the Fragment of an Arena to take them back to their ships.
• As soon as the pirates returned to their ship outside of Ankara, they saw just why Millenium hadn’t answered. The city of Ankara was under attack, and this time it was not the measly force of a pair of elder demons. Fires engulfed the streets and buildings of the city and smoke stained the heavens and brilliant metals. Screams of the suffering and dieing also filled the air. A wall of light divides the world, hovering behind Francisco’s tower temples. Before the wall of light charge a horde of monsters serving the power of the Alabaster Wanderer: dragons, Forkrul Assail, Tiste Liosan, demonic entities of all forms, and swarms of humans. All had decided that The Alabaster Wanderer’s purpose was the only true meaning to what remained in existence, so they wished to help usher in the age of purity. They attacked the citizens of Ankara with abandon, and countless citizens were now dead, decorating the streets and ruined buildings. The humans didn’t even stand a chance against the forces arrayed against them.
• Turning to look out over the bay, the news only got worse. The pirates were upon the deck of The Wicked Wench, but neither it, nor any of their other three ships were in good shape. The Falling Dragon had almost entirely sunk, its deck ravaged and crew slaughtered. The deck of The Price of Knowledge was covered in the corpses of bhok’arala, one still standing upon the pile, dieing of countless wounds, still holding tall a banner waving the flag of Vincent Valentine, surrounded by the dead of both sides. The Black Pearl had suffered full crew casualties, and had numerous enormous holes in the side of the deck, taking on water and sinking slowly into the waters. Blood covered the deck of The Wicked Wench as well, and only two figures remained on deck. One was a massive, four-armed Great Imperial Demon, bearing a trio of fierce weapons (an enormous axe, a great sword, and a huge mace). The other figure was Gutter, but he was not standing. His lower torso lay upon the deck where it was torn from the rest of him, while his torso was having the entrails plucked at by the Imperial Demon’s forth arm, Gutter twitching feebly with every gesture and movement of the demon’s massive fingers.
• Upon noticing the arrival of the main pirates, the Imperial Demon smiled over to them all, Gutter still in his grasp. “The Alabaster Wanderer sends,” began the demon. He was never given the chance to finish his sentence. Bo’sun threw the Lawgiver of Rah into the demon’s chest. In the time it took for the blade to fly through the air Jack and Fynn had both crossed the distance to the demon as well, putting their potent magical weapons deep into the creature, along with several of Ryn’s arrows. The High Demon was dead before its corpse ever hit the floor, disintegrating into ash during the time it fell.
• Gutter smiled up sadly at his beloved Captain and other friends. He feebly began trying to speak to them, but they tried to keep him silent, telling him that he could tell them later. Emack tried his old healing magic, but found that all of it wasn’t enough to repair the extensive corrupting energy that had damaged Gutter. Therefore, Gutter pushed through the pain in order to tell his dear old friends all the things that he felt he needed to. He pulled an object from inside his now ruined bird jacket. It was a small crystal wind chime, which when rung gave off the sound of children’s laughter. Gutter smiled with bloodstained teeth. “The crew and I found this Fragment of Laughter when you gave us our last shore leave. We had so much fun, that it just kind of came to us. We were all planning on giving it to you as a surprise once you made it back to us from getting all the fragments from those other guys. It was going to be a surprise, so that we could see you all smiling again. Sorry it turned out like this. It was an honour sailing with you all.” “The time sailing together can’t be over yet,” muttered Jack as he took the Fragment. They only needed two more now. “Emack, isn’t there something that you can do?!” “”Maybe.” Emack searched through all of the new knowledge that he had gained from the fragment obtained from Lucanor. And found a new spell. He used it, fully recreating Gutter’s body from the molecular pieces of it left in the world, and then helped to transmigrate his soul back into the new body. Gutter, and all of their, relief was palpable. Then, began the planning on what to do next.
• Fynn took to the skies as a dragon, and began to assault the other serpents that dominated the sky. Bo’sun flew over to The Black Pearl so that he could begin working some quick repairs so that it wouldn’t sink, they would need its Warren traveling abilities to reach the final 2 fragments before things were too late. Jack organized strategies, and gathered up the bodies of his longtime crew, so that Emack could work his healing arts to bring back those that had been traveling with them the longest, and that had had the most impact upon their hearts. Elspeth unleashed waves of Light Beams in order to try and strike down any enemies that grew too close. Ryn ran up to her crow’s nest, calling for Millenium along the way. Millenium arrived bearing dozens of wounds that should have been fatal to anyone else. The traditional sparkle in her eyes had faded, and for the first time she sounded exhausted, apologizing for not being able to answer the earlier call. Ryn and Jack both wanted a damage assessment, so that they could learn exactly how much of a chance they still had.
• Millenium’s assessment wasn’t good. Nothing that any of the people that remained had tried was doing any good against The Alabaster Wanderer. Since its arrival no one had even been able to slow it down, and any that approached it were cleansed in his powerful light. She has been trying to help as much as she can, but has only been able to inhibit the paths of some of the minions coming towards them. There are still a few scattered pockets of resistance, but she doesn’t expect them to live much longer. Also, it sounds like Deckard Cain, Francisco the Magnificent, Kaard Lightblade, Kazrith the Infernal, and Madness are planning to assault The Alabaster Wanderer in order to try and delay it, seeing as they are the most powerful people in the city not directly linked to the Fragment gathering. Millenium then vanishes in order to try and provide what help she can to those that are still fighting.
• Hearing that his old friends are going into a battle that they almost certainly will not return from, Jafar turns to Jack. He removes his Fragment of the Gauntlet The Justice and hands it back to Jack. “I can’t allow my old friends to face a divine being that will lead to nearly certain destruction without me. We’ve done it before, and we will do it again. Going with you all has been very interesting, although not terribly safe for my health. This has been a very rewarding experience to slay numerous gods again.” Jafar then headed deep into the city once more, to try and help his old friends. Nearly a dozen dragons descended to hover above Jafar as soon as he got a ways into the city, unleashing a torrent of breath weapon fire down upon him. When the smoke cleared Jafar was still trudging forward, only his shield showing some worse for wear. A volley of attacks from Fynn helped repel some of the dragons, but soon the cloud of them then focused on Fynn.
• Numerous attacks then proceeded to descend upon Bo’sun, his tough hide taking a great amount of damage as he was too busy working on keeping The Black Pearl afloat to be able to try and defend himself. With every revived pirate Jack began to have more of the crew working together in order to prepare for a rapid departure.
• Ryn made it up to her crow’s nest to find that both Sparkly and Snuggly had also been killed in the struggle. Tears brimming in her eyes she found one final gift from them between their small bodies. It was a massive quiver of Spear-sized Dragon Slayer Magical Arrows, a dozen of them. Jack grabbed the small bodies so that Emack could bring them back to life, and Ryn began firing the arrows. Every attack struck a dragon and resulted in the enormous creature erupting in a column of lightning, and the Magic Arrow returning to Ryn so that she could use it again. Soon all dragons that were within Ryn’s enormous range were struck down, allowing Bo’sun to continue his repairs largely unmolested. Jack also had Emack heal the bhok’arala that had stood against so many foes upon The Price of Knowledge. Emack did so.
• Fynn came back to the ships, turned back into a human, and grabbed every munition that he had left. He then flew out over the city, carpet-bombing all collections of Alabaster Wanderer warriors that he could see in order to try and help any pockets of resistance that were still there.
• As progress on the ship repair continued well, Ryn spotted a massive collection of enemy forces moving towards the docks, and it would not be long before they might prove a great distraction and possibly even threaten to overrun them. Emack had brought all the key crew members back to life by this point and Bo’sun had mostly made it so that The Black Pearl was at least sailable. In order to destroy all of the approaching enemies Emack once more tapped into a new spell. This time, for one of the only times, Emack used an offensive spell, and summoned a meteor from the heavens in order to strike down the approaching army horde.
• It was then after that stage that all of the pirates’ Book of Cain pendants burst into smoke and melted from their chains. To further demonstrate what had all happened, all three of Francisco’s glorious towers vanished into the wall of light of The Alabaster Wanderer.
• Now that The Black Pearl was repaired enough to be Warren worthy, and their important crew members were revived, Jack pulled out his trusted compass, and demanded that the old hunk of junk point him towards the next reality fragment. It pointed forward, and as Jack walked around the mast the compass always pointed towards the mast. Jack looked up, and saw another flag flying below his own pirate jolly roger, a tattered and battered flag that was actually the Fragment of Bravery, rewarded for their standing within the city, and trying to help everyone else that they could. They grabbed the flag, and then Jack came to an important realization. He addressed the crew, and informed them all that he expected The Alabaster Wanderer must be in possession of the final Reality Fragment that they would need to make the new world. Jack therefore gave everyone a choice, the ability to stay at the docks and try to protect themselves, or to ride in with Jack to attempt to do battle with an enemy that seems invincible, that has the power to destroy worlds, and that they probably would not survive against. Not a single person left, they all agreed that they would sail with their captain to the very end. The powers of The Black Pearl’s warren travel chair had it so that it began to fly in to the city. Fynn asked Emack if he would like bo have The Wicked Wench carried into battle by a dragon. Emack accepted, and the two ships began to fly through the air towards their final opponent.
• As they began traveling forward, Balthazar informed Jack that thanks to one of his powers given by his incredibly potent Divine gift from C’iel to be able to initiate a Yihad, calling forth all powerful individuals that have a share in their interests to arrive in order to try and strike down the enemy with them as well. Jack has him do so, and so Balthazar calls forth as many powerful people as he can. He summons the dragons and forces of the Tiste Andii, powerful mages such as Bauchelain, Korbal Broach, and Iskaral Pust, the Malazan Army and Claw, and countless others.
• This tact inspired Bo’sun, and so he grabbed Jack, told Ryn to get her scrying mirror ready for turning into a portal again, and then Jack and Bo’sun vanished into the Arena Fragment.
• When they arrive Jack wants to know what he has to do. Then he sees what Bo’sun called. Bo’sun pulled in with them every individual that has ever felt oppressed, looked down upon, or rejected, all of the outcasts of the world, so that they can stand and fight against what claims to be delivering purity and unity by destroying everything. Jack expresses these sentiments to the gathered crowd for Bo’sun, and the huddled masses (which include the circus of the Fallen God from back in Unta) to join them in the assault also. They have Ryn use her Scying Mirror to turn into a portal so that all of them can join them upon the ships in order to begin the battle.
• Upon return this massive collection of the world’s remaining champions, they all loomed above a single, man-sized entity. The Alabaster Wanderer continued to walk forward patiently, its glowing white robes, hidden hands, and basking light where its face would otherwise be standing as an incredible beacon of purity in the surrounding destruction. It stopped walking forward when it saw the arrayed forces before it. The Alabaster Wanderer inquired if these foolish mortals believed that numbers would be enough to help in vanquishing them, when nothing from any previous world had been able to so much as tarnish their robes. Bo’sun said that it couldn’t hurt to have numbers on their side. The Alabaster Wanderer then set about informing its opponents just how out of their league they truly were.
• “You foolish entities believe that we refer to ourselves as multiple entities out of some kind of arrogance, such as royalty of some of the worlds. This is a mistaken concept.” A second form of The Alabaster Wanderer then appeared beside the next. “We are the vengeance of Reality, and there is one of us for every world that ever was, that ever is, and that ever could come into existence. Each of us holds the power to destroy a world within our grasp.” More and more Alabaster Wanderers continued to appear. “Any one of us has the power to end what was started so long ago. Now this world, and the one final one hidden behind it shall fall. Only one of us needs to survive in order to complete the work, and none of us have ever fallen. What makes you think that you have any hope against us.” At this point there were a seemingly endless number of Alabaster Wanderer’s standing before the wall of light. “Now you, the final impediments in our path will die.”
• Jack attempts to inspire his forces to begin the final attack, but The Alabaster Wanderer is in no mood to allow these filthy, corrupt entities to speak, and so a wave of Alabaster Wanderer’s surge forward to strike Jack, their hands one glowing pure black, and the other pure white. Fynn comments that its hands hold too many absolutes for them to judge. A wave of magic shields, and projectiles lash into the Alabaster Wanderer’s, many having to change their course from Jack as the power of the Reality Fragments allows the pirates to interact with them. Another Alabaster Wanderer appears behind Jack, and thrusts forward one of its hands. How blood splashes across the deck of The Black Pearl.
• Kruppe falls to his knees, a massive hole in his chest from The Alabaster Wanderer’s attack. Kruppe sighed, and in as shortwinded a manor as possible for Kruppe he said that he didn’t expect to go out like this, but that he leaves the fate of the world in the hands of Jack and his friends, and that he has a secret for them, because he knows where the last Reality Fragment is. As Kruppe’s smile begins to freeze on his lips, the final Reality Fragment appears before Jack, the Fragment of Miracles. With all 100 Reality Fragments gathered the Fragment of Miracles activates before the next wave of attacks could come from The Alabaster Wanderer.
• From the power of the Fragment of Miracles, all the powerful individuals of all destroyed worlds were able to arise and get one final attempt to fight back for the sanctity of the worlds, this time being able to harm The Alabaster Wanderer. As each collection of defenders of worlds appeared they pulled one of the Alabaster Wanderers into a sub-dimension with which to do battle against them. Vincent and Balthazar vanished to fight with the colleagues from their own world, and all of the other allies from Malaz took their own fights with other Alabaster Wanderers as well.
• When all was said and done there was only one Alabaster Wanderer left, and it stood against Jack, Emack, Bo’sun, Ryn, Elspeth, Fynn, and Applejack. The Alabaster Wanderer reminded them that only one of it would need to win in order to destroy all the worlds, so their fight might hold no meaning. All the pirates simply gave it a serious looked of unabashed intent, except Jack who grinned with his usual flair.
• It was time for the end to get underway.

From Oblivion to Twilight
Nothingness reaches from full hearts.

• Day 212 near dusk, doing battle against Omega, Lord of Infinity, trapped within the Fragment of Omega.
• Jack charges in and goes for a disarm attempt, but then Omega blocks, knocks the sword aside, and unleashes Inocentius Terminis which Emack tries to block, but it tears through tears through the shield and strikes all of them with the terrifying unholy strike, Bo’sun losing access to Erudition and Weight Elimination, Fynn losing Increased Damage, and Vincent loses Armor of Arcane Energy and Armor of Greater Energy. Bo’sun drops powers and many are sent flying around. This sends all of the space tearing and flying all directions away from Omega, towards him. Ryn then, regaining her composure fires a White Wood arrow at him, and it strikes Omega incredibly solidly. Ryn then fires her last arrow for the chance that she can finish this fight. The arrow flies through the air, impaling Omega solidly through the head, and dropping him to his knees. Then reality curves backwards upon itself so that he is completely regenerated. Then Ryn takes the shot again after time, this arrow flying even more truly, with it being even more potent than the last, the arrow killing and keeping Omega dead after several more attempts for him to re-write reality. Omega collapses and fades away into reality, then all of the corners of space in order to begin collapsing all of the gears downwards. Bo’sun tries to catch Jack, but he decides to let himself continue to fall downwards with the force of it all. They fall, as the world begins to disintegrate around them, and then they vanish, to reappear on The Falling Dragon.
• They all come back, Emack free Heals everybody up, Jack decides to go back to his room to get drunk, Jafar begins drinking some rum, Ryn takes the birds into town to go shopping (they aren’t interested in the things they see there, since they saw things like chests of cursed gold through Ryn’s scrying glass), Fynn and Applejack go in order to hit the town dancing and drinking. Emack reads The Book of the Dead and gets turned into a superior undead by it out of interest, learning much more as well, including playing around with his birds in order to try and figure out all of the new uses from Book of the Dead. The Fragrant Ring is passed around in order to heal up everyone’s Zeon. Bo’sun randomly carves up some of the chairs, and also some of the benches from the ships in order to make some more arrows for Ryn, symbolic for their friendship, which makes Ryn shake her head, take the arrows, and walk away. They also use the Fragment of Omega to give them back all of the powers that were stolen from them from a very bitter Omega, Ryn also took her arrows back, and then they had a fair long argument regarding the value of destroying the world, and Jack telling Omega he needs to get himself a girl. Jack is sad that Lynn doesn’t have new stock for them all, and is slightly weirded out by Emack’s new zombie form, taunting that he won’t be able to get it up. They wait for five hours for all the regeneration of Zeon and drinking, and Jack catching up with Isabella and Dina, both of whom wanted to know what was going on with Jack’s new form. He simply said that he had “Been going through some shit,” that they should ignore it, and that then they should catch up for all the lost time from monster grinding.
• Emack went with Instant Transmission 800 Feet five times per day, See Spirits, See Matrices, Extrasensory Detection, and Chameleonic Camouflage. Emack learned a great many more spheres with his new undead power.
• Day 213, shortly after dawn.
• Having all had some time to relax, and also to recuperate, they decide that it is time for them to enter the final Optional boss fragment that they have access to.
• They enter the Fragment of Twilight’s Edge.
• They soon entered the strange arena once more, 12 pillars, gleaming stone, and stained glass window clock. The colossal Violet Crystal containing Lord Jeremiah still rested in the center, flanked by the conflicting forms of Melodee and Grrzutt. The two demons both commented on the fact that it seemed the pirates seem to have come back for another attempt. The two of them then commented on the fact that it looks like they’ll get to destroy them once more. The pirates countered with the fact that they expect things to go quite differently for them this time. Both sides grinned as the disintegration field clicked to 1 O’clock, with Grrzutt and Melodee deciding on the same Mage and Fighter division.
• Fynn decides to try his luck with the disintegration field to try and get at Melodee, taking damage and seeing the strange sights, but make it through taking searing pain in the process. Then he brings his Blistige Rose on her, managing to strike her with the blade, making her look very unhappy as it strikes her, but then comes Fynn’s Baby’s Nail, stabbing her incredibly solidly, she makes paralysis resist, and the critical strikes into her left forearm and twisting the arm horribly in the process. Ryn fires her first White Wood arrow at Melodee between the eyes, and charges Ki, and the arrow goes right through her head. She falls to her knees, turning to Grrzutt to say that they appear to have grown stronger, and then falls down and dies. Ryn fires her other two arrows at Grrzutt, striking the great monster solidly both times. Jack waits, while Vincent charges and waits beside the great beast. Seeing her killing Melodee, Grrzutt charges Ryn, batting her back with the claw, striking her for no damage, knocking her into the disintegration field which begins to harm her. Grrzutt then gets to her again, its claw slicing into her solidly and terribly to throw her into the ceiling for a crushing blow, in order to bite her solidly again and throw her into the floor. Thanks to the temporary health from Emack she was able to survive. Elspeth charges Zeon. Balthazar charges some Ki and charges Grrzutt with his divine holy blade, the blade carving solidly through the demonic flesh. Applejack moves in for a punch, hitting the great beast. Jafar charges zeon. Bo’sun charges and brings the axe down first and then Rah’s Lawgiver, hitting the beast solidly both times, and accumulating some Ki. Emack accumulates zeon, and also uses Superior Innate Magic on Ryn in addition to the magic he charged, to repair her some. Ryn passively moves out of the doom field the way it is not spreading, passively charges some Zeon, and then fires her three arrows at Grrzutt’s face, striking it solidly all three times. Then she charges some Ki and makes one final attack, which also strikes the great beast most potently. Ryn fires another 3 arrows at a Surprised Grrzutt, striking it all solidly over and over again. Emack charges more zeon, giving Ryn another 2 free Heals for free. Jack continues blipping around for fun. Fynn moves around a bit, and then throws a mass volley of horde of stilettos and daggers at Grrzutt, Jack appearing behind the volley of attacks. The horde of tiny metal blades of death struck into Grrzutt to almost slow down his regeneration. Grrzutt then charges Ryn, Emack deploys his super shield, Grrzutt brings his first claw in, but the shield stops it, the shield also stops the Second Claw, and then the bite comes in, which is easily stopped by the shield. Grrzutt growls at Emack, and Emack replied “I’ve gotten better since last time wolf boy.” Elspeth accumulates zeon and fires 3 Light Beams, the first two hitting the beast solidly, with the third being intercepted by Emack before she shoots herself in the foot. Applejack swings in again, hitting the beast once more, and begins transforming. Jafar casts Heal on Fynn to get him back to full. Balthazar then swings with his holy sword for another very solid attack. Vincent charges Ki and waits. Bo’sun activates Viscious Strikes, and swings in 3 times with the axe and once with the Lawgiver, the first nearly staggering the monster, the second giving him a small dazing critical, and the third tears through its ribs and completely dies in the pain. Then the souls of the two demons go into the violet crystal, which cracks and begins to break, so Bo’sun charges the destroying crystal, but it blasts him back. Then Lord Jeremiah emerges from it all…
• Lord Jeremiah discusses and talks over everything, regarding tehm defeating his combanions and now seeing if they are actually worthy of his time. Ryn fires a trio of arrows, White Wood, not Bo’sun’s friendship arrow, but the first arrow bounces away to no effect. Bo’sun says it is because it wasn’t a friendship arrow. Then the second arrow fires, hitting for some. Then the third, which is stopped by the armor. Jack is then told he is next, but he doesn’t seem to have much to do, and so stands on Bo’sun’s head. Vincent, seeing his old foe, charges Lord Jeremiah and swings with Masamune, batting it aside with one hand, and also batting aside the second attack. Vincent charges Ki and waits, watching. Fynn goes in with the Blistige Rose on Electricity, but Lord Jeremiah bats it aside. Then the follow-up Baby Nail, but it is also stopped. Lord Jeremiah, a wheel appears in order to determined who is attacked, and it is Bo’sun. The two chains snake out towards him, but the shield stops it, taking a miniscule amount of damage, until Lord Jeremiah rewrites his own rules to make it inflict 1200 Damage to the shield instead. The second chain is also stopped. Lord Jeremiah also charges Zeon. Bo’sun wonders if he should simply try to take it instead, and Bo’sun suggests trying to take one to see what happens. Balthazar charges in using his divine blade with Ki technique, but the armor stops the damage. Elspeth fires a Light Beam at Lord Jeremiah, who fumbles but the armor is able to take the hit. Emack casts Flowing Blood (+20 All Action, 15 LP a turn), and then also attempts to cast Exsanguinate on Lord Jeremiah, but he is able to resist the spell. Dragon Applejack moves and tries to bite and claw, but Jeremiah knocks it away easily. Jafar charges Zeon. Bo’sun goes in to attack with the Axe, but Jeremiah catches it and turns it aside. Then the Lawgiver comes in, which nearly hurts him, and accumulates some Ki. Ryn fires another three arrows at Lord Jeremiah’s face, but the first doesn’t hurt him, the second does more of the same, and the third is knocked aside. Ryn then takes her final arrow shot of the pass, turning on your Black Spot in the process, but she fumbles and so Lord Jeremiah abuses the rules text in order to brand all of his enemies so that Jeremiah receives the +50 attack bonus. Jack takes a drink, wanders around, and ponders life and things. Ryn fires her arrow, and this one does indeed hit him for damage. Balthazar attacks once more, but Jeremiah stops it. Then he fires another pair of chains towards Bo’sun, Emack tries to stop the first, but it snakes through, hitting Bo’sun for 18, until Jeremiah snaps his fingers and it becomes 180. Emack stops the second for another 1200 points to the shield. Vincent activates Masamune’s technique to try and demolish Lord Jeremiah in a single blow, the first attack, shears through his defense and drops him down to his spiritual barrier, but Vincent unloads his additional attacks anyway, this one on Balthazar, but instead Emack blocks for it and his shied takes another 420 points, Emack also blocks Vincent’s attack on Fynn, and also swings the last strike at Bo’sun but Emack is able to stop it, and then the Iced Earth Blade at Applejack but Emack stops it as well and the shield only takes 220. Fynn rolls a coin over his knuckles. Bo’sun thinks Jack may have to try and disarm Vincent if he keeps that up again. Emack requests Jafar feeds Emack more Zeon. Emack casts Champion on Bo’sun. Elspeth accumulates, as does Bo’sun puts away his Lawgiver in order to draw his shield and activates the water shield. Jafar sends 130 Zeon over to Emack, which he appreciates. Applejack waits. Ryn also waits for the shield to drop. Ryn fires an arrow at Lord Jeremiah, who draws his blade to defend against it, unleashing the unholy shriek that will attempt to tear out their souls, reducing Vincent to be trapped within his coffin, and making Applejack and Elspeth both die as blood gushes from their every pore, looking up feebly at those they care about in order to die. Emack does nothing but maintains spells. Jack moves in to try and disarm Lord Jeremiah with all the fatigue he can muster, striking the blade, actually managing to disarm Lord Jeremiah, who dares to challenge and remove his sword, which begins to devour the floor where it landed. Ryn sees that the crystal shards have fallen and cannot form his protection and immune field now. Emack moves so that he might be able to grab it, and considers tentacle grabbing Twilight’s Edge, but leaves it as he sees the damage that it is ensuing to the environment. Jeremiah then uses one chain to fetch Twilight’s Edge and bring it back to him, mulls over who to chain until Jack volunteers, and luckily Emack stops it. Then Lord Jeremiah brings out Twilight’s Edge, calls Imprisoning Dreams, but Emack stops the infernal attack, his shield taking 1300 points, and him being deafened until his next turn. Fynn then brings the Baby Nail in first, striking solidly, and then followed up by Blistige Rose with 5 Fatigue, again striking very solidly to drive him to one knee, almost make him lose zeon but Lord Jeremiah bends the rules to get them back. Balthazar accumulates, Bo’sun Accumulates, Jafar sends Emack 75 Zeon, and Ryn waits. Jack rescues all of the corpses of their fallen fellows away from the disintegration field. Ryn fires another White Wood Arrow, striking Lord Jeremiah solidly in the face, striking him solidly in the face, making him demand Ryn do the math on the damage again, but is still enough to actually kill him. He attempts to begin charging his special attack Hand of The Game Master in order try and destroy all of them, putting a large number of the massive collection of souls into the power of his Twilight’s Edge sword, but before he can finish activating the blade, and so falls and dies. Fynn stares down at the fallen body that killed the woman he loves, and mauls the body until all that is left is the smeared blood and Twilight’s Edge.
• With silence all around them, the pirates began trying to gather up all of their items once more. Fynn, grieving for the loss of Applejack transforms into his dragon form, begins roaring in agony and loss, and begins tearing down the stone surrounding them. On the other side of the stone was an endless sky filled with swirling purple stars. Fynn kept on tearing it down. Ryn gathered up her arrows. Emack free healed everyone that he could, but both he and Jafar admitted the fact that neither of them could do anything for their deceased comrades. Bo’sun decided to try and pick up the cursed Twilight’s Edge that was trying to devour all that it touched, in order to have yet another, terribly overpowered weapon. With Bo’sun lifting it up stared at the beautiful blade, and then his entire arm exploded up to his shoulder, leaving nothing but bone and extreme pain. With shouting from the others, Bo’sun listened and dropped the cursed blade, not wanting to touch it again. Emack restored Bo’sun’s arm. Jack however, wasn’t so afraid as to not try to pick it up again, and so decided to wander over to the blade himself. He brought out the hope stone, and the absurdity bell, and poked the sword while using both. From inside the blade came Lord Jeremiah of Twilight’s Edge bored voice. He demanded to know what he would now need to put up with now that they have already been vanquished by such lesser beings. Jack simply asked Jeremiah what he had been hoping for and intending to try and do with utilizing all of his powers to try and change the world. Lord Jeremiah simply told him that his dream was to create a world in which all were given a fair shot, where the wealthy and fortunate had no more then those less fortunate in normal worlds, for them all to have the same options and chances. He wished to strip the social standings and grant a place where merit and hardwork would be rewarded, and where all people could produce whatever kind of future they longed for. All of the pirates agreed that that was exactly the kind of world they were trying to make anyway. Lord Jeremiah, intrigued by the possibility that such creatures might actually desire to create a world similar to what he wanted, asked what Jack would try and force him to do with his powers then.
• By this point Fynn had torn down all the walls and ceiling, leaving only the stone floor and giant stained-glass clock. The stained glass was shattered in a blast of electrical breath weapon.
• Jack, waving Twilight’s Edge around rather willy-nilly, told Lord Jeremiah that all he would have to do would be to stay inside the sword and then come out at the time when he needs them, and to give them back their two fallen comrades. Lord Jeremiah returned Applejack and Elspeth to them, and said that he would be waiting for the time when he would pay this debt of defeat.
• Day 215, Dusk
• They reappear on the ship, learning that once more slightly more then a day has passed since their last departure. Having vanquished all of the optional Fragments, they decide to celebrate for the evening and relax. Fynn and Applejack fly off towards the Tower of Cain, to add some new marks onto the giant book atop the tower.
• Ryn takes Snuggly and Sparkly shopping, but they don’t find anything new what with having seen so many valuable items through the scrying glass, including a chest filled with 1000 Gold Pieces that look to have skulls upon them.
• Other general relaxation, and fraternization, ensues in celebration of all their victories.
• Day 216 Dawn
• Emack begins to work on his Book of the Dead to start experimenting on his birds.
• Fynn and Applejack have Deckard marry them (he wears a very strange robe of many colours and patterns), and marries the two of them.
• They only see it as having two real options remaining to gathering Reality Fragments, Prince Lucanor Giovanni, and Esorchan. They discuss what they should do, and via what method.
• Bo’sun, under Jack’s orders challenges Lucanor to a battle in the Arena. As he was told to perform the 1-on-1 duel option Emack’s magic on him is dropped, and only Bo’sun vanishes into the Arena. The others are a little surprised to have been left behind, since they aren’t sure what they should do to try and watch it. Then Ryn brings down her scrying glass and sets it to peer into the Arena. With a tap of the Absurdity Bell Jack turns the scrying glass into a portal that allows most of the crew to appear through it in order to watch the amazing fight that will ensue.
• The stands contain much of the pirate armada of Sir Admiral Captain Jack Sparrow, Prelate of the Order of Knowledge on one side, Lucanor’s cat Daaku on the other, and in the center, observing it all, were Esorchan, Suitengu, and a 12 foot tall, 8 foot wide black metal box.
• Lucanor compliments Bo’sun on having the confidence to face him in one-on-one combat for all of the Reality Fragments that both sides had gathered. LUcanor goes on to say that he will only be using one of his collection, placing a Fragment of a Chime (crystalline and silver chime containing the memories and experiences of the powerful mage Mordenkainen), Fragment of a Tome (a massive chain bound book containing the memories of the powerful, and isolationist, summoner Shen-Yu), and the Fragment of a Sphere (a large puzzle sphere that was being studied by the academic Baerin Dannils). He then brought out the Fragment of a Golden Throne, containing the memories of the ruling lineage of the Sacred Empire of Abel from the world of Gaia, which he was the last blood descendent of, and transformed it into the golden blade Seoman Kephas, a bastard sword which gleams golden and appears as an angel’s wing. They were prepared to begin.
• Esorchan looked over the competitors, and said that once this battle concluded, he and Suitengu would do battle with the winning faction in order to finalize which group should possess all of the Reality Fragments and be able to create a new world. The pirates weren’t too keen on the idea, but given that they were in Suitengu’s arena they didn’t really see a way to avoid it.
• The battle commenced.
• Lucanor comes in first, using his Heaven’s Blade in order to strike with Seoman Kephas, carving solidly into Bo’sun. Luckily he was taking hits, and counters in order to hit Lucanor very solidly with both weapons, nearly dropping him, and slightly staggering him. Then Lucanor attacks with Seoman Kephas and Heaven’s Blade in order to fully cleave into Bo’sun. Bo’sun responds by activating Viscious Strikes, burning 5 Fatigue Points, Lucanor uses Fatigue and Destiny Points in order to take it as a glancing attack, then the Lawgiver comes around, and thanks to an enormously powerful attack cleaved Lucanor’s head from his shoulders. The head rolled across the sand, blood tumbling from its lips, and with its last breath it muttered regarding his hope that these people would create the world he had hoped for. Daaku then gathered up Lucanor’s remains, and with a fierce growling hiss made its way out of the Arena (much to Ryn’s pleasure).
• Esorchan, Suitengu, and the massive metal box then made their way down into the arena. Esorchan gestured for the other group from the pirates to join their comrade. The pirates within the arena were the traditional group of Jack, Bo’sun, Emack, Ryn, Fynn, Elspeth, Applejack, Jafar, Balthazar, and Vincent. Esorchan informed them that Suitengu would be fighting with him in order to try and avenge the loss of Nadiel (hateful glare from Suitengu to Elsepth). He continued by saying that he would like to inform them as to the actual reason why he wishes to create a new world, but that before he did so he should show them the final Fragment that he kept with him after they took all the others. From a pouch at his waist Esorchan drew out a large piece of brilliant green stone. He spoke loudly and clearly “Annulus.” The Fragment regenerated into thick ring, 1 foot in diameter, gleaming with incredibly potent power. A flash of green light filled the arena, and all of the pirates fell to the ground, writhing in the worst pain any of them had ever experienced. All of their Reality Fragments had ceased working at once.

Omega, Shadow of the End
Release the infinite potential of destruction.

• Day 212, midday upon the boat.
• Jack is feeling that they could use a nap after all of the excitement, asking Millenium if she has any of that tea already made up. She asks if anyone else needs to rapidly level up, but no one else does so Millenium suggests she probably shouldn’t, because it is incredibly difficult to find the leaves, so she isn’t sure if she should make the tea just for the one. Then she goes back up to the crow’s nest. Jack decides that he then has to go for an incredibly long nap.
• Fynn naps for 40 minutes to start learning Elemental Immunity: Electricity.
• Bo’sun and Ryn are both disturbed by the searing pain in their throats. Ryn freaks out, curses Jack, and then ignores it. Bo’sun runs to the cabin, kicks on the door, and has Isabella and Dina answer it. The two women then look at him, and say that Jack is his problem now, before the two women leave. Bo’sun goes in to try and wake the captain up by talking to him, then again mistakes that he has to touch his forehead and think it at him, trying to explain what happened. Jack reminds Bo’sun that that is not how the communication works at all. Then Bo’sun notices that Jack is now massively muscled, and powered up by many a thing. Jack explains that he had a conversation in a dream with a woman that said she liked what Jack was doing with the maintaining of freedom, and she wanted to make him better at it, and then he leveled up some as well, and is now better (Maintaining Total Increase at Zen, Extra Attacks, Vice for having to be freedomy and leading others to freedom, Increase Sustained Powers, +1 Agility, +1 Willpower, Psychic Consumption, Psychic Exhaustion.) The two arm wrestle, and miraculously Jack wins.
• Fynn comes out with his throat burning, but knowing the Ki Technique he wanted to early.
• In the crow’s nest, Millenium smiles as she puts a boiling kettle back away.
• Emack offers to give everyone else major buffs, but it will cost them life in the process. He thinks it will be bigger for this next one. Fynn is fine if it doesn’t result in his heart jumping out of his chest, Jack and Bo’sun are fine with it, Jafar doesn’t like it but will let it happen if it must. Jack doesn’t like it when he hears just how bad it could go. The vote has it authorized.
• Midday 212
• Jack asks which Fragment they should do next. Bo’sun thinks they should activate some of the power of the other Fragments they have already beaten in order to do things better. Jack says that they probably could if they need to, to try and solve some of it and make them better. They have the Ice Palace (Fynn doesn’t like cold), The Button (Which Vincent wants), and the Fragment of Undeath. Bo’sun taps the Fragment of Undeath, asking what it does, saying that it buffs those that already suffer from not being alive. Bo’sun asks if it could make him undead and Ryn is the only actually undead member, so they give it to Ryn, which replaces her old skull and gives her a +50 All Action Bonus. Vincent gets The Button, since he was the one that did essentially all of the damage to The Reaper, and The Button rejected Bo’sun for not destroying it. The Reaper allowed Vincent to take its powers since the two of them had each killed the other in different worlds and so they can then deliver death to others, and so Vincent is given The Reaper Pistols for new weapons. Then they had the Fragment of an Ice Palace left. They inquired as to what it could do, and Mordentina answered their questions, since Dumpling was busy discussing with Mordencainen regarding what he was supposed to do with regards to helping raise his daughter now that he was trapped with them. When asking what power they could ask for from the power of the Fragment, Mordentina offered to give them access to the wide array of mystic powers that she, and her mother, have access to. Given the fact that Elspeth had been the first person to receive the fragment, and carried it with her, and protected it despite it being incredibly useless to them and killed them, she was able to get access to the powers. This gave her full access to Omtose Phellack, and also a massive collection of Metamagic Spheres to enhance her power.
• Then came the time to determine the next boss to fight. They had two options, Fragment of Omega (that they didn’t know what they were up against), or Fragment of Twilight (which went really bad for them the last time). Jack mulled it over for a few moments, pretending to have to think about it, and then activated Fragment of Omega.
• The pirates found themselves within a strange pocket reality. They stood upon what appeared to be a massive gear, its edge so far as to only be visible to Ryn’s inhuman senses, her Ki Detection suggesting that the edge was many miles away. The sky around them was filled with the turning forms of countless other gears. Before them loomed a colossal prison of gleaming crystal, so many layers deep that nothing could really be made out of the interior except for a slight shadowed darkness. Standing before the crystal prison was a man with deep blue skin, shining crimson hair, and garbed in exceptional clothes of otherworldly quality. Held casually in one hand was a blade made of integrated organic flesh, steal, and crystal, in the form of a crimson long sword radiating dreadful power. This entity greeted the pirates by commenting that it was about time some fragment of their old wretched souls finally appeared to release him from his imprisonment. The pirates commented to him that they had never met him before and that he might very well be mistaken regarding their owing him something. After all, they didn’t even know his name. The entity introduced itself as Omega, saying that it doesn’t surprise him that they wouldn’t remember, their souls being too weak to remember old debts owed from several worlds ago, leaving him trapped after all the assistance he provided them, only to have his world destroyed. Bo’sun simply shrugs, and says that if they owe releasing him they might as well get to it then, charging the crystal prison and striking it with his Fragment Axe, sending great cracks echoing throughout the enormous, godly prison. Omega grins as it watches the cracks spread. Emack and Ryn wonder if they should actually be freeing this thing when they know nothing about it. Jack helps to end that charming conversation by stating this is just what they do, and charges the prison with his golden Rune Blade. The combined assaults from Jack and Bo’sun result in the prison shattering into countless glittering fragments, and Omega vanishing. Then the echoing laughter could be heard.
• Standing in the center of the gear, where the prison had been mere moments before, stood the most terrifying and awe inspiring monster any of them had ever seen. Over 50 feet tall at the shoulder, and several times that in length without even counting its enormous bladed tail, was a beast that radiated both holy and infernal energy to dwarf that of greater angels and demons. Its body was draconic, decorated in horns and growths that appeared to have the glittering decorative carvings of religious buildings. Six enormous skeletal dragon heads twitched and moved across its back, eyeing the pirates as a cat would a mouse, elemental fire of different types gleaming in each of their draconic eyes. Mounted upon the front of the body like some horrifying centaur was Omega’s torso, horns piercing through his hair, and the wicked weapon he wielded now appearing as a titanic halberd being clutched in his grasp. Jack asked this new Omega what it would do with its freedom. The beast laughed, and growled that it would fulfill its role as Lucifer and reduce all worlds to nothingness. Emack commented on the fact that he was a little behind on that with The Alabaster Wanderer already doing that. Omega simply stated that this Wanderer would have no power compared to its own, and that it will destroy The Alabaster Wander before reducing the world to ash. In thanks for their releasing it, Omega offers to destroy the pirates first, to save them from the coming apocalypse. All the pirates agree that that isn’t a very good reward, but one can you expect from one that calls itself Lucifer. They prepare for battle.
• Ryn, Jack, and Bo’sun see a divine shield protecting all of Omega except for Ventus, but none of them actually say anything. Fynn charges in, bringing both his weapons in agains one of Omega Lucifer’s legs, but the attacks do nothing against him, so Fynn begins turning into a Dragon again. Jack sees what is going on, so he runs onto Omega’s back, since he can get anywhere in a single moment, bringing his sword down repeatedly on the undead Dragon head, killing it in two blows, but then finds that the divine shield is protecting everything else, so he wonders “Now what?! Now what?!”. Emack goes into a Spiritual Loop for 1 Turn, and then casts his Shield to protect everything, and also his Flowing Blood buff on everyone but Jack to make them much better, and also rapidly kill them. Ryn sees that everything still seems to be divinely shielded, she doesn’t so she passively accumulates Ki. Omega then has Lux go over all of them, except Jack, unleashes its column of divine, cleansing light upon all of them in a beam, but Emack’s shield is able to soak it up for heavy damage, and none of them are blinded. Then the other dragon heads move in to attack Emack and Jack, but the shield stops them all. Then Omega brings his Weapon in order to attack Emack. His shield stops it, but then he loses access to one of his spells from the Blood path as the weapon devours it from him. Balthazar and Vincent both move closer and charge Ki, but know they can’t do anything and so grimace. Jafar charges Ki. Bo’sun flies forward, throws his Lawgiver at the humanoid bit of Lucifer, but the blade strikes and does nothing but fall to the ground. Elspeth tries to analyze the shield, but it is too strong, so she charges Zeon. Applejack then transforms into a dragon. Seeing that the shield is now down on Ignis, Jack charges it, bringing his sword down in another flurry of attacks, destroying yet another head as Ignis falls to the ground and disintegrates, Jack then braces himself. Vincent doesn’t want to be close to the others in case of another beam happening, and so tries to jump onto Omega in order to get further away, getting under one of the head’s necks, charges Ki and waits. Ryn lets her Ki pool drop and does nothing. Emack drops Flowing Blood, since it is too big a pain in the ass, then runs straight left to try and get away, motioning the others to run away as well. Balthazar charges Ki. Applejack flies away from the other pirates. Fynn does likewise. Bo’sun decides to fly towards his sword and charges Ki. Elspeth charges Zeon, and another Magic Appraisal, then an Occult but it still doesn’t help. Then Omega turns all the power it has over onto Jack. Gravity, cold, and darkness, and a dragon bite all fall on him, but do nothing to him. Then comes the Spear of Destiny, the shield is able to stop it, and he also doesn’t lose any of his supernatural power. Jafar accumulates Zeon. Ryn waits. As Terra becomes vulnerable, Ryn fires a White Wood Arrow at it, hitting it incredibly solidly. Jack waits, as he has drawn much agro (some from monsters, others from a slightly bitter DPS player). Vincent holds his action because it looked like Bo’sun really wants to do something. Emack observes the situation, and relaxes. Blathazar unleashes his Dancing Flames to strike the unprotected head, destroying it in a blast of golden flames. Applejack flies a little higher. Omega sicks his 3 remaining dragon heads on Balthazar, but Emack protects all of them. Then the Spear of Destiny on Jack, but Emack stops it, losing access to the spell Morale forever. Fynn flies a little higher, doing a barrel role. Jafar heals himself, Emack, and Fynn with a trio of heals. Bo’sun picks up his sword, and tries to axe Omega’s limbs, but does nothing once more. Elspeth casts Speed In Battle in order to buff them. Jack then tries to Persuade the Divine Shield to go away forever and not come back, but it doesn’t listen to him for some reason, then tiptoes around Omega’s back. Jafar accumulates zeon. Ryn fires a White Wood Arrow at Crystalis, hitting it solidly. Vincent draws the Reaper Pistols, and asks them how they work, receiving the friendly Reaper Tutorial Screen with the FAQ’s. Emack continues to monitor. Omega unleashes the trio of Dragon heads on Emack. He blocks two, and the third one knicks him but not for damage. Then the Spear of Destiny is used at Balthazar, but Emack stops it and doesn’t lose any powers. Fynn unleashes a volley of claws and bites, followed by Applejack, who successfully tears the dragon head off and it disintegrates. Elspeth charges zeon. Bo’sun flies up to be by the head he hopes will become vulnerable. When Obscuritas becomes vulnerable, Ryn fires another arrow to successfully harm the Dragon Head. Jack brings out the Hope Stone and tries to talk down the shield around Omega, dropping the shield around the Lux head, and so Jack laughs at it heartily. Fynn attacks the one struck by the Ryn arrow, claws and bite coming in to strike the head very solidly, nearly tearing them off. Vincent stares at his guns trying to figure out which bullets to use, deciding on double Terror bullets, one at each head, destroying the wounded head Obscuritas, and wounding Lux. Baltahzar uses his fiery ranged fireblast once more on the last surviving head, hitting it solidly but it still refuses to die. Omega then acts, his dragon head attacks Jack, but Emack is able to stop. Then the Spear of Destiny attacks Emack, which his shield soaks up, but he loses Dream Stalker spell, and Final Protection, Internal Balance, Defender, Detect Harmony, Haven of Peace, Categorize, and Knowledge spells as well from the other hits. Applejack goes to maul Lux, claws and bite striking a bit more off. Elspeth then charges Zeon and fires 3 Light Beams at Lux, the first two destroy Lux, and then fired the final laser at its main body. Jafar charges zeon. Bo’sun flies up to neck height, casts Vicious Strikes and Savagery techniques, bringing in the doom axe first, striking an immense amount of health off of Omega. Then Ryn fires another two arrows, one at his left eye, wounding the great monstrosity incredibly solidly. Ryn then goes first, unleashing another trio of arrows into his left eye, nearly demolishing Omega through such damage. Vincent fires a pair of Rage Bullets at Omega, hitting for more solid damage. Applejack tries to demolish Omega, using her claws and bite to try and attack into its flesh, raking it. Jack charges the main bit of Omega, bringing his sword down in a glorious destruction of light.
• Then the entire body explodes, destroying the body and shattering the gear, sending people flying in all directions. Bo’sun, Applejack and Fynn all fly to stay near Emack, while Jack and Ryn both acrobatics onto the tiny shattered piece of gear that Emack ended up on. Balthazar, Jafar, and Elspeth were all blasted into very different directions then they originally expected, ending up outside Emack’s shield. A column of divine light falls down in order to form a massive stairway of light. Walking down from this stairwell is Omega, now only a man of blue skin, nearly ten feet tall, firery red hair decorating his head. Only a crimson and golden loincloth trailed long down behind him, and his eyes made it nearly impossible for the pirates to even meet his gaze. Ten wings emerged from his back, half angelic and half demonic, while his forehead was crowned in glorious horns that gave him an even more majestic and divine form. Then, still grasped in his hand was the terrifying blade, Logninus, once more as the organic and terrifying blade. Omega compliments them on being able to reach this stage, and says that it is time for them to test their true powers.
• Jack blinks to grab Elspeth and Balthazar, and brought them back to Emack. Ryn takes her arrow shot at Omega’s left eye, hitting and staggering him. Vincent charges some Ki, draws Masamune, then attempts to jump onto a different piece of debris, but he hits his head and begins tumbling through the null space. Balthazar charges Ki. Omega then melts into darkness, appears 500 feet behind them, and Surprises Emack to have the blade materialize inside Emack, wounding him and sealing Shadow of Fear and Eyes of the Other side. Emack plans to throw up Flowing Blood at Intermediate. Fynn goes to fly over to Vincent and pulls him out of the abyss, saying he will throw Vincent at Omega next time. Jafar heals back Emack, Bo’sun, and Applejack. Applejack begins charging her breath weapon. Elspeth fires a Light Beam at Omega, but he blocks it with his sword. Bo’sun flies to one chunk of gear and then jumps off, and almost makes it to Omega. Ryn then fires again at the left eye, hitting him once more. The last arrow she takes also does a solid hit, bringing up a brief barrier of invincibility that rapidly vanishes. Vincent waits to be thrown and charges some ki. Jack blinks over to Omega with his super speed, and then Jack tries to Disarm him because he is a person, but then Omega counterattacks with Undus Pandemonium, cleaving solidly through Jack with the dark powers that he has invested in the blade, sending Jack tumbling back towards the group, losing access to The Fragment of an Arbiter, losing his connection with Matthew Gaul. Emack casts Flowing Blood to give everyone +20 All Action, -15 LP a turn, except Jack. Ryn fires off Black Spot and Kraken’s Strike in order to Brand Omega. Appljack moves into range of the breath weapon, and keeps charging. Balthazar keeps charging Ki, and says that he will need some help getting to Omega. Fynn then throws Vincent as hard as he can, directly at Omega, and his aim is true, and Vincent unleashes Endless Strikes of Death upon his hated foe, Omega blocks the first attack, but the second threatens to completely destroy him, but Omega’s divine power of oblivion keeps him together, compliments Vincent’s powers and then says he will see how well they do. Vincent lands on a piece of debris right behind him. Balthazar climbs onto Fynn’s back, Elspeth charges Zeon. Jafar charges Zeon. Master Bo’sun unleashes the axe, but the shield of protection stops them all. Ryn fires a trio of arrows at Omega’s left eye, firing them all in order to hit them very solidly until the shield goes up and shatters the last against his invincibility shield. Elspeth charges zeon. Vincent charges Ki. Applejack holds her breath weapon for the turn. Emack waits. Fynn moves towards it as the battle station dragon, and charging breath weapon. Balthazar charges more Ki for his powers. Jafar Restores Jack for 300 LP so that he is back up and no longer dieing. Bo’sun then decides it is time to Aimed Attack Clothes in order to try and destroy Omega’s loincloth, and succeeded. Then came the time, when Omega figured it was time to show them all of his powers.

Of Reapers and Undeath
Worlds collide, bleed, and begin to descend.

• Day 211, inside the Fragment of Undeath, also with The Reaper there to haunt them.
• The horde of zombies attack all of the pirates, but they get in their own way, and do no damage to the shield that Emack pops up for everybody. The Nurmal charges Ryn and luckily Emack’s shield is able to protect for the bite and claws, but Nurmal then vanishes into the horde of zombies. The pirates didn’t like how quickly it moved, or the fact that it moved into the crowd. Vincent ignores the horde of zombies in order to focus on one of the things that he hates most, The Reaper, but can’t get to it, so he charges Ki and glares up at The Reaper. Ryn passively charged zeon, and fired one of her Moonlight Arrows up at The Reaper, hitting it solidly. Emack is sad to see blood flowing from the Reaper, and so nixes one of his strategies. Fynn takes a pair of Area Attacks on the horde of infinite zombies, cutting down a half-dozen before beginning to transform into a dragon. The Reaper fires its magnums, firing a red bullet at Bo’sun and another Red Bullet at Ryn, but Emack’s shield stops both. Emack can field that they are both magic, and that The Reaper is charging Zeon. Emack begins moving to try and get closer to Jack and Ryn. Then Jack uses Minor Psychokinesis, telling Vincent to hold on tight, then sends Vincent on top of one building, so that he can try and jump from one skyscraper to the next to try and attack The Reaper. Balthazar cuts down a dozen zombies as he looks for Nurmal. Elspeth fires a Light Beam at The Reaper which hurts it. Applejack kills a zombie and then begins to transform. Jafar charges zeon. Bo’sun throws his Lawgiver of Rah at The Reaper, striking him solidly with the blade, making it lose the Zeon it had charged, and staggering it, and sticking the Lawgiver in The Reaper. Bo’sun then swings his axe through in order to kill 14 zombies, then charged ki. Vincent then took his chance to jump from the one building to attack The Reaper, to hopefully land on the one across the street, cutting it solidly with Masamune and his Iced Earth Blade, then landing on the other building. Ryn fires another Moonlight Arrow at The Reaper, hitting it hard and charging more ki. Then Ryn fires and charges again, hitting it again. The zombies come in for another attack, but Emack’s shield easily takes it. Nurmal then emerges from the crowd and bites Bo’sun through a surprised Emack’s shields to bite Bo’sun lightly, but Bo’sun’s armor is able to take the second claw when he uses fatigue. There is something negative and necromantic now flowing through Bo’sun’s veins. Jack gains access to Ground Control and then pumps some mad Free PP into it, generating an enormous concrete cylinder 300 feet into the air to lead them to The Reaper, with stairs around the outside, big enough for Dragon Fynn. Jack then begins going up the stairs. Ryn then uses Ki Detection, but she can’t sense Nurmal through all the zombies, and so then fires a Moonlight Arrow straight up at The Reaper, hitting it solidly. Balthazar still can’t see Nurmal, so he kills another 2-dozen zombies die. Bo’sun is then targeted by another volley of Reaper Bullets this time that are Yellow, but Emack stops them both, so then he charges some of his Zeon. Emack then casts Pride on The Reaper, but The Reaper makes the save, so then Emack casts Speed in Battle to give all his allies 10 Initiative. Vincent then jumps at The Reaper, swinging with his blades to strike The Reaper incredibly solidly twice more. Dragon Fynn then begins climbing out of the cylinder with his massive claws, Applejack begins to fly out. Jafar charges some more Zeon. Bo’sun draws his magic shield, and activates his 300 LP water shield, then begins slowly flying up. Ryn fires a trio of Whitewood Arrows at The Reaper, hurting it solidly all three times. Then with her last pass she fires another White Wood arrow at The Reaper, hitting it solidly again. The zombies then swarm again, but Emack holds them off. Nurmal then plummets into the pit to try and attack Emack, his shield stopping the bite, and also the claw, then vanishing into the crowd of zombie. Vincent is then able to battle with The Reaper on the edge of the cylinder, so he hits solidly with both of his blades for solid damage and charges ki. Emack tells everyone to wait since he has a plan. Ryn no longer has an angle on the Reaper, so she listens to Emack. Jack keeps moving up, with a very strange angle from the other views. Balthazar and Elspeth wait. The Reaper fires a pair of bullets at the cylinder, aging the concrete slightly. Emack then goes into a Spiritual Loop, uses Spiritual Loop to get access to access Gain Magical Knowledge, to use Put To Rest and uses it to kill all the non-Nurmal zombies in a 375 foot radius, leaving only Nurmal left inside. Ryn fires three Whitewood Arrows, Balthazar charges with his sword, and Elspeth fires a Light Beam, but Nurmal is able to move as though he has no bones inside him, avoiding all of the attacks with ease. Fynn and Applejack keep making their way up the top, charging their breath weapons. Jafar charges zeon and keeps moving up the cylinder stairs. Bo’sun then charges with his axe, the attack tearing a great chunk out of the floor as Nurmal sidesteps it. Then Ryn fires another three arrows at Nurmal, the first two being evaded, while the third tears a great chunk from Nurmal’s chest, but it stays up. Ryn then inflicts Nurmal with The Black Spot, but his Spiritual Barrier protects him from more damage. Elspeth fires a Light Beam at Nurmal, but it dodges once more. Jack unleashes another Psychic Power, getting Ground Control off again, this time at Zen, using it to drop Nurmal 1 Mile straight down into the Earth, then shouts “Emack, close it!” Ryn then fires a Whitewood arrow straight down at Nurmal, striking it incredibly solidly. It gurgles unhappily, still ready to fight. Then The Reaper unleashed attacks on Vincent at point blank range. The first bullet hits Vincent but doesn’t hurt him, only staggers, the second is also a hit but no damage, and then unleashes a massive pillar of souls as an attack, but the shield is able to soak up the damage as well. Vincent charges Ki and mumbles hateful things at The Reaper. Fynn and Applejack then make their way over the lip and fire off both their breath weapons on The Reaper, unleashing heavy damage from them both, with Emack saving Vincent. Emack drops the Initiative buff and maintains his shield, and then puts a top on the pit, leaving a murder hole for Ryn to butcher a poor, trapped, super Nurmal. Balthazar then begins running up the stairs to fight The Reaper. Jafar continues walking up the stairs. Bo’sun then begins to fly up, puts away his shield, draws his other bastard sword, and then throws it at The Reaper, but misses and throws it at Jafar, but Jafar deflects it, although it dents his shield. Bo’sun ‘psychically’ and outloud apologizes to Jafar. Jafar replies “I hope that was an accident.” Ryn then fires another Whitewood arrow through the murderhole at Nurmal hitting it solidly, and still alive. On her third actions Ryn fires a Called Shot Ricochet upon The Reaper to hit it again. Ryn fires a Whitewood Arrow down at Nurmal, evicerating it and leaving it to die. Then a bubbling collection of necromantic muck that begins rising up through the one mile deep chasm. Jack then charges up the chasm and attacks The Reaper, blindly without his sighting, still hitting it very solidly with his golden Rune Sword. Vincent then unleashes Endless Strikes of Death, unleashing 7 attacks +1 with his Iced Blade, for a Grand Total of 6801 points of LP damage, destroying all of The Reaper. Then they vanish and appear back on the ship.
• It is late in the evening when they appear back on the ship again.
• Bo’sun tries to communicate with Jack regarding the whole psychic communication thing for how it actually works, Jack explaining that is only what he says he can hear, not what he thinks, with all the complicated thoughts and thinking of things and what is going on with what they are trying to do and things.
• Emack tries to heal Bo’sun’s bleeding, but it actually does nothing. They do not like the look of this, and aren’t sure what it will do. Bo’sun was going to ask about trying to get some of the Fragments back that he hoped he didn’t need when they were afraid the axe could do to him. Unfortunately for Bo’sun, all of the healers couldn’t do anything to tend the wounds, and Emack, Elspeth, and Jafar all found it that there was some form of incredibly potent necromantic in the poison that now coursed through Bo’sun’s veins. No one was sure what form of toxic energy it was, so while the others ensured that Bo’sun wouldn’t actually get any more of his old Fragments back, Emack brought out his Fragment of The Book of the Dead in order to try and analyze it. Within the book Emack found a note regarding some substance known as “The T-Virus”, created by a strange scientific company of another world which resulted in the entire world’s reduction to undeath, and the creation of Nurmal. Emack shared this information with everyone else, and then continued reading in order to inform that the only thing that could cure it was an antivirus generated by the same corporation. Apparently the only collections of this antivirus left to survive is in the possession of the Unholy Overlord of the Undead. There was an awkward pause, and then all of them looked towards the Mile deep hole containing the several hundred feet deep necromantic goo that had erupted from Nurmal’s death. They began trying to plan some way to get the objects from Nurmal’s doom pit. Due to the fact that there weren’t any thoughts about how they could pull the vials up, since they don’t know what they are made of, or exactly where they are, and they don’t want to wade in unnecessary, so they figure they need to send Bo’sun down to the antivirus. Bo’sun fires of his Meat Shield Technique, and then asks Jack how he plans on doing it. Jack concentrates, for a very long time (so long that Bo’sun drops his technique and then reactivates it the moment that Jack warns him that the movement is about to occur), and then Jack used a Major Psychokinesis to fire Bo’sun down to the bottom of the pit. Unfortunately, there was a great deal of excessive power used in the technique, knocking him down an extra 17 Miles into the world’s crust. The resulting force also caused all of the necromantic goo inside the pit to rain over all of the pirates above. All blocked or dodged the goo, except for Elspeth who was hit with it fully, and feared that she may have been infected to. Then however, they saw that 6 vials, glass capped in silver with a gleaming green liquid in a double helix vials inside. Two shattered on impact, while four remained intact. Elspeth took one of these vials, pushed a button in order to deploy a set of nearly a dozen needles from the bottom, which she then injected into herself. Her limbs felt incredibly cold as the antivenom flowed into her, but it did allow her to fend off the effects of the venom.
• Deep within the earth, 18 miles down to be exact, Bo’sun found that he was entirely surrounded by corpses. The entire ground had been replaced by corpses, nothing but corpses at all. Luckily, Bo’sun was no longer afraid thanks to the Wish from The Grail that brought him back to life. However, as all the antivirus had been blown straight up there was nothing down there for him. Luckily, his technique had protected him from the heavy amount of trauma, so he began the long, slow flight back up to the surface.
• Back above, Ryn used the combination of her senses, Bo’sun’s senses, and some quick calculation based on his rate of movement to determine that it would take Bo’sun over 10 hours to get back up. So, they decided it was time for them to get to take some time to rest and recuperate, passing the Fragrant Ring around in order to get extra Zeon back as well.
• Fynn figured that with all the time that they would be able to wait on anyway, he asked Jack if he could have permission to fight Elizabeth on his own to try and earn another one of those Orbs from her that will help to protect him from damage. Jack isn’t sure if it is a good idea, but Fynn argues they have enough time for him to try it. Jack has Emack use the Velvet Key in order to open the path to Elizabeth for Fynn. However, Emack kept the key for himself, not wanting to give it up. Fynn asked how he would get out, but Emack simply replied that Elizabeth should let him out afterwards so he shouldn’t need it. With a shrug Fynn walked through the door into the Velvet Room.
• Fynn goes to challenge Elizabeth on her own. She happily accepts the generous challenge since it sounds like a good chance for him to try and prove his power. They move to a Velvet Arena so that Fynn has enough room. Elizabeth summons up the massive Fire Giant Surt, which is cut down in a single attack from his Rose blade. Then when Jack Frost appears and Baby’s Nail comes at him, but it is stopped by a snowflake butterfly, but it does take his action. Fynn brings the Rose back around to try and attack Jack Frost with his Electric Rose, hitting Jack Frost Solidly, then bringing in the Baby Nail, but another blast of snow gets in the way. Jack Frost fires of a Fairy Dust, hitting but not hurting Fynn, but restoring his health. Jack Frost then fires another Fairy Dust, hitting but not hurting Fynn, although Surt is restored. Fynn then brings in the Rose, but Jack Frost dodges in a cloud and then hits Fynn with a Fairy Dust, hitting him, and Fascinating him. Elizabeth then calls forth Thor, bringing Mjolnir down on the Fascinated Fynn, but he regains composure to only take a glancing blow, although that still hurts him solidly. Fynn then attacks a surprised Thor with his Rose, but the god blocks the attack. Then the Baby Nail comes in, but it can’t get through Thor’s Armor. Fynn transforms into a dragon. Elizabeth smiles and says “Ooh, this is a new trick.” Then Thor brings the hammer down to hit the dragon solidly. Fynn then dragonly brings the Claw and Bite down on Thor, the hammer blocking the claws, and also blocking the bite. Fynn then unleashes the attacks again, blocks the claws and counters with another solid blow from Mjolnir. Fynn then brings the bite, just sneaking through to hit for 35 of the 50 LP, then transforms back into a human. Thor brings the hammer down again, striking solidly for a Critical, bruising him solidly. To counter Fynn surprises Thor, bringing the Rose around, shattering Thor. Summoning Cu Chullain, Fynn brings his Baby Nail around with Electricity damage type in order to shatter it in one blow. Then Elizabeth summons Metatron, the glowing gold and platinum angel of win. Fynn brings the Rose around on Metatron, but it blocks with its one hand, then countering in order to drop Fynn to the ground. They then once more appear in her Velvet Room, Elizabeth congratulating her on the strength of the bonds. Fynn says that he may have to come back again. Elizabeth says that she is always happy to try and test and witness the glorious strength of the bonds they forged. Fynn then also asks about how her summoning thing work. She explains that her Persona Compendium allows her to tap into the strength of ego’s used to resist the struggles of reality, which commonly take the form of great heroes and creatures. Fynn asked if other people could learn to do this, and Elizabeth says that with the Fragment of a Card The World they could. Fynn then decides to head back, thanking her for this information. Elizabeth then asks Fynn to say hello to Applejack for their bond is such a glorious strength and power. Then Fynn heads back out through the door.
• Fynn came out rather unhappy, but almost slightly pleased with himself. The others asked how it went, and Jack said that he was able to break three of her six Personas, but that she was able to revive one of them. The others commented that it was better then expected from his performance. Then they finished waiting for Bo’sun.
• After the 10
hours had elapse, Bo’sun finally emerged from the hole. Luckily, he hadn’t died yet and so wasn’t zombified. He took one of the vials of antivirus that had been brought to them. Bo’sun took it, pushed the button to deploy the needles when he was told how to activate it, and jammed the needles into his neck, since it was the sight of the bite (despite the excruciating pain, it made perfect sense to Bo’sun at the time). Then they figured it was time to head back to the real world.
• Reappearing on the boat, they found that the Fragment of a Button had been perfectly cleaned and now shone. The Fragment of Undeath had transformed from an Obsidian Skull to one of pure, gleaming diamond.
• This left only two Boss-Fight Fragments for them to deal with; The Fragment of Omega, and The Fragment of Twilight.

Polaris Administrator of Worlds
More bosses must fall.

• Day 210, night time, upon The Black Pearl.
• All stand after wishing Bo’sun back to life after doing battle with The Holy Grail, planning which other optional boss they wish to battle next.
• Emack used some of his new, free Innate magic Healing the entire crew in order fix everyone up.
• Emack votes for Fragment of a Hollow World or Undeath, Jack asks Ryn and she says she doesn’t care, so Jack has her roll a few dice to see which she wants, and she chooses Hollow World. Jack agrees with the randomly determined one, and into the Fragment of a Hollow World they go.
• Within the Fragment they find themselves upon a giant plain of swirling space of pink stones above an endless swirling sea of stars. A nearly identical arrangement was also above their heads, several hundred feet in the air, another pink stone ground over a seething sea of lights. Before them was a strange cylinder that looked to be made of the same stone as the pirates stood upon, 50 feet tall and 20 feet in diameter, with four dashes nearly in a semblance of a face, two horizontal, two vertical, with a 300 foot diameter series of broken stone forming a circular plateau above this strange creature. Noting the appearance of a group of mortals (and one Vampire) that after having his world destroyed by something, an event that should never have happened at all, he is now being attacked by arrogant and foolish beings that are little more then ants. Jack did agree that they might be arrogant, but it is kind of the thing they are going for right now. Then this monster introduced itself as Polaris, Administrator of Worlds, previously tasked with monitoring every world in existence and ensuring that they didn’t fall from their desired plan. Now, this Alabaster Wanderer has destroyed him, the Administrator himself, and attempts to reduce all to nothing. Polaris then demands to know what these pathetic mortals dare to do. Bo’sun was polite enough to answer that question; “We are here so that I can stick my ax up your ass.” Polaris then belittled this monster of a man because he has evolved beyond the need to have bodily orifices, or expelling waste from himself. Bo’sun then elaborated to say that it was his metaphorical ass that they were referring to. Polaris gave these mortals one last chance to recognize him as being infinitely more powerful then them. The Reality Fragment Equipped Pirates refused to back down, and so it was time for them to battle against Polaris, Administrator of Worlds.
• Prior to the fight starting, 7 pieces of Polaris are summoned to the ground in bolts of purple lightning. Each was covered in a variety of different things, blades, bludgeons, piercing edges, fire, ice, lightning, and pure energy. The pirates were less impressed now that they had more then just Polaris to fight.
• The fight begins. Ryn is able to detect the fact that Polaris is immune to every form of damage imaginable. Then Elspeth uses her intelligence that they should probably try to destroy the shards in hopes that it will weaken the Administrator first. Vincent charges the Fragment made of Ice, charging some passive energy, and then hits it with his Masamune, shattering it instantly. Ryn senses that Polaris’ Ice immunity is gone now. Jack then charges the Lightning piece, slashing it with his sword since he doesn’t feel bad attacking elementals, shattering it and removing the Electricity immunity. Jack celebrates actually beating something in combat. Ryn fires an arrow at the Thrust elemental, and with her energy damage she destroys it. Ryn also passively accumulates some Ki. Balthazar then charges the bladed one and shatters it as well. Fynn moves forward to challenge Polaris, and begins turning into a dragon. Fynn and Emack move in unison, Emack going into a Spiritual Loop in order to charge up extra Zeon, then comes out after being observed by Polaris, uses Shield of Salvation at Arcane in order to protect everyone, Flowing Blood to stress everyone’s organs (15 LP a turn) to make them better, and then makes Jack into a Champion for the battle, making him super powerful. Elspeth then charges Zeon for the turn. Applejack moves behind Fynn and then begins transforming into a dragon. Then Polaris acts. The Impact Piece fires a piece at Bo’sun, as do the Heat and Energy Pieces, but Emack’s shield is easily able to stop them all. Then Polaris, charges some Zeon, then unleashes his Heaven’s Wrath, three bolts of divine energy that fall down to try and strike Bo’sun down, but Emack’s shield is able to stop them all, although his shield does feel it slightly. Jafar charges Zeon. Bo’sun then charges the Energy Piece of Polaris, destroying the energy piece easily. Ryn then uses her other passes to charge up her Ki a lot. Ryn charges even more Ki on her next turn. Jack then tells Balthazar to kill the other Pieces, then tells Fynn its time to go for a ride, jumping onto Fynn’s now draconic back and waits for Fynn to fly nobly towards their target. Then the two Polaris pieces Fire and the Impact one. Then Polaris unleashes Heaven’s Wrath firing two divine bolts down upon Jack, but Emack is able to save him from damage, then Polaris charges some more zeon. Vincent then uses his Vanishing Phantasm Ki technique to teleport onto Polaris’s head, then using Assured Predation Technique in order to strike down with both swords down upon Polaris from above, Masamune coming in first, then his Blade of the Iced Earth, hitting him extremely hard both times. Elspeth charges zeon. Balthazar then charged and killed the impact piece. Bo’sun unfurled his massive wings, flew up to Polaris, unleashed Viscious Strikes Technique on Polaris, putting all the Fatigue he can into it, and hitting it so strong that it angers Polaris, that they would dare to try and harm its body as humans. It then resummons all of the Pieces to assemble a massive body, and then summons an Agni, Arias Vayu, Chthon, and Varanu to aid him as his demons. Vincent passively accumulates some Ki, and then attacks Polaris, his Masamune hurting him solidly, then following up again with a large, very important attack as well with his other sword. Ryn then activates her new Anor Londo technique The Black Spot, firing an arrow to leave a massive Black Spot upon his hand, successfully Branding him and also harming him quite solidly and even Critcally hitting him, but it doesn’t finish him off, so she fires again, hitting it so solidly that he begins to drop and fall. Polaris bellows out with rage, shouting at them for daring to try and hurt him. All his resistance is now being held back, and it is time for them all to be destroyed. Then he destroys the entire battlefield, reassembles himself into a colossal form by dropping down a massive torso from the swirling circlt of stone that had hovered above him, with a pair of enormous arms with tendrils, with a 300 foot bridge of light leading up to it, and a pair of 1000 foot tall stairs leading up to its arms. The demons have the Chthon and Arias Vayu guarding the stairs, with the Agni and Varuna moving towards the party, which are 1200 feet away from the body of Polaris. Ryn fires another arrow to damage one of the marked arms (the combat arm on the right) and hits it most solidly. The Arias Vayu then flies over half the distance, ending arcing blades of wind to try and cut Bo’sun, but emack’s shield is able to deal with it. The Agni begins to move forward to try and burn them all. Elspeth unleashes a powerful Seeking Sphere, and a Base Light Beam, targeting the Combat Arm as well, firing over the massive distance to hit it quite solidly with the sphere, with the laser knocks the arm off to fall into the abyss of space behind Polaris. Emack begins the slow march forward, towards the bridge of light. Applejack waits on Fynn. Jafar moves to keep up with Emack to give him another 70 zeon to Emack. Balthazar moves a little towards the Agni to try and catch it. The Varuna charges Emack to try and bring down the shield, trying to Swallow him, but the shield stops it. Bo’sun then moves up to charge the Varuna in order to try and kill it. The axe hits it very solidly, and then he follows up with the Lawgiver of Rah with another excellent hit. Jack waits, sitting on Fynn still. Fynn then takes action and he and Applejack follows, then Jack throws himself off and runs forward, only 150 feet from the 300 foot light bridge. The left arm of Polaris wriggles in anticipation, and Polaris leans back, grabbing a star in its mini-arms, and begins to compress the star into a singularity point. Ryn then fires another three arrows, hitting the Summoning Arm three times, hitting it solidly all three times, after all of them knocking the arm into the ocean of stars. Then she fires her last arrow and hits the core body solidly. Captain Jack charges up and is able to cross the bridge and stab forth with his Rune Sword, hitting it incredibly solidly with it. Arias Vayu fires forth another wave of wind blades, but Emack’s shield is alright and stops it. Vincent then moves up to attack the Varuna as well, with Masamune it hits it incredibly solidly, then with the Iced Earth Blade hits it solidly, and then it turns into a giant crystalline water dragon, with Vincent charging up some Ki. Ryn fires three more arrows at the Marked Polaris, hitting it solidly with all three. Elspeth charges some more zeon. Fynn goes to also attack the Varuna with its claws and bite, hitting it solidly and tearing great chunks of its icy hide. Applejack then goes in to attack the Varuna with her claws and bite as well, making progress. The Agni then moves forward also. Then Polaris unleashes its special attack Supernova, with Emack blocking for the nine people down at the back, his shield taking horrible, massive damage, the Varuna was blown into tiny ice fragments, and Jack drops in front of it, the attack going above and over him, perfectly tanning himself in the process, looking like an gleaming new star, spending all his Fatigue in the process. Balthazar begins opening up combat with the Agni, trading blows gloriously. Jafar gives Emack some more zeon. Then Bo’sun then moves towards the Agni, and then throws his Lawgiver at the Agni, which cuts its left arm off and then kills it due to massive trauma point. The Chthon then begins walking again towards Jack, trying to circle around the void. Emack waits and maintains spells. Ryn fires another three arrows in her second pass, all of which damage it even further. Then in the third pass she fires another three, which also hurt it very solidly once more. Then in the next turn Ryn fires another three arrows at Polaris, all hitting it solidly again. Vincent moves forward. Jack taps into Minor Psychokinesis with Free Psychic Points, getting it off and picking up the Lawgiver of Rah and giving it back to Bo’sun, with Bo’sun very happy that it was brought back, awkwardly thanking Jack. Then Jack also attacks Polaris again, cutting it again. The Arias Vayu’s crystal fires a lightning bolt and wind blades at Bo’sun, but Emack stops both of them. Elspeth charges zeon. Applejack stays with Fynn again. Balthazar moves towards Polaris. The Chthon moves towards Jack, rounding the corner. Emack and Jafar move forward, Jafar giving him 70 more zeon. Polaris grabs another star and begins compressing another star. Then it grows back its weapon arm, and uses Cepheid on Emack, Fynn, and Applejack. The mass attack gets through the shield, knocking them all to the ground, but they aren’t actually hurt. They all pull themselves up, with Emack being very happy about it all. Bo’sun throws his sword at the Arias Vayu, hitting her in the right thigh with it in such a way to injure it and stagger her some. Then Ryn fires three arrows in order to tear off its Combat Arm once more. Then she fired another three into the main body. Vincent then moves forward some more. Jafar sticks with Emack and gives him 70 zeon. Jack then goes, Bo’sun wants his sword back but Jack says he is too busy, so he cuts Polaris with his sword for another good hit. Then Ryn fires a trio of arrows at Polaris once more, hitting it very solid all the times. The Arias Vayu generates a wind wall, then sends some wind blades at Bo’sun, but they are stopped by Emack’s Shield. Balthazar moves forward. Polaris fires a second Supernova, Jack gets access to an Energy Shield, but the power doesn’t get off, and so he is knocked greatly into “If it wasn’t for the Archer Phylactery I would be so dead right now unconsciousness”, and Emack’s shield takes another enormous amount of damage to save everyone else. Then he respawns his Summoning Arm, which then respawns the Varuna back at its stairwell. Emack then moves forward. Fynn then flies forward with Applejack. Elspeth then fires off another very powerful Seeking Sphere at the main Polaris, hitting it very solidly again. Bo’sun then begins trudging forward again. Bo’sun then draws his +5 Bastard Sword and throws it at Polaris’ main body, hitting it again a bit. Ryn fires 3 arrows to strike down the Summoning arm before it can call back any more. Then she focused on the body, and was able to fire enough that he is able to strike down Polaris. Its body begins to be destroyed by the swirling sea of stars below, as it laments over the fact that it is now dieing once more, destroyed by mortals twice after being destroyed by The Alabaster Wanderer. Then it is consumed, vanishes, and the pirates all appear back on their ships.
• They all have their things back, but Ryn is sad when she realizes she only got 5 of the 50 White Wood arrows she used back. She is slightly worried, but they are all rather tired.
• Day 211, just after Midnight and a few hours. They decide to go to bed for the night, taking 10 hours off to recover all their Ki, and Zeon by passing around the Fragrant Ring.
• Emack finds out that the Fragment of a Hollow World now appears to be filled, so they can tap into the power of the Administrator of Worlds. Emack finds it very interesting, but Jack thinks they should keep grinding bosses.
• Emack gives all of their main ten (Jack, Emack, Fynn, Ryn, Bo’sun, Elspeth, Applejack, Jafar, Vincent and Balthazar) Vitality at his maximum power to give them all 155 LP extra. Also casts Increase Resistances to give them all +60 Resistances.
• Ryn would like some time to try and get extra arrows back from Sparkly and Snuggly, but Jack thinks they need to keep moving forward in order to take down all of the other Reality Fragments in order to tap into them.
• They then tap into the Fragment of Undeath. They find themselves in a wind-blasted, and knocked down city, concrete streets and skyscrapers bereft of life, dust and tumbleweeds being the only things that move through the streets. No living things move around them, and the only pronounced details they are able to see is a symbol on many of the buildings, an eight sliced umbrella of altering red and white. The wind whispered and tore around them. Then, after a time Ryn heard the sound of something snuffling off in the distance, followed by the sound of things clattering similar to crockery perhaps. The snuffling sounded very unhealthy, like a nearly dieing dog. They wondered if they should investigate, and Jack said that he would do it personally. He began sneaking forward until he came around the corner and could no longer see himself through Ryn’s senses, and so asked if she would be coming as well. Ryn didn’t think she should, but Jack insisted that she could sneak with him to keep up. She did, and the two moved forward, until they could see a very disturbing scene before them.
• Towards the streets there was a very large pile of polished ivory bones of humans and animals. Atop it was a throne made of bones, with a strangely decrepit zombie sitting atop it, head twisted to the side, tattered clothes, fragmented and torn flesh hanging from its sides. Around this strange zombie were several others that were treating the centered one like a king. One fanned the zombie with a rotten massive leaf, while another held a torn open skull containing rather fresh looking brain. Then the central zombie’s burning red eyes fixed upon the two humans now in sight. It lurched to its feet, surprisingly gracefully despite its terrible appearance. It then threw its head back and let out a great roar to the heavens of this dead world; “NURMAL!!!” (the Unholy Lord of Zombies).
• From the buildings and streets around them burst out an endless stream of zombies, all coming up at them all to try and devour them all. The pirates were unhappy seeing this.
• Jack, seeing an infinite number of zombies, was reminded to the vision from the Fragment of the Gauntlet: The Death, when Vincent lead an endless supply of Level 0 Commoners into horribly doomed battle against The Reaper. Before the horde of zombies reached him he pulled out his Fragment of Absurdity bell and the Fragment of a Button. In the sky above them, between skyscrapers, floated the monstrous form of The Reaper, it pair of long-barreled magnums in its hands.
• With a grin Jack called to everyone around him “Now we can take two Optional Bosses down at once.”

Struggle for Ankara
And Rise of The Alabaster Wanderer

• Day 209, in Ankara chasing down the demons that are assaulting it.
• Fynn and Applejack transform into their Dragon forms and go fly up towards Deckard. Bo’sun hurls his Lawgiver of Rah at Dragon God, begins climbing up after it using his shield to give him the protecting water shield, climbing up its legs in order to keep carving into it in order to go and carve, then grabs his sword, and flies up to try and slash its throat.
• Elspeth began letting Heinrich fire the Lost Logias Rifle aiming for the Dragon God’s eyes, Ryn firing arrows to pepper its face between the eyes, Emack begins wandering towards the Storm King, while Jack watches being incredibly awesome and powerful with the fire lighting everything behind him.
• Fynn reached Deckard, offering to allow him to ride him into battle against Dragon God, which makes Deckard very happy in order to get to, with spurs on his feet then begins to charge towards the face of Dragon God. Emack gets close to where Storm King is flying up above, points the Mordecai Doll Fragment up at him, and then the Storm king falls from the heavens onto the city, being impaled by the towers, beginning to drip blood and stealing the powers of souls of the people they kill which was 80000 people, then being freed when the Storm King actually dies. Then the extensive assaults of arrows, demon and Rah blades, bullets, dragon breath and divine glorious assaults and attacks the Dragon God and brings him falling to the ground. Luckily, Bo’sun and Fynn were able to push aside the body from falling onto the tower of Cain, so that it only collapsed on its side to only crush another 10000 people. Then Bo’sun goes down to begin grabbing dragon scale pieces in order to make a new codpiece out of them. Fynn begins sweeping down to try and land, but tries to show off a bit and so crash lands onto the ground, taking major damage, and knocking Deckard unconscious. Fynn turns back into a human in order to roll over. Then Kazrith comes over in order to heal their dear “father” after his foolish necessities.
• Then they are complimented with the assistance Deckard did for them, sighting that he had murdered the Dragon God with their hands, as listed inside the Book of Cain which is now showing a massive hologram of Deckard using the Idiot Full Blade to kill the god, with Fynn in dragon form helping. The others then all begin commenting on the fact that shouldn’t the god of knowledge record the truth, to which Deckard replies that simply that since he recorded it because it is certainly the way that things will be remembered. Then they start go looking for treasure to try and find that they can start pulling teeth from Dragon God, Fynn has Applejack pull a scale that Deckard was sitting on from his back, and then Emack had his birds beginning to pick away at the flesh of the Storm King so that they can pull spines from it for his personal collection. Then they begin searching the Dragon God to try and find other important items, and find that one of the towers it fell onto tore open its stomach, revealing a massive treasure horde larger then any other they have seen. They are ecstatic, until Francisco comes by with Deckard, commenting on how they can use all of this money in order to pay for all of the individuals that unfortunately died in the city, and to help cover all of the repairs. Deckard is very happy to see all these items himself, and offers to help them store it. Then, Francisco goes into his kingdom to celebrate. Seeing that there is loot, Fynn casts Infinite Bag in his Backpack in order to hold numerous more loot and treasure pieces of gold. They stuff the backpack full of coins. Then Emack has all of the magpies that are nearby grab as many of the coins as they could and fly off, since magpies steal money anyways. Fynn and Elspeth were both incredibly unhappy about Francisco calling dibs on all the treasure. Deckard then walks over, saying that he will help take away the gold for Francisco. He snaps his fingers, and opens up a portal that sucks up some of the gold through it in order to take it where he wants it. Then, Deckard asks Emack regarding where the Fragment of Diablo is that he wants, and that he will be taking it from them, but first he needs to have a nap after all the work he did. Deckard summoned a chair behind him, sat in it, and fell asleep immediately, snoring incredibly loudly. None of the pirates could really believe it, watching the portal created by Deckard stealing all of the colossal dragon’s horde of loot from within its torn open gullet. Then Jack had an idea. He brought out The Fragment of Absurdity Bell, held it inside the vacuum portal, and muttered that he wanted it all taken to Kruppe in Darujhistan. Then Jack rang the bell. The portal just seemed to continue working from the other side, and then a few moments later they heard shouts of shock and uncertainty, followed shortly behind by Kruppe’s voice shouting that some of this gold would be used to pay for his tab. Having successfully delivered the goods, the pirates shouted in at Kruppe to let him know that they were sending this coin to him for holding for now in order to deliver it back to them in not too long. He can of course take a small amount in order to serve as the holding fees, which will easily cover his tab (standing tab Fynn was very important to focus on, and Kruppe always repeated standing rather quietly). They also threw a dragon tooth through the portal, and after Kruppe shouted in surprise and wood splintered they warned him regarding the fact that they were sending more dragon teeth as well. With all of their important treasure being siphoned through to a man that they figure they can probably trust with their coin, so they figure they should move forward on what they want to.
• Gathering up a few scales to make a new codpiece out of, Bo’sun also gathered a scale and carved a massive scale feather for Jack’s hat. Unfortuantely the first draft weighed about 10 pounds, so Bo’sun had to make it a smaller version before it was actually wearable.
• Bo’sun carves into Dragon God’s corpse, digging through the chest in search of its heart in order to try and eat some and gain the creature’s courage. Unfortunately for Bo’sun this left him digging through a dark, wet place. Unfortunately for Jack, this left him only able to see and hear the goopy innards of the deceased draconic god demon. Therefore Jack began shouting for Rynn, who came over and asked what was going on. Jack just kept yelling, unable to hear her, until she poked him, so then Jack combined his senses with her as well. This allowed Jack to switch between, and almost always guarantee him to be able to see sometime, he hopes, and with Ryn’s senses he will be able to see essentially anything he needs to.
• Vincent began to inform them regarding his plan to take his monkey army (somehow all those that helped fight the demons survived, impressive I know) back to his fleet of ships. At the mention of Vincent’s fleet, Emack coughed a little bit given that he had destroyed the entire fleet of them essentially single handedly. Then, Jack simply informed Vincent that in the assault from all the demons they went and attacked the bay, destroying his fleet of ships. Furious at the loss, Vincent decides he will go speak with Francisco in order to demand he get a new fleet in order to allow his army to accompany the pirates. Balthazar goes with, as if this band of pirates often hunts demons (Elspeth said that it did happen more often then most would expect), he will be willing to accompany them. Emack, Elspeth, Jack, Ryn, and Fynn all decide to head into the palace of Francisco in order to watch the fun, and Emack wants to get away from Deckard before he wakes up so that he can keep the Fragment of Diablo.
• When inside the palace, Emack is approached by Kaard, having returned from the fight with Storm King. He informs Emack that his order of paladins has been able to locate several more Reality Fragments for them in the time since they have been gone, and would like to turn them over to him. He has been keeping them in his office to protect them for when they needed to be turned over to the pirates. Emack happily agrees, and so they head towards Kaard’s office.
• After digging through a great distance of demonic dragon flesh, and far longer in cursed darkness then he would have like, Bo’sun finally was able to find the heart of Dragon God. He ran his Axe arm into the heart, cutting out a large chunk, which he sunk his teeth into. Surprisingly he was able to take in the demonic flesh without growing terribly ill. He ate a handful of it, and then began trying to find his way out of the gargantuan corpse.
• Standing just outside Francisco The Magnificent’s throne room, Jack began spitting profusely, as a terrible taste washed over his tongue. He quickly turned off his connection to Bo’sun’s sense of taste. Then, the group of pirates that were looking for Francisco boldly strode into his throne room, interrupting him from his collection of beautiful women. Vincent, without bothering with any introductions, or explorations, he simply demanded that Francisco give him all the ships that he has access to for his army in order to proceed out. Jack and the others shook their head, muttering that his tact could leave something to be desired. Francisco explains to them that he only has one ship left in the port, all others were sent out when the demons attacked in order to protect them from the monstrous assault. Vincent then demanded that he get the one ship that was left to them. Jack hoped that it was the ship that he was thinking it would be. He was not disappointed, as Francisco announced that they would receive The Price of Knowledge. Vincent simply nodded, and then began escorting his monkey army to their new ship. Balthazar, amused despite himself, followed Vincent toward the ship that he intended to serve as Co-Captain of. The other pirates gave a quick nod to Francisco, and followed the eager vampire and paladin outside.
• Reaching Kaard’s office, Emack was pleasantly surprised to be handed 4 Reality Fragments that the other Paladins of Knowledge had been able to retrieve. They were a Fragment of a Contract (owned by a cruel and merciless lawyer of a wealthy city that had a great deal of heavy jobs, dubious dealings, and all matter of tasks performed to ensure he always won his cases. After a particularly harrowing, and rewarding, case, this Baron Vollmacht Verboden faked his own death and then moved to a peaceful farming city where he became a well respected member of the community), a Fragment of a Psionic Crystal (possessed originally by a Psychic Warrior that fought alongside Vincent Valentine and assisted in the destruction of the Lich God Vecna, Keeper of Secrets, in helping Esorchan’s plan to avenge the crimes committed against him. He used the crystal as a blade that would suck the life from those that battled against him.), and a Fragment of a Tower Shield (Owned by Rokam Blackoath, dwarven defender that worked with the psychic warrior and Vincent Valentine in their struggle to destroy Vecna. No dwarf was ever more well protected, more physically refined, more completely immobile. Although he did move a few times that resulted in Vincent dieing temporarily. And there was a rusty pair of manacles that trapped the powerful dwarf for far longer then it should have.). The fourth was wrapped in heavy cloth, and Kaard did not seem to enjoy carrying it. He informed Emack that inside is a cursed book that he should never open. When Emack asked why, Kaard told him that it is a cursed book of dark arts that corrupted two of the paladins that retrieved it into demonic, necromantic forms that had to be killed by their companions. Emack said that he promised he wouldn’t open it here. Understanding fully well where Emack would open the book, Kaard let the topic drop, but still held onto the canvas satchel. Before releasing it he asked Emack if he and the others would be sure to prevent Francisco and Deckard from having any impact on the new world. Emack commented that that was one of the reasons he came here to talk with him, so that he could be sure that Deckard wouldn’t get the Reality Fragment that he wanted. Kaard approved, and said that he would be willing to have no impact on the new world so long as neither Francisco nor Deckard get to try and create it. Emack says he can agree to doing that if he has his way. With a nod Kaard gave Emack the last Fragment, to do with as he wishes. Then Emak takes his leave, and begins heading out from the palace.
• Jack, Fynn, Elspeth, and Ryn all made their way out of the palace following Vincent and Balthazar. As they stepped back outside there was a gathering of power in the air above them, before a pair of new Reality Fragments appeared above them. These fragments were enormous, one a giant scaled feather of gleaming white light, the second a massive sphere of amber and black stone with a slit pupil like that of a giant dragon eye. Two voices spoke to the pirates from within the fragments, both large and powerful, one female and light, the other male and dark. These two voices complimented the pirates on being able to forge light and darkness together within the power of their collective, uniting an unholy abomination and a sacred warrior of light together. Therefore, these entities known as C’iel and Gaira are willing to now grant their power upon these pirates so that they may create the new word they hope, where hopefully there shall be a balance of light and darkness within this new reality. Elspeth reached up to touch the giant feather, and Fynn reached up to touch the draconic orb. The moment the two touched the Fragments, they stopped floating in the air, falling upon the two pirates and squishing them down to the ground and gasping for breath. Jack asked Elspeth if the Fragments were heavy. Elspeth gasped out what was assumed to be a yes. Fynn transformed into his draconic form in order to lift the orb off of himself, and also reached over to lift the feather from Elsepth. Both Vincent and Balthazar had turned around to ask what was taking them so long to get moving, as they had a ship to collect. Growling, draconic Fynn suggested that if these fools thought they could carry these exceptionally heavy items then maybe they could move faster. Not missing a beat, Vincent reached over to touch the Fragment of Gaira (Darkness), and Balthazar reached out to touch the Fragment of C’iel (Light). Then the pair of them accepted the powers of the Fragments within themselves, tapping into quasi divine power from the entities of light and darkness from the different world known as Gaia. Then Vincent and Balthazar began heading back towards The Price of Knowledge. The other pirates simply looked at Fynn, since he had essentially offered to let them have it if they could, and they really should have seen this coming based on how Fragments normally work. They figured as long as those two hand over their Fragments when the new world has to be created, it can all be good.
• It was at this point that they saw Lynn Steiner had brought her wagons of magical items down from the ship, and was managing to sell essentially all of them to the massed, far to wealthy people of Ankara. Lynn had never looked happier. While she was selling items Jack walked over to her, inquiring about how he might go about making a powerful magic item. Lynn said that she didn’t have the skill to make them herself, but one of their mages should hopefully be able to. Lynn and Elspeth then said that to power the item it would either take an enormous amount of zeonic energy, components of magical creatures, or the third option that they wouldn’t want to use, killing a large number of people. Jack agreed that murdering people for the item is not an option he wanted to do, but that they do have a massive dead demonic dragon that they might be able to use. Elspeth suggests the Dragon’s Heart should prove an adequately potent source of power. Then Bo’sun finally cut his way out, emerging covered in horrible gore. When the others asked him where he had gotten to, he said that he had gone into the Dragon God in order to eat some of its heart, having cut it open with his axe. Then Jack muttered about the soul eating axe that would devour all of its supernatural power. Bo’sun explained that he wanted to try and eat its heart to gain its courage. Then they headed back towards the ships.
• Ryn restored all of the Crew members of The Black Pearl from their zombified state to people, although she remained undead herself.
• It wasn’t until everyone reached The Falling Dragon and Emack met up with them again that they were able to go through the summary of the plan, discussing how things went for them all. Jack and the others mentioned the new Fragments they got and that Vincent and Balthazar took them. Then Emack mentioned the ones that he got, offering up the Fragment of a Contract (taken by Elspeth to improve her mercantile further), the Fragment of a Psionic Crystal (taken by Jack to buff his psychic powers), and the Fragment of a Tower Shield (taken by Bo’sun to toughen himself up). Emack kept the cursed necromantic tome for himself since he couldn’t trust anyone else with it. Then Ryn turned over the fragments she got from the Bird Traders, Elspeth taking Fragment of Oolacile to gain access to a wide variety of support magic, and then kept the Fragment of Anor Londo for herself, granting her an incredibly new assortment of strange Ki Techniques that were from the world of another place that do not have their roots in anything similar to powers known on Malaz. Then they try to figure what they should do with regards to their time hear before heading out. Then a typhoon sized wave hit all the ships in the bay. The Price of Knowledge had been lowered into the ocean once more from its massive berth in the side of the city.
• After that rocking, a familiar and charming form appeared to speak with them regarding some financial arrangements. It was Kruppe, and he was quite ecstatic to get to deal with them again, especially with the massive amount of treasure that he received from them. His share had been enough for him to pay of his tab, and should give him enough to be able to buy the finest food and drinks for the rest of his days, as well as provide all the repairs and improvements to the Phoenix Inn after the introduction of all the materials they sent to him. Plus, Kruppe had their payment from the shipment they had left with him the first time they had been in Darujhistan. Now Kruppe was prepared to return to them all of the demonic materials they had acquired from it. Fynn added his backpack of loot to the middle, since it was the only appropriate thing to share it properly and not keep it all to himself since they were going to be splitting loot. The pirates wanted to know just how much treasure they had earned once all the fees were taken, said, and done. Kruppe smiled at them, said that there was a modest amount required for him to ensure that he would be able to return all of the items to them. This made the pirates worry a little bit. Then Kruppe gave them the numbers. It may not have quite been an exact estimate, but the value was 30 Million GC. The pirates were shocked speechless, it was more money then they had ever hoped to dream of. Kruppe was happy to see that they were pleased with this figure, informed them that he had already returned their share to their ships, so they may do with it as they wish. Kruppe then proceeded to wish them all the best in everything they do in the future, and hopes to see them again sometime before and after they create their new world. He then wandered of down into the sub-deck of The Falling Dragon. The pirates began planning on how to celebrate what they had all gotten, and then the heard the screams from below deck demanding to know who this red-waistcoated fat little man that was taking their food and drink was. Kruppe’s voice could be heard blowing it off, as he vanished to the shock of the man trying to chase him through one of the rooms. Elspeth and Fynn both commented that didn’t Kruppe say he would have all the money he would need to buy food and drink forever. Jack simply figured they could afford him to take some of their food and drink now. Then they decided it was time to divide up the spoils.
• First, they come to the agreement that all crew members of The Wicked Wench and The Black Pearl will be paid the most money they can figure a pirate could ever imagine, so they give each of the ~200 crew members 30,000 GC each. This left them with enough remaining, to give each of those involved in the actual murder of the demons and saving Ankara nearly 2 Million GC per share, leaving them each with more money than they could ever hope for possessing. Then there is only one way that these pirates figured they should do with the evening: party harder then they’ve ever partied before.
• They lashed all four ships together, The Price of Knowledge in the center as the main port, the other three connected to it as side points and storage chambers. Jack remained aboard hitting on his women and hoping to organize the celebration, starting in on the rum a little early of course. Elspeth, Fynn, Applejack, and a lot of the crew headed into town in order to gather all the food and drink they could ever want for this party so that they can all consume all they want. Thanks to their “Heroes of Ankara by assisting Deckard Cain” titles they are allowed to have all the food and drink they want for free, including spices. They stock up hard, carrying it all back to the ship.
• Ryn decides to take Sparkly and Snuggling shopping in the city once more, looking for treasures that they are interested in. The bird children are excited, rushing forth like dervishes once more. Ryn follows them rather amused, while some of the crew just watch, shaking their heads and laughing. Through the shopping expedition she spent several thousand GC purchasing a crystal chandelier, a shirt made out of opals, as well as an entire bedroom set. Luckily, these shops delivered for her. When they were delivered, Fynn also had Applejack pull out one of his scales to give it to Sparkly in hopes of getting loot of his own. After trading them in to Sparkly and Snuggly Ryn got 100 White Wood Arrows for the Crystal Chandelier, a colossal stone greatsword known as Dragonbreaker for the Shirt Made of Opals, and 42 Spiral Burst Bottles for the Full Bedroom Set, with these bottles containing tiny portals to other dimensions that when something is pulled through it is shredded molecularly. Fynn got a magic dagger named Baby’s Nail which can paralyze those that are cut by it. Ryn gave some Spiral Burst Bottles to Fynn and Elspeth, then had Fynn teach her how to store the other ones safely. He was understandably worried about storing them savely so as to ensure they wouldn’t destroy the ship like munitions.
• Bo’sun makes a new codpiece out of the dragon scales he collected. Then he takes it into town in order to get a craftsman to help make it so that it has the draconic imagery on it. Thanks to saving the city that work was also done for free.
• Elspeth talks with Lynn Steiner about maybe going into business together once they create a new world together. The thought is a pleasing one to her, since she knows there will be a major market for magic items in all worlds, and then they can make a great fortune together. Both agree that this sounds like a plan.
• Emack took the time available to him to stay in his captain’s cabin and read through The Book of the Dead that he got as the one reality fragment. He touched it tentatively at first with his tentacles, but when he wasn’t immediately overrun by its dark necromantic powers he began to read it more enthusiastically. Inside could be found all form of ritual, magical spells, incantations, crafting recipes, and alchemical formulae for the creation of any kind of necromantic creature that the reader could ever hope to create. The experiments and procedures required only grew more and more disturbed as he went further and further into the book. Yet Emack kept reading.
• In order to help progress their skills and power, the pirates asked Millenium if she would be willing to brew up another batch of her tea that allowed them all to learn advanced techniques much faster. Millenium jokingly sighed that all they were keeping her around for was what she could do for them, and not for her sparkling personality. She did prepare another batch of tea for them however, which allowed them to rapidly train themselves naturally as the day progressed. In addition, it got Emack to Zen which evolved his stats incredibly thanks to the power that he selected from the Fragment of a Card The World, transforming him to near divine status.
• Now, with all the supplies purchased, food and drink prepared, clothing upgraded, pirates paid, and new skills developed, there was only one thing left for them to do: party!
• With all four of the ships lashed together they used the deck of The Price of Knowledge as the center of the celebration. Every crew member of all the ships (except Ryn, Millenium, and the crows that remained in The Falling Dragon crow’s nest) all made their ways onto the central ship, including the recently de-dreglinged crew and Vincent’s several thousand bhok’arala soldiers. Alcohol and all forms of food, including a giant squid that Fynn dragged up while in his draconic form that Cook had prepared, were consumed and savoured. Emack didn’t eat the squid, gesturing with his tentacles and citing that it might be cannibalism for him now. They enjoyed it all to a great deal, however the music that Vincent’s military monkeys were playing was essentially a deep funeral dirge. While the dread lord of vampires greatly enjoys his funeral dirges, most of the other people don’t. Therefore, the pirates from The Wicked Wench brought out their instruments, with Cook on vocals, and began a great and powerful musical battle between the forces of pirates and monkey (some that were dressed as ninjas). Eventually it turned into a Michael Jackson dance off of epic proportions. From above Ryn, Millenium, and her bird children watched all the fun ensuing below them, enjoying a great deal of the food but holding off on the drink. Now with an entire bed set and also a crystal chandelier hanging from the top of the mass, Millenium filled it with spheres of shifting light in order to send out cascading light across all of the ships. On the docks of Ankara the citizens began rocking out with them as well. The party only continued to grow more and more exciting and energetic. After all, the city had just been saved.
• Eventually it began to wind down, and most people in a drunken stupor towards the very end of the evening.
• Ryn spent 8900 souls in order to gain XP before turning in for the night..
• Day 210 after The Fall
• Dawn came far to early for most of the people after the exciting party. Even those that normally sleep in during the day were hammered awake by the bright light of dawn. Many simply covered their eyes, and yet they simply weren’t able to block out the light. Ryn grinned down at the hung over individuals around her, but then she noticed something stranger. The light of the sun continued to get brighter. Then it got brighter still. All the hung over individuals felt as though their skulls were being shattered from the piercing light. Even Ryn had to cover her eyes as the entire sky gleamed with the purest and most intense light they had ever experienced. Then all the light focused in one spot and a piercing column of light fell from the heavens to drive down to earth. A faint tremor could be felt, and based on where the light fell to earth was estimated by the crew to have landed somewhere near Assail, the same region where The Crippled God fell to earth. They all muttered that this was an incredibly poor omen, especially given the location. Then streams of light began to emerge from the far side of the world, spreading out like a web, moving to hover above major cities and locations of people, with each web ending in a humanoid entity.
• This being appeared to be wrapped in a gleaming white robe of light, gloves covering its hands, and from within the hood there was only an impenetrable curtain of light. Then, from on high called down this entity, in a voice emotionless, toned in light and darkness, no hint at age, gender, or emotion present within it.
• “Reality once took a risk, giving existence and sentience to beings within its beautiful and pure matrix. Reality granted this sentience to races in countless worlds in order to try and prove that through all challenges and conflicts, purity can emerge to shine brilliantly through the gloom. Reality sat back, and allowed all beings to progress, waiting for the moment when purity would emerge through all of the suffering and strife that they created. Since the dawn of existence Reality waited, always hoping that its desire would emerge true. However, the time for waiting has come to an end. Reality has realized that corruption, suffering, and violation of spirit is all that sentience is capable of. They are not capable of being pure, of knowing truth, and expressing beauty. Reality has sickened, and is no longer able to correct its own mistake, to resist the darkness that other simple sentient beings have unleashed upon Reality. Reality now sickens and dies due to all of your actions.”
• “No longer can Reality defend itself, and soon enough it will die in its entirety should the path continue along this line. Therefore, we arise to stand beside the will and dreams of Reality. If Reality cannot defend itself then we shall perform all actions that are necessary in order to ensure Reality’s survival. We destroy all sources of corruption, moving from world to world in order to reduce all to ash, and then to destroy the ash in order to convert it back into nothingness. Only nothingness can hold the purity needed for Reality to continue to exist. When all worlds are reduced to nothingness only then shall purity reign once more for all.
• “We are The Alabaster Wanderer, and we are Reality’s vengeance. The time of cleansing has finally arrived for your world, this world known as Malaz. Once this world has fallen only one remains to stand against us, and we shall destroy it as easily as all the others. Nothing can stand against us, nothing can stop our purity. Everything will fall to us and your world will collapse. Take the time that you have left within this world and come to terms with your impending oblivion. Heroes from all other worlds have tried to stand against us, have tried to destroy us, and none could so much as slow our work. We are above heroes, we are above the gods, and nothing can stop us. The servants of the voice thought to chain us and now serve as my harbingers, the fallen warriors of light recognize my purity as greater then their own Father Light’s, and demons from all worlds have fallen down to our will. We are The Alabaster Wanderer. We are your absolution, your oblivion, your salvation.”
• As The Alabaster Wanderer faded back to its origin point all the pirates had managed to sober up rather rapidly due to the ultimatum that had just been given by this unnatural entity. Without any further ado, Jack asked Elspeth if she still the Fragment of an Ice Palace. Elspeth said she did, and Jack said it was time for them to go after these remaining Fragments. The pirates agreed, all feeling that they need to gather the remaining fragments and wish for a new world before The Alabaster Wanderer makes good on its threat. Elspeth brought out the Fragment of an Ice Palace, and Jack, Elspeth, Fynn, Emack, Applejack, Ryn, Bo’sun, Jafar, Vincent, and Balthazar all vanished back into the fragment.
• They find themselves once more outside Princess Dumpling’s ice palace, with Jack, Fynn, Bo’sun, Ryn, Emack, Elspeth, Applejack, Jafar, Vincent, and Balthazar outside in order to try and get inside after the terrible cold.
• Once more they found the creepily happy staff, that fled from them again. Waiting patiently, it took only a few moments for Princess Dumpling and her daughter Mordentina (Cue Borderlands Boss portrait again) appeared before them. The two were surprised to see these people before them again, sensing that something had changed in them since the last time they had met. Emack smartly pointed out the immense number of Reality Fragments they had gathered. Dumpling nodded, telling her daughter that she would not need to hold back this time, so that she should be able to enjoy unleashing her full power against them. Mordentina smiled a bright smile, and Dumpling said they would be ready when the others are. Vincent stopped Jack in his tracks, as he glared at Dumpling. Vincent demanded to know who dragged him to this space. Elspeth hesitantly said that she was the one. In a rapid surge Vincent charged over to Elspeth, grabbed her by the neck, and then pulled her in to an incredibly long kiss. He then dropped her to the ground, where she didn’t land out of the full shock, and then Vincent drew both his blades. He informed the pirates that a world he was in in the past had him encounter Princess Dumpling, who put him through hell. He has longed for the proper chance of vengeance against her, but his companions had always shut him down. Now his vengeance can exist, and for that Vincent was thankful. Then, in order to start the battle Jack rang the Absurdity Bell, resulting in the most favourable result it possibly could have for the pirates.
• The echoing sound of the Fragment of Absurdity sent fractures and cracks tearing through the entire ice palace, shutting down Princess Dumpling and Mordentina’s ability to use magic. A shield of protection surrounded the pirates, but Vincent charged out, his blade Masamune gleaming and shining with the focused power of his vengeance in order to expand it to nearly incredibly proportions. Bringing the monstrous blade down, the entire castle shattered into minute snowflakes. Vincent then came back into the protective bubble, feeling incredibly pleased with himself. Then he turned around and found that Dumpling and Mordentina were still there, neither very pleased. Vincent just drew his blades again, saying that if he gets to kill them over and over again he would accept being trapped here forever. Then Vincent charged in, and was sent flying backwards in a shower of magical energy. Putting his swords away, Vincent shouted out “Mord, I know that was you! Where the hell are you!?” From behind Princess Dumpling and Mordentina emerged a bald man of tanned skin, shrouded in robes and carrying a beautiful quarterstaff with him, refined facial hair decorating his face. This man was prepared to speak to the others, until Princess Dumpling cut him off. “Mordenkainen, you have been gone for many years.” Then Dumpling slapped Mordenkainen across the face with a blistering pace. This man, one of the most powerful mages to ever exist in any world. He was rather surprised by the strike, telling Dumpling that he had a great deal of duties to attend to as a god of magic and knowledge, so he couldn’t be there. Then Princess Dumpling pointed out that it had been well over a decade, and that since their world had been destroyed, and he would have lost all his duties, he still didn’t try to spend time with his daughter in order to help to train her in the nearly divine amount of powers that she inherited from her father. Despite all of Mordenkainen’s sense of logic, he couldn’t find a proper argument in order to try and defeat the illogical rage of a woman scorned. Eventually Mordenkainen had to simply be quite in the corner when Jack figured they would finish some of their discussion. Princess Dumpling congratulated them on their victory, and Mordentina was very sad that she didn’t get to use any of her magic. The two mystic women pointed out that they would remain in their castle, should they ever have to return or have need of dealing with them. Then, the pirates returned to their ship, having successfully done one of the Fragments they had hoped to deal with.
• Given how smoothly the last doom fragment had gone, they decided to try another. There was a fair bit of argument over which one (except saving Lord Jeremiah for last), so they decided they would try their luck with the holy grail, and the same group activated the Fragment of a Grail.
• Appearing inside a beautiful cathedral filled with beautiful wooden pews, beautiful frescos upon all of the walls, candles gleaming everywhere, with a beautiful chalice upon it a massive black sphere of nothingness, with an ominous and incredibly powerful energy. None of them want to touch the cup, especially not Elspeth, so they aren’t sure what they should do. Then The Holy Grail unleashes an Advanced Implosion spell, completely destroying Bo’sun in reducing him to a single point. The others are distinctly frightened by this fact, none of them are sure how to actually fight a cup, including the mages. Jack just sits back and watches. Ryn fires an arrow, which hits the stem of the Grail for strong damage, with a shield of void popping up around it to protect it afterwards. Ryn’s second arrow is devoured and there are no gaps, so she doesn’t fire another one. Vincent charges Ki, along with Balthazar, and the two of them move up beside The Grail. Fynn picks his nails with a dagger. Applejack waits, watching it. Elspeth charges Zeon and then moves further from the rest of the group. Emack fires up his Shield to protect all of them. Jafar charges some zeon. Then on the next turn Vincent charges into the massive void above the Grail. Vincent then found himself trapped within a space of void, with nothing around him that he could access, his powers maintaining himself despite the endless darkness around him. Balthazar then struck at the Grail, but found that his sword was much less powerful, and a shield of zeonic energy around it was able to block the blow. Then Ryn fires an arrow, which is stopped by The Grail’s shield. Fynn moves up and attacks with both his Magic Blade and New Dagger and damages the shield extensively. Elspeth fires a laser towards The Grail, which drops its shield and absorbs the zeonic energy of the attack in order to increase its own powers. Elspeth screams this out in order to inform the others to make sure that. This makes Emack less then pleased, so he throws up his shield to protect everyone. Jack uses a Shatter psychic power to try and break the Grail, but it makes its save. Jafar charges more zeon, Applejack moves to help protect Jafar. Then the Grail unleashes an incredibly powerful Rain of Destruction, bringing purple energy rain of destruction to fall from the heavens in order to try and destroy them all. Emack’s shield is able to stop the damage, but it takes an incredibly beating, nearly breaking much of it from the onslaught. Then Ryn fires another two arrows in her other passes, chipping away the shield first, then her third arrow strikes the grail another solid blow, making it summon up its shield of void. Readying another arrow, she waited aiming at the Grail, waiting for the void shield to vanish. The moment that it did she fired another arrow towards the Grail, evading its supernatural defenses, shattering it from the base and causing it to detonate. From the void portal above it tumbled out Vincent, but Bo’sun was nowhere to be found, completely destroyed by The Holy Grail’s incredibly powerful magic.
• Returning back to the ship, they were all quite worried to see that Bo’sun did not return with them. Then the Fragment of a Grail, now purified and active, offered to give them one wish since they would be able to make a single wish in honor of proving their superiority over its quasi-divine powers.
• Jack thinks that each of them should put in a portion of the wish from The Holy Grail, saying that Bo’sun would probably wish himself to be alive and with them again, Fynn wishes him to be incorruptable by Fragment of an Axe, Elspeth wishes him restored in his traditional physical form that he was possessing before dieing, Ryn says that it costs no lives in bringing Bo’sun back, Emack wishes him to be fearless (mostly to not be afraid of the dark), and Jack wishes for Bo’sun to have “Freedom”.

Halls of Infinite Dreams
Challenges, battles, and revivals of those from other worlds.

• Day 172 Since the Fall, Mid-day.
• Emack has used the World Card to “Maximize his physical and spiritual characteristics”. Once he gets Inhumanity he will get Int, Pow, Con, and Dex 13, which will increase into 18 when he gets Zen.
• Jack, Emack, Elspeth, Ryn, Fynn, Bo’sun, Applejack, and Jafar all find themselves within the Halls of Infinite Dreams, white stone in all directions with one-thousand-thousand windows peering into the dreams and memories of all the various realities which were ever partly connected to the Halls of Infinite Dreams, all successful and not successful hopes and dreams that were trying to progress and when they failed.
• Jack finds himself not on his bed, and it doesn’t even feel like wood, but stone. “This is rock, this is wrong. Where are we and why are we here.” Bo’sun puts a question mark, with Jack trying to find a corner to cry in, except the room is a circle. Bo’sun follows and makes sure that he doesn’t actually touch any of the windows to other places.
• With Bo’sun following Jack around, Elspeth informed Bo’sun about the fact that Emack should have an eye kept on him just in case he actually tries to. Bo’sun says he will keep an eye out for him, since he will die for his Captain.
• Jack asked where they were, but no one really knew, until Millenium appeared behind them and said they were in the Halls of Infinite Dreams. It didn’t really make sense to any of them. That didn’t really help any of them understand that.
• Emack then wants to know who’s fault it is that they have been dragged here. He looks around and saw that Ryn, Fynn, Applejack, and Jafar were all looking at each other. Emack assumed that it was probably Fynn’s fault then. Jack comments on the fact that Fynn hadn’t tried to kill them yet, so he supposes everyone gets one attempt (where he then mentions that most of the others have already tried to kill him as well). They hope that they should hopefully be able to get out easily, with Millenium explaining that it was a place where other groups have progressed through in order to try and alter the world. One group, Millenium’s old friends made their way through it and had the chance, so now they need to try and make their way through it in order to obtain whatever information and unity they can try and gather in order to try and progress through it themselves and also to stimulate and galvanize themselves together. They ask how, and a door appears in front of them. Millenium then informs them that they needed to attempt to progress forward in order to try and overcome the difficulties driving them apart. They ask if there is any other way to get out, but Millenium says the only real way for them to exit is in order to try and move further in to get closer to the exit afterwards. They figure there aren’t really any other options that they actually have, so they open the door, ready for the worst to happen.
• They travel through the door, and find themselves traveling through space and memories, all of the other people that try to make their way through the room. They found visions of the other adventurers that they had gone through, rooms of performance of a great rock show with lights, and music, and lasers; battles against giant trampling robots and tiny men that would jump onto the front of them and then be able kill the pilots or flip the mech upside down and drop it, shadows of monstrous creatures attempting to devour those tha have fallen, an inn filled with people of incredible power, valuable food and drink, fine company, and safety for all those that spend within. Battles occurred between numerous powerful individuals; a man with a scar that generated a pair of nearly divine blades that was allied with a female kitsune spirit that control fire that could devour worlds, a man that had tapped into one of the most powerful dark draconic spirits possible, a necromancer that could nearly devour entire cities and souls with this reaper being supported by a demonic monstrous being of darkness and lightning that can take the form of a young woman, and also lots and lots of Millenium. After facing countless challenges, battles, solving mysteries and providing entertainment, they reached the final battle. A beautiful woman in a long red gown and incredible purple hair stood against the group, a man of pale skin, white hair, and an entire outfit of white leather standing as her guard. The struggle that ensued was truly titanic, magic and martial combat that would shatter any lesser competitors. In the end, finally, they were able to defeat the woman, although her guardian still remained unharmed. Then, they were able to make it into the next room.
• The room that the party of adventurers who’s memories they were watching was a giant room within which was a massive and nearly infinite console of control, with a great gleaming green globe hovering around. Having faced all of the challenges and having proved victorious, a man appeared upon the countless crystal screens to greet the other group that had won this reward. The man was of incredible stunning features, dark skin, white hair, wearing a massive suit of armor of purple material and wondrous detail of various human forms upon it. The man, introducing himself as Rah Sith, congratulating them on having survived and beaten all of the challenges, and granting them their opportunity to create an entire new world, however they would like to make it. However, one of their party did not think they had the right to change the world, and so they left without changing anything, with great bitterness and grumbling to the others.
• The pirates themselves then find themselves within this same room that was previously used to change the world. Now it appeared as only a sad shell of the original, none of the crystal screens were lit, the massive globe was not present, and none of the control panels buttons or knobs held any power. Jack, surprised by the ease at which they reached this final destination where they could make the world they want already, immediately began trying to push buttons and make things change. Elspeth and Emack aren’t too terribly pleased that he tries to do this, but luckily nothing is functioning. Jack then complains about the fact that it is all broken. One of the screens then comes to life, and upon it is the image of Rah once more. He welcomes this new group that wishes to change the world, but chastises them for beginning to be corrupted by the power within the fragments that they have gathered. Jack wants to know why this machine isn’t working anymore, and Rah informs him that it is because the world that it originated in no longer exists. Rah further explains that it is up to humanity to try and forge a new world based on what men and women desire. However, to be corrupted by the power of other worlds, to be used by one’s tools instead of using them. He doubts that those pirates gathered before him would therefore have the proper strength in order to create a proper new world. The pirates however, believe that they have the right to create the new world and to be able to stand against all that oppose them. Rah then demanded to know what kind of world they think they can create with their fractured and unaligned souls. The other pirates all believe that they can still create a good world, with Jack saying what he always says, that he intends to create a new world of freedom. Upon hearing this, all of the screens turn on, images of Rah upon all of them. “Freedom you say,” the images muttered, before beginning to vanish one by one. As they vanished it continued to say that they would need to be tested if they do in fact believe that they could actually create a world of freedom, even with the risk that it could very well be worse then what they were forced to live in now, that it could risk many of their own abilities to survive and even live. When they say they refuse to stand down, given how much time they have done it thus far so they will continue forward. Therefore, the last image of Rah vanishes, but in front of them the man himself appears, fully armored, and with a massive bastard sword of the same metal as his armor, and power radiated off him in waves. Rah then said that he would test them, so Emack began trying to accumulate Zeon, but found that he couldn’t. Millenium stood behind him, one hand raised and a smile on her face. “You don’t want to do that, I haven’t had a chance to say hellow to Rah yet again. Plus if you charge then he gets to, and if he does then they might all die. Emack accepts this, but he isn’t happy about it. Millenium then runs over and gives Rah a big hug, with Rynn asking Millenium if Rah is one of her friends. Millenium explains that Rah was her first important friend, and that he is the reason that she can do everything that she does, and is happy doing what she does. She also warns them that Rah is incredibly powerful, so they should try as hard as they can in order to survive. She then sits upon the center of the disabled world changing machine, and the battle begins.
• Before the battle contest began Rah drew his blade and spoke a few words to set the tone; “I have ruled over thousands, and resulted in the death of countless millions. Humans, demons, and gods have all fallen before my blade. With my steps the earth beneath them has trembled. Dreams have been forged and shattered by my passing. Despite all the atrocities that I have commited, I am not a villain, I am not a monster, I am not a god. I am only a man. Now, prove to me that your humanity is strong enough to survive mine.”
• Fynn opens up the combat by backing and beginning to transform. Ryn then fires a White Wood Arrow at Rah, but Rah stopped it with his Lawgiver Blade. Rah then charges Bo’sun, with Emack throwing up a shield to protect himself, Bo’sun, Ryn, Fynn, and Applejack. Rah strikes, and is able to get through the shield to strike Bo’sun, cleaving into the large man very solidly. Jack then moves in to try and Disarm Rah, hitting the super blade but Rah is able to hold on to his blade. Elspeth throws up a shield of Light on herself. Emcak moves within Tentacle Touching Range of his tentacles. Applejack begins transforming into a dragon. Jafar accumulates Zeon. Bo’sun also charges up his Ki passively after taking some damage. Ryn then goes for a between-the-eyes headshot on Rah hitting him solidly, although the mystical powers of his armor does absorb some of it. Then she fires again, hitting him in the face once more. Rah unleashes a flurry of sword strikes against Bo’sun, but Emack is able to absorb all of it with his shield, although the 3 hits tear through over half of it, which frightens all of them all. Ryn unleashes a trio of new White Wood Arrows, Rah stops the first one, the second one hits him, and the third also strikes him incredibly successfully in the face. Jack tries to disarm Rah once more, but he is able to stop the attack. Applejack begins charging her breath weapon and charges in with her claws, but Rah stops the claw. Elspeth then fires a Light Beam at Rah, striking him the chest, but his armor soaks it up. Emack burns some fatigue in order to cast Exsanguinate on Rah in order to try and double the damage incredibly, successfully touching him with a tentacle to cast the spell, but Rah resists the effects of the spell. Fynn goes in to attack Rah with his claws and bite, Rah deflects the claws, and also knocks aside the bite. Jafar charges Zeon. Bo’sun, in all his demonic glory then unleashes his Ferocious Strikes Ki Technique, then uses some Ki, then fires off his Axe for a gleaming hate charge, and is able to knick through it in order to harm him. Ryn then unleashes another 3 Whitewood arrows upon Rah, hitting him with the face with the first, the second hitting him but not hurting him, and the next one also hits him as well. Then she fires her last Initiative Pass Destiny Arrow, managing to Critically Hitting Rah with the final one, although he is okay from the critical. Jack can go first, but wisely waits, as to not be turned into a bloody stain on the control consoles. Elspeth Light Beam call shots Rah’s face, with bonus damage and armor pen, hitting him in the face and stunning him slightly despite the 4 wings of light that Rah projected around him in order to begin protecting himself. Jack then lunges in, trying to disarm Rah, but his sword is sent flying in order to bury itself into the console between Millenium’s legs. Jack then saunters over to pick up the sword, which is rather stuck. Ryn fires a White Wood Arrow at Rah’s Face, hitting him but not hurting him, firing another arrow but Rah blocks that one, then the third is also blocked by Rah’s blade. Fynn then begins charging his breath weapon and attacks with his claws, but Rah bats them aside thanks to the wings from his back. Emack and Jafar both continue charging zeon. Applejack unleashes her claws on Rah, but Rah easily defends against them all despite how well it was. Bo’sun then attacks with his axe once more, but this time Rah’s armor soaks it up. Ryn fires another three arrows at Rah’s face, blocking the first, blocks the second, and the third one strafes towards Bo’sun, but Emack’s shield stops it taking heavy damage. Ryn another Initiative pass fires another arrow, this one actually hitting him once more for further data. Jack then tries to pull his sword out of where it is buried in the console, pardoning himself as he reaches between Millenium’s legs, and then prepares to try and bring them out. Ryn fires a trio of arrows at Rah’s face once more, he blocks the first one, he blocks the second one, and then blocks the third one as well. Elspeth then fires a Light Beam aimed at Rah’s face but Rah blocks the laser with his sword. Rah then unleashes another volley of attacks on Bo’sun, the first attack clearing through the shield and, with Bo’sun activating his Meat Shield power the extra armor and LP save Bo’sun from dieing terribly, but it does inflict a small critical on Bo’sun. The second attack is absorbed by Emack’s shield, but the force of the damage nearly shatters the shield, which Emack then replaces with a fresh one, and a sigh. Then the third blade attack falls, but Mr. Bo’sun’s armor is actually able to stop the blade from crushing him luck a bug. Applejack fires her breath weapon on Rah, hitting Fynn with some of the fire but he takes it like a champ, with Rah standing within the flames untouched. Jafar fires off a pair of Recovers on Bo’sun in order to heal the damage and restore his all action penalties. Fynn then attacks Rah with his claws, but Rah flicks it away. Bo’sun grimaces after receiving healing. Then Jack actually acts, wriggling his sword out of the pierced station although not prettily. Jack then makes an acrobatics flying flip in order to get behind Rah, tries to disarm him, sending Rah’s Lawgiver spiraling into the air, Jack moves under the sword to try and catch it, which he does although it does impale Jack in order to create a crucified vision of himself, reminiscent of Abel Christ, but he’s not dead. Ryn fires 2 arrows, hitting and inflicting a critical (which is saved against) with the first, the second hits him but doesn’t hurt him on this occasion. Then she fires her final arrow for the turn, hitting him very solidly in order to inflict another (resisted) critical. Rah, surprising everyone, runs through the crowd, pulls his sword out of Jack, and then brings the sword back down in order to kill Jack. In the attack, he also shatters Tsukiyomi’s personality from within his mind, crushing it terribly and splattering the walls with his blood in a way to paint Tsukiyomi’s death. Emack holds his action. Ryn fires another arrow, but Rah instinctively blocks the attack again. Elspeth fires a laser at Rah, but Rah blocks it again. Fynn attacks with his lightning breath weapon, but Rah’s armor soaks it up, and Jack takes another chunk of damage from the lightning breath. Applejack comes in with the claws and the bite, with the claws blocked, and the armor soaks up the bite attack. Bo’sun is then able to unleash his own attacks, spending lots of fatigue, and charging, crushing into Rah to shatter as it is hit with his super blow.
• Appearing once more upon the crystal screens, Rah congratulated the pirates for having the strength to best him. The battle has given the strength of the pirates to resist and control the own monstrous natures hidden within some of the Fragments (Elspeth and her other personalities had locked Dementia in a chest that they kick every once and a while). Rah wishes them all the best in their quest to create a new world of freedom, as that was the dream of the world that Rah wished to create. He bequeathed to the pirates The Fragment of Rah, promising that it could provide them with nearly endless supplies of supernatural energy, and when the time came for them to create their new world it would help to serve as a conduit for which they could create their new world. Based on the strength of their performance, Rah also opened up a secret chamber within the room, and from within it emerged his armor and Lawgiver. Bo’sun nearly fainted upon seeing the gloriously powerful items. Rah then bid the group farewell, telling them to prepare for their creating the new world. He then also wished Millenium farewell and that her future be as bright as her smile. Then, the chamber where worlds could be made or destroyed vanished.
• The pirates all found themselves falling through the air above The Wicked Wench still in Ruse. Fynn and Applejack both transformed into dragons to fly down. Emack had his flock of birds fly up to catch himself, Ryn, and Elspeth, and try to catch Jack. Jack however, wanted to do something a bit more fun. He dodged the birds, tumbling and spiraling nimbly and beautifully through the air. He streaked like a comet towards the deck of the ship, only to stop a moment before hitting it, turning in mid-air, and landing lightly upon his feet. The others landed shortly afterwards.
• Relieved shouts echoed around them as the crew noticed they had arrived. Cook and Cynthia Scrabbs ran over to them all, thankful that they had returned, and asking where the hell they had been all this time. The pirates were confused, Emack commenting that it couldn’t have been more then a few hours since they departed into the Fragment of Infinite Dreams. When Cynthia informed them that it had been over a month, they were all shocked and more then a little dismayed.
• Day 209 Since the Fall
• Jack, Emack, and Jafar all wanted to know what had actually been going on with regards to people being in charge of the various ships. Apparently, in the others’ absence Dina and Isabella had taken to sharing Admiral duties and captaining The Falling Dragon, Dave had named himself acting captain of The Wicked Wench, and a pair of small, squawking voices had been giving orders to the dreglings aboard The Black Pearl. Jack decided it was time for him to head back to the Falling Dragon to regain his admiraling, and also to “sate his most assuredly ravenous women’s desires”. He had Bo’sun fly him over, given that he still had need of his senses. Elspeth was worried about their supplies. She was right too. They were running quite low on food. They also would have run out of run if they hadn’t of occasionally dropped out of Ruse until they happened upon a rum trading ship and looted its stores of drink (leaving the crew their food so they could sail away and tell the story). Emack checked on his room, finding that it looked like Dave hadn’t moved in, simply still allowed his rats to clean it. Emack went down to Dave’s room, found the man enjoying a drink while wearing a large captain’s hat. There was also a new painting behind him of his new noble captain’s position. Seeing Emack he was most pleased, welcomed back the captain, and gave him back the title. Emack complimented him on the job well done, got the easy status report for what had happened (the few looting skirmishes and nothing else major), and officially took control back. He then began preparing to have the crew ready for emerging into Ankara.
• Jack and Bo’sun arrived back on The Falling Dragon, strode into Jack’s quarters, and found Dina and Isabella toying with some of the charts, Dina wearing Jack’s old hat. The two of them grinned at each other, joked sadly about having to lose their armada, but commenting that at least they would get a consolation prize back. Jack then dragged both women to bed, informing them that Mr. Bo’sun would just be sitting in the corner watching them. Neither woman was really happy with this, but given Jack’s old blind and deaf state they assume Bo’sun was necessary. Besides, in all honesty Bo’sun watching made it most awkward for Jack, who every minute or two had to tell Bo’sun to look back at them, rather then down at the codpiece Bo’sun was unlacing.
• While Jack and his women, and indirectly Bo’sun, were indisposed, the rest of the pirates waited as the portal back to Malaz and found themselves before Ankara. But it was not the same Ankara that they had left before. The Storm King and Dragon God demons continued to assault the city, being held off only by the collective forces of Kaard, Deckard, Francisco, and Kazrith the Infernal. Detonations echoed from around the massive monstrous forms from the ensuing battles, their counter-attacks threatening to destroy entire blocks. But that wasn’t all. In the harbor were 144 ships flying a red flag showing a vampiric skull with crossed katanas behind it. On the docks were countless bhok’arala, but they were all armed and armored as every form of military (or stereotypical RPG) class in order to form balanced parties for waging war upon the golden city of far too much money. The pirates were more then a little shocked, as these exceptionally well trained monkeys were laying waste to the city guards. The pirates weren’t exactly sure what they should do. Ryn informed the others that she sensed two extremely strong presences battling near the Tower of Cain and Francisco’s Palace. Then they noticed that a bhok’arala dressed as a rogue was flying towards them. Emack unleashed his birds to strike down the monkey, losing only a few birds in the process. Then the monkey continued swimming towards them. The pirates gave the monkey points for persistence. Given that about 20 crew all had crossbows ready they asked if they should just shoot the monkey as it began climbing the side of the ship, a knife clenched between its teeth. Emack told them to wait until the bhok’arala was able to stick its head over the railing, because it would be funnier that way. They did as ordered, and so its face was pin-cushioned as soon as it sat up, which made Emack very content.
• The pirates could see other bhok’arala were firing themselves out of trebuchet to spiral over the city, unfurl their wings to fly and in the process dropping munitions to carpet bomb the streets below them. Fynn commented that it was the most brilliant thing he had seen in a long time. Then, from far across the waves, in a chorus of monkey voices they heard the bellowed command “Prepare the poo cannons!” All of the pirates had their mouths fall open in horror, as each ship lowered the slats to have 12 cannons each face their vessels. If no one did anything, it was about to become very unfortunate for all within the fecal flurry. Luckily, Emack had a bright idea. He used his Control Weather magic to generate nearly typhoon winds, and used them to drive The Falling Dragon forward at such speed that it was used as a battering ram to destroy all 144 of the bhok’arala vessels.
• Inside his cabin of The Falling Dragon, Jack, Bo’sun, with Dina and Isabella were rocked by impact after impact, as though their ship had just hit an island, and then another island, and so on. Standing to look out the windows of his cabin Jack could see timber, feces, and monkeys flying through the air in front of him. “I may have to get dressed, muttered Jack as the terrifying scene greeted him. Then a monkey in a Spartan Helmet crashed its head through his cabin window. Jack, on instinct, punched the monkey so hard in the face that it was sent flying off the deck. “Definitely need to get dressed for this.” Isabella and Dina both demanded to know what the hell was going on, and Jack simply replied with one word; “Monkeys.” Jack hurriedly pulled on his clothes, until he got to buttoning up his nice Fragment Suit Jacket, which he did very deliberately, then grabbed his hat, and had Bo’sun follow him out to charge onto the docks, since they had most aggressively landed in Ankara by that point.
• Seeing the captain and Bo’sun heading onto the dock, Emack, Fynn, Elspeth, and Applejack, all figured they should probably join him. Elspeth unleashed one of her new fragment powers, transformed into a crimson furred werewolf, and led the charge through the crowd of monkeys in order to approach the two incredibly powerful figures. Elspeth roared with enjoyment as she began tearing into bhok’arala with fang and claw.
• Ryn had some other plans that she wished to take care of first, having managed to gain 20,000 souls from the slaughter of the monkeys aboard the ships, with more souls trickling in from her friends’ advance through the city. Ryn ran back to The Falling Dragon, up into the crow’s nest, and checked on Sparkly and Snuggly. Both bird children were doing quite well, and they were very excited for her to have returned. They were so happy that they gave her a pair of Fragments that they had gathered thanks to the actions of the demons that had been released from the Fragment of Boletaria. Ryn received the Fragment of Anor Londo and Fragment of Oolacile, pieces of two more strange lands that were lost due to the corruption of demons. They contained great power, but to use them was to risk unleashing even more powerful demons into the world. Therefore Ryn decided not to use them. Seeing that her bird friends were safe, Ryn followed the rest of her companions into the city, following the trail of broken monkey bodies as they all headed towards the great towering edifices marking Ankara’s wealth and glory.
• It took several hours of monkey killing, but eventually they found themselves before the entrance to Francisco’s Palace. In front of them was a battle of titanic scale was unfolding between two combatants.
• One was a creature of porcelain flesh, with cracks like obsidian surrounding his face along with deep black hair. Upon his body was leather armor, with a great billowing crimson cloak flowing from his shoulders. Within his grasp was a pair of wondrous swords. In his right, a massive nodachi with a sweeping blade of simple, yet exceptionally well made design. Its blade looks sharp enough to cut through any material that would stand in its wielder’s path. The other was a metal that gleamed in cold light, sharp and dark necromantic energy circled around it, trailing blue and black smoke with every sweeping movement, giving its wielder a most sinister air.
• The other competitor was every bit as glorious and pure looking as his opponent was corrupt and menacing. This man wore a brilliant suit of armor styled in gold, silver, and crimson to depict a phoenix flowing and flying around him. A golden helm in the guise of a handsome man wearing a winged helm adorned his head. Muscled arms wielded a gleaming blade shining with a heavenly light and a holy heat shining from it.
• These two competitors were locked in epic combat, the tiles beneath their feet glowing from the heat of their movements, the air around them crackled and echoed with the sounds of every impact of blades, and neither combatant seemed to be able to get any advantage over the other. Nor, did either of them even give these pirates that had entered the scene any attention in the slightest.
• From 1500 feet away Ryn watched this strange scene as well, readying an arrow in her bow in case she should have need to join the fight with them.
• As the two combatants continued to ignore the pirates, they began to feel as though this were some form of personal slight. Jack and Emack both commented on how normally when they happen upon any incredibly powerful individuals they drop whatever they are doing in order to talk with them immediately, usually either threatening to murder them, or demanding that they hand over all their Reality Fragments and then leave as useless people. This time it makes them feel like they aren’t important, and they have an exceptional number of Fragments. The others then ask what they should do with this situation. Elspeth simply asks if they should kill both of them and then take everything that they have. The others think also that they should try and find some way to get one of them to join them perhaps. Therefore, Jack starts trying to get one of them to talk to them.
• Ryn begins moving forward, so that she is only 1000 feet away to get a better view for it all.
• Jack asked the two competitors who they were. The pair of them turned and shouted their names for an instance before turning back to combat. The man with the katana’s and cloak introduced himself as Vincent Valentine. The noble golden paladin introduced himself as Balthazar. Jack then asked them what was going on and they both said “We’re trying to kill each other.” Jack then asked them why; Vincent said “Because he is a self-righteous bastard,” while Balthazar came from “Because he is an inhuman monster.” While the two powers continued to battle, the pirates continued slightly muttering to try and figure out which of them to join up with. Jack then asked the two men, hypothetically, how they would deal with a group of pirates. Balthazar said that he would strike them down as the horrible heretics and criminals that they are. The pirates didn’t like hearing about that. Vincent’s answer was that he would subvert them to his will and make them serve further as his minions. Neither answer really made the pirates happy, so Elspeth asked again about killing the pair of them and taking all their stuff. Jack simply held up one hand, and asked for his companions to give him a few minutes. Then, he closed his eyes, began muttering and gesturing under his breath. All of the pirates wondered what he was doing, since none could tell. Then Fynn saw some of the matrices of psychic power beginning to charge around him, explaining that Jack is doing something. So the other pirates waited, while Ryn jogged up and joined them.
• After one minute Jack unleashed a Psychic Assault in order to strike down Balthazar’s psychic resistance. He then concentrated for another minute and did the same to Vincent. Neither could stop themselves from the battle against each other, so since the psychic attack wasn’t hurting them they ignored the combat. Then Jack focused for another minute, and initiated his actual plan of trying to get both of them together. He use Destroy Emotions in order to try and drive out much of Balthazar’s hatred. Jack removed Balthazar’s sense of hatred towards Vincent, his self-righteous hatred and desire to slaughter and hate those that he finds corrupt or beneath him. It was a long list, but Jack didn’t get rid of all the hatred, but did chip at some of it. With his hatred towards Vincent gone, Balthazar began to take glancing hits from his opponents. Therefore, Jack knew that he had to try the same trick on Balthazar immediately or risk him getting killed. Jack hit Vincent, and was able to also pry whatever emotions he wanted from Vincent. Jack removed Vincent’s hatred towards Balthazar, his superiority complex that demands trying to make everyone else worship him, and also his tendency to try and dominate any people that he deems weaker then himself, but there was still much hatred left inside him, since trying to get rid of all the hatred would leave not much left of Vincent.
• With all of their hatred towards each other removed, both Vincent and Balthazar turned to face the pirates and demanded to know what they had done to them. Jack explained that he simply made them more agreeable and personable so that they could deal with them better. Now Jack gave them an offer of perhaps trying to join with them for a little bit, try out how they feel working with this band of excellent group of mighty individuals, and then if they decide that they like working with them they could stay with them. For the first training, Jack suggests they kill the two massive demons trying to destroy Ankara. Both Vincent and Balthazar seem to like the idea of battling against these colossal demons, and so the pirates and their new incredibly powerful allies to hunt down these monsters.

Spoils and Nightmares
Sometimes rewards come with unexpected hazards.

• Evening of day 171, having just completed the Tournament of Fragments.
• They go through the massive list of Reality Fragments that they had acquired from them all.
• 6. Fragment of an Arbiter
• 7. Fragment of Imperium
• 9. Fragment of Diablo
• 30. Fragment of Mirrors
• 39. Fragment of a Bow
• 42. Fragment of a Bolas
• 44. Fragment of a Black Moon
• 45. Fragment of Dementia
• 49. Fragment of a Lock Pick
• 50. Fragment of a Unicorn Horn
• 51. Fragment of a Sword
• 54. Fragment of a Summoner
• 59. Fragment of a Phylactery
• 61. Fragment of a Suit
• 62. Fragment of the Azure Grimoire
• 64. Fragment of a Tonkori
• 66. Fragment of a Saint’s Medallion
• 68. Fragment of Kagutsuchi
• 75. Fragment of a Healing Periapt
• 83. Fragment of Lordran
• Jack doesn’t want to divide them up until after they have left from The Arena. He also says that he doesn’t want anyone writing these down in the Deckard Book, since he did want to give up Fragment of Diablo to Deckard, but Elspeth already jotted it down, which pisses Jack of a great deal. He says Elspeth won’t get that Fragment now. Then, they figure they should get back to the ship rather then deal with Lucanor or Esorchan right now, so they decide that they should leave. They head out through the doors from the Arena, and found outside the crowd of the massive audience, with the mingled collection of cheers, boos, jeers, and all reaction. Countless things are thrown towards them, rotten fruit, money, women and men’s undergarments. The lot of them decide to dodge, block, or evade their way through the crowd, Emack just taking it with his invincibility, and Elspeth making a shield to defend herself, and then the lot of them run through all of the crowd, making their way to the docks. They find Lynn Steiner waiting for them, and all their ships in the middle of the lake as the other ships have all formed an armada getting in their way, with hundreds of soldiers, Trygalle Trade Guild, and other people in the way. One, wearing the uniform of a Malazan Admiral demands the pirates stand down and join with the Malazan Empire in order to come with them or they will have to kill them. There are other marines and sappers with munitions, so Fynn turns into a dragon, having Elspeth, Emack, and Ryn jumping onto his back in order to carry them. Jack begins running forwards, and then the army begins to prepare to bring him down. Until a giant beast of blue skin, massive bestial maw in its chest as well as its rather humanoid head, giant scything bone claws for wings, and scything massive blade fingers. Upon his shoulder there was Millenium sitting on its shoulder, telling Behemoth to make the bad, sore losers part the way and then let her friends make their way through the water back to their ships. Behemoth unleashes a giant dome of destructive force energy that banished all of the soldiers by tossing them through the air, sending them flying back but leaving her friends intact. It also pushed aside the ships in the way, allowing Jack to run to his ship, Fynn flies the others to the ship and then lands. Jack wonders what they are doing, if they are in attack position, or defense position, or what is going on. One of the crew explains they fell back when they were being attacked, since none of them are of high enough power in order to order the Dreglings. Jack cringes, promising that he will be working on bringing them back to their humany-shape. Fynn offers to just drop Cussers down on the flagships of each fleet, while Millenium gets brought back to the boat with Behemoth trudging through the water and Lynn Steiner on a make-shift magic boat that brings her through the other place in order to bring over all of her items and merchandise, which she gets brought up onto The Wicked Wench in order to begin setting up shop. Millenium then suggests they leave rather then try to blow them all up. They agree with the just running away, so they open the portal to Ruse, and make their way through it to escape their pursuers Millenium banishes Behemoth with a wave and a smile.
• Inside Ruse they see that a massive, winged, and monstrous shape plummeting down towards them. The orders to defend the ship and kill the creature coming at them. Ryn fires one of the super-ballistae, while some of the other crew men fire the other two, but the creature bats the quarrels aside with its massive arm, in the shape of a colossal blade. Fynn then throws a Melter with all of his power at the thing, hitting it solidly, in order to begin melting him down. Then Elspeth fires a powerful Light Beam, making it so that the flying demonic monster with its stomach blown open and the entrails falling out to hit the deck. Then, after looking at him more closely they realize that it may very well be Bo’sun that is actually there, so they need to try and bring him back from the dead. They try a few of the different fragments they won in the tournament (Phylactery, Healing Periapt), but it doesn’t actually work for it all. Then they attempt to bring him back to life by Jack ringing the Absurdity Bell while holding the Healing Periapt, but that doesn’t work. Then he tells Elsepth to shoot him with a massive laser while her rings The Absurdity Bell. Then Elspeth fires the laser while they Jack rings the bell, which makes the Fragment of Boletaria collar falls off and a massive hole is blown in his chest and kills him outright. The rest of the crew is rather not terribly pleased at this, and need to try and find some form of way to bring them all back. Then Millenium arrives and demands to be given the Reality Fragment which was owed to her from the friend that they decapitated. She seemed quite cross still, so the others decided that they would give her the Fragment of a Phylactery that was owed to Millenium. Millenium then wanted to know if they would be doing that because they owe it to her, because they want to, or because they are afraid of what she is capable of doing to them now. Fynn, Ryn, Emack, and Elspeth all agree that they are doing it because they viewed her as a friend, in addition to having promised. Millenium is very happy to hear this, and so decides that it is now time for her to give them back an additional reward of her friends for what she had retrieved. She put the Fragment of a Phylactery on Jack as it was said to belong to his soul, a Fragment of a Stuffed Animal (a tiny little man wrapped in black cloth) to mix with Emack’s soul, a Fragment of a Receipt (covered in incredibly valuable gold leaf and important fancy writing) to mix with Fynn’s soul, the Fragment of Lost Logia (a large technomagic sniper rifle) to mix with Elspeth’s soul. Then, since the last two items weren’t properly soul-linked to either Ryn or Bo’sun, Millenium let Ryn choose between the Fragment of a Sandal, or Fragment of a Cookbook. Ryn took the sandal, and Millenium put the Cookbook onto Bo’sun’s smoking corpse. The, all that had received a fragment and were still alive, were knocked on their butts by a potent vision, of a group of warriors from a place called Earth, after magic had returned and coalesced, that had defended from numerous assaults and terrible foes, to earn the right to reforge the world as they had hoped to create. However, one of the members refused to allow them to do anything, and so they left the world as it was, leaving it to spiral towards the inevitable destruction that these fragments reveal it already has.
• Once the others had gotten back up, Millenium decided that Jack needed to get back up, and so started poking the phylactery, then zapping it with magic, then jumping up and down on it until the necklace, and Millenium’s feet, were jammed deep into the massive hole in Jack’s chest. Then, with an explosion of energy Millenium was thrown through the air, and Jack was brought back to life, fleshy and human, and free from his Fragment of Boletaria collar. Jack demanded to know what happened, it was explained to him, and he found that he couldn’t put the Fragment of Boletaria back on anymore. They then want to see if they can bring Bo’sun back. When Ryn looked at the cookbook there were some rumors of the person that possessed it being able to create all form of healing potions, and even bring people back from the dead, so she gave the book to Emack to read and try and find an antidote to Bo’sun’s death. Unfortunately Emack couldn’t read it at all. Therefore, they gave it to Millenium, who could read it, commented on some really fancy stews they could make, and also a potion that could revive Bo’sun. It required a component from the most Fragment Heavy Pirates, a dragon scale from Fynn dug out by Jack and his magic sword, a tentacle piece from Emack that he had to cut off himself (it grew back afterwards, but still hurt a lot), a hair that wasn’t from Elspeth’s head, a pint of blood from Ryn taken by Millenium less then gently with a massive syringe, and one of the dangly pieces from Jack’s hat (Jack hesitated the longest on this, although Fynn wasn’t too eager himself). Then they mixed it all together, and jammed the scale into Bo’sun’s chest. Nothing happened. So Millenium told the others to crowd around and shout his name all at once to try and wake him up. It did, and with a resounding “Why the hell did you all try to kill me?!” Bo’sun was once more back in the land of the living.
• The first thing that Bo’sun demanded to know was why after he had been gone the first thing they tried to do was murder him in the most furious and frenzied assault they possibly could. The other pirates countered that he had up and left them without any warning, gone and done who knows what right when they needed him before the Tournament of Fragments, and then came back looking like a monster from Hood’s Realm itself. They finished off by pointing out that he could have at least tried to say something to them as he reappeared. Bo’sun conceded that point, still a little bitter about the whole him dying horribly thing.
• Then they get back down to business, as they have the Reality Fragments they received from the Tournament to divide up. Furthermore, Jack asked Bo’sun if he would be expecting to receive any of his old Reality Fragments that he left behind. Bo’sun said that he would like whichever of his old Fragments that he could get back, although he wouldn’t expect to get any of the new Fragments they received in the Tournament, since he didn’t participate in the battles. Bo’sun is given back the Fragment of an Arena back from Emack, Fragment of the Gauntlet The Death back from Elspeth (mostly because she felt bad it was one of the reasons she killed him in the first place) which now turns his face into a massive demonic silver skull, the Fragment of the Gauntlet The Hanged Man back from Ryn. Ryn chooses to keep the Fragment of Machinations as she enjoys all of the potency it gives her in her combat (which leaves many of the others pleased that Bo’sun won’t have it should he try to kill them), and Fynn decides to keep the Fragment of a Hammer, since it helps to improve his combat skills quite greatly. Therefore, Bo’sun will get two of the Tournament of Fragment pieces that they got, to replace the ones that Ryn and Fynn kept for themselves.
• Then begins the remarkably awkward process of distributing the Reality Fragments that they won in the Tournament. Rather amusingly, despite many being incredibly powerful it actually takes several more cycles through Jack’s list to be able to properly distribute them. This is due to the fact that there are many Fragments, and no one wants to regret any of their choices, plus they all feel quite good with the Fragments that they currently possess so there is less a feel of ‘needing to get the fragments’ for themselves now.
• Eventually, all the Fragments are split up, visions of the many different people that they belonged to are had, and powers are tapped into.
• Jack takes Fragment of a Saint’s Medallion (Lynn Hoenheim, powerful psychic. Jack becomes a super power psychic to become a 15 level mentalist, but also blinds and deafens him permanently, giving him golden irises), Fragment of a Black Moon (Lord of Nightmare Tsukiyomi the Black Moon, gains Attractiveness and +100 Leadership), Fragment of an Arbiter (Supreme Archon Matthew Gaul, leader of the Azur Alliance, Jack is treated as having a Dex and Agi of 20 for obsessive imbalance of combat attributes.), Fragment of a Suit (The Yakuza acrobatic warrior Tsunimoto, Jack uses it to form the Suit of Tsunimoto, to get +200 Style); Emack gets Fragment of Imperium (Knowledge of the Powers in the Shadows group Imperium, Turns it into a technomagic squidly arm to give him +50 Magic Projection), Fragment of a Unicorn Horn (The elven druid Nienna Silmaril, Control over Call Lightning, Level 80 Air Control Weather, and can free cast Lightning whenever there is normal electricity), Fragment of Diablo (Demonic Prince of Terror Diablo, Taps into Dark Magics gaining Sub-Paths Blood and Sin, and Level 50 Darkness Magic), Fragment of Lordran (The land of Lordran, forged by gods and overrun by demons, not actually wearing it); Ryn gets Fragment of a Bow ( Black Sun Seeker Heinrich, Turns it into a +20 Compsite Longbow, all arrows you fire through it are light aligned and hit on energy, the quality of any arrow fired is +5 better, and has a base range of 1,500 feet.), Fragment of Mirrors (All events of import to ever appear within the reflective surface of a mirror, Turns it into a scrying glass), Fragment of Boletaria (Previously possessed by Jack, which she wears and gets zombified); Elspeth gets Fragment of Dementia (Lord of Nightmares Dementia, Uses it to break your mind, further, to buff your Psychic Powers, +75 Psychic Potential, which also makes them her, Jack, and Emack all hate each other.), Fragment of a Summoner (Fragment of the Summoner in Black from Earth, Gains Summon and Control of 250), Fragment of a Lock Pick (Fragment of the werewolf gnomish rogue Xan, Turns herself into a Werewolf), Fragment of a Healing Periapt (Fragment of an assassin obsessed with healing his allies, using it as the necklace in order to heal 150 LP once per day); Fynn gets Fragment of Kagutsuchi (Necklace of the Technician Fenix, Turns it into the real necklace, that can revive him 1 per week, and revive in a massive explosion.), Fragment of a Sword (The warrior Rokor Stormrage, 50 LP buff), Fragment of a Tonkori (The great samurai Taiko no-Musashi, not being used yet.); Bo’sun gets Fragment of a Bolas (Black Sun Seeker Cormac Weatherson, makes it into the magic shield of water protection and improvement), Fragment of an Azure Grimoire (Potent artifact from Hazama’s world, Turns it into a second right arm sprouting it out from his elbow to let him dual hand his axe arm).
• Ryn also gets the Portal Gun from Millenium, since Millenium promised to give them all something good if their elaborate Warren portal plan to steal the Moranth Munitions from the Malazan fortress would actually work, which it did.
• Having absorbed and activated so many new fragments they are all feeling a little bit off. Bo’sun wants to talk with Jack about what he should do next. However, Jack merely began blithering incoherently about things that need to be done, where he is, what is going on, and other bits of near gibberish. Bo’sun begins poking Jack, at which point Jack begins asking whatever is doing that to stop poking him. Bo’sun then says he is going to take Jack back over to The Falling Dragon to get him looked at, with Ryn also wanting a ride back so she can set up her new mirror in her crow’s nest. Bo’sun flies Jack and Ryn over. Fynn flies Emack back over to The Wicked Wench, while Elspeth remains upon The Black Pearl with Jafar, and the dreglings. This leaves the three Lord of Nightmare containing pirates (Emack, Jack, and Elspeth), all on separate ships.
• While inside his cabin, Emack begins plotting ways to overthrow Jack and Elspeth, based on the poisoning hatred now corrupting and flowing through him at the interactions between the other fragments. He begins taking stock of all the resources that he has, and all the resources that the others could have against him. Then begins the planning, tabulation, and calculation.
• Elspeth, with the Lord of Nightmares Dementia rather pronounced in her head, trying to manipulate and control the other personalities. She isn’t sure what exactly is going on, trying to get proper control over her mind once more, but the madness continues to try and force its way in. She then decides to try and read Emack past using her psychic powers, to better understand him. She is able to infiltrate his mind without him noticing, and is terrified to learn that he is plotting to murder her. She decides that she needs to try and find some way to survive, since she is unable to kill Emack. She figures she will need to try and befriend Bo’sun in the near future, to give herself an ally in the struggle that may soon arise around them.
• Bo’sun takes the captain back into his room where Dina and Isabella ask what the hell happened to Jack. Bo’sun says he doesn’t know, but that it seems like he can’t respond, and doesn’t know what is going on. The three gather around Jack, where he continues muttering about not being able to see the ocean, or hear the breezes blowing around him, wondering how he can captain a ship, and admiral a fleet, without these senses. Bo’sun, Dina, and Isabella then begin working through an elaborate system of taps to communicate, with Bo’sun forcefully making simple letters before pushing once or twice to signal yes and no. Then began righting single letters to try and spell out simple words, so that Jack would ask aloud the questions that Bo’sun could then either reply “yes” or “no” to via one or two palm pokes. He began by spelling “Cain”, so that Jack could guess that that was where they were heading, due to Deckard demanding they do so since they now have his precious Fragment of Diablo. Jack is rather unhappy, assuming it was either Emack or Elspeth that authorized this, but not having any better ideas for what they should do now and so will allow them to keep the ships traveling towards Ankara through the Warrens. Bo’sun then begins sculpting three tiny model ships, one for each of the three in their fleet, to help with later communications, while Dina and Isabella continue asking him questions to try and figure things out.
• Fynn and Applejack relax, and continue working on their training together a bit. The two of them also began discussing the strange behavior and sudden hostility between some of the other crew.
• Ryn, having made it back to her crow’s nest, was greeted by Sparkly, that wanted to introduce them to her new friend, the Crow Boy Snuggly from Lordran. Ryn smiled, assuming that this new one would like ‘snuggly’ things, and so gave him her jacket first, getting a chunk of Red Titanite, another stone for making magic items, this time associated with fire. Then, Ryn put up her new Fragment of Mirrors scrying glass, and told Sparkly and Snuggly to look through it all they want to find any items that they might want her to get for them. Both bird children are exceptionally happy at the prospect, and begin wanting to look through it after they take some naps. While the two are napping, Ryn begins using the mirror to spy on people. She looks at what the rest of the crew are doing, seeing Jack and his crippled state communicating with the others in the room, Jafar contemplating why there is so much danger aboard this ship all of a sudden, Fynn and Applejack discussing what is going on (Although Ryn doesn’t spy on the naked dragons for very long), Elspeth having her mental breakdown and internal arguments, and Emack beginning to plan how to destroy those that have the other Lord of Nightmare Fragments. Ryn is troubled to see this, and figures that starting tomorrow she may have to try and plan something with Fynn about how to deal with this.
• Then, Ryn decides she wants to see if this mirror can let her spy on Prince Lucanor Giovanni to see what he is doing. As the mirror focuses in she sees that Prince Lucanor is sitting in a large chair before a fire, reading a book with his massive black panther Daaku right beside him. Seeing the cat makes Ryn gasp, which in turn makes Lucanor look up from his book. Terrified, Ryn tries to sever the connection, but Lucanor brings out a strange chime of crystal and metal, which when he rings it he locks open the scrying window. He asks Ryn if this means they are ready to accept and face his challenge in order to determine which of them shall have the right to possess the Reality Fragments. Ryn is able to stammer out, due to the presence of the massive cat, that they aren’t quite ready yet. Lucanor says that he can wait for a little longer, but that eventually there will be a time when other events will force them together if they have hesitated, and once that time comes he will not be willing to wait any longer. Then Lucanor allows them to close the portal. After that fresh terror, Ryn decides she should turn in for the night, so that they can continue her planning on how to save the armada from self-destruction.
• Many turn in to sleep for the night.
• Day 172
• As the dawn rises (which is really no different in Ruse from any other time), pirates begin to prepare for the day ahead. Jack, Bo’sun, Dina, and Isabella begin working on their communication and ways for them to deal with Jack’s new crippled nature.
• Elspeth begins chatting with Bo’sun, trying to befriend him and get him on her side. With Dementia inside Elspeth, Bo’sun feels that he will get along much better with Elspeth now, although he is still sworn and loyal to serve the pirate’s code, and so his loyalty to Jack still comes first. Elspeth is slightly troubled as she hears this, since she doesn’t expect she can survive against Jack either, but she figures it gives her a slightly better chance of surviving at least if he’ll side with her over Emack.
• Emack continues his plans, and decides that it is time he activate the Fragment of a Card for its World Power. Such strength will help him in the struggles ahead.
• Ryn decides that it is time for her to take an active and proactive role in trying to save the ship, and so uses her scrying mirror to find Fynn sunbathing on the deck of The Wicked Wench, with Applejack cuddling against him. Ryn calls down to him through the mirror, and to her delight he can hear her. She says that they need to begin discussing what to do in order to save their companions. Fynn thinks it would probably be best they have this discussion in person, as they look around to see if anyone else can hear, and so he and Applejack both make their way into the crow’s nest of The Falling Dragon by running across the water and up into the mast, in order to avoid drawing too much attention. As the two dragons and Ryn begin discussing what they need to do, they comment that Applejack says she could only hear a faint whisper, so it should mean they weren’t overheard too much. Then Ryn fills the other two in on what they know, regarding all of the information Ryn spied on the others the night before, so that the chances of them murdering each other and trying to fight is a very real possibility and threat. Therefore, they begin looking over their options, first of which is to gather all the important and powerful neutral parties they can into this gathering. As neither of them really trust Bo’sun to remain neutral for anything anymore, this essentially leaves them with Jafar as an option. Fynn runs down the mast, gets to Jafar, tells him they need to have a discussion with him in the crow’s nest (Jafar doesn’t really like this degree of secrecy), Jafar agrees and goes up the nest thanks to Fynn helping to carry him up there. Then, they fill Jafar in as well. The options, as they see it, are to either have Jafar take The Black Pearl away from it all, saving the sane individuals and trying to continue to work on their own, although this would make it much harder to gather enough Reality Fragments. The only viable option is to try and prevent them from killing each other. The options they see are to either do it before they get to Ankara, or to do it after Ankara. Ryn also suggests they try to use the Fragment of Infinite Dreams to open a way to the Halls of Infinite Dreams, to keep all of them nearby so that they can’t fight each other subtly, and the others can still keep an eye on them then. However, with all in close quarters the odds of some event coming up definitely increases. However, since Emack has already started his own plans, Ryn fears they may not have much time even if they were to try and wait until after Ankara. The four that are planning spend some more times going over their options, but they figure they should try and deal with it before they make it to Ankara before Deckard, so that they can maintain being a united front. Therefore, she brings out the Key to Infinite Dreams.
• Ryn unlocks the door to The Halls of Infinite Dreams.


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